”A precondition to live in the 5th dimension is that you cleanse your karma”


In his third channeling, Dibarak provides a profound explanation of how the energy reality will change with the transition to the 5th dimension. He also gives us a spiritual guidance on a high level on how to best prepare for the energy change through dedicated spiritual work. He explains why our spiritual transformation is a precondition to be able to live on Earth in the new energy reality.



Content of the channeling

Our time as a warrior people / From conflict thinking to love / From lack thinking to abundance / From material desires to freedom / Meat eating / Inner change is the only true change / The work with spiritual development before the Transition / Let go of your fear of death / Creating your reality in the 5th dimension / The delay of humanity’s spiritual development / The possibilities of spiritual transformation today / Let go of the daily struggle / Free yourselves from the Matrix



Channeling #3 of Dibarak from the ascended civilization “The Invincible Ones”, through Maria Bertram, October 30th 2010

~ Our time as a warrior people ~

[Dibarak starts out showing me a picture of himself in his warrior’s outfit. I see his body shape through my third eye standing before me and it surprises me how big and broad shouldered he is. He’s more muscular and square-shouldered than he’s shown himself to me before. He is tall; his head reaches above the edge of the door. In other words, if he had been here in his physical form, he would have had to duck in order to get into this room. He has a style of dress similar to that which he’s shown himself in before, but it now gives a more warrior-like impression. He wears a beige caftan with wide arms tied together at the wrists. Across his chest he wears a black cross made out of a leather-like material and a similar belt around his waist with various war-related objects hanging from it, among other things a saber. Under the caftan he’s wearing trousers and high boots. 


I feel a great deal of aggression in his appearance. He gives the impression of being an aggressive person with a big ego. His eyes are burning with a fighting spirit. I understand that this is a picture of what he used to be like during his time as a warrior, before he went through his spiritual transformation, before his civilization entered into “THEIR New Spiritual Age.” We thank him for the picture he’s shown to us, and he starts speaking with his deep calm voice:]


You are welcome. I wanted to show you this image so that you can get a feel for the big transformation process we have gone through, and the big changes we went through when our society faced the same challenges you are facing today. You’ve already seen the final result, but I also thought that it was important that you got to see who I was before the transformation process started. It gives you a perspective and a greater understanding of the changes that you as humans and as humanity will start to go through. In other words, we are talking about very large changes.


As you could feel in my aura in the picture that I sent, I was a very warlike person. I had very strong warlike energies, and I was a big, powerful and threatening person with very big ambitions of gaining power. I had a very big need to control, own and dominate. I was completely absorbed by conflicts and conflict thinking, and I saw my whole life and everything that happened through my mental conflict filter. I was completely obsessed by the idea that we were living in lack and that life was some sort of war, where you had to do everything in your power to fight for your survival and for domination over everyone else who came your way. 


Our civilization has not been one of the most “expansive” civilizations in the sense that we tried to colonize other worlds and civilizations; that was not the case. However, we constantly got into conflict situations with others, both among our own people and with other civilizations around us. Instead of trying to find solutions, to mediate and act with love, trust, generosity and empathy in our hearts, we chose to go ever deeper and deeper into conflict thinking, and thereby we constantly created new reasons for conflict. It was this mindset that made us a warrior nation.

~ From conflict thinking to love ~

It’s important to see that it is your perspective, the “glasses” you wear when you’re looking at your world that determines what you see. When you have love in your heart and carry the redeeming and empathic traits of love, you also have a larger understanding of other people’s perspectives and points of view. You also have the ability to find solutions that benefit the whole. You are more open to giving and taking in a more equal and respectful way. Above all, you have the ability to let go. You’re no longer afraid of becoming dominated by others. Instead, you can let go and live in trust and love, which leads to daring to trust in other people. You also dare to give more than you get back without experiencing it as threatening. 


It’s giving up the struggle that is the important key here. It’s about not always only focusing on who is right and what is most fair, but instead just letting go, irrespective of if you are right or not, irrespective of if the other is wrong or should have acted in a different way. Let go in love and simply step out of the down-going spiral that always pulls you in and ensnares you ever deeper into a sucking spiral of conflict after conflict. This spiral of conflict eats you up from the inside, and ultimately it can eat up a whole civilization from the inside until not much remains. These are very destructive powers that recreate themselves over and over again.


By letting go of conflict thinking, and instead acting in love, you break these negative spirals, and in that way you turn the destructive conflict-spiral into a positive love-spiral. It is the only way. You cannot achieve complete, immediate justice where everyone is exactly as pleased as they ought to be. It’s in the nature of conflicts, since most parties in a conflict regard themselves as having the right to have more at the other parties’ expense since you are entangled in the idea of lack, in the notion that you constantly need a little more to guarantee your survival. You have a constant fear of not having enough and believe that whatever you have will run out. 


That’s why you will never reach the point where you reach a perfect compromise where everyone involved will be satisfied. It is an illusion. The lack- and conflict thinking in itself constantly recreates the illusion of more lack and more conflict. That’s why there’s no point in striving for perfect justice. The most important thing is letting go, regardless if the solution is more or less fair. It’s about letting go of your attachments to physical things, without demands, guarantees or compensation. It’s about letting go of the idea of material justice and instead trusting in the divine justice of the whole, understanding that everything that you need will come to you whenever and wherever you need it, and that you don’t need to force things to come to you through struggle and war.

~ From lack thinking to abundance ~

It’s important here to understand that it sometimes is meant for you to experience scarcity to some degree, that you are supposed to have less. It can be meant that you are supposed to spend a certain period of time with the experience of not having enough. The reason is simply that it is what you need there and then. You need to learn what it means to live in scarcity, you need to learn to let go of your attachments to the lack thinking. You need to learn to stop experiencing the lack as a fact and instead be able to devote yourself to the abundance and trust in the abundance. You need to realize that no matter what happens, there will always be enough of everything that you need. It’s not until you can let go of lack and the fear of not having enough that you can start living in abundance.


These are very profound changes that have to take place in your energy body in order for you to achieve this. Positive thoughts on the surface in the everyday life are not enough, but rather it takes big, deep, profound spiritual work. This is a very, very important part of the transformation process, where you work gradually, methodically and focused, where you peel off layer by layer all of the lack thinking, all the fears you are carrying of not having enough. You heal all the traumatic experiences you have ever experienced related to lack in all the incarnations you have lived. You heal the illusion of lack, and the fear and horror of not having your basic needs met, the fear and horror of being used and being deprived of what you need. It’s about healing these fears layer by layer, experience by experience, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, blockage by blockage. It’s only when you’re in full contact with the Highest Divine, when you put your life in God’s hands and let yourself be carried along by the Divine Flow, that you in truth can open yourself up for the abundance. When you are one with the Highest Divine, when you have gone back to your divine origin and have become one with the Ocean of Infinity, the Highest Divine Light, it’s only then you can live in complete abundance, the infinite abundance which never ends.

This is a gradual process; it’s a long spiritual journey that you have to go through. A process where you gradually, step by step, are raising your energy frequency and freeing yourself from your karma, your negative thoughts and blockages. You gradually expand your consciousness level to reach the highest form of abundance, love and trust. It’s not until you have stopped fighting against the flow, when you have stopped trying to force whatever you need to you and controlling what happens in your life, but instead completely surrendering to the flow that takes you where you need to go, that you can finally come home again to the arms of the Highest Divine. It’s important to remember that everything you need to experience to develop spiritually, you will get. It’s when you need to experience success that success comes to you. It’s when you need to experience defeat that defeat comes to you. It’s when you need to experience lack that lack comes to you. It’s when you need to experience abundance that abundance comes to you. It’s not chance what your life looks like and what roads you take, and it’s not chance who succeeds and who fails. It has actually not much to do with someone being better than someone else. This is an illusion; the idea that some are better suited to do certain things than someone else and therefore have greater success. It’s a challenge you choose to put yourself through on a soul level, to succeed in certain things, and contrary, to fail in certain things. This is a life experience you need to have to reach new insights. In this way you can raise your frequency and go towards higher consciousness levels to expand your wisdom.


This means that when you experience lack, when you experience resistance and failure, when you feel that you fail in life with what you undertake, instead of letting it discourage you – welcome it and see it as the challenge and the very important life experience it provides for you. Understand that it is what you need to move on from where you are standing there and then. This is the Divine Flow. Don’t fight against it, but open up your arms to it and say: “I get this because I need it right here and right now.” It is not bad luck, and you are no victim. Remember that everything that happens in your life, you have chosen yourself on a higher plane. Your Higher Selves have been part of creating the situation that you are in right now, since it is what you need to move on, to develop, to reach new and higher levels of consciousness. This is the meaning of life, and this is why you incarnate on Earth; to develop spiritually and to reach higher levels of consciousness. The challenge lies in being able to live with very few resources and still feel happiness, love and trust. That no matter what happens, no matter which challenges you meet along your way, that you still are standing strong through them and still keeping your trust and your life joy. To be able to feel happiness and gratitude for just having a few boiled potatoes to eat, and to have the knowledge that no matter what happens, it will always work out. That instead of your choosing to feel that you live in lack, you choose to feel that you live in abundance. When you live your lives with abundance in your hearts, your external reality will start changing. Step by step, slowly but surely, you will start experiencing the abundance in your external world.


This is a gradual, slow process that you go through step by step, day by day. If you work with yourself, and open yourself up to the Divine Flow, the trust, the love and the abundance in your hearts – the abundance will gradually start manifesting in your exterior reality, step by step. This is the way that true abundance is created. To come to the point where you don’t need to experience lack in your life, you first have to let go of it. You have to let go of your attachments to the lack, you have to let go of your attachments to the lack of trust that you will have enough, and that you will manage. You have to let go of your fear of not having enough to eat, not having enough clothes, or whatever you need to live your life. You need to come to the point where you are always ready to share what you have with others, no matter how little you have. To live in the assurance that no matter how little I have, more will always come, it will always work out for me. Even if I only have a few potatoes to eat today, I will still have new food tomorrow, since a solution will come tomorrow. When you have reached that far that you can live with that trust, you have reached the level of Spiritual Mastery. Then you are ready for complete, unlimited abundance. Then nothing can ever, ever stop you again from experiencing the abundance. Remember that Cosmos consists of an infinite ocean of abundance of exactly everything. There is no lack whatsoever. Lack is an illusion. Lack is a blockage that can be healed. When these blockages are healed, you can live the rest of your continuing existence in complete and total abundance, and never ever, ever, have to lack anything.


~ From material desires to freedom ~

As you reach higher levels of consciousness, your desires for material things will decrease. Just as with conflict- and lack thinking, your attachments to material things are things you get rid of gradually. It becomes a natural part of the same process, when you work with freeing yourself from your attachments to your material desires. In other words, you learn to live completely without things. It’s a gradual process where, bit by bit, you liberate yourself from your material desires and practical conveniences. It can be about everything in your world from buying new things to eating a certain type of food, or living with a certain type of practical conveniences such as running water and a toilet, and so on. What is a challenge for yourself and what level you are on right now, what you can consider managing without, and what you feel ready to let go of – you have to decide for yourself. Some things are a big challenge for some, but a much smaller challenge for others; it’s very individual. You are to start out from where you are standing here and now, and not glance too much at others, but instead start letting go of whatever you are ready to let go of and then gradually increase as you become ready for it.

As you let go, you will feel that you no longer need certain things; this is something you achieve through the healing process. The healing helps you moderate the strong desire for certain things, the driving force to constantly buy new clothes, the desire to constantly have more and more money, to buy bigger and bigger houses, fancier and fancier cars, to eat a certain type of food and so on. All these driving forces you can subdue gradually through the healing process. They will slowly but surely start fading away. You will discover that it no longer affects you, that what was so important before doesn’t serve any purpose anymore. It can be about desires for things such as alcohol, sugar, video games and media. You can liberate yourself from all different forms of desires and even addictions in this way; there is nothing that you can’t let go of. There are no limits to what you can achieve. Do know that all your desires actually are illusions, blockages in your energy bodies that you gradually can release. When you have let go of them, they will no longer affect you in the same way, they will no longer have any power over you. They will lose their importance. This means that you release your attachments to satisfying all these desires, and what you before thought were needs will prove to no longer be necessary. This means that when the attachments have been released, you will be able to devote yourself to whatever you want. You will be free to use the material things, to enjoy life and the material things as you wish, without having to feel attachments to them. In this way you will also have free access to them. In other words: It is not until you have let go of your attachments to the material reality that you will experience the complete and total abundance of material things.


On your planet where you are living today, you appropriate things at the expense of Mother Earth. The way in which all your products are produced creates enormous suffering for her. Everything you do, everything you consume, the meat you eat, the things you buy, they all give you negative karma that accumulates in a pile that you later have to work with. Every time you fly in an airplane, buy fruit from the other side of the globe or buy a new pair of jeans – more negative karma is added to your karma account that you will have to work with sooner or later. This weighs you down, and it weighs down your spiritual development. You would need to liberate yourselves from all this to be able to raise your consciousnesses at all. This is also a part of the lack you are now in on Earth. Since you are living in the illusion of lack, it also creates the experience of lack on Earth – in other words that there is not enough for everyone to have what they want. This lack is maintained through your not developing spiritually and by staying on your lower consciousness level, by your not letting go of your attachments to the lack- and conflict thinking. This creates constant new lack, constant new conflicts, and constant new wars for the resources on Earth, and it also creates enormous suffering for Mother Earth.


It’s not until humanity reaches a higher level of consciousness, liberates itself from all the desires, liberates itself from the conflict- and lack thinking and re-enters the Divine Light of Infinity, the divine ocean of abundance, it’s not until then that humanity will be liberated from the burdens of karma. In other words, humanity will then not accumulate karma in the same way you are doing today. All your actions will be in accordance with the Highest Divine, and you will be completely free to use the material world in the way that suits you best. In other words, you will be able to do exactly what you want without it creating any consequences either for Earth or for humanity as a whole. This sounds contradictory, but it’s actually completely natural when you are living in the light. When you are one with the Highest Divine, you can no longer perform destructive actions; instead you will be one with the light, the Highest Divine, in everything you do, and you will spread joy, love and light around you. Only by being present on Earth as enlightened beings will you have a healing effect on everything you touch and everything you do. This means that your existence on Earth in itself will have a healing effect on Earth as a whole. As you know, you are one with Earth and Earth is one with you. When you walk around as beings with a higher level of consciousness, when you go back to your divine origin and become one with the Highest Divine Light, you also spread the Highest Divine Light on Earth, and you take her to higher divine levels. That is saying your spiritual development stimulates Earth’s spiritual development and the other way around. You are two sides of the same unit. This means that everything you do today that is destructive and imbalanced, the desires and the ideas you have today, will lose their value. They will no longer be important. Much of what you today believe yourself to need and have strong attachments to, will completely lose their actuality.



~ Meat eating ~

A good example of this is eating meat. Meat is dead matter that lowers the body and takes energy from the body. It lowers you down in even more sluggish energies than you are already in, and counteracts your spiritual development. It also lowers the body’s physical ability and makes it easier for people to get diseases. To develop spiritually you ought to raise the energy frequency of everything that you eat, and that means excluding animal products. The natural way to do this is not denying yourself something that you want since it only creates a feeling of lack and negative emotions. Instead, get in touch with your feelings, tune in to what you really need, what really makes you healthy. In other words, not continuing to eat meat by force of habit, but instead really tuning in to what you want deep down inside. When you develop spiritually, meat doesn’t fill the function it did before. You lose the taste for and interest in it. You no longer feel that eating meat is as good or tasty, and many people also experience that they feel worse physically by eating meat, and simply choose to stop for that reason. It becomes a natural part of your process to stop eating meat; it’s nothing you have to force yourself to do.


All form of force is negative and should always be avoided. Humanity has its free will and you should never ever force yourself to do something that doesn’t feel good since it only counteracts your spiritual process. The spiritual development process is, on the contrary, about liberating yourself. That is to say, stop forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to. It’s exactly these prisons you are to get out of, not creating new prisons to go into. This is one example of things you naturally let go of as time goes by as you develop spiritually and reach higher spiritual development levels. Many let go of animal products, alcohol, the high consumption rate, the collecting of things, media consumption: the over usage of TV, magazines, computers and so on.

~ Inner change is the only true change ~

You come to a certain point in your spiritual development process when you simply don’t feel drawn to these things in the same way anymore. Instead you keep your focus on what feels important in your life, in other words, your inner development. An important part of your spiritual development process is understanding that it is the inner change that creates the outer changes in you life. It is an illusion to believe that you, by creating outer change, can create a fundamental, genuine change in your life, since what you try to avoid always comes back to you in one way or another if there has not been a genuine inner change first. This is very, very important to remember, and something people often forget, and even suppress. They try to solve their problems by changing the physical conditions in their lives. In other words, instead of starting to work with your inner self when you feel bad, you get a divorce and blame your inner pain on your life partner, or you move instead of dealing with the reasons why you are not content where you live. You might try to comfort yourself by buying more things to fill the empty holes of meaninglessness inside you. In every person’s life there are countless examples of what they do on the physical, material level to avoid their pain, to avoid their imbalances and conflicts that actually are just reflections of their inner reality. Nothing of this works in the long run since everything comes back one way or the other. There is no meaning in changing your partner if the fundamental imbalance on the inside is still there. You will always come to a point when this imbalance appears again.


By saying this, I am not saying that you should never create changes in your outer reality. Of course it can be completely right for you to separate or to move. It can be the absolute best choice and something you are supposed to do to go forward in your life. You know best what’s right for you; you must look for the answers inside of yourself. The important thing is that you create outer change for the right reason, because the time is right to create it, and not to avoid an imbalance that is actually on your inside. Therein lies the difference. It is important that you open your eyes and see things for what they are in your life, that you stop deceiving yourselves, that you reveal your own survival strategies and life lies, because all people have them – strategies that you humans use as temporary solutions to avoid dealing with the pain and inner conflicts that you carry.



~ The work with spiritual development before the Transition ~

These strategies have during a very long period of time worked for many people. But they will not work for much longer because the energy reality that we are in with the transition to the New Spiritual Age won’t allow it anymore. All things that have been hidden will now come up to the surface. It will not be possible for mankind to suppress and deny all the things one carries inside. Sooner or later all things will come up to the surface and one will be obliged to deal with the root of the problem. It will not be possible to keep one’s head above the surface through survival strategies, life lies and addictions. People will be forced to work with their karma and all the things they carry inside. The people that won’t do that will eventually become sick and simply won’t manage to stay. They will have to let go and move on to the other side. In other words; a precondition to live in the 5:th dimension is that you work with your karma and inner conflicts, and open your heart.

It is very important that you see this. You have the choice in your hands. No one will force you to work with all the things you carry inside. No one will force you to deal with your inner dramas, conflicts and traumas from previous lifetimes. It is a choice that each individual must make, choosing which way to walk. If you choose to close the gate and continue living in denial, that is your choice, you can always do that. But you also have to understand what the consequences of that choice will be – it won’t be possible then to continue living on Earth in the New Spiritual Age. The energies simply won’t allow it. The pain and imbalances will become so big that the humans who choose to continue to live in denial won’t be able to stay on Earth, for psychological, physical and spiritual reasons.


It is very obvious to see on Earth today that people’s health is worsening to an ever increasing extent. It is most obvious in the Scandinavian countries because the energy is materializing here first. It has been said many times that “the light comes from the north,” and this is because it is from north it begins. It is in Scandinavia that the signs of the changes appear first, to then gradually spread to the rest of the world. Some examples of this are that an increasing number of people are having psychological disorders and that physical diseases like cancer are increasing, and that many of the secrets that have been hidden for a long time are coming up to the surface. These signs are all part of a huge cleansing and purification that is taking place. The people who choose to resist the flow and fight against it will also be the ones who suffer the most. They will eventually not be able to stay on Earth any longer. But it is every individual’s own choice; nobody will force you to do either one thing or the other, and it’s good that way.



~ Let go of your fear of death ~

For some people it’s the best solution to not stay. It can be something they have decided before they incarnated on Earth. Not everyone is ready for this transformation. Many of the people who have incarnated here have also decided to move on, and not to continue into the New Spiritual Age. There is nothing wrong with that. Death is nothing dangerous. It’s a part of your natural development; a new phase that you enter that leads you forward. Death leads to new life, and life leads to death and so on. It’s different phases you’re going through as immortal souls in a process that never ends. Many souls are simply best off going back to the Divine Light to rest. For many it’s a better solution than to stay on Earth if they’re not ready for these changes. It’s important not to see it as a “catastrophe” but rather as a natural process. It’s totally in accordance with the Highest Divine that it happens. Trust that everything that happens, happens for the best.


That’s why it’s also important that you learn to let go of your near and dear ones that might not be ready to stay. Start working with letting go of your life and your fear of death, both your own and others. Instead, see it as a natural part of the process. See that it’s not something negative and terrible at all, but rather the contrary – something very beautiful and fantastic. It can be an enormous relief. It can be wonderful to go back to your origin, to go back into the light again. To die doesn’t have to be a painful, horrible experience, but it’s rather something completely fantastic and beautiful. Many experience their death – passing over to the other side and entering the Divine Light, and again experiencing the unconditional love – as the highlight of their life. Have trust that everything happens for the best and that death always comes when it’s supposed to. 


Let go of your idea of death as some sort of final station. See it for what it is: a phase in the transformation when you pass from one state to another. Remember that you are infinite, you are immortal. You can still keep contact with all your near and dear ones even though they pass over to the other side. Remember that you’ll always meet again if you so wish. Life on Earth can be fantastic, wonderful and amazing but life on the other side, what you call death, can also be fantastic, wonderful and amazing. Life on the other side is also way easier, compared to what you are experiencing here and now in the sluggish density of matter. There you can live completely free and without limitations. There you can have access to exactly anything you wish to experience within a moment. There are no limits. You can travel from one side of the globe to the other within a moment. You can travel to the other side of Cosmos in a moment and visit new places and new civilizations, and experience all the beauty and variety that our Universe offers.

~ Creating your reality in the 5:th dimension ~

Existence is fantastic. Open up to all the possibilities of experiencing its fantastic variety and greatness, no matter where you are. This is exactly what the Transition is about, the transition to an age where new possibilities are created, the transition to a new limitless age, without obstacles. Earth’s ascension into the 5th dimension means a frequency raising, that matter becomes less dense. This also means that the possibilities for life on Earth increases. It will become easier to manifest your own reality than it has been before. Humanity will develop their telepathic and medial psychic skills to completion. The law of gravity will not be the same. It will for example not be as easy to fall and hurt yourself, and it will be much easier for humans to learn to levitate than it has been before, since the energy reality will have changed. It will be come easier for you humans to create the reality you want, in a more instant way. The variety and abundance will increase.


It’s important to remember here that what you think and say is also what you consist of in energy. Everything that you think, say and do remains in your energy body and it is also what you send out into our infinite Universe. Exactly everything that you send out you will with ever greater power and faster effect get back. The New Age will mean larger manifestation abilities, but it will also mean that all the negative actions and thoughts you carry, you will get back with greater power and faster effect. This means that only humans with open hearts will be able to continue living on Earth in the New Spiritual Age. If you are living with lack in your heart you will be met by lack in physical reality. If you’re living with fear and hate in your heart, that is also what you will meet.


But if you’re living with love, trust and abundance in your heart, that is instead what you will get back. This means that the work with your inner being, your spiritual development, will be the most important thing of all – even for your physical survival on Earth. Remember: it’s your inner conceptions, thoughts, feelings and ideas that create your outer reality, and it will manifest with ever greater power in the New Spiritual Age. This means that if you are carrying inner positive conceptions of things and visualizing things you want, you will also with ever greater power be able to create exactly that. But at the same time it’s important to understand that all your negative thoughts also are being created with just as large an effect. That’s why you have to start working to heal all these blockages, walls and inner conflicts that you are carrying, that are saying:


”I can’t do this.”

”I am worthless.”

”Things always end up badly for me.”

”There is never enough for me.”

”No one likes me.”

”I can’t trust anyone, since people are always dishonest and deceitful.”

”There’s no point in helping others, since you never get anything back anyway.”

”Life is a struggle that has to be fought on a daily basis to get what you need.”

”Mind your own business.”

”It just won’t work, it’s impossible, it will never work.”

”You always have to be on your guard so that other people don’t stab you in the back.”

”True love doesn’t exist.”

”If life gets too good, there soon has to be a backlash.”

All the negative thoughts that you send out will with ever greater power create your own reality. If you continue living with such a large amount of negativity inside, it will ultimately destroy you. You have always created your own reality with your thoughts. The difference is that now it will form your entire daily life. All that you send out, you will immediately get back. This means that every thought and action will infuse the events around you, the people you meet and all the challenges that are created in your life. In other words, you will to an ever larger extent become co-creators of your own reality. You have, as I have said, always been that, but now it will happen under your very nose, in such an obvious way that you won’t be able to deny it in the way that many people have done up until now. An example of that could be that you are going over to the neighbor’s to borrow flour. If you’re thinking loving thoughts of the neighbor during your two-minute walk there, you will also receive loving treatment. If you on the other hand imagine a grumpy neighbor, a grumpy neighbor is what you will meet.



~ The delay in humanity’s spiritual development ~

The entire society that you have built and are living in today is turned totally upside-down. In your society, your inner being is not considered to have any value whatsoever; it is something private and irrelevant. If you have a spiritual conviction or a religious faith, if you want to work on your personal development – it’s considered something private, a hobby that you might devote yourself to when you have some spare time once in a while, when you are free. Your inner development is not given much value at all. On the contrary, the society with its structures is, in fact, working against your developing spiritually, and wants to keep humans stuck in the old conceptions so that they stay in the old ways and don’t change. People who are questioning these existing structures, who want to change and try to create something new, are finding themselves strongly opposed by their fellow humans, colleagues, families and the society at large. It can become a very painful journey to start creating changes. But it’s still very important to start this journey, to begin giving things their proper value.


It’s an illusion to think that it’s more important to work to the brink of complete exhaustion to get money to buy lots of things than to devote your time to your spiritual and personal development. It’s an illusion that humans will have to pay a high price for, unfortunately. We would have wished differently. We would hope that humanity would have been more ready for the Transition, that a larger number of people on Earth would have waked up and realized that it takes spiritual work and development to be able to face the waves of energy and the energy changes that we are facing. That is unfortunately not the case, and all you can do is to accept this. The best thing you can do is to keep on working and create the best results possible, from the preconditions that are present here and now. As I said, you can’t force people to develop. That is their own personal choice. Again, we would have hoped it would’ve been possible to reach more people, that more people would have been mature enough to open up and reach the insights from the inner work that is necessary to adapt to the new energy reality that will be manifested during the Transition.


You’ve already entered this process of change. Many of you, I think almost everyone of you, have already noticed that this is happening, that synchronicities are increasing, that your ability to manifest your reality is increasing, that more and more people are starting to feel bad inside and that a lot of their karma is activated and so on. I think that most of you reading this channeling already know what I’m talking about. It is important to see that this change will happen gradually, that it will grow stronger and more powerful. This change will reach gale force during the transition and very many people will simply be knocked out. This is of course not what we, in the galactic communion, had hoped for. We would naturally have preferred that more people on Earth would have been ready for this transition and would have started the work at an earlier stage, which would have created a more harmonic and gradual transition with less pain and challenge. Unfortunately, this has not been possible to achieve. Humanity’s collective consciousness will not have reached the level it was supposed to by the time of the Transition, since so many on some level already have made the choice to put the lid on.



~ The possibilities of spiritual transformation today ~

However, it’s important to see that you that have waked up have fantastic possibilities of development, due to the strong energies that are pouring in over Earth, partly the enormous waves of light that are pouring in from Cosmos, and the energies that your galactic friends are sending you. But also Mother Earth’s energies that are gradually being activated and are pouring up from Earth’s interior through the extensive healing work that has been carried out by the Mother Earth Network in cooperation with the cosmic network around Earth, and other groups. All of this gives you fantastic possibilities to open yourselves up and to work with your spiritual development and consciousness expansion.


You have today completely unique possibilities to open yourselves up at a much, much faster speed than it has ever been possible on Earth before. You can reach much quicker results than you could, for example, five years ago. It is absolutely not too late. Never believe that. It’s never ever too late to begin. It’s just about getting started and you will achieve fantastic results. The sooner you start, the faster you will start learning to enter the infinite now. Remember that in the Infinite Now, time and space don’t exist, only the infinite moment. Then you will be able to create the preconditions that you need to become ready for the Transition faster; to open your hearts, to cut your attachments to lack- and conflict thinking. You are Divine Beings, and you have fantastic possibilities to become one with the power of creation in the transition to the New Spiritual Age, to become one with the abundance and the highest Divine Love. Never believe differently. Otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here, if I didn’t know that there is so very much you can do. You can change your situation.


There is nothing that’s impossible. It’s up to you. You’re the ones that have to make the decision to want to change. Once you have taken the decision, all doors are open for you. If you need help, then ask for help. Our civilization is here for you, just like all your other friends in the Galaxy. The Divine Consciousness is there for you and follows you in everything you do. Ask for help and you will receive help. You are surrounded by helpers; angels, masters, your personal guides… All are there to help you now. If you only knew how infinitely many divine beings devote themselves to helping humanity in the transition to the New Age. If you only knew how many civilizations, how many countless civilizations in Cosmos, first and foremost in our Galaxy, are there for you and helping you.

We have all come to help you manage the Transition in the best way, through guidance and healing, to help you to open doors and manifest the new reality on Earth, this divine paradise that is about to be created. That is the final destination for this journey; to create the divine paradise. With the new energy reality that is about to come into existence on Earth, it’s not some distant unrealistic dream, but rather an actual reality that will come into existence. Since only people with open hearts will still live here on Earth, you will all live in love and manifest a loving reality, a paradise in abundance. That is what awaits you humans. A paradise in abundance. If you choose to start here and now, this reality will be yours.


Don’t be afraid. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Fear is a part of the lack- and conflict thinking. Free yourself from your fears. You have fantastic possibilities to liberate yourself from all your fears, feelings of threat, the illusions of lack of security and uncertainty. You can free yourself from all this and release it. You can tear down all the prisons of dread and horror, of torment, of famine and of lack. You won’t need any of this anymore. You can liberate yourselves from all of this once and for all. But you will have to work for it. It won’t be possible to protect yourself against lack by clinging on to physical reality. It’s the complete opposite. You have to free yourself from material reality. It is the only way.


The road toward enlightenment and living in spiritual and material abundance goes through working to free yourself from material reality. It’s not until then you will have free access to it once and for all. It’s only when you’re no longer dependent on material reality that it truly, in depth, will belong to you. Once you have freed yourselves from your attachments and your dependence on material reality, you will have unlimited access to it and will be able to live your lives just the way you please. You will be able to choose what in material reality you want to make use of. You will be able to continue enjoying it, to play with matter. It will become a playful experience for you when you no longer are burdened by the feeling of necessity and dependence. You will be completely free to use it in any way you like. In other words, you will be able to eat what you want whenever you feel like it. You will be able to get the physical things you need when you need them and when you feel like it. But you will also be able to manage without them if you feel like that. It will be your free choice where you can decide for yourselves what you want to do. I admit that this journey takes a lot of effort. It’s an extensive work that has to happen step by step, but it is possible. You have completely fantastic possibilities to free yourself from matter, to free yourself from your egos, to enter divine abundance and love once and for all. The possibilities have never ever been the way they are now on Earth. We’re living in a unique age.

~ Let go of the daily struggle ~

I would like to talk to you about “responsibility,” a word that’s used very lightly in your world. You tie yourselves up with a mass of duties and obligations. It’s obvious to see how the lists of all the things you are responsible for and ought to do, all your duties, just get bigger and bigger, and longer and longer. They never ever give you a chance to relax, to reflect, to meditate, and to work on your inner being. This is also a process that has been a part of preventing you from looking inside and working with what’s important in your life, that is to say, your inner spiritual development. We see how you humans live with an enormously heavy yoke on your shoulders, all the responsibilities you bear, all the things you ought to do, and that you are often burdened with feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy, of not being good enough. We see that you don’t manage to make your lives work out, since there are so many things you ought to do, that you “have to” do, things that are your responsibility and that no one else can do in your place.


We would like to inspire and encourage you to free yourselves from the illusion of responsibility, to heal all the feelings of guilt and shame that you carry, to heal that perception of being inadequate, of not being good enough. You are never inadequate. You are always enough in everything that you do. It’s important that you remember that. Our love for you, and God’s love for you, the divine love, is unconditional. Love yourself just the way you are, irrespective of what you achieve. Your worth does not depend on what you achieve. You have your worth irrespective of what you achieve. You are worthy of being loved simply because you exist, as the divine beings you are. You’re living in the Upside-down World in many ways, according to our way of looking at it, since it’s only physical development and physical activity that is rewarded in your world. When you write new books, build new houses or clean your kitchen, it gives you the feeling that you have a right to feel good. It gives you the feeling of having some sort of value through having done these things. The inner work on the other hand, of healing your inner self, cleansing yourself of karma, conflict thinking and negative perceptions, is not given any value at all in your world. It’s seen as something airy-fairy and worthless, and is often questioned.


This to us is an upside-down world, since we see things exactly the other way around. It is the inner reality that creates the outer reality. The only thing you manage to achieve through struggling in your outer reality to create change is to create new obstacles, new musts, new duties and new responsibilities. It’s never-ending, since it can never end as long as you don’t change on the inside. It’s on the inner plane that the cleansing has to take place, to create air and space in your outer reality. That’s why the struggle in your physical reality is a never-ending process. It’s a bit like cleaning the house, it never ends. You clean and clean and clean, but the dirt always comes back. That is exactly how it is with physical reality. As long as you fail to work on your inner blockages and imbalances, the outer reality will not change. You won’t find a solution to your life’s dilemmas in this way.


We see how many of you in the so-called rich part of the world have problems with getting your life puzzles – of work, family, leisure and consumption – to work out, and we see how you struggle to try to keep the balance. Many of you become ill and can’t take it any longer. You find it hard to see how to make it all work and how to satisfy all the duties and obligations that you are supposed to be capable of fulfilling. The demands just keep increasing, and they never end. Once you have put out a fire in one corner you have to dash over to the other corner to put out a new fire. Eventually your whole life becomes an endless putting out of fires. And you are never ever present in the now. You never ever have time to live, to love, to enjoy yourself. This creates profound consequences for your relationship with yourselves and your near and dear ones. Much of what is important for you takes second place to all the external duties which take over and weigh down your lives, things that actually are illusions, things that actually are not important.


We would like to encourage you to radically scale down all the duties and musts in your lives. To work with letting go of the different beliefs you hold about the things you think you have to do. Work with your feelings of shame and guilt and look at what they represent. Nothing, nothing, of what you do in your daily life is in fact necessary. There is so incredibly little of what you do in your everyday life that you have to do – actually, nothing. This can be hard to grasp since you live your lives so deeply buried in physical reality that you can no longer see beyond the battle you fight every day. But we are asking you: try to raise your head a bit above the illusion. Try to see yourselves from above and understand that that struggle is an illusion, and that it will never ever come to an end.


You’re never going to find solutions to that struggle, that is to say, not until you let go of your attachment to the idea of lack and of having to live your lives in a particular way in order to be good enough. That is not true; you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to dress in a certain way, you don’t have to look a certain way, you don’t have to buy certain specific things, and you don’t have to have a home that looks a certain way. You actually don’t need all those things you carry and collect. You don’t have to work this much, you don’t have earn all this money, you don’t have to travel around the world, you don’t have to clean and polish, you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to activate yourselves and you don’t have to activate your children. You need none of all those things that you build your daily life on. All these things are illusions. When you free yourselves from them you will notice how incredibly much time is freed up.

When you live your life in the illusion of lack, then lack is also what you create. You don’t only create material lack, you also create lack of time. You stress, you run like scalded cats, and the more you run the faster time flies. The more you hurry, the more efficient you are, the more stressed you are, the faster time flies, and the greater your lack of time becomes. This will never ever end until you let go of time, until you let go of your attachment to time. Time is not constant, it’s something highly relative. Time is elastic and can contract or expand. When you’re present in the eternal now, in the eternal moment, when you’re grounded and present in the now, you’re also outside of time, then time stands still. When you are ungrounded and live in lack and stress then time speeds up, it accelerates and goes faster and faster and faster until your entire reality consists of running. It’s important that you face all your beliefs and illusions about shoulds and about lack, and let go. Let go of the daily struggle and go with the flow. You do not need to do all these things. You do not need polish on a perfect façade. Things don’t have to be a certain way. If you can’t be bothered to cook a meal, well then just don’t – just eat fresh fruit for dinner instead. You don’t have to have a perfect home. You don’t have to renovate the bathroom because it has become unfashionable. You don’t have to shuffle papers at work for all of eternity. Let go and dare to live.


When you let go of the illusion about “reality” and what is important, what is necessary for living a good life, you will discover that much of what you have spent your time and energy on have been things that are completely meaningless. You will be able to let go of them, and it will be liberating for you, incredibly liberating. It will open up new possibilities for you, and you will see reality in a new way. You’ll discover that you have time to spend on your spiritual development. This will not be something difficult, since when you open up and make yourself receptive to the flow of divine energy, you also open up your intuition. When you open up the channel to your inner voice and get a stronger connection to your inner truth, you will know what is right, what is important for you personally. No one else can determine that for you. That’s a decision you have to make for yourself. It’s a gradual process whereby you bit by bit let go of the illusions. You yourself have to choose where to begin, decide what level you are on and what you are ready to let go of here and now. You can let yourself be inspired by others, but no one else can have that knowledge, and no one else can make that decision for you. You must determine for yourself what is right for you personally, where you stand right now and what you are ready to let go of. You will notice that irrespective of where you begin, it will be liberation. It will help you to free your energy to be able to do things that feel more meaningful to you and that give you more joy, harmony and happiness.



~ Free yourselves from the Matrix ~

All the duties in today’s society weigh you down and steal your energy. The society has been built on energy theft, where you steal energy from each other. Many humans today are living their lives as energy thieves. You have created survival strategies that are built on stealing energy from others instead of filling yourself with new energy by turning inward and healing your inner conflicts with healing and spiritual development work. You’re living in a world with systems that are built on energy theft, that are built on structures that steal energy from the people. The systems are designed to steal people’s energies; they are designed to suck the life force out of you. What I’m saying here might sound peculiar, but just think about it for a moment. Think of all the innumerable papers and forms you have to fill in. Think of all the countless laws and regulations you have to adapt to and consider every day. Think of all the fees you have to pay. Think of all the consideration you have to take in everything you do, all the musts, all the obligations, all the expectations, the competition, the social pressure… All of these things create a situation where you’re never enough, when you’re never adequate. Humans never ever feel adequate, ever. The system has been created in a way that humans feel inadequate no matter what they do. There is actually nothing you can do that can make you feel less inadequate as long as you are working within the system. As soon as you have found a solution for one thing, another thing will pop up, a new obstacle.


The only way to free yourself from these shackles is to completely get out of the system, to free yourself from the illusion, to free yourself from the Matrix. The Matrix is ​​the energy system that is connected to your entire collective consciousness on Earth, which gives you the illusion that you have to be and act in a particular way in order to live. The Matrix has created the illusion of scarcity and conflict. It has created the gigantic prison systems that surround you and that dictate your whole perception of reality, with all the innumerable laws and rules, social codes, and notions of what is natural and normal, right and appropriate. The Matrix has created the illusion of particular duties; that you are forced to live in a prison as a human in order to have a right to exist. None of this is true. You can get out of the Matrix and free yourselves from this. You don’t have to be stuck in these ideas, these illusions. Yes, we definitely understand that this is not the easiest thing, and that it doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, we understand that you have a hard time imagining how you would manage if you didn’t obey all the laws and regulations that you feel bound to follow.


We’re not saying you should break the law. What we’re saying is that you should free yourselves the attachments to the idea that you have to be a certain way to fit into the social order of your society. Don’t let other people’s expectations and society’s expectations run your life, and instead become masters of your own reality. That you create your own reality for yourself, that you don’t let the Matrix with its prison walls stop you anymore. It’s possible to break free from the Matrix, and you do that by reaching higher levels of consciousness. It’s the frequency raising and the expansion of your consciousness that is the way out of the Matrix and the prison world. You will realize step by step that new possibilities will open up for you. You will realize that all the imprisoning walls you have been surrounded by will collapse one by one, and that they gradually will lose their power over you when you let them. It’s when you stop giving your energies to these systems that they cease to have power over you. But to do that, you have to free yourself from them through inner development work, step by step.

Begin where you’re standing today and start out from that. Let go. It can be about such simple things as: Do you have to send Christmas cards to everyone you know? Do you have to be available on your cell phone to everyone around you? Do you have to respond to all the requests you get through the Internet, in your email? Do you have to take part in all the social gatherings out of a sense of duty, or can you say no and instead choose other activities that feel more meaningful for you personally? Are you living your lives for yourselves or are you actually living your life for others? That’s a question you should ask yourself. Who is it really that has created your life? For whom are you living? Who is deciding what is important and not important in your life? This is to a very large extent about reclaiming the command of your own life and not letting others decide what is important. Not to let Facebook run your life. Not to let your cell phone, computer, GPS or the burglar alarm run your life. Let go. Raise yourselves out of the sluggish swamp of lack and fear, up into the higher spheres. It’s time for you humans to finally learn to fly.


We want to thank you for listening to us once again and to what we have to say to you. We want to tell you all that we love you unconditionally. You should know how much love is flowing to you from the Galaxy and from Cosmos, from all of us that are ready to help you in this demanding transition into the New Spiritual Age. Remember: Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be, and everything will be just the way it’s supposed to be. All is love. Thank you for your attention.


[Dibarak puts his hands together and makes a gentle bow, and a light shines between his hands. He has once again taken the shape of the enlightened soul he is today. I can hear his dark voice resound across Infinity, because his message doesn’t only come from him and his people, it also comes from the Divine Consciousness and the great whole that we all belong to and that we all are a part of. We finish up by thanking Dibarak for the channeling].