The Message


Maria and I (Manne) came to Earth to bring forward a cosmic message from sources such as the Divine Consciousness, Mother Earth and enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos, through the Mother Earth Network. If I were to to summarize the essence of the message in one word, it would be ”grounding”. That is more important than anything. In this context, grounding means that you, in a meditation, fill yourself with the red female energy from Mother Earth’s core, ”Mother Earth healing”, to restore your inner energy balance. Profound grounding is the key to the human’s spiritual transformation today, and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age that we are standing before.



The transition to the New Spiritual Age and the 5th Dimension / The balance between male and female energy / The suppression of the female energy / The difference between ”light and ”light ”/ Mother Earth / The resurrection of the female energy


~ The Transition to the New Spiritual Age and the 5th Dimension ~

The human’s on Earth today is facing an amazing opportunity to transform their consciousness and become the Divine Beings that they in reality are. Earth and humanity are now at a crucial stage in their consciousness development. The Earth is entering a higher energy reality, the 5th Dimension or the New Spiritual Age, which is described in prophecies all over the world. This transition will radically change the conditions for life on Earth forever.


Due to the energy raising that is now taking place, waves of light energies are flowing in over the Earth from the Cosmos with increasing force, as part of the Great Purification that is taking place before the Transition. The energy flows force the karma of the Earth and humanity to the surface so that it can be healed and purified. In the energy reality of the 5th Dimension, the cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is strengthened. This means that all destructive karma in the form of energy blockages that we carry in the depths of our souls, from all our previous incarnations, will come to the surface and create our reality with ever greater force. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we work with facing and healing our karma and our blockages, and we can only do that through focused, regular inner work. In order to be able to live in love in the higher energy reality that will gradually come into existence, we need to purify  and heal our energy bodies in depth first.



~ The balance between male and female energy ~

In order for us to to come in contact with and heal all our karma, we need to ground ourselves in depth. There is a huge surplus of male energy and a huge deficit of female energy both in Mother Earth and in the human’s energy system. It’s this imbalance that is the reason of the spiritual, mental and physical illness that prevails on Earth today, and that the human is ”stuck” in their spiritual development. It is only through the balance between the male and the female energy that we can attain the Divine Light, within ourselves and on Earth.

The knowledge of the male and the female energy, the light and the darkness, is part of an ancient, timeless, cosmic wisdom. Every energy consciousness, from the smallest organisms and humans, to planets and entire galaxies, consists of the male light energy and the female dark energy. The male energy stands for ”light”, ”yang”, high frequency, expansion, moving forward, electricity, spirit, ”sky”/Cosmos, and crown chakra. The female energy stands for ”darkness”, ”yin”, low frequency, regression, presence/introspection, magnetism, matter, the Earth, and the base chakra. In order to be able to develop in a balanced way, every consciousness needs to strive for a balance between these two energy polarities, otherwise it will eventually lead to destructiveness.

All consciousness development, both on individual and cosmic level, happens through access to these two energies, in turns. First you get access to the male light to expand and reach higher heights, and then you have access to the female darkness in order to go deeper into yourself and reach greater depths. Only when you have done that, you are ready to expand in the light again, and this is where humanity is stuck today.

The symbol of the Mother Earth Network is a cosmic symbol that Maria has received in a vision, which summarizes the basic message of the Mother Earth Network. The symbol represents a consciousness (the middle dot) that has full access to both the male energy in the sky (the top dot) and the female energy in the Earth (the bottom dot). Through this complete balance, the consciousness reaches an enlightened state, and can expand its heart (”arms”) and reach its highest divine potential. As the consciousness reaches ever greater depths and ever greater heights, it also reaches ever greater opportunities for expansion in all directions.

~ The suppression of the female energy ~

This wisdom has been consciously suppressed and in many ways eradicated from the collective consciousness of humanity. However, there are still traces of it in some cultures and at indigenous peoples traditions. The best examples are the ”Yin and Yang” symbol, the indigenous peoples ’”Mother Earth and Father Heaven”, and the Celts’ symbol of the ”Tree of Life”.


In addition, the various forces that manipulate humanity have taken this knowledge and twisted it, where the male light has been made the ”good” principle, while the female darkness has been made the ”evil” principle. All this is to prevent the human’s spiritual awakening and development.

The most obvious example of this is the religions’ male God in heaven, and the Devil (who is closest to woman) in the underworld. Mother Earth’s is actually the place where we’ll find the energy we need most today, namely the grounding ”Female Red Fire”. But we have effectively been kept away from it through terrifying images of the fire within Earth as an eternal torture chamber – Hell. The forces that manipulate humanity are very well aware that female energy is the key to our transformation, but their goal is instead to expand the male energy indefinitely and to annihilate the female energy. Other historical examples of campaigns to oppress and annihilate the female energy are the witch-burnings, the extermination of indigenous peoples and the slave trade with blacks.



~ The difference between ”light” and ”light” ~

The notions of the ”good light” and the ”bad darkness” are unfortunately also present in the spiritual movement on Earth today, where ”light” and high frequency energies are used as synonyms for divinity and high spiritual development, while ”darkness” and low frequency energies are used as synonyms for destructiveness and low spiritual development. Expressions such as ”light worker”, ”light healing”, ”light beings”, ”light energies” and ”the light side” that fight against their enemy ”the darkness”, also reinforce this misconception. Even though the highest form of divine energy IS a light energy, in our channelings called the ”Divine Light”, it consist of half male light energy and half of female dark energy, in the perfect balance.

Unfortunately, language is a major obstacle here. There is, of course, nothing wrong with using the expressions that exist in our language, but unfortunately the lingual limitations create misunderstandings with serious consequences. The problem is that the Divine Light is of a completely different frequency and quality than the male light  but we have no words in our language on Earth to make the crucial difference between ”light” and ”light”. The difference is that the male high-frequency light lacks the female low-frequency darkness, and thus becomes unbalanced and incomplete. In our texts we use the terms ”male light” and ”Divine Light” respectively to distinguish between these two forms of ”light”. When we connect to ”light energies” and use ”light healing” on Earth today, it’s unfortunately mainly the male light we get access to, because we lack the necessary grounding base to be able to absorb the Divine Light. In addition, the extreme surplus of male light is the cause of the majority of all the imbalance we see on Earth today, from the intellect’s dominance over the intuition, to the ”civilization’s” dominance over Mother Earth.


Another consequence of this linguistic deficiency is that all darkness is associated with evil and destructiveness, since there is no natural ”sacred” darkness in our language, which creates great misunderstandings. When one of the two energies goes too far without its balancing counterpart, destructiveness arises. In fact, in other words, there is both divine AND destructive light, just as there is both divine AND destructive darkness. If one is to speak of ”evil”, it is the imbalance between light and darkness. All the destructiveness we see on Earth today comes either from the unbalanced form of male energy or the unbalanced form of female energy. But today it is particularly the unbalanced destructive form of male energy that is behind the ”evil” and destructiveness on Earth.


~ Mother Earth ~

The human is ONE with Mother Earth and Mother Earth’s energy body. It is the human’s task to help Mother Earth maintain her energy balance, and that which she mainly needs help with today is to spread the sacred female energies in her interior. We do this partly through grounding ourselves in depth, since all change begins with ourselves. It is also a way to unite with Mother Earth for a moment. Although there are some tools for grounding today, such as inner ceremonies where you lower an anchor or roots into the Earth, or to walk barefoot in nature, they only provide a certain amount of grounding. What humanity needs today is profound grounding, where large amounts of female energy are regularly channeled directly from the Earth’s inner core.


The second part of the human’s task is to act as guardians of Mother Earth and take care of her in every way we can, but humanity has lost this wisdom today. Mother Earth is going through unspeakable suffering due to the energy imbalance that prevails today in her energy system and on the Earth’s surface. Her energy portals for the female energy have been blocked and the flow of female energy has been choked. Instead, her energy body is ”electrified” du to the surplus of male energy today, and this is further strengthened by the ongoing spreading of big cities, high technology and radiation. Mother Earth is not able to restore her energy balance herself, even though she has help from all her beloved nature elementals, but she also needs human help. It is every human’s task to participate in that work.


Humanity is forever connected to Mother Earth, she is our Primordial Mother. We share karma with her because of how we have treated her throughout history. It is our job to help her heal her karma and blockages, by sending her our healing, but also by sending her our love and gratitude for all that she gives us. We need Mother Earth and Mother Earth needs us!


~ The resurrection of the female energy ~

In order for us to enter the New Spiritual Age, the lack of female energy needs to be restored. It is an absolute prerequisite, since the New Age is also the Age of the Goddess, where the female energy will have its resurrection on all levels; in the human, in Mother Earth and in the Cosmos. The Cosmic Pendulum, which travels between light and darkness over eons of time, is about to turn, and that’s why there is such an extreme surplus of male energy on Earth today. That is also why there is such a strong driving force on Earth to spread Artificial Intelligence which is a form of destructive male light and a tool for the destructive male light to try to take over our civilization forever. Regardless, our civilization would not survive long in this unbalanced and ungrounded state.


Once the Cosmic Pendulum turns, once the time is right for the final Transition, the gates to the female energy of the Earth’s interior will be opened completely once and for all. This is a necessity for us to enter the New Spiritual Age, because the energy reality that will arise on Earth requires that we have free flow both from the male energy from the Cosmos and from the female energy from the inner core of the Earth. As the situation is today, Mother Earth and humanity are not ready for this powerful energy change, and that is one of the reasons why the Transition is constantly being postponed. What happens when the gates open is partly that we recieve large amounts of concentrated female energy, which our energy bodies are not used to. But it will also activate a cleansing process where all our remaining karma is activated. When we gain access to the Transition’s enormous volumes of male and female energy simultaneously, the combined energies automatically will want to raise our energy level. Therefore, all blockages will be forced up to the surface to be cleansed, to make the energy raising possible.


In order for us to have an as harmonious transition as possible, we need to start the process with increasing the supply of female energy and the cleansing of karma and blockages right now. Partly by filling our energy bodies with female energy, and partly by helping Mother Earth to activate her gates and facilitate the flow of female energy in her energy body. In this way, there will be a gradual energy change and purification and a certain preparation for the great transition to the new energy reality, instead of the ”energy shock” that could otherwise be the reality. We still have the potential to achieve this, but the time is ”five to twelve” and it is high time that we wake up to this cosmic wisdom and begin our great work.


We are facing a completely unique and fantastic opportunity to transform ourselves, and to transform Mother Earth, in order to enter the New Spiritual Age. But the road to there must go through the female energy, through the grounding. The spiritual transformation of humanity stands and falls by the female energy, it is the missing link. The way to the Light goes through the Darkness