“The New World and the New Human”


This is an illustrated transcription of a channeling that Maria did in Stockholm April 27th 2011. The channeling is also available as a video  (with Engligh subtitles) – the only video of Maria channeling, before her tragic passing in 2020. The content of the channeling is both wide and deep. It works as an introduction to our inner connection with the Divine, while it also addresses the transformation of the human consciousness and the transition to the New Spiritual Age.

Content of the channeling

I speak to all of you / I love you unconditionally / You were born here and now for a reason / The children on Earth / A world of little boxes / You are one with Mother Earth  / You are God / Cleanse your insides / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / Intensification of the law of Cause and Effect / Let go of the economic system / Preparations for the Transition / A meditation / Your cosmic friends have come to show you the way / Climate changes / New world, new possibilities / Collective solutions /The gift of experiencing lack / The New World and the New Human / Ending


Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, through Maria Bertram, Stockholm, April 27th, 2011

~ I speak to all of you ~

My beloved child. I am speaking to you from a place beyond time and beyond space. I am to be found in the midst of you. I am to be found inside of your hearts. If you sit down and quietly still your mind and all your inner noise, you can hear me. I speak to you. I speak to all of you every day. But not all of you listen. But do know that I never give up. I am always there for you, patiently waiting for you to once again turn to me, to open up the door in your heart that leads you to me. The road to get there is not long, and it is not difficult. You can do it here and now, in the now. In the deepest of the deepest of the now. The life you’re living today is hindering you from experiencing me. You’re running, you’re hurrying, you’re living in achievement, in worry, in pain, in fear, in lack and in conflict. You’re living in emotional and mental prisons that have made you deaf and blind to see and hear all the miracles that are played out around you. The so-called “reason” and rationality lays a muffling blanket over your heads. Once you were children, you have all turned your backs on me, feeling that there was no room for you to be who you in truth are – divine creative beings, limitless, loving and fantastic.

~ I love you unconditionally ~

You are amazing. You are limitless. There is nothing that you can’t do. I love you, my beloved children, I love you unconditionally. You don’t need to be anything in particular, you need not do anything in particular, you don’t need to achieve anything, have a particular title, earn money, have some particular ability – to be loved. You are perfect just through your very being, through your very existence. Never forget that. You don’t need to accomplish anything in particular to have a value, to have a right to live on Earth and take up your rightful place. You have not come to Earth to fight, to go to war, to suffer, and to constantly be in fear. You have been born on Earth to love, to create, to enjoy yourself and to play.


~ You were born here and now for a reason ~

Each and every one of you carries an endless capacity for creating new solutions. Each one of you carries a seed within you, to the New World which is about to be created. You carry the solutions within you. Each of you has a special role to play in your present life. There is a reason that you were born right here and right now, and that you have come here tonight. Nothing happens by chance. There is no ”chance.” There are no ”accidents.” There is no ”luck.” Everything that happens and will happen, happens for a reason. Each one of you has specific tasks and special gifts. Many of them, you have not yet discovered; they lie dormant within you. You have infinite potential. But you need to take your time to begin to explore that potential, and to take yourself seriously and to start listening to your inner voice. Living in love, truth and humility does not mean making yourself small, as many believe. Quite the contrary, it is about realizing your own greatness. Hiding yourself is quite easy, but to dare to stand up for your own greatness and your own divinity is frightening. I would like to encourage you to dare to show who you are. Open up your true potential. Blossom and grow to become who you really are.


~ The children on Earth ~

The children on Earth are incredible beings, with so much love, divine presence, joy, trust and creativity within them. Unfortunately, this is being shut down as the years go by, since the children are exposed to something called ”upbringing,” ”school” and ”teaching.” I understand that it might be difficult for you to understand what I mean, because this is such an integral part of your society and your values. But you must see that children are already complete when they are born. They don’t need to learn anything, they already know everything. There is no one closer to God and the divine than the newborn child. It is we humans, all of you along with me, who need to learn from the child. I speak most clearly through the newborn child. There is no one who possesses as much wisdom as an infant. It is we who would need to go to “school,” learning from the children, learning to play and to feel joy, limitlessness and presence in the now. Of course it’s good to give children guidance, but it’s not the same thing. Of course you may want to learn to read and write. That’s not what this is about, but it’s about how the society is structured.

~ A world of little boxes ~

You have created a world of little boxes. A world of separation where you organize life through time, where children have certain schedules they must follow, where they have certain subjects they must learn, which are then interrupted by other subjects. They are separated from their parents, their siblings, their relatives and herded together with other peers. The school system creates a world where children end up in hierarchies in relation to each other. They don’t get the presence of and the guidance from their families and their loved ones that they need. The parents, in their turn, sit in the box next to them. They go to their workplaces and are divided in their hierarchies, isolated from the ones they love. The children are shut out of the adult world and often feel that they have no place there, as if they didn’t have an important role to play, almost as if they are in some kind of storage. And the parents are constantly walking around with feelings of guilt because they don’t have time for their children, and all the other thousands, millions of projects that need to be taken care of in your world.


You have built yourselves a world of many “musts.” You have built yourselves a world of many responsibilities, rules and social expectations. You have, in your part of the world, the so-called ”rich” part of the world, a very high social standard, where many people – not all, but many – are doing very well. But despite your high standard, you have less and less of what is most important: “time,” the ability to be present in the moment and to be able to let go of time. As long as you continue to resist the Divine Flow and timelessness through organizing your life through time, you will have to run faster and faster and faster, and your lack of time will become larger and larger, and the pressure on you will become stronger and stronger. It will never end, until you one day collapse and something gives way, because something has to give, since you live in struggle.


You are fighting against your own inner truth and the human’s natural way of living. You live your lives in a constant uphill battle. This rational, reasoning approach to life, time and existence, the way you separate and divide life into different units to create hierarchies, to distinguish between emotion and reason, and to suppress you intuition – has created a world that is not human. Humanity is about to commit collective suicide, if you continue down the road you are now on. But you already know this. You have a choice. You can create change – and this is where your own greatness comes into play. You can create change by starting to create change in your own lives. Remember that you are divine beings. You are all one. You are one with each other, with all of humanity. You are one with the Earth and you are one with Infinity. That means that what you do affects everyone else.

~ You are one with Mother Earth ~

All the Divine Light that you create through opening yourselves to the highest divine, opening up your hearts and creating change in your life – also creates changes in other people’s lives, and it creates change on Earth. The main reason the Earth is feeling so bad today and can’t stand the way humanity treats her is humanity’s low level of spiritual development. Humanity and Earth share karma. When the people are living in separation, conflict, war and hatred, in a world where one person’s death is another person’s livelihood – the energies that are created in such a world cause tremendous suffering for Earth. You are all one. When Earth suffers, you suffer. You cannot distinguish yourselves from her. She is one with you, she is one with your aura. You have come to Earth to be her guardians, to heal her and to heal yourselves. It is your main task on Earth. Humanity knew this thousands of years ago, but they have forgotten it along the road. I know that many people wonder: “What can I do? There’s no point.” There is much you can do. All change starts somewhere. It’s like an avalanche that grows and becomes larger and larger, and rushes down the mountain with ever greater force.


One single person, one single enlightened human soul on Earth can save the rest of Earth. That is how big you are. Humans are carrying that large a potential. It’s like you are asleep, unaware of your true potential and what is happening around you, like you don’t see what’s about to happen. You think that you first have to wait for other people to create change, and that you are powerless and impotent. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have the power within reach. All you have to do is – instead of connecting upwards – connect downwards, to Earth’s interior. Heal the power channel that all of humanity once had intact, but that was disturbed, which put the whole Earth and humanity out of balance. All the answers to humanity’s problems are to be found in Earth’s interior. All consciousness-raising must happen through connecting to Earth’s interior, through grounding.

Every human being living on Earth is connected to Earth’s energy network, and we all are also connected to each other. I’m connected to each and every one of you. I express myself through each and every one of you. But when you keep yourselves closed, I can’t make my voice heard. You are all connected to all of Infinity and all other life forms on Earth and in the Cosmos. You’re connected to every planet, every galaxy, every living soul throughout Eternity. There are millions of civilizations just in this Cosmos, in your universe – and that’s not the only universe that exists; there are countless more. And you are all one, on the highest level you are all one, and you are all one with me and we all belong together.


~ You are God ~

What you need to do is open the door and let me in and listen to me. When I speak, it’s your highest divine aspect speaking. It is your own Higher Self, that part of yourself that is immortal and omniscient, the part of you that never changes. It’s through your Higher Self that you’re connected to me. When you listen to your inner voice and hear your inner voice speak, it is me speaking to you, because I am you and you are me. It is you who are God! God lives in everyone, in everyone’s heart. God is not something separate from you. God is oneness and we are all one. There won’t be a Messiah coming to rescue you. It’s you who will save yourselves, it is you who’s coming. When you’re painting a painting, when you’re cooking a good meal, when you’re planting flowers in the garden, when you’re cleaning the garage, when you’re playing with your children or grandchildren, when you are laughing and joking with your family and neighbors – then you are divine creative beings. Both in the small, as well as in the large.


Everything you do is important and has a purpose, and is part of Infinity. Don’t see yourself as small and insignificant, in the small as well as in the large, for that is not true. Everything is interlinked and everything is one, and everything has meaning. There is nothing that can stop you from experiencing me and experiencing your limitlessness and living in divine peace, except for yourselves. Remember that all obstacles in external reality are merely reflections of the obstacles you are carrying inside you. You can do exactly whatever you want. There are no limitations. This is something you have been deceived into believing, that you learn in school: ”This is how do you it”; ”But you can not do it like that”; ”That is forbidden”; and ”That’s not possible, that is out of the question.” But that’s not true, because you create your own reality. You are God.

~ Cleanse your insides ~

Through freeing yourselves from your inner prisons, and notions of ”There is no way,” ”It is impossible,” ”It is dangerous,” ”But I can’t do that” and so on – you can open up your capacity and your ability on a higher level. Step by step you can begin to transform yourself, transform your lives and create possibilities that haven’t been there before. It is possible. But it takes focus. It takes work. It takes conscious work with your thoughts and approach to reality, so that you begin devoting yourself to that which is actually most important, your spiritual development.


Your systems reward you to do everything that makes you stand the most still. And that which leads you most forward is considered unnecessary, silly and is something that many even are ashamed of, or have difficulty standing up for. Spiritual growth is considered a bit ”airy-fairy.” You’re living in the Upside-down World. For precisely the opposite is true. It’s what’s going on your insides that is important, because that is what creates your outer reality. As long as you have the conviction that ”I can never get true love,” ”I can never get what I need,” ”It is impossible for me to have close friends,” ”I will always be poor,” ”I will never ever get what I want because it’s not possible” – as long as you live with these negative beliefs, they will continue to shape your lives. And it will not make any difference how much you struggle in the physical world to create change. As long as you hold onto these internal beliefs, they will continue to create and shape your lives.


Therefore you need to start cleansing. You have to start examining your internal beliefs about reality. What is it that you expect? What are your fundamental beliefs about reality? If you expect love and abundance, happiness, kindness, generosity, trust, humility, truth, ease, joy – that’s exactly what you will get, and nothing will be able to hinder you anymore. If you expect obstacles, difficulties, suffering, lack, deprivation, fear, worry, anxiety, practical hassle, cruelty, envy, ”the knife in the back,” ”you can’t trust people” – then that is what you will get. You create your own reality every day, in every thought, every second, in every action. I know that this is not easy to change. It’s nothing you do during a coffee break. But I am telling you that it is possible. But it takes work. It takes focus. It takes awareness. It takes working with yourself every day, or what you call ”every day,” for time is an illusion.

~ The transition to the New Spiritual Age ~

When we enter the New Spiritual Age, things will start to change. The precondition for life on Earth will change. The energy levels on Earth will change. There are huge waves of light sweeping in over the Earth. They will come in ever greater force, as we are getting closer to the actual Transition. Here I would like to point out one thing: There is no fixed date for the Transition. So there is no point in becoming hypnotized by a date or a year, because that is not the case. It is like a window that has opened, so within a certain number of years the Transition will happen, but it will not necessarily happen in 2011 or 2012. Most probably, it will happen later than that. But nothing is decided, since the future is not carved in stone, because you are part of creating it all the time. Every human has free will. Every being in the entire Infinity has free will and is part of creating the movement forward, the divine flows of energies that create what you call ”reality.” It is also not fully decided how the Transition will happen. It’s not like you can show a map of how the world will look afterwards, or exactly what will happen, and in which order. That is not the case, but you are part of creating it, and you can affect it. There will be a transition, and it will be a big challenge for Earth and humanity, that is definite. That will not change. But how it happens is not decided. You can be a part of affecting that. Realize your greatness. Realize your importance. It’s time now to wake up from the beauty sleep.

~ Intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect ~

The energy raising that will happen on Earth in the Transition, and the entrance into the 5th dimension, will bring new preconditions for life on Earth. This means that the universal Law of Cause and Effect will be strengthened further. Humans will, to an ever increasing extent, get back exactly what they send out – everything from what you’re thinking, your beliefs, your convictions, your feelings, to your actions and daily choices. All the choices will lead to instant effects in a much more direct and powerful way than before. It means that radiation from nuclear reactors, tests of nuclear weapons, wars, famine and so on, will have a direct impact both on Earth and humans. You need to be aware of what you send out, because everything you send out, you will get back.


Think about what it is you’re eating. If you kill an animal to eat it, then what does that mean? It means that you send out a negative energy that you then have to accept the consequences of. This is not about ”morals and ethics.” There is no such thing as ”morals and ethics.” They are human illusions. It’s about cause and effect. It’s about love or separation. What is love and what is separation? I would like to advise you to think about all the decisions you make in your everyday lives. “Is this is a loving decision? Or is it a decision made ​​in fear and separation?” Examine yourself and your actions, in the small as well as in the large.


~ Let go of the economic system ~

This will mean that when the Law of Cause and Effect is strengthened on Earth, the societal structures will begin to crumble, because your societal structures are based on separation, lack, hierarchy, conflict and selfishness. A company that makes money from selling their products will simply not survive. No form of monetary-based economy will be able to survive in the new energies. When you give something to another person and expect something in return, it means that you perform a conditioned action, in other words, you enter into a business agreement. No such business arrangements will possible any longer, in the long run, because all that you send out, you will get back. If you are trying to make money from other people, they will in turn try to make money from you. And what does that make? Zero for both parties.


The only way for humanity to move on from this is to let go of the old economic system. You have the possibility of creating a world of abundance where there is enough of everything for everyone. You have been deceived into believing that this system is the only system that works. When you start opening up to Cosmos’ infinity and come into contact with other civilizations, you will discover that it works perfectly to live without money – and that everyone gets exactly what they want, and that it creates communities of abundance, free of conflict and war, communities in unity and love. When these other civilizations begin to visit you on Earth you will also receive the inspiration that you need to see the opportunities, and to see that: ”This is really possible! We have deceived ourselves. We have locked ourselves up into a small, cramped prison cell where we have been sitting for so long. We have believed that this is the only possible system that works – but that is not the case.”


When you let go of lack thinking and separation, separating people and putting them into different compartments and say: ”Some are worth more than others,” ”Some are more productive than others” – when you let go of that thinking and say: ”We all have a fundamental worth no matter what we create and what we produce,” ”We are worth something just because we exist” – then you will be able to create a society of abundance where you will have exactly everything that everyone needs. Does it sound impossible? Then I can tell you that it’s not. When humans open up their limitless potential, when they become one with their own truth, when they open their heart, when they are allowed to be who they really are and let go of all the social expectations and rules and prison cells that they have placed themselves in throughout all of their existence, when they get to create everything that they have ever dreamed of creating – they will no longer hate their jobs, but they will work with joy, for it will be their own choice. Work will no longer be seen as something separate from the rest of their lives, but everything will work as a whole, where everything is interconnected, where people live together in groups in love, joy and cooperation, giving and taking, where everyone is involved. Everyone will have their place and get to be as they are, and get to give of what they have to contribute. When humans begin to open up their potential, when they get the opportunity to blossom and grow into who they really are, miracles happen.


~ Preparations for the Transition ~

Today you live in a world that limits and diminishes you and make you less than you are. Stop diminishing yourselves, stop hiding yourselves, stop slandering yourselves. Heal your hearts. To be able to live with an open heart, you must heal your heart. Heal your inner pain and your inner limitations. Heal all of your negative beliefs about yourself and your negative beliefs about your world and about life. This is an extensive work that takes focus. You need to prepare yourself for the flow of energy which will sweep over the Earth, waves that sweep over Earth every day, every month, every year – up until the big Transition. You need to work with yourselves to raise your energy level so that you will be able to handle the Transition’s energy flows. No one will get away. There is no way to get away through money or walls. All stand equal before the energy flow. All stand equal before the Transition. There are no hierarchies in the world which will be able to prevent this.


All of us need to work together, to restore our oneness. I love you, and I really want to guide you and be one with you but you must dare to take the step and open up to me. This is not anything that I require from you. There is no need for churches, there is no need for Bibles. This has nothing to do with religion. Religion is a human invention, it has nothing to do with me. You do not have to live in any particular way or do anything in particular. All you need to do is listen to your inner voice, what is right for you. Every person’s path will look different, there is no formula that suits everyone. What I would advise you to do is listen to yourselves, what is right for you, and which road is right for you personally. Dare to open up to your inner divinity – for I am with you the whole way. You need not take any expensive courses – you don’t have to spend a single penny on your spiritual development if you don’t want to. All you need to do is to listen, to work with being present in the now and to channel energy from Earth’s interior. It doesn’t cost anything. It is important to understand that no money in the world will be able to save people from this. It’s your capacity, your ability to open up to the divine, to open your hearts and prepare you for this flow of energy, that will make the difference.


Dare to think: ”Now I’m going to stand up and leave! Now it’s time for me to create change in my life.” Start small. Start with that which makes the difference – your thoughts and your expectations. Don’t be afraid. The transition to the New Age will be very challenging for all of humanity, and it will be painful for a large number of people. It will be painful for all people living on Earth, and it’s part of the process. It’s important that you understand that. This is part of the purification, the Great Purification of Earth’s and humanity’s karma. And you will not get away from this – this is something that we, together, have to go through. I am with you all the way. I never leave you. No matter what happens, know that I will always be there for you, and you can always contact me.


~ A meditation – The Cosmic White Fire ~

Feel how you’re being rocked… slowly… back and forth. You’re being rocked as in a cradle… surrounded by white light. It is me that is rocking you… Let go and let yourselves be carried along… hear the heart pounding… hear the heartbeats. It is Mother Earth’s heart … it’s me who speaks to you through the Earth. Imagine that you’re in a womb… it’s warm… it’s cozy… and it’s safe. You’re now entering into the deepest of all nows … all the way down to point zero. Feel how you’re dissolving … feel how you’re being embraced by complete, unconditional love… beyond time… and beyond space. Here, there is no struggle and no stress… only harmony… love… and pure truth. Here you are completely safe… there’s nothing that can harm you… you are immortal… you are divine and infinite souls on a journey through the Infinity… in the divine ocean, the ocean of divine white fire… of abundance, love and harmony. Let go and let yourselves be embraced by the energies… feel how you’re being rocked slowly back and forth.


Remember that no matter what happens, everything is just the way it’s supposed to be… and everything will be just exactly they way it’s supposed to be… and there is nothing to fear… there is nothing that can hurt you … because you are infinite … you are immortal. Right now you are in a physical body here on Earth. You have lived in many other physical bodies before this… and you will live in many other physical bodies after this. You have come to Earth to love… and to shine… to shine your light over Earth, to heal and cleanse the Earth and to help other people to wake up to heal and cleanse the Earth and themselves. Deep down you are all light workers on the way toward the Light. You have all come to Earth to shine your light, your truth and your love. Don’t forget that. No matter what happens, no one can ever take your light and your love from you. Have faith … open your hearts … and live your lives in trust. When you live in love, you also draw love to you.


~ Your cosmic friends have come to show you the way ~

Your friends from other civilizations are here among us on Earth, although they don’t make themselves known that often. They are everywhere. If you look up into the sky, you will sooner or later discover signs that they are here. They see your auras, they can see which of you have worked with your spiritual development and begun to open yourselves to the higher dimensions of reality. They are at your disposal, and would love to help you and guide you on this difficult journey through the Transition that is happening. They would like to share their knowledge, to provide spiritual guidance, to give love and healing to you. Do not be afraid. They’re coming with love in their hearts.


They have come to show you the way to a higher state of consciousness, to a new way of living, to the New World that awaits in the New Spiritual Age, because nothing will ever be the same again, after all the old hierarchies, organizations and structures have collapsed. It gives you the opportunity to start building something new, something divine, something that is in harmony with your inner divinity instead of building a world that goes against your inner divinity. You have an amazing opportunity to start over and create something fantastic. A new world will be created, and the possibilities will be amazing. The other civilizations will help you, even in practical terms, to create new ways to produce food, to develop free energy and also later – when humanity is ready for it – to help you develop your own technology to start to travel in the Cosmos, and to visit the other side of infinity, when you’re ready for it. But it will be a while before that happens.

~ Climate changes ~

The climate on Earth will change. There will be a lot of natural disasters on Earth. What has happened up until now, for example in Japan, is just the beginning. You need to be prepared for much worse things than that. But that’s part of the cleansing process that humanity and the Earth are going through. The Earth has so many negative energies and blockages in her energy system, just as humanity has, that must be cleaned out. And that’s why these violent reactions occur. You can mitigate these reactions. You can be part of creating conditions for a less painful transition. You can not stop the Transition, you can not stop the natural disasters – they will come – but it is possible to create the best conditions possible. You do that by preparing yourself, working with your own spiritual development – every day – and being a part of sending healing to the Earth.


Sweden will become a center, a spiritual center of the Earth, from where the New World will start. You will get a warmer climate, it will gradually become warmer and warmer in Sweden in the coming generations, and during your lifetime you will experience great changes in the climate in Sweden. You will have a Mediterranean climate. But during the Transition, it will be the opposite – that is, it can be very, very hot and it can be very, very cold – with very large changes in the weather, very violent changes. Exactly what will happen, we don’t know – not even I can answer that – because it is you who create your own reality. I give you the conditions, but nobody can tell exactly what will happen. It’s the Divine Flow that decides, and you are part of the Divine Flow, you are part of what is happening. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. Live your lives in love. Work to overcome your fears. Face your fears. Don’t push the fears away, denying that you are afraid, that you feel worry about what will happen – work with it, and recreate your own basic security. Ground yourselves. Don’t push it away, saying that ”I can’t do anything about that.” Yes, sure you can. Remember – you create your own reality.


~ New world, new possibilities ~

The New Spiritual Age will also mean a new approach to the children, and to each other too as well – because the Transition will mean that it will no longer be possible to live on Earth, after the Transition to the 5th dimension, without an open heart. It won’t be possible to live in the separation- and conflict mentality any longer. It will no longer be energetically possible to remain in this way of living. In order to continue living on Earth, humanity needs to open their hearts and live heart-based instead of up in the head, living from the rational mind. It won’t work anymore. The truth is not to be found in our minds, the truth is to be found in your hearts. New possibilities will be created for you to create communities where you have better possibilities for free creativity, free creative expression and development, cooperation – in which children are given space and the chance to flourish instead of being silenced. A world where people no longer live in energy imbalance. Many of the conflicts, problems and obstacles that you are experiencing today on Earth are connected to the tremendous energy imbalance that exist on Earth today, you should be aware of that.


When you live from your hearts and live in harmony, when you have processed your karma, all the pain that you are carrying, when you have reconciled with yourself and begun to love yourself unconditionally – you’ll also free yourself on very many levels. Much of what you perceive as conflicts in your everyday life today will no longer bother you. You will no longer have the need to comfort yourself with food, newly renovated kitchens and expensive things. Children will be more harmonious and happy, since they will be able to get the grounding they need. And you will be able to get the grounding you need. People will be much more healthy, harmonious and loving to each other, since it is human nature to be loving and harmonious. Humans’ basic nature is not to be warlike, that is not true. You are divine. You are love. Release all the knots that you have – all fears, all hindering thoughts:


“I’m no good.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I can never be loved.”
“I’m always left behind.”
“I can’t be myself.”
“This is impossible.”
“This is dangerous.”
“It can’t be like this – it has to be a particular way, it has to be like this, this and this.”
“You have to have this on paper, with signature and stamp!”


When you start letting go of all this and are able to live your lives in trust and love instead, you will also open up new possibilities. When you begin to trust yourselves and each other, you will unleash such a huge amount of potential and energy in you. You will no longer need to control each other. Imagine how big a potential that will be released in humanity then! Think about how much work that’s performed on Earth today, related to control and power. How many people on Earth today are not busy counting money? And buying and selling money? And shuffling papers? And administrating? Imagine that all this power is transformed into something creative and something positive for humanity, when we don’t need all that stuff anymore – us together, you and I, in oneness.

~ Collective solutions ~

When you no longer need to save and store, as when everyone has a pair of skates each, and a helmet, and a car safety seat, skis and countless other things in your huge garages, when you can let go of this and say, ”Okay – let’s take everything and own it collectively, and then we’ll take what we need, borrowing from each other. We own everything collectively and say, ‘Okay, who needs skis today?’” Everyone doesn’t go skiing at the same time, right? Think of all the new opportunities opening up for you when you begin to think in terms of oneness instead of separation, “mine” and “yours.” And this is just the beginning, these are only small examples I’m giving you – there really are no limits to what you can do. You can create cooking teams. Wouldn’t it be nice to not having to cook every day, and have a big family, welcoming you home – if that’s what you want – where you get cooked food. You wouldn’t have to be alone if you don’t want to, unless you choose to be alone. The end of loneliness, the end of isolation, the end of suspicion. When people are together and cooperating, opening up their hearts, there is no room for prejudice, suspicion and loneliness anymore. It’s the isolation, the separation between humans, that creates war, that creates conflicts, that creates fear. Unite – don’t separate. You’re all so amazing! And you have so much to give to each other. Remember that each person has so much to give, and can help others!


Remember that you have things that you don’t need, that you can give to someone else. Why would you keep all the things that you don’t have any use for, lying around at home? Or why couldn’t the lonely pensioners become friends with the families with children – it would be so cool for the kids to get four grandmothers and grandfathers, extra dads and extra brothers. Imagine what a paradise, that’s what kids want, that’s what they’re dreaming of. You know how little kids are – they like to go over to the neighbor and say hello if they are given permission, and ask for a cookie. It’s you adults who prevent them, through your fear and through society’s conventions. They want to be in unity with everyone, they want to be friends with the whole block. But it’s not like that today, because there is so much separation, isolation and fear. Everyone is sitting home by themselves watching TV and are best friends with the people on TV instead of spending time with each other. You have come to Earth to love.


~ The gift of experiencing lack ~

As you can see, when you start to think – there are only possibilities! Open up your consciousness and begin to see the possibilities, and you will see that nothing is impossible. You already have what you need. You already have abundance. But since everyone is holding onto their own things, it feels like you are poor, because everyone is so afraid and are holding onto what they have, and are so tied up by this feeling of lack, ”What if I don’t get enough, what if there won’t be enough for me?” And it’s no wonder that you feel that way since that’s the kind of world you have created – a world in lack: A world where you have to – you believe – hold on to what you have, in fear of not having enough tomorrow. Instead, create a world of abundance where there is always enough of everything for everyone. Then the possibility to open up and get even more will show up, once you begin to let go and stop living your lives in lack. For it is your own convictions about lack that’s creating shortages in your lives. It’s when you begin to dare giving of what you have to others, that abundance is created in your lives. Think abundance, live abundance, and you will also create more abundance in your lives.


It’s not about, as many believe, that you only need to think of a car long enough to get it. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. You have to work more deeply than that. You have to start working with your basic beliefs, you have to start expanding your consciousness. For all that I have spoken of with you tonight is about expanding your consciousnesses and become bigger than life itself. It will open you up, open up your eyes to the possibilities around you and then you become truly creative souls, creating your own life and creating a new world. This may sound like it’s always easy, but it’s not. Of course this will mean very large challenges for you, especially during the Transition. It’s one thing to be generous when you have a lot, and a completely different thing to be generous when you have almost nothing. That’s the big lesson – to give of what you have, even though you have almost nothing. That’s the biggest lesson of all. When you have achieved that, you’re a true Master. Daring to trust that it will be all right, to live in trust, to put your life in God’s hands and follow the Flow. Being one with me and following the Flow, letting yourself be carried along, saying: ”I have faith that everything will be okay. I don’t know if I will have enough food to the end of the month – but I know that I have a hungry person in front of me, and I have faith that we will find a solution together.” Having that big a heart is Mastership.


This is a lesson few people in the “rich” world have been fortunate enough to learn. But there are very many in the Third World, the so-called ”poor” part of the world, who have had that privilege. It’s a tremendous gift – a much, much larger gift than you can imagine: Learning to live in faith and joy even though you don’t own anything. They have very, very much to teach you – daring to let go, daring to give from the little you have and to think in terms of oneness, and not of separation. It is the largest thing one can learn. And I think that there will be times where you humans will have that experience in some way, even those of you living in what is called the ”richer” part of the world, and that it will be a gift. I’m not saying it will be easy, but I’m saying that even very difficult and painful experiences bring something very, very large within them, and it’s by thinking in terms of oneness and living from your hearts that you will manage to go through this. Remember – you are divine beings. Everything is the way it’s supposed to be, and everything will be exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Have faith. Choose to live your life in love and abundance instead of lack and separation.


~ The New World and the New Human ~

The transition to the New Spiritual Age means the birth of the New Human, who lives in love and unity. Celebrate that, celebrate yourself – this is a major event in the history of humanity, and in the history of the Cosmos. You should know that you have all eyes on you, all the souls from all the countless conscious planets and galaxies around you are watching you and what’s happening right now – both those who visit you and those who stay on their planets, which have the ability to see what happens on Earth. They all are with you and support you in the process. What is happening on Earth is something big. The transition to the New Age means the unification of spirit and matter – in a great cosmic orgasm. Spirit and matter are the male and the female energies that unite, merge, and become something even bigger and more fantastic. The red energy from Earth’s interior comes up through Earth’s inner gates to the surface and unites with the male, cosmic energy that comes from Cosmos. They unify and together they create a bright pink energy – the bright pink love energy. It’s that energy that will elevate Earth and humanity into the New Spiritual Age, and it will create new abilities in humans. It is a New World that will come into existence, with new opportunities. This means that your psychic abilities will be opened up, and your capacity for telepathy. The energy composition of the Earth will change, and your wildlife will be affected. Some animal species will become extinct, while new ones will appear. The vegetation on Earth will change, and the climate will change.

Illustration of the Pink Love Energy that will elevate humanity into the New Spiritual Age

It will be easier for people to reach even higher levels of consciousness, to achieve what we call ”enlightenment” – much faster than before. You have a huge boost in your spiritual development process right now through the energies that are flowing in, that affect your consciousness and raise your energy levels, and it allows you to open yourselves to what is coming. But you have to work actively with it. It allows very large changes in you. It will be easier for humanity to live without food. You will have less need of food, and less need of sleep. It will be easier for people to learn to levitate than before. The law of gravity will not be the same way as it has been. There will still be gravity on Earth, but not as powerful as it is today. In other words, there are a lot of things that people take for granted – things that can not be changed, ”laws of nature” as you call them – that will change.



Your entire perception of reality will change. You will learn how to make astral journeys, to contact the dead, your dead relatives for example, and other souls, your spiritual guides and helpers in other dimensions, Masters, nature spirits, and you will also have the opportunity to open up and connect with souls from other civilizations who wish to speak with you and guide you. In other words, there are amazing possibilities that are opening up. You will also be able to use the energy in Earth’s interior to create a better world, and the energy that comes from Cosmos, and the union of these energies, the male and female energy combined, to heal yourself and others, to raise your states of consciousness.


You will increase your potency, you will raise your fertility. You will have less painful childbirths. You will be healthier and experience more joy in your lives. You will be able to use the energy to create so-called ”free energy” on Earth that can replace electricity, since electricity is not in energetic alignment with the energy raising that is taking place. It will not be able to function in the long run on Earth. Neither will your Internet, your cell phones and any other high tech equipment that you have on Earth. They’re simply not compatible with the energy changes that are occurring on Earth. So you will have to create entirely new systems. But it won’t be a problem, since possibilities will be created. You might not even want to have cell phones anymore when you have become telepathic. This is of course a gradual process that will happen – but there will be very large changes happening during the Transition, this you can be sure of.


~ Ending  ~

I would like to give you a thought that you can take home with you today and contemplate. It’s about basic human worth, what it really is, and what the foundation for it is. You live in a world where humans are judged on the basis of their appearance, achievement, position in the hierarchy, gender, age and so on. This is of course an illusion since you all, each and every one of you who live on this Earth, are divine beings. And you all carry the potential within you to spread light. I would like to ask you to – wherever you are, whatever you do, and whomever you meet – when you encounter a homeless person on the street, an aggressive and hostile teenager on the bus, or a very aggressive and hateful person waving a gun on the TV screen – I want you to remember this: You are all equal. You are all divine. And you have something to learn from all other humans you meet in your life. Everyone you meet is your teacher. Be humbled by it.


I would like to finish off by saying that when you feel confused, and when you don’t know which way to go, when you feel that ”I can’t take this anymore,” or when you just would like some comfort and guidance – ask me to come, because I am always there for you, and I will never leave you. I love you unconditionally. My beloved child. Thank you.