The way to the Light goes through the Darkness

Part 1: The balance between male and female energy

The foundation of all life / The characteristics of the male energy / The characteristics of the female energy / The ancient wisdom


If you want to read the remaining parts of the article series, there is an overview with an introduction and links to the seven parts.


~ The foundation of all life ~

All energy in the Cosmos can be divided into the male and the female energy, also known as ”Yin and Yang”. The male white energy and the female black energy are the building blocks of the Cosmos. They are the two energy polarities that all life consists of and emanate from, everything from small organisms to entire galaxies. They are opposites of each other, as well as complementary to each other. Together they drive all development forward through the interplay between light/darkness, expansion/regression, spirit/matter, heaven/earth, and birth/death.

NOTE! This ”light” and ”darkness” are NOT the same as ”good” and ”evil” which is a common misconception.

In each phase of the development of a consciousness, whether it’s a human or a galaxy, it’s natural that either the male or the female energy has a certain advantage over the other, and thus characterizes the development phase in a certain way. But if the excess becomes too large, it leads to destructiveness, because both forces depend on their opposite to balance themselves.


The ultimate goal of each soul’s spiritual development is reaching the final inner balance between the male and female energy. Every human being  regardless of gender  needs a balance between the male and female energy to develop in a balanced way. The knowledge of the male and female energies goes far beyond gender and gender roles on Earth, but is about the two most fundamental energies that the whole of Existence consists of.


When these two energies are in complete balance with each other, the Divine Light or the Highest Divine Energy of Love is created. When a soul has reached this final balance, it reaches the highest form of enlightenment and can live its life in complete limitlessness, unity and love. This process takes the soul an ”infinite” number of lives to complete, but many awakened souls on Earth today are at the end of this process.

~ The characteristics of the male energy ~

The male energy (”yang”) is positively charged and expansive in nature and wants to constantly expand. It is a high-pitched, light, ”fast” and bright energy that is luminescent white (or blue). The very highest frequency of male energy can be compared to luminous radiation. The male energy is represented by high-pitched sounds such as the ”tinnitus” sound, the ringing sound of a ”triangle” (instrument), or fast electronic dance music. All the technology and electricity we use on Earth are various forms of concentrated male energy.


The male energy stands for spreading and expansion. It’s active, for example, when a person spreads their ideas around the world, when an empire expands, and when a galaxy expands. The male energy stands for ”light”, the Father, heaven, birth, dryness and warmth. It stands for intellect, logic, technology, and the spiritual aspect of reality  to expand into the higher dimensions beyond time and space. On Earth, we get access to the male energy from the Cosmos (”heaven”), and we channel it mainly through the crown chakra.


A person (regardless of gender) who is primarily controlled by male energy is active and outgoing, has an expansive personality and is constantly heading towards new goals. It’s a person who values surface, who is primarily controlled by their intellect, and who has an attraction to technology and media. Some examples of land areas with predominantly male energy are the Nordic countries, East Asia and the USA. Some examples of animals that consist predominantly of the male energy are dog, dolphin, and butterfly. Some examples of edible things from nature that consist predominantly of male energy are tomatoes, kiwis and sprouts.


However, it is important to distinguish the male light from the ”Divine Light” because they are two completely different forms of ”light” with completely different frequencies and properties. The reason that we on Earth don’t have the language to distinguish ”light” from ”light” is due to humanity’s lack of spiritual knowledge. The Divine Light, which has a completely different energy frequency than the male light, is also called ”Highest Divine Energy of Love”. The Divine Light arises only through the union of the male light and the female darkness in perfect harmony.

~ The characteristics of the female energy ~

The female energy (”yin”) is negatively charged and regressive in nature and constantly wants to contract. It is a low-pitched, heavy, ”slow” and dark energy that is black (or red). The very lowest frequency of female energy can be compared to black, compact, sluggish tar. The female energy is represented by low-pitched sounds such as the deep tones of Tibetan throat singing, the sound of a ”didgeridoo” (aboriginal instrument), or muffled slow-pounding heartbeat. The gravity and magnetism that exists on Earth is a form of concentrated female energy.


The female energy stands for centering and regression. It is active, for example, when a person goes deep within to seek their inner truth, when an empire breaks down and collapses, and when a galaxy contracts to become smaller. The female energy stands for darkness, Mother, Earth, death (decay), moist and cold. It stands for intuition, wisdom and nature/fertility, and it stands for the physical aspect of reality  to be grounded and have contact with the material reality. On Earth, we get access to the female energy from the Earth’s inner core – which is the energy center for the female energy on Earth  and we channel it mainly through the feet and the base chakra.


A person (regardless of gender) who is primarily controlled by female energy in their energy body is grounded, calm and present, and has contact with their emotions. It is a person who has a strong integrity, who is mainly governed by his intuition, and has a close bond with nature. Some examples of land areas with predominantly female energy are Africa, India and South America. Some examples of animals that consist predominantly of the female energy are cat, owl and elephant. Some examples of edible things from nature that consist of predominantly female energy are beetroot, mushrooms and seaweed.


It is important to distinguish the female darkness from ”evil”. In its pure form, the female darkness is a sacred and divine energy, but it also exists in an extreme and destructive form (just as light also exists in an extreme and destructive form). The ”sacred darkness” and the ”destructive darkness” are two energies with completely different energy frequencies. It’s also important to know that low frequency is not the same as ”destructive”, ”undeveloped” or ”less spiritual”, even though it is often used today through our limited language. In our spiritual development, our energy body constantly strives to reach both higher heights and lower depths, higher frequencies and lower frequencies.

Male energy
Female energy





Positively charged

Negatively charged



High frequency

Low frequency





White (blue)

Black (Red)























Crown chakra

Base chakra

~ The Ancient Wisdom ~

The knowledge of the balance between the male and the female energy is part of an ancient and timeless wisdom that has been repressed and largely disappeared from the collective consciousness of humanity. However, there are fragments of this wisdom preserved in various cultures around the world encoded in symbols. Even though the symbols below stand for different things in different traditions, there are still the same basic energy messages in them.


The most famous is Taoism’s symbol of Yin and Yang, where Yin symbolizes ”the black, the female and the passive force” while Yang symbolizes ”the white, the male and the active force”. The symbol stands for creating balance between opposite poles. The symbol can includes the message that both primordial forces want to drive development forward at the expense of the other, and that they both must be balanced by their counterpart (the dots).

The Mayan Indians also have what appears to be the equivalent of the yin and yang symbol – Hunanb Ku, which symbolizes the all-encompassing deity. But in the symbol is also the wisdom of the union between the male and the female energy, both through the light and the darkness, but also through the round shape (the female flow) and the square shape (the male logic).

The Celtic symbol of the Tree of Life shows a tree that shows where the roots are as large and important as the crown, and that they form a unit. An energetic symbol for the importance of deep grounding to be able to grow upwards in the higher dimensions, and that both depth and height are necessary to create for the whole.

Even in the astrological symbols that form the basis of the symbols for man (Mars) and woman (Venus), there is clear symbolism linked to the anchoring of the female energy downwards and the expansion of the male energy upwards and outwards.

Another widespread symbol that contains the essence of the union between the male and female energies is the Six-pointed star. It is best known as the Jewish Star of David, but is also represented in a variety of other traditions, such as the Sri Yantra symbol in Hinduism and the Square and Compasses in Freemasonry (where the union between the upward and downward principle forms ”G” for God in the center of the symbol ). In addition to the union between the male energy (upward pointing triangle) and the female energy (downward pointing triangle), the six-pointed star also symbolizes the union of spirit and matter, heaven and earth, the phallus and the womb, the god (Shiva) and the goddess (Shakti).

Further examples are found among various indigenous peoples, who speak of Mother Earth and Father Sky. They are often found in their creation stories and are worshiped as the two creative forces of the Universe or ”world parents”. An example we see in the sand paintings of the Navajo Indians, where we see Mother Earth depicted with fertility symbols in itself – such as sacred plants, while Father Heaven has symbols of the sky or Cosmos in itself – such as celestial bodies and star constellations.

The symbol of the Mother Earth Network is a cosmic symbol that Maria received in a vision. The symbol represents a consciousness (the middle dot) that has full access to both the male energy in the sky (the top dot) and the female energy in the Earth (the bottom dot). Through this complete balance, the consciousness reaches an enlightened state, and can expand its heart (”arms”) and reach its highest divine potential. As the consciousness reaches ever greater depths and ever higher heights, it also reaches ever greater opportunities for expansion in all directions.