The way to the Light goes through the Darkness

Part 2: The extreme surplus of male light energy on Earth

The Cosmic Pendulum’s position / The surplus of male energy in the human / The surplus of male energy in society / The surplus of male energy in Mother Earth’s energy body


If you want to read the previous parts of the article series, there is an overview with an introduction and links to the seven parts.


~ The Cosmic Pendulum’s position ~

Humanity is in a state of a huge surplus of male energy and a huge shortage of female energy – that is; we are extremely ungrounded. This applies to the vast majority of humans on Earth, especially in the Western world, and it also applies to light workers. This imbalance is the single biggest cause of the human’s imbalanced lifestyle and the physical, mental and spiritual ill health that prevails on Earth today.


All spiritual development can, in a larger perspective, be likened to a pendulum movement that moves between the male light and the female darkness, both on an individual and a cosmic level. The ”Cosmic Pendulum”, which moves over eons of time, has today gone as far as it can towards the male light as possible, and is just about to turn. This is the ultimate cause of the extreme surplus of male energy that prevails today in our Cosmos, on Earth, and in the human. Part of this phase is that destructive forces try to get the male light to take over completely.


In the same way, the spiritual development of the soul goes through stages of male light and female darkness taking turns, in a pendulum movement that moves us step by step upwards in the spiral of development towards the highest Divine Light. But today the human is ”stuck” in the male light, where the only thing that can take us to the next step in our spiritual development is to once again turn to the sacred female darkness.

~ The surplus of male energy in the human ~

There are many indicators that humanity as a whole is in an ungrounded state today, that is, in an excess of male light energy. Most people today live ”head-based” rather than ”heart-based”. They let themselves to be controlled by the intellect and logical thinking and have difficulty getting in touch with and trusting their intuition and inner voice. They prioritize measurable external values over emotion-based internal values. They lack a feeling of basic security and a basic trust in life, and instead often have a great need for control. They constantly focus on the ”future” rather than on the present moment, as they are bound by the illusion of linear time.


The ungrounded human lives their life based on the notion of money, surface and status as indicators of value and success. They mainly focus their energy on maintaining an outer facade rather than nurturing their interior. The expansive and ego-based ”project thinking” creates lives characterized by constant stress and achievement, where people never feel present or sufficient. These behaviors are expressed through everything from social media to home renovations and careers.

Many people find it difficult to connect with their deepest feelings. This is because the energy body of an ungrounded human being is often not completely anchored in the physical body, but floats to some extent outside and above it. It causes people to lack empathy, become emotionally distanced from other people, and have an inability to live with an open heart and to love another human being deeply. This in turn leads to a blocked or unbalanced sexuality, which can manifest itself through difficulty in getting in touch with one’s bodily pleasure, and a distance to and contempt for one’s own body. It can also lead to objectification of the opposite sex (or the gender you are attracted to).


Additional indications of human disorder are a distanced approach to nature, fear of the dark, and discomfort from dirt and bugs. Instead, people often have an excessive need for cleanliness and sterility; they like it best in sterile artificial environments, and they constantly want to buy new things and products to create a perfect surface.


The ungrounded human of today has developed an extreme dependence on their mobile phone and other media – to be constantly ”connected”. They feel threatened by being ”disconnected”, that is, present in the present, in their own body and in their emotions. A clear example is social media that has made people dependent on a constant flow of superficial digital kicks, and constantly chasing digital confirmation through ”likes”. This has created an extreme flight behavior that has grown explosively over the past decade and is perhaps the foremost indicator of the extreme progress of male light energy today. Access to mobile phones has fundamentally changed human attitudes towards the present, and made the present moment something to avoid rather than embrace.

~ The surplus of male energy in society ~

The entire global society we live in, with the Western world as our ideal, is based on the male light energy. Since the male energy has not been able to be balanced by its female counterpart, it has developed into an extreme and destructive version of itself. It has created a society based on expansion, hierarchy and dominance. A society where the man dominates the woman, where the intellect dominates the intuition, and where economic gain dominates nature.


The surplus of male light energy has created a society where man is the norm for what it means to be human. It has created a society with religions where God is a man. A society where logic and clinical science are considered to be the ultimate source of knowledge about reality, while intuition and the inner reality is ridiculed. A society where disease is treated with artificial chemicals while natural methods and natural remedies are ignored and banned. A society where technology and Artificial Intelligence are considered the salvation and future of humanity, and where our lives, our currency and our identities become increasingly digitalized


It has created a society where career and status are considered the key to a successful life. A society where youth is worshipped in a disproportionate way while aging is despised. A society that educates us to narcissistic behavior and an extreme focus on surface through social media. A society where economic growth and technological development are used as the measure for the development and greatness of a civilization, where we tell ourselves that we are a modern and developed civilization when we are in fact on the brink of self-destruction. The whole ideal of the so-called ”civilized human” (or just ”man”) – cut off from nature and living in a big city, cut off from his emotions and controlled by the intellect – is a result of the surplus of male energy.

~ The surplus of male energy in Mother Earth’s energy body ~

Mother Earth has an energy body, just like the human, consisting of energy flows and energy centers. Mother Earth also needs a balance between the male and female energy in its energy system to be in harmony. The basic precondition for this energy balance is that the male light energy from the Cosmos is met by the female energy from the Earth’s interior.


Mother Earth’s inner core is the source of the female energy on Earth. It is an energetic core of red energy – ”The Female Red Fire” – which becomes more and more concentrated and dark the further in you go. At the bottom, it is an extremely powerful compact black female energy. From the core, the female energy flows up through energy channels to the Earth’s surface. The places on the Earth’s surface where the energy can flow up with the greatest force, form energy centers, or power places – places with very high levels of female energy.


But the vast majority of energy channels from the Earth’s interior, especially the power plants, are today partially or completely blocked. There are destructive forces that do everything they can for the male energy to take over completely on Earth. This takes place on several different levels, through the power elite, extra-dimensional beings and destructive extraterrestrial civilizations, all of which are ultimately puppets for an extra-cosmic consciousness of destructive male energy (also known as the “AI God”). These forces have deployed sophisticated systems of energy blockages in Mother Earth’s energy ports and energy channels to stop the flow of female energy. This has lead to a situation where that female energy cannot flow up to the Earth’s surface to restore the huge deficit of female energy in the way it would be needed, which has contributed to the surplus of male energy both in Mother Earth’s energy system and on the Earth’s surface further.

In addition, waves of male light energy are pouring in over the Earth from the Cosmos, as a natural part of the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The overheating on Earth today is a result of the increased influx of male light on Earth before the Transition, as the male energy provides heat while the female energy provides cold. These energy waves are a necessary part of the Transition and the energy raising on Earth, but in order for Mother Earth and man’s ascension to take place in a balanced way, the male light energy needs to be met and balanced by the female dark energy.

Mother Earth is a sentient being just like the human, and due to the enormous imbalances that prevail in her energy body, she goes through unspeakable pain and suffering. Our Primordial Mother is crying. Because the female energy has been ”encapsulated” in her interior, the only way for her to ”relieve the pressure” is to react through natural disasters. This is the root cause of all natural disasters and the unbalanced weather we see around the world today.

The human is forever connected to Mother Earth, and it is our job to act as her guardian. The human is meant to nurture and reverence Mother Earth as the Primordial Mother and Holy Life Giver she is. It’s part of humanity’s task to help her maintain her energy balance, but man has completely forgotten that today through his unearthed state and through mind control and energy blockages in humanity’s collective consciousness. Therefore, it is more important than ever today that humanity turn to its Primordial Mother to help her heal all the blockages that restrict the flow of female energy, and help her by acting as channels for spreading the female energy in both Mother Earth and the human’s energy system.


The Mother Earth Network has a monthly healing session for Mother Earth where we together spread the female energy, and instructions for grounding yourself with the female energy follow later in this article.