The way to the Light goes through the Darkness

Part 4: The surplus of of male light energy in the spiritual community


The focus on light in the spiritual community / The crucial difference between ”light and” light ”/ The lack of grounding in channeled messages / ”Light healing” and ”darkness healing”/” Light beings” and ”darkness beings”/ Light work with the Holy Darkness


If you want to read the previous parts of the article series, there is an overview with an introduction and links to the seven parts.


~ The focus on light in the spiritual community ~

It’s important to understand that the surplus of male light energy that exists throughout our society also goes for light workers, and permeates the entire spiritual movement, with some exceptions. One symptom is the focus on physical dates and constantly new superficial ”updates” about the ”energy situation” and the political situation, which rather distracts from the inner development and presence in the Now.


Another symptom is the ungrounded and manipulated messages that people take in, with a false assurance that our ascension would take place from outside and automatically – instead of the truth about the years of  hard inner development work that’s required. In addition, the surplus of male energy has strengthened spiritual people’s egos and contributed to the disproportionate focus on social media in the spiritual community, which also prevails in society at large.

The surplus of male light energy is the reason why there is such a great focus on messages from ”light beings”, to receive ”light healing” through the crown chakra, and to reach ”ascension”. The human needs both ”light healing” and ”darkness healing” to be able to develop in a balanced way, but today we have a huge surplus of light healing and need the ”darkness healing” more than ever. The deep grounding is a prerequisite for the Transition, and the lack of grounding is one reason why the Transition is constantly pushed forward.


It’s very rare that someone brings forward the deep grounding as a necessity. At best, superficial grounding techniques are seen as another method among all others to try. There certainly exist messages about the female energy within the spiritual movement – such as the worship of goddesses and the worship of the sacred feminine, tantra as a path to divine sexuality, and shamanism and the wisdom of indigenous peoples. But the wisdom of the feminine energy and the profound grounding has not come close to the attention and restoration it deserves, even in the spiritual movement.


The notions of the ”good light” and the ”bad darkness”, which are part of the manipulation of humanity, unfortunately also permeate the spiritual community on Earth today. ”Light” and ”high frequency” are used as synonyms for divinity and high spiritual development, while ”dark” and ”low frequency” are used as synonyms for destructiveness and low spiritual development. Expressions such as ”lightworker”, ”light-healing”, ”light beings”, ”forces of light” and ”light-energies”  who fight against the common enemy ”THE DARKNESS” also reinforce this misconception.

~ The crucial difference between ”light” and ”light” ~

The highest form of divine energy is a form of light energy, in our channelings called the ”Divine Light”. But the Divine Light consists half of male light energy and half of female darkness energy, in the perfect balance.

Unfortunately, language is a major obstacle here. There is of course nothing wrong with using the expressions and metaphors that exist in our language, but unfortunately the limitations of the language create misunderstandings with serious consequences. The problem is that the Divine Light is of a completely different frequency and quality than the male light – but we have no words in our language on Earth to make the crucial difference between ”light” and ”light”.


The difference is that the male high-frequency light lacks the female low-frequency darkness, and thus becomes unbalanced and incomplete. The less it is balanced by the female energy, the more extreme and destructive it becomes. In the texts of the Mother Earth Network, we use the terms ”male light” and ”Divine Light” respectively to distinguish between these two forms of ”light”, but it is still a great challenge to formulate these higher truths through the limiting language.


Another consequence of this linguistic deficiency is that all darkness is associated with evil and destructiveness, as there is no natural ”sacred” darkness in our language, which creates great misunderstandings. When one of the two energies goes too far without its balancing counterpart, destructiveness arises. In fact, in other words, there is both divine AND destructive light, just as there is both divine AND destructive darkness.


If one is to speak of ”evil”, it is the imbalance between light and darkness. All the destructiveness we see on Earth today comes from either the unbalanced form of male energy or the unbalanced form of female energy. But today it is especially the unbalanced, extreme and destructive form of male energy that is behind the ”evil” and destructiveness on Earth. The notion of ”evil darkness” as the ultimate threat is actually manipulation from the destructive male energy to prevent us from coming into contact with the Holy Darkness, which is in fact our salvation.

~ Lack of grounding channelings ~

Unfortunately, the sources of higher spiritual teachings such as masters and enlightened civilizations who want to convey the message of the female energy and grounding to humanity have often failed to reach the mediums that channels their message. Paradoxically, this is due to the fact that the vast majority of spiritual messengers, mediums and healers today unfortunately are not grounded enough to be able to receive and convey the message about the importance of grounding. It has created a ”blind spot” among lightworkers when it comes to messages about the female energy and the need for grounding.


In addition, the lack of grounding has unfortunately made many mediums receptive to manipulation of the messages they convey. The female energy stands for intuition, and without a sufficient level of grounding, the intuition is blocked, and the channel also becomes receptive to impure messages. Both ”dark beings” and ”light beings” have for a long time tried to convey the message of grounding to humanity, but since most media themselves are not grounded enough to be able to convey those messages, the frequencies and parts of the message are filtered out when the person channels.


A medium cannot convey a message on a frequency that they haven’t reached themselves. In other words, the medium must be ”one with their message” in order to be able to convey it. When Maria channeled the information about the grounding, she got it step by step as she grounded herself at ever deeper levels for several years. Below is a quote from Marias channeling of Kaleidos from the Pleiadian Council about this ”blind spot” in channelings today.


”One thing we have noticed with very great clarity is that in almost all of the channelings that are now being spread across the Earth, except for some isolated exceptions, nothing is even mentioned about the importance of humans working on their spiritual development, and that the human needs to channel the Mother Earth energies from Earth’s interior. This knowledge is close to non-existent, except in your channelings. This is very worrying since this is by far the most important message that we have to convey to you. 


It’s the grounding, the connecting and tuning in to Earth’s interior which is the connection that will protect you, that will save you and that will help you in your spiritual development. That’s what you need in order to be able to receive the strong light-waves that are now being spread on Earth, and to develop in the way that is meant”.


In addition to the risk of incorrect information in channeled messages, another characteristic is that the messages themselves are often unbalanced and one-sided. A common example today is to unilaterally and superficially assure that everything is fantastic and going according to plan (which sure is true at a higher level) but without the crucial message of the critical situation we are actually in, that we need to free ourselves from The Matrix in depth, and the necessary internal development work we need to make our top priority.


Another clear example is when the main message is that the ascension and the Transition will take place automatically through external events – energetic or political, often linked to specific dates – that gives us a false sense of security that all we need to do is ”bring out the popcorn ”. It is deeply ungrounded and manipulative, because it is our hard inner development work that we have come to Earth to perform, and which will eventually lead to the ascension (for those who are actually ready) and the Transition.


Here is another quote from Kaleidos about the importance of grounding in order to become a purer psychic channel.


”The most important advice that I have to give to all mediums – and to all humans living on Earth, because this is the same whether you are a medium or not – the definitely single most important thing you can do to strengthen your psychic ability is to ground yourself and become one with the Earth’s interior. Channel energy from Earth’s interior daily, the red female energy. It’s that which strengthens and develops your intuition and your psychic abilities, and your ability to be in touch with your inner truth and your inner voice.


The more grounded you become, the more you come in contact with the female energy, the stronger your psychic ability will be and the clearer and cleaner your channel will become and the easier it will be for you to learn to distinguish between pure and impure messages. The female energy is the solution, it is the key to opening the psychic ability on a higher level.


Mediumship is not just something that you either have or don’t have, it’s not like a button that is switched either on or off. It’s an ability that is being developed gradually along with your spiritual development, being strengthened step by step, and where the channel is gradually getting stronger and stronger and purer and purer. The more grounded you are through Mother Earth’s female energies, the more receptive you then become to the cosmic male light, and can thus combine the two different energies and reach a higher state of consciousness, and become a stronger and purer psychic channel.”


~ ”Light healing” and ”darkness healing” ~

Another example of the surplus of male energy in the spiritual community is that the most common healing techniques on Earth today mainly focus on healing with cosmic light that is channeled through the crown chakra. Although the original purpose of light healing is often stated to be to heal with the Divine Light (which consists of half male and half female energy), there are very, very few people on Earth today who are so spiritually developed and balanced that they can transmit the exceptionally high energy frequency that the Divine Light consists of, because they themselves are often unearthed and have a very limited access to the female energy.


When we connect to ”light energies” and use ”light healing” on Earth today, it is unfortunately mainly the male light we get access to, since we lack the necessary grounding base to be able to absorb the Divine Light. Instead, all forms of light healing are the transmission of predominantly male energy, which of course can be effective, but only to a certain extent where humanity stands today. In addition, it risks further strengthening the surplus of male energy.

The same goes for healing to Mother Earth. Her energy body is, just like human’s energy body, ”electrified” by the male energy and needs help to activate the female energy in her interior. Maria was guided several times to energy centers in nature to ”clean up” after lightworkers that – with pure intentions – had performed healing ceremonies and drowned the sites in cosmic light, which unfortunately had done more damage than it had helped.


In order to work effectively with light healing, the human, just like Mother Earth, first need a long period of ”darkness healing” – that is, very deep grounding. After that, we can in the long run oscillate between healing with the male light and the female darkness, in order to create the balance required to be able to receive and embody the Divine Light.



~ ”Light beings” and ”darkness beings” ~

There are plenty of ”light beings” who are channeled and worshiped on Earth because most mediums have great access to ”light”. But at the same time, the messages from the sacred ”darkness beings” are largely underrepresented among the mediums today – that is, nature spirits, ascended masters and enlightened civilizations that represent the grounding, the Primordial Strength and the Sacred Darkness.


A common misconception is that beings representing ”darkness” would by definition be ”destructive” or ”evil” – a kind of ”cosmic racism” – which is another reason why they have a hard time reaching humanity with their messages about grounding. Of course there are destructive darkness beings, but there are also destructive light beings who manipulate us, and it is important to let go of our preconceived notions and learn to tune in to the frequencies the soul consists of.

~ Lightwork with the Holy Darkness ~

Since it is us ”lightworkers” who are to lead the way into the consciousness raising and the New Spiritual Age – The Age of the Goddess, it is of the utmost importance that we wake up to the timeless truth about the balance between male and female energy. The female energy is the missing link for human and Earth energy raising today.

If we lightworkers can not ground ourselves enough to be mouthpieces for the Holy Darkness, for ”darkness healing”, and for holy ”darkness beings” – then who will? It is time to wake up to the realization that part of our ”lightwork” is to be the servant, guardian and mouthpiece of Mother Earth and the Holy Darkness.

The key to the Holy Darkness goes through Mother Earth. Its inner core is the source of female energy on Earth, just as there are other sources throughout the Cosmos. By gradually opening up to the ground through the female energy in her inner, Mother Earth healing, you will eventually become more balanced and gain greater access to female energy and the crucial insights and energy changes that it brings.


Där hög tid för mänskligheten att åter börja dyrka sin Heliga Urmoder och det heligt kvinnliga, och att återupprätta underskottet av kvinnlig energi i våra inre och på Jorden. Tiden är inne för den kvinnliga energins återuppståndelse


 It is high time for humanity to start worshiping their Sacred Primordial Mother and the Sacred Feminine again, and to restore the deficit of female energy within us and on Earth. The time has come for the resurrection of female energy. 


The most important thing each one of us can do to participate in this process is to work to ground ourselves by channeling the female energy from the Earth’s inner core. In addition to grounding, you can also work on the healing of Mother Earth by helping her spreading the female energy in her energy system.