The way to the Light goes through the Darkness

– The cosmology behind profound grounding as the way to spiritual transformation

This seven-part article series is about the cosmology behind grounding as the path to spiritual transformation before the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The article series contains both a description of the cosmology behind the balance between the male and female energy and the excess of male light energy that prevails on Earth today (parts 1-5), but also instructions for grounding and build-on techniques for your spiritual transformation process (parts 6-7) .


The title symbolizes that the path to enlightenment (The Divine Light) goes through grounding with the female energy (The Sacred Darkness). The human’s extreme surplus of male light energy today must be balanced by the female darkness energy. Like the balance between yin and yang. This is part of a timeless cosmic wisdom that humanity has lost today, even in the light-based spiritual movement.


The article is a summary of the spiritual teaching about deep self healing that Maria Bertram channeled, from Mother Earth, nature spirits, ascended masters, Divine consciousness and enlightened civilizations from the Galactic Federation. Maria and I (Manne) worked on the text together, but due to the constant energy cleansings and attacks, it was never finished before her tragic passing. Therefore, I’m developing and completing it today, so that the message is not lost.


If there is one message that the guides stress is the most important message that we take to out heart and apply in our lives today, it is the deep grounding. It is most important of all. The grounding is a prerequisite for our ascension, just as the resurrection of the female energy is a prerequisite for the transition to the New Age. According to all our guides, the understanding and application of the deep ground is the missing link for our spiritual transformation today.


It was Maria’s and my life task to channel down this crucial information to Earth and to spread it to humanity for free. Since her awakening, Maria devoted her entire life to receiving and deepening this message. Over the years, she worked with ever deeper grounding and internal cleansing to gradually gain access to ever higher levels of the teaching, and as far as we know, you will not find this compilation of information anywhere ells.


Below is an overview with links to the seven parts. 

Part 1: The balance between the male light energy and the female darkness energy 

The foundation of all life / The characteristics of the male energy / The characteristics of the female energy / The ancient wisdom

Part 2: The extreme surplus of the male light energy today 

The Cosmic Pendulum’s position / The surplus of male energy in the human / The surplus of male energy in society / The surplus of male energy in Mother Earth’s energy body

Part 3: The suppression of the female energy and the fear of the ”darkness” 

The greatest threat / The suppression of the female energy through history / The suppression of the female energy today / How the sacred Feminine Red Fire became ”Hell” / A turning point

Part 4: The surplus of the male light energy in the spiritual community

The focus on light in the spiritual community / The crucial difference between ”light and” light ”/ The lack of grounding in channeled messages / ”Light healing” and ”darkness healing”/” Light beings” and ”darkness beings”/ Light work with the Holy Darkness

Part 5: The key role of female energy and grounding in the transition to the New Age

The Great Purification and Transition to the New Spiritual Age / The union of spirit and matter / The Cosmic Pendulum and the entering of the Age of the Goddess / The final opening of Mother Earth’s inner gates / The importance of grounding before the Transition

Part 6: Instructions for grounding with Mother Earth Healing

About Mother Earth Healing / How Mother Earth Healing works / How long is enough? / Positive effects of Mother Earth Healing / Instructions

Part 7: Build-on techniques to strengthen and direct the Mother Earth Healing
Build-on technique 1: Lower yourself to inner core of Mother Earth
Build-on technique 2: Grounding sound healing
Build-on technique 3: Mantras
Build-on technique 4: Inner symbolic actions
Build-on technique 5: Heal blockages in the higher dimensions