UFO:S and Airplane Holograms

This article is about one of the methods that highly evolved civilizations use to contact us today, namely by taking the form of holograms of airplanes and helicopters making mysterious maneuvers, as a step in making discrete contact with us awakening lightworkers on Earth. In the article I’m linking to my own videos of the phenomenon, from this and last year.


UFO:s and Airplane Holograms


UFO:s and Airplane Holograms

This article is about one of the methods that highly evolved civilizations use to contact us today, namely by taking the form of holograms of airplanes and helicopters making mysterious maneuvers, as a step in making descrete contact with us awakening lightworkers on Earth. In the article I’m linking to my own videos of the phenomenon, from this and last year.


Content of the article

Background / The First Time / The Ultimate Evidence / More Airplane Tricks / The Galactic Federation’s Escalation and the Law of Non-Intervention



I had never heard of this phenomenon until I saw it with my own eyes in 2009, and I needed to see it a few more times before I could really take in what I had actually seen. My then partner Maria Bertram (1972-2020) who was a medium was also telepathically contacted by various extraterrestrial civilizations who were behind these aircraft holograms.


They were enlightened civilizations who told us that they were constantly present on Earth and that this phenomenon is one of many ways of creating contact with certain awakening humans without attracting too much attention from the sleeping mass (just like with ”UFO clouds”), in accordance with the Law of Non-Intervention.


My hope with the article is to spread awareness of these subtle celestial phenomena, so that more people will pay attention to these types of contact attempts. Some may even realize that they have already experienced it. When I posted videos of the phenomenon last month, many contacted me and told me that they too had reacted to ”airplanes” sometimes behaving very strangely in the night sky and that they suspected they were UFOs, but then let their logic mind have the last word.


The First Time

For me it started in 2009. Late one evening a bright ball of light slowly rose behind the treetops in front of the cottage we were living in. The ball of light hovered silently above the treetops for about a minute, and then the glow diminished, and it began moving to the right, transforming into what looked like the light of an airplane flying across the night sky (the floating ball of light was about five times brighter than the airplane’s light). As the transformation took place, it was like the sound of an airplane was turned up, from the soundless floating ball of light to the unmistakable sound of an airplane.


VIDEO (February 2023): Hovering ball of light slowly transforms into airplane hologram (Compare the ball of light in the beginning of the video with the obvious airplane at 5:30)

After the incident, my mind immediately tried to explain it away. “I must have remembered wrong. It must have been an airplane all along.” The human mind will do anything to maintain the three-dimensional physical reality in which we live, even through denial and ”illogical” conclusions. But our cosmic friends did not give up.


The time after the event, I got to see the same phenomenon more and more often, and eventually I recognized every step of the process, how the bright ball of light slowly rose above the treetops in front of our cabin, stopped and hovered silently for a while, and then slowly transformed into an ”airplane ”.


The Ultimate Proof

Since then, they have expanded their repertoire considerably, and over the years I have seen a variety of phenomena connected to what I now understand are different types of ”holograms”. But one of them gave me the ”ultimate proof” that it CAN NOT be a real plane. One sunny afternoon, I followed an airplane with my eyes across the blue, almost cloudless sky. The airplane flew in behind a lone small cloud… and disappeared! That is, it never came out the other side of the cloud! Since the cloud was so small, it should have come out the other side after just a few seconds, and there were no other clouds nearby so I couldn’t have ”missed” it flying in behind another cloud. It was a minor shock, and at the same time I began to wave enthusiastically – since their greeting now came through beyond all doubt.


This event was impossible for my mind to explain away, and by this time I was already well aware of the various ”airplane tricks” of our cosmic friends. If this ”ultimate proof” wasn’t enough, I got to see saw the exact same thing again a few days later! Many years later, when I told this to a close friend who is also a lightworker, she told me that she has also seen the same thing!


More airplane tricks

In addition to the two airplane tricks mentioned above, I have also seen a number of others. Here are a few more examples, all of which I have seen multiple times.


– I have seen how a hovering ball of light that was ”lit up” above the treetops, to soon slowly turn into a flashing airplane that slowly flies across the night sky. 


VIDEO (March 2022): Hovering ball of light appears next to other ball of light, both transforms to airplane holograms (see the “wing lights” and the flashing lights of the “airplane” at 2:55)

– I have seen the light of flashing ”airplanes” flying along the treetops, then making a U-turn and flying back to where it came from. Since they were completely silent, they can’t be helicopters (normally helicopters and airplanes can be heard clearly at the same distance), and since the light is so bright, it can’t be a drone either.


VIDEO (February 2023): ”Airplane” makes a U-turn after my wish + surprise

– I was taking a walk on the countryside, enjoying the silence, when I suddenly hear a loud ”cosmic sound” (going from extremely high to extremely low pitched frequency in about 2-3 seconds) and then turns into a clear ” airplane sound” and when I looked up at the blue sky I saw an airplane flying over me in the middle of the blue sky! In other words, it must have ”appeared” there a second earlier. The sudden transition from silence to aircraft noise was startling and could not come from a “real” aircraft, as they always have their engine on.



The Galactic Federation’s Escalation and the Law of Non-Intervention

So why do they make it so difficult for us by appearing as holograms of airplanes and helicopters? Why don’t they just show their actual ships?


Our cosmic friends are present on a large scale all over the Earth – especially now before the transition to the New Age, but their ships are almost always camouflaged for us. The Galactic Federation closely monitors the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness, making decisions about when various ships are allowed to show themselves and under what circumstances. Everything is planned and monitored very carefully. The gradual lifting of Earth’s cosmic quarantine is a decisive event in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness, and therefore it is of the utmost importance that it’s being done in the right way and in the right order.


As many of us have noticed, both in the skies and in social media, there is now an escalation of UFO presence on Earth (and of course I am not talking about the tricks of the Power Elite that have gained attention recently). But even though most ships are not allowed to show themselves openly, it is much easier to get “green light” to display as airplanes and helicopters! This is because they do not violate the Law of Non-Intervention, which is an aspect of the Law of Free Will. Another example of a corresponding phenomenon is how they show their presence through UFO-shaped clouds. A susceptible person receive the greeting though the ”airplane” or the cloud, while a ”sleeping” person can dismiss it with a ”natural explanation”. That way, both got to create their own reality without intrusion.


We all create our own reality, both individually and collectively, and therefore other cosmic civilizations are not allowed to ”intrude” too much, by, for example, landing where they feel like it and getting out of the ship and making contact, because the vast majority people are not consciously ready for it. We ourselves must develop as a collective to a high level that we reach a critical mass, and only then will the escalation of their visible presence be able to take great steps forward.

With this post, I want to draw your attention to this phenomenon – and I know that the Galactic Federation inspired me to write it. Be attentive. If you see something inexplicable, don’t let the mind deny what you saw afterwards. Our cosmic friends are here, and they contact us in a variety of ways.


This is how the escalation of the visible presence of our cosmic friends follows the opening of humanity’s consciousness. They give us a sign of their presence (e.g. through a mysterious aircraft). We receive the sign and choose to ”believe”. Our consciousness is opened one step, and they then get a greater mandate to show themselves more clearly. So it goes, like a ball being passed back and forth, in an upward spiral. In other words, they may give us the opportunity to open our minds, but they may not ”force” us to do so, and the airplane hologram is therefore an excellent method.


Keep an eye on the sky, and please share if you’ve experienced anything similar.





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