Why are you running?


This is a public channeling that Maria did in Stockholm. There was free admission and about 50 people in the audience. During the channeling, Maria carried out an energy transmission of “The Cosmic White Fire” to all participants. It is that energy we are connected to in the meditation below. After the channeling we performed a healing session for Mother Earth together with the audience. 



Content of the channeling

The divine human being / A meditation – The Cosmic White Fire / You are limitless / Why are you running? / Mother Earth



Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, through Maria Bertram, Stockholm, October 13th, 2009

~ The divine human being ~

My beloved child. I see your colorful clothes, and it pleases me to see that you have let the colors into your lives. That you have let the joy and the creativity in.


You are now taking your first wobbly steps on a long journey. Actually, your journey has been going on for a long time, all the way back since Cosmos’ birth, but there’s something very special about the journey that you are starting now. We are entering a new phase in the history of humanity. You’re going from being humans to being co-creators of the Divine. You’re not only part of my creation, you’re also on your way of becoming gods and godesses’ in your own right.


You’re carrying a seed within, in your hearts. It’s now time to activate that seed. I have brought with me a key for you, for each and every one of you I’ve brought a key. Here. Take your key. It’s the key to the gate that leads you to Me. The gate that opens up your hearts. You all have a direct connection to Me, and you don’t need anything outside of you to reestablish that connection. I am here. I have always been here waiting for you. I love you unconditionally for who you are. I love you exactly the way you are. You are magnificent, you are my magnificent creation. And now it’s time for you to tear down all the walls. It’s time to remove all grey veils, all obstacles, all illusions of fear, of lack thinking, of conflict thinking and become the divine beings that you in truth are.


You have everything that you need inside of you. You carry all the answers. You already know that I am here, because you’ve always known that. I am there every morning when you wake up, and every evening when you go to sleep. I am present in the crying of the newborn baby, and I am present in the tadpole in the sea. I exist beyond time and beyond space, in the infinity. You are infinite. You are immortal. You have no boundaries. It’s when you let go of the illusion of boundaries that you that you can become limitless and free, for the first time. You can become anything you want, and you can do exactly anything you want. All the boundaries that you see around you, you have created yourselves. Therefore you can also remove them. Tear them down; brick by brick, layer by layer, wall by wall, illusion by illusion.

Anything is possible. You’re living in a very special time. You now have an amazing opportunity to free yourself from all of your fears, limitations, traumas, disappointments, bitterness, anger, lack of love… everything. Energy gates have been created down to the Earth’s interior with powerful energies that are at your dispoasal, and through connecting to them you’re taking the first step. The only way to create true change is to change your insides. It’s the only true way to the Light. Everything else is an illusion. There are no weapons, there are no walls and no money in the world that can help. Only through contemplation, through the power of healing, through using the enormous flow of energies that are flowing in over Earth’s surface, partly from Cosmos and partly from Earth’s inner core, you can heal yourself and transform your energy bodies and open your souls. You all originate from me. Once we were all one. And on a higher level we’re still one. We are all united. One day you’ll go back and become one with Me again. You are now on your way into the last phase of the long journey home to me, to your origin. To the Cosmic White Fire Ocean of ecstasy, love and abundance. Because that is me, the Divine Consciousness, and that is where your belong.

~ A meditation – The Cosmic White Fire ~

 Take your key and unlock the gate in your hearts… and let the love flow. Let yourselves become channels for my divine love energy… my divine higher white light… my fire. Let it flow through you, so that you thereby become one with me. Let yourselves be carried along by the ocean… feel how it embraces you… the cosmic ocean… the white fire… that flows… that pours… that surrounds you like a big cocoon of infinite silence… of stillness… of pure existence. Feel how you’re sinking down in the infinite now, the deepest of all infinite nows… to the most ultimate zero point. Hear the heart beating… in the big womb that surrounds you. Here you are completely safe… everything is just the way it’s supposed to be… and everything will be just the way it’s supposed to be. Everything IS. No separation… no conflicts… just pure love.


~ You are limitless ~

 Remember that there really are no obstacles. They are only illusions that you, on an unconscious level, have placed on your own path in order to learn something from it. You’re free to do whatever you want. You have chosen for yourself the life you’re living today. Everything you’re going through is bringing you forward. Every experience, every trial, every challenge is there in order for you to develop and reach higher insights about yourselves, and move on. Nothing happens by chance, since chance doesn’t exist. Even the most difficult and the most painful have a meaning. And you have chosen it yourselves,  on an unconscious level, in order for you to grow from it and evolve as souls. That’s why you have come to Earth. Everyone sitting in this room today has chosen to incarnate on Earth right now to participate in the transition to the New Spiritual Age. You have chosen to participate in this time and this transition for a particular reason, and you all have a special life task to fill in the Transition. And it is no coincidence that you’re sitting here today.


Somewhere inside of you, you’re carrying the feeling that you too can contribute, that you have something important to do. That you have gifts inside of you, and the conditions on different levels to contribute something to the Earth and the survival of humanity. Exactly what it is, you will have to figure out yourselves, it’s your task to find that out yourselves. But remember that when it gets hard, when life gets hard to endure, and when the challenges are getting big: I’m always by your side. Call on me. Open up the door to your connection to Me. Open the door for the light, the Divine Light. Go back to the cocoon. Feel the unconditional love. Become it. Feel the harmony. When you’re with Me, nothing can hurt you.  Remember that no matter what happens, you’re immortal. You can change shape, you’re part of the flow that alternates between life and death, different reincarnations, but you never die. You just live on in a different form. Let go of your fear of death. You cannot die. You have always existed, and you always will exist.


Your possibilities are infinite. You have also chosen this opportunity you’re living right now in this life. And you have also made many other choices and tried many other opportunities in other lives, and other existences, both here and in other places in the Universe. You are limitless, you have no limits.  when you open up to my light and expand your consciousnesses and transform your energy bodies and reach higher states of consciousness, you can use the power of thought to create what you want. You already create your own reality every day. You attract that which you ask for. Now when we’re entering the New Spiritual Age where the energy flow on Earth is strengthened, and the Earth goes into the 5th dimension, with much higher and more powerful energy frequencies than today – the Law of Cause and Effect is strengthened. The Law of Cause and Effect is the foundation of the Cosmos. It means that everything you’re sending out, you’ll get back. If you’re sending out bitterness, hate and fear, then that’s what you’ll get back. If you’re sending out love, trust and humbleness, then that’s what you’ll get back. If you expect limitations then you will also get those limitations. You create everything that’s surrounding you every day.


You can learn to live in the Light. You can learn to live in love, by expanding your hearts. That’s what spiritual enlightenment is about, to live in love. [Applause is heard from the room next door!] To think, to speak, to do everything in love. Love is  the unifying force of the Cosmos. It’s the perfect balance between the female and the male energy, the perfect divine harmony. That’s what is happening now on Earth when spirit and matter meet and unite in divine harmony. The female and the male energies will meet like in a cosmic orgasm that will reproduce all over the Cosmos and create new conditions for life. This will cause repercussions in the whole Galaxy and the whole Cosmos. What is happening now on Earth is unique. You are not alone. You have many friends around you, around the galaxy and the Cosmos who help and contribute in their way. You are not alone. You are all loved.


The New Age you’re entering is the Age of the Goddess, the return of the feminine energy, that has been time suppressed, and has been subordinate to the male energy. It’s now time for humanity on Earth to recreate the balance between these two energies, both inside of Mother Earth and inside themselves. It’s time to recreate the balance between the expanding male energy and the regressive female energy, in complete balance.


~ Why are you running? ~

I see how you humans are running. You are running and running and running. And you don’t stop to think anymore. You have stopped asking yourselves; “Is this right? What am I doing? Where am I heading? And why am I running!? What’s the point of this? Do I really need a new kitchen? Do I really need all this stuff? What is really the meaning of life? Why is my whole life surrounded by so many rules and obstacles?”


Beloved child, you have locked yourself up in a prison. You have such an enormous potential, creative potential, to create your own reality. To develop, to blossom, to learn how to fly. To finally lift off from the ground and fly away. To dance, to sing, to love, to help each other, to worship the Earth, to worship the beauty and the abundance. But you’re just running. And you build even more concrete, and produce even more plastic things, and fill the sea with even more plastic bags. It’s time for you now to stop. Ask yourselves: “Is this really the meaning of my life?” It’s never too late to change your mind. Does everybody have to run in the same direction? You are divine beings; you’re not sheep, right? You all have the power within you to create change, every single one of you who sits here. You are born with a divine potential. You are born with certain gifts which you are supposed to use in this life. Find those gifts, find that potential.


The key to your hearts is also the key to happiness, the happiness that is so hard to find and that everybody is running after. The faster you run, the unhappier you get, because happiness may not lie in the chase for that which you don’t have, more and more of that which you don’t have. New things, new experiences, new titles, more money, or a more beautiful home. Maybe it’s just the opposite. Maybe you should stop chasing the happiness, stop chasing more things, and sit down and just let everything go. Away! Maybe you should even throw your calendar away and hand in your mobile phone for recycling. Maybe you should go out in the forest, sit down on a stump and listen to the forest, what it has to say to you, listen to the whispers. And then suddenly one day realize that you carry a voice within that speaks, and that you have always had that voice inside of you, but you have never really been able to perceive it, because it has always been drowned out by a cacophony of other voices: “I don’t have the time, have to do this, have to do that. Oh, I’m so afraid of that, and I’m so worried about that, it’s impossible, and now it’s six o’clock!”. All the voices of the ego which take over inside of you. But when you have peeled away all of those voices in the silence, the contemplation, through healing, all that is left is one voice. Your own inner voice, which comes from your immortal soul. And my voice, because I speak to you every day. You just have to open your ears and listen, and I’m there.


~ Mother Earth ~

Mother Earth is suffering badly, and she needs your help. Each and every one of you present in this room makes a difference. If you sit down and send healing to the Earth, it makes a difference. There is nothing that is too small or in vain. Every good-hearted loving action that you perform spreads Light. You are important. If you go outside and sit down in the forest on the ground in the soft moss and listen to the whistling trees, if you sit down and listen to the whispers of the nature spirits, to the dripping water, you will finally learn to recognize Mother Earth’s voice. Then you will understand how much she loves you,  and how much she suffers. Then  you will understand what difficulties she is going through, and that she needs your help. She cannot do this alone anymore. Every human being has a free will; you all choose what you want to do with your lives. But I still want to ask you all: give time to heal Mother Earth. Give a helping hand. She needs it, and you need her. By balancing your inner selves and reaching harmony, through balancing the female and the male energies, you can re-create the close connection to nature that you have always had throughout the history of humans, but that slowly but surely has withered away lately here on Earth.

Each and every one of you who sits here has your own personal path to walk in life. You carry this path in your hearts. You all carry your own answers, and you will not all walk the same path. You will all make your own decisions and choose the path that you will walk. This is part of the challenges of humans. Every life looks different, and every individual finds their own solutions. You’re the only one who can come up with those answers. But in every life, there is room for union with the Earth. It’s a precondition for your lives; it’s a precondition for the future. Many people ask themselves what they are doing here on Earth, and what they have come here to do, and they have a hard time seeing the purpose in their lives. Ultimately you have come here to have the challenges you need in order to develop and reach a higher state of consciousness. You have come to Earth in order to live here and develop, and to move forward. To step by step, bit by bit, become the Divine Beings that you really are. That is the purpose. To live in the now. To live in love. To live in abundance.


I want to thank you all for taking your time to come here and listen. Know that you are all loved. Thank you.