40 years of heavenly spirals!

– A compilation of light projections by the ascended civilization ”The Invincible Ones”, with comments from the leader Dibarak and cover-up stories from the news media

In this article, I am compiling videos and photos of a number of light phenomena, often with spiral patterns, that have been seen in the sky in different parts of the world over the past 40 years. According to channeled messages, an ascended civilization are behind the light phenomena, or ”light projections” as they call them. The messages from the leader of civilization are channeled through the Swedish medium Maria Bertram, my (Manne Lindberg’s) soulmate who tragically passed away in 2020. The light projections are various attempts to contact humanity in order to make us wake up to the higher cosmic reality. I alternate the projections with messages and comments from the civilization that created them.

Content of the article

Background – how it all started for us / Presentation of Dibarak and ”The Invincible Ones” / Compiling the light projections / Media’s cover-up stories / The composition of the article

Northern Norway 2009 / Media’s cover-up story: “A failed Russian rocket launch” / ”The light projection we created for you symbolizes your spiritual development as a spiral”

Southern Russia 2006 / Media’s cover-up story: A spotlight from a local shopping center”

Southern China 1988 / ”The energy level of the location is crucial”

Eastern China 1987

Central China 1981 / ”We started to create light projections for you on Earth back in the 18th century”

Western Canada 2010 / ”As you can see, there is a physical presence in the video”

Eastern Australia 2010 / Media’s cover-up story: ”A failed rocket launch from Elon Musk’s SpaceX in Florida”.

Eastern China 2010 / ”There is supposed to be more energy patterns in it”

Northern Austria 2011 / Comparison with the Norway spiral 2009 /

Northern Mongolia 2011

Northern Israel 2012 / Media’s cover-up story: ”Propably a russian missile” / ”Human consciousness rationalizes away what they cannot take in”

Western California 2016 / Comparison with the Canada spiral 2010

Austria 2016 / Comparison with the Norway spiral 2009 / ”Large parts of our population work together to send you these projections”

Central Azerbaijan 2017 / Media’s cover-up stories: ”Satellite traces”, ”Russian missile” / Comparison with the spirals from Norway 2009 and Austria 2016

Western Russia 2017 / Media’s cover-up story: ”Propably a missile” / ”We are still learning how to work and which places on Earth that works best” / More examples from the same ”energy template”? / A light projection photographed from space?

Pacific Ocean 2021 / Media’s cover-up story: ”Fuel from a Chinese rocket” / ”The elite are often well aware that the spirals are about contact with another civilization or another dimension” /

Northern Sweden 2021 (first one) / Media’s cover-up stories: ”meteor”, ”Russian rocket”, ”American rocket” / ”The location and timing were arranged to wake you up” / ”The light projection we created represent a torus formation” 

Northern Sweden 2021 (second one) / Media’s cover-up story: ”American rocket releasing fuel to change its course”

”Our hope is that our civilizations will develop a lasting friendship” / Dibarak’s spiritual guidance

Background – how it all started for us

In December 2009, Maria and I were reached by newspaper articles with pictures of a spectacular spiral in the sky in Norway, and it had also been visible from northern Sweden. During this time, we had also experienced mysterious flashes of light outside the window of the apartment where I lived at the time, strong flashes of light that lit up the room from the outside for a second.

Shortly after we saw the images of the spiral, Maria was contacted telepathically by another civilization who said that they were the ones who created the spiral in the sky, and that they wanted to convey a message to humanity through her. They also said that they were the ones who created the light flashes outside the apartment, through amplifying the light of the lampposts.


To our surprise, it was an extraterrestrial civilization of ”humans”, and not the ”alien creatures” that we are programmed to focus solely on when it comes to extraterrestrial life. Maria sat down to receive the channeled message while I feverishly wrote down everything she said. Through came a powerful message from the leader of the civilization, which was about the spiritual awakening of humanity, the transition to the New Spiritual Age and the lifting of the Earth’s cosmic quarantine.

Presentation of Dibarak and ”The Invincible Ones”

The channeling begins with Maria describing what they look like, followed by the leader of civilization introducing them:


They look very much like humans, but taller. They are tall, handsome, proud and respectable, and they emanate enormous dignity, integrity, honor and strength. They have long hair, both males and females, as a symbol of their strength. The hair reaches far down their backs and is arranged in different imaginative hairdos. They have pale skin and blondish hair with strains of dark brown and gray in different shades. The leader of the civilization shows himself. He is tall, solid and broad-shouldered. He wears a long, simple vanilla white caftan that reaches down to his feet. It has a round neck. He wears a rope around his waist and across his chest as a symbol of his leadershipThe caftan is sewn of a soft, pliable cloth of high quality. He has big gray-bluish intensive eyes that are fully focused and completely present in the now. He has high cheekbones and no beard. Despite his marked male traits, he also emanates a soft femininity. He is totally present in the Now. He starts speaking with a deep gentle voice:


My name is Dibarak, and I’m coming from a civilization called “The Invincible Ones”. We are a great warrior people, known for our courage, our strength and our spiritual power. The wars and the fighting we have long ago left behind us, and today we are spiritual warriors in the service of the highest good. Our main purpose today as an ascended civilization is to help other civilizations on their way towards spiritual transformation and ascendance.


-Where is your planet located?


In the “First World”, the oldest part of Cosmos where the central sun is situated. [According to private channelings, our Cosmos consists of nine “Worlds.” Every world contains millions of galaxies. The Milky Way and Earth are situated in the Second World.]


-When you say that you are an ascended civilization, does that mean that you are non-physical?


Yes, that is correct, even if we earlier existed in physical form. We have actually met in person when you [Maria and Manne] lived in this part of the Cosmos in a previous incarnation, and we have had a very beneficial cooperation.


-In which dimension do you reside?


We are multidimensional, which means that we don’t reside in any specific dimension.


Our civilization has had a long history of wars, hardship and unspeakable suffering, and we have gone through very hard times and difficult experiences on our way towards spiritual transcendence and enlightenment. There was a time when our fighting, pride and unreasonable attitude almost blew our civilization to pieces. But we rose out of the ruins of a great war – that almost destroyed our planet – to create a new world in the spirit of love. Our spiritual awakening happened very abruptly and was filled with conflict and suffering. It was a question of the survival of our civilization. In a short period of time we had to travel a very long way on our spiritual journey and go through big spiritual transformations to reach the level of consciousness we needed to create a new peaceful civilization on our planet.


The channeling was widely spread both in Sweden and internationally and became the Mother Earth Network’s step out into the world. During the following year, Maria made two extensive and profound follow-up channelings in which Dibarak deepened the message from their civilization to us on Earth. In the first channeling, he also invited humanity to an interplanetary energy transmission where their entire civilization came together to send healing and visions to humanity for an hour, in what Dibarak called ”the first official energy transmission between two civilizations in the history of humanity”.

Compiling the light projections

In Dibarak’s second channeling (2010), he said that they would create another light projection within the next few months, and quite rightly, another spectacular spiral formation appeared in the sky, this time in Canada. Then I discovered that different forms of spirals had also been created before, and we devoted part 2 of the third channeling to asking questions about the light projections. By that time, we had found 6 of them, and Dibarak confirmed that they were responsible for or involved in all of them, as they create them in collaboration with other civilizations, in mutual energy visualizations.


After Maria’s tragic passing (March 2020), a light phenomenon appeared over Sweden in the fall of 2021, and I felt that it was the Invincible Ones who were behind it, and that it was a greeting and a message to me. I felt that I was receiving an energy transmission from them, and that they were urging me to continue working with the Mother Earth Network without Maria. The Network had been temporarily shut down since 2017 until this event. I created this website, wrote the text ”That which wasn’t supposed to happen” about the time before, during and after Maria’s passing, and was later guided to make this compilation of the Invincible One’s light projections.


I have done my best to dig out as many light projections as possible, even those that have not received media attention. In total, I have found 18 light projections that are worth bringing up here, of which 15 have spiral patterns, from the years 1981-2021. I have not found any other article that connects more than 4 of them. I have used my intuition, and a method where I get energy contractions in the stomach as clear YES or NO answers, and thereby received the message that the Invincible Ones are involved in all the 18 light projections that I have selected. After many attempts, I even managed to channel a message about the light projection that “woke me up” in the autumn of 2021. Below you can see the years for all projections with spiral patterns that I have found.

Media’s cover-up stories

In most cases, the news media dismisses the phenomena as different kinds of ”rockets”, but I have not seen one single case where they give a credible explanation of how a rocket could create these spectacular, often symmetrically spiralling, light formations in the sky. Rockets simply do not behave that way, even when they break and leak fuel. But it is up to each and every one of us to use our intuition to decide for ourselves what we feel or think is true.


At first, i hesitated to share all the media lies. Why should I spread their manipulation, creating doubt and confusion? But my guides suggested that I add them anyway, because it’s an important challenge for people to work with their intuition to see through the lies. ”Through the lie you can know the Truth” I hear them saying. By being confronted with a lie, especially a big lie that comes from established media and is accepted as truth in society, we can find our inner truth through our intuition. All of humanity is facing this challenge today more than ever, with the so-called ”pandemic” and it’s multiple layers of lies.

The composition of the article

In the article, I’m going through the best videos and photos of each light projection, and also the media’s reporting on them. I also weave in comments and explanations from Dibarak’s channeled messages, connected to the various light projections. In addition to my own channeling in 2021, the other comments are from Maria’s first and third channeling. I have also created side-by-side comparisons between some of the light projections, as some have striking similarities to each other and appear to be created from the same ”energy template”.


I start off by bringing up the spiral from Norway in 2009, since that’s how it started for us. It’s the one that has received by far the most attention in the media. Then I’m looking back at the spirals that were created before that (2006, 1988, 1987, 1981). After that, I continue chronologically from 2010 to 2021.


Please note! For those of you who have the opportunity to read the article on a computer instead of on a mobile phone, I highly recommend it, since the pictures and videos look much better on a large screen, especially since some of the videos are filmed at a long distance.

Northern Norway 2009

Early in the morning of December 9, 2009, a magnificent light phenomenon was seen in the form of a spinning spiral in the sky in northern Norway, and it was also visible from northern Sweden. The phenomenon that lasted a little more than a minute was filmed by many, and photographed by even more. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute and news agencies were bombarded by thousands of Norwegians raising questions. It looked something completely out of this world, which it also turned out to be. 

Media’s cover-up story: “A failed Russian rocket launch”

The phenomenon was reported and discussed in the news media all over the world, from Norway and Russia, to India and USA. The power elite on Earth are of course frightened that the knowledge about higher dimension of reality, and higher evolved civilizations in the Cosmos, will come out. So they did what they always do – reported about a ”natural explanation” to cover the whole thing up.


News media first reported that it was probably a failed launch of a Russian missile, but that Russia denied a rocket launch and that they never warn in advance when they perform such a launch. A day later, they changed their story, and now instead ”confirmed” that Russia had ”admitted” to performing a failed rocket launch. They also suddenly claimed that Russian Defense Ministry had sent out a warning of a test launch in advance, for a launch that were supposed to happen this very morning. It’s all an obvious cover-up, in other words. Also, the theory of a ”rocket spiraling out of control” really appears as a bad joke when you see the video and the images of the fantastically symmetrical spectacle in the sky. Are you serious!?!?!? The only reason people buy into it is that people are ready to believe just about anything that authoritative figures are telling them, in order to protect their safe world view from crumbling. 

Here are a number of videos of news media reporting on the phenomenon. Notice the sarcastic tone in many of the segments, and how they subtly try to ridicule the phenomenon through jokes about Jesus’ return, Santa’s journey across the sky and music from ”The X-Files”. Another obvious cover-up strategy that CNN uses is to only show very blurry images when talking about it as a missile launch, ignoring all the great videos and photos of the symmetrical spiral.

CBS News 1 (USA): 

CBS News 2 (USA) :


ABC News (Australia)

RT (Russia): 

Aaj Tak (India – Hindi without subtitles):

”The light projection we created for you symbolizes your spiritual development as a spiral”

Excrpt from Dibarak’s first channeling, about the Norway spiral:


”All development happens in the form of spirals, and you have to go full circle to move to the next level. But when the leap does happen, it goes very fast. You are now about to take one of these deciding leaps in the development of your consciousness where you have to learn to leave your fighting and dualism behind you, to reach oneness thinking. This critical leap must happen” quickly. The cosmic clock is ticking and you are right now in a transition stage to the New Age, where powerful energies gradually are flowing with increasing strength over your planet, changing the conditions of life on Earth.


We are reaching out our hand to you from the higher dimensions, and we have sent you a greeting in your physical three-dimensional world, a greeting of light, color and form. This is to welcome you into the cosmic communion”.

The cosmic quarantine that Earth has been under for a very long time is finally to be lifted. You will notice this through an increasing presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on and around the Earth. This process has already begun, and during the year to come you will see a further escalation. The light projection we created for you symbolizes your spiritual development as a spiral, and that you are now in a deciding moment where you take a leap towards the next level of consciousness. The blue color symbolizes intuition and creativity, and we want to inspire you all to open up your intuition and to free your creativity since you have enormous potential as divine co-creators of your own reality. We want to encourage you to open up to the healing powers of colors, form and light.


-Why did you choose Norway?


The energy conditions were right. There was also the thought of the worlds eyes being turned towards Norway, since Obama was visiting Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Price, and that it was near the climate negotiations in Denmark. Humanity is making many important decisions right now and we want to inspire you.


-So it was a light projection that people saw, not an actual spacecraft [at the time, we had only seen a few pictures of the phenomena]?


Yes, it was a light projection from another dimension. It’s the same with crop circles, they are made by ascended civilizations. They perform the creation of the crop circles by reaching you from another dimension, and not by being present physically. But other civilizations are visiting you in physical crafts.


-Was it you that also created the strong orange and white light flashes outside our window, that lit up the whole backyard the other night?


Yes, that was us.


-Do the colors you used symbolize anything?


We used the lights and colors that were already present on the spot [for example, the orange lights from the lampposts] and multiplied the intensity of the light to create the flashes. It’s also we who have created similar light phenomena outside your apartment on earlier occasions, to show you that we are present with you”.

Southern Russia 2006

Here we see a light globe with a tail that releases a new light globe that turns into a small spiral formation before it disappears behind a building. The year is unclear, but the oldest version of the video I found is from 2007, and it states that the video is from 2006.

Media’s cover-up story: A spotlight from a local shopping center”

The video below is a news broadcast from RT (Russia Today), where they are obviously lying about the phenomenon to hide its origin! In the segment, they claim that the light came from a spotlight that was being set up at a local shopping center. Both of the still images above should be enough to realize that it is a lie. In addition, the news broadcast cuts the video before the spiral appears. It’s mainly the spiral that was the reason why the phenomenon received so much attention! Then they end up making everything a joke, to ridicule the whole UFO phenomenon and everyone who believes in it. Another strategy to ridicule the phenomenon is when they write ”The truth is out there” , referring to science fiction (”The X-Files”).

News broadcast från RT: 

Southern China 1988

In this clip from Chinese TV, we get to see two different videos of the spiral from August 25, 1988 in China. A spectacular but relatively indistinct spinning spiral that changes direction from the center of the spiral at the end of the video.

”The energy level of the location is crucial”

”It’s important to understand that the energy conditions for these spirals have changed. Due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age that we are standing before, the energy raising on Earth and the waves of energy that are flowing in over Earth, it has become easier to create clearer, more powerful and more fantastic projections than before. The quality has simply become better, and the channel to send these projections to you is clearer now. Up until the transition and after the transition the preconditions will gradually improve and allow even more fantastic projections, which is also our goal – to create projections that are more and more beautiful and detailed.




The energy reality on at the location where we manifest the spiral is also important, in other words a high energy level is required on the location. The higher the energy level, the better potential to create really beautiful spirals and projections. The locations with the best preconditions to create the most spectacular projections are places that are uninhabited, or where very few people live, since that is often where the energy level is highest. There, the power places are most balanced and untouched, since it has least intrusion in Earth’s energy system has occurred there. That is also why the spiral in Norway was so powerful and spectacular compared to the earlier ones, since the energy level was higher at that location”.


Kina 1988 och Norge 2009

Eastern China 1987

This is the oldest video of a light spiral I have been able to find. Chinese websites list different dates, but the most common is August 17, 1987. The video was taken in Shanghai. The videos are two clips of the phenomenon from the same Chinese TV show (different starting points are marked). The first video shows a computer-animated close-up of the spiral. The second video shows an authentic video, where the spiral moves relatively fast across the sky, while spinning slowly.

”Some of the projections we created by ourselves while others are cooperations with other civilizations”

”All the light projections that you have found [6 at the time of the channeling] are created by us, some in cooperation with other civilizations. They all are examples of tests that we have done to create different types of spirals and projections. There are several civilizations working together with this kind of phenomenon, so we are not the only ones that have the ability to transfer this kind of images to you. We have been involved in the work with all of them. Some of them we created by ourselves while others we have cooperated with other civilizations to create”.

Central China 1981 

This spiral is only depicted in a painting, and is the earliest I have been able to find. It’s said to have been seen in over 14 Chinese provinces in July 1981. I found the painting and the information, quite suprisingly, on an official website with information from Chinese authorities.

”We started to create light projections for you on Earth back in the 18th century”

”We participate in the big network connected to the Galactic Federation that helps humanity and Earth during the transition to the New Spiritual Age. This is a big collaboration where we all help in the ways we can. The transition to the New Spiritual Age will open up for completely new possibilities to send you these types of projections. It will be much easier to manifest them in your physical reality. Other tests have also been carried out, apart from the ones you have found. All are not known, and all haven’t been captured on film. Most of them have been caught on camera, but not all have been published. But as I said, we have made more attempts.


-The earliest projection we’ve found on the Internet is from China 1988 [at the time of the channeling]. Have you made light projections even before that?


”Yes, tests have been carried out for a long time, even before the video camera existed. We started to create light projections for you on Earth in the 18th century [18th century is 1700-1799], to see how it affected humanity and your consciousness. It was part of a raising of human consciousness, to help humanity to expand their level of consciousness and to include more than just Earth, to become more aware about their surroundings. To make you realize you’re not alone, that there are other intelligences in the Universe. But we experienced that humanity couldn’t take in this at the time. Religions’ influence over the people prevented them from opening up to other dimensions of reality and things outside Earth’s boundaries, and we also saw that it arouse a lot of fear”.

Western Canada 2010

This projection starts with a sphere of light flying across the sky and then turning into a swirling spiral pattern, which then culminates in a spinning sphere of light which then leaves an expanding ring behind. There are two videos of the phenomenon, both from a Canadian weather station, one filmed from the ground and one filmed from an airplane. The phenomenom took place May 21st, 2010.

There are also three photos of the phenomenon. Although the pictures look quite different from the videos, the date and time indicate that they are from the same event. The article from National Turk below also combines one of the images with the videos. Maybe the angle and the camera equipment capture the light in different ways.


Strangely enough, this phenomenon hardly attracted any media attention at all, except two articles in Turkish and Dutch media. Maybe they realized that the ”rocket theory” (or any other ”natural explanation”) wouldn’t hold this time. The ”CGI-card” would also be ruled out for this one since there are two videos from a weather station. What’s left to do then? -The ”media blackout” strategy!

”As you can see, there is a physical presence in the video”

”The spiral we created in Canada is from our point of view the most successful experiment, besides the spiral in Norway. In the Canada spiral you can also see a type of spiral pattern describing the transformation process, but from a slightly different perspective, but it’s still the same core message in the patterns. As you can see, there is a presence on the video, in other words there is a ship present, participating in the projection. Ships have been present in on the location in all our other projections too, physical ships from other civilizations that have participated and sent energy to the projections. Even though it’s us that have carried them out, we have had support from physical civilizations present on the actual location”.

Eastern Australia 2010

This projection from June 5th 2010 is a large spiral that moves slowly across the sky, and you can also that it’s spinning very slowly. Nothing spectacular compared to many other spirals, but at the same time it’s not any normal or natural phenomenon in the sky. However, the phenomenon received a lot of media attention due to the large number of people who photographed and filmed the spiral across Australia. Eyewitnesses said it was gigantic and shone brighter than the moon.

Media’s cover-up story: ”A failed rocket launch from Elon Musk’s SpaceX in Florida”.

In the news broadcast from Australian 7 News, they claim that the phenomenon was caused by a private missile that was test-fired from Florida the same day, which started spinning and leaked fuel. In an article from Space.com, they also add that it was Elon Musk’s company SpaceX that launched the rocket, and add some comments from Musk about the failed launch.


In another article from Abc News, criticism of the rocket theory is allowed for once, on several points: The time is not correct, there were no other traces of the rocket in the sky as one would expect, the light phenomenon is much larger than what a rocket would create, and why would they even test launch a new rocket over a densely populated area?

News report from Ten News:

News report from 7 News:

Eastern China 2010

This projection from July 7th, 2010 is like a ball of light with a huge tail, which is partly reminiscent of a rocket launch. The phenomenon caused the local airport in Hangzhou to urgently stop all scheduled takeoffs and landings for over an hour, writes CNN and ABC News. This is one of many of the Invincible Ones’ light projections that are partly reminiscent of a rocket launch, where in most cases they turn into spinning spirals or other formations, but not this time. I wouldn’t really have chosen this light projection for my compilation because it is not clearly different from a rocket, if it were not for the fact that Dibarak commented that it is they who created it and that it is not perfected yet. A beautiful sight regardless!

”There is supposed to be more energy patterns in it”

”When we created the projection in China, we worked in a new way where we partially used a new frequency, a different rhythm, to create other energy realities of patterns. It is not fully developed yet, it’s more like a test. When I say this I mean that the final completed projection already exists, so it’s not that we don’t know what the final version is going to look like. But we need to develop our work in Earth’s atmosphere in order to see how we can create it in your density, in the energy reality present on Earth right now. That is the main work in creating the projections, to manifest these energy formations and colors in your physical reality on Earth.


-In what way do you mean that the last projection from China was not complete?


That it’s not quite sharp, and that you can’t see all the details yet. There is actually more energy patterns in it”.

Northern Austria 2011

This video shows a clear and symmetrical spinning spiral, with a wavy blue ”tail” from from the center of the spiral, just like in the ”Norway spiral”. The video was taken in Vienna on January 1st, 2011. Previously, there was another video from Vienna the same day that captured the spiral, but which has now been downloaded from Youtube. However, I had luckily saved an image from the video before it was removed, as you can see below.

Comparison with the Norway spiral 2009

The comparison with the Norway spiral from 2009 is striking. If you wouldn’t know that they are from different countries and years, you could easy mistake them for the same phenomenon. One difference is that the Vienna spiral has two white ”tails” in the middle while the Norway spiral has one. Another difference is that the blue ”tail” is more wavy in the Vienna spiral, rather than the more spiralling tail in the Norway projection. In other words, they must have worked with the same or similar ”energy template” for the light projections.

Austria 2016 to the left and Norway 2009 to the right

Northern Mongolia 2011

This spiral was seen in large parts of northern Mongolia on June 21st, 2011. There are a number of photos, and two videos of the spiral showing how it moves across the sky. The spiral is is an example of a spiral that is not completely symmetrical, although it is definitely a spiral shape. The South American UFO documentary series ”Third Millennium” compares the spiral with the spirals from Australia, Norway, China and also previous cave paintings of spirals.

Northern Israel 2012

This one from June 7th, 2012 starts as a sphere of light with a tail, which forms a spinning spiral for a few seconds, even though the spiral is relatively blurry. The spiral could be seen in large parts of the Middle East.

Media’s cover-up story: ”Propably a russian missile”

News media reported that a russian missile ”probably” was the answer. In the TV segment from Russia Today below, they first play the ”Norway card” and then say that ”most experts believe that this was also a failed missile launch”, which can be translated to ”those who want to defend the three-dimensional reality believe that the phenomenon belongs to the three-dimensional reality, since it is the only reality”.

”Human consciousness rationalizes away what they cannot take in”

”The human consciousness only take in what you’re ready to take in and that you’re mature enough to handle. What you can’t handle you rationalize away and put aside in a separate box. You create like a parallel reality where you put all phenomena that threaten your present conception of the world, put the lid on and pretend that they don’t exist. You decide that they don’t exist, so that you don’t have to feel the fear of that your perception of reality is going to crumble in some way.


What humanity needs is not really more evidence that foreign civilizations exists, but rather an increased level of consciousness so that they get ready to take in and realize the fact that there are foreign civilizations in the Cosmos. You already have enough evidence on Earth of foreign civilizations’ existence, but humanity as a collective have up until now not been ready to take them in. And they won’t be, no matter how much proof they get, until they’re ready for it. It is important to understand this. It doesn’t matter if a foreign civilization would land in front of the White House or on the Red Square in broad daylight, it still wouldn’t change much as long as humanity isn’t ready to take in what is happening. You only see what you want to see”.

Western California 2016

This video is from Los Angeles, California, January 25th, 2016. It shows a flying light globe that then expands into a larger light globe for a few seconds, in many ways identical to the beautiful display over Canada 2010.

(Mute when slow motion sequence is showed, since a destructive sound frequency is playing).

Comparison with the Canada spiral 2010

The resemblance to the Canada spiral from 2010 is unmistakable, they are more or less identical in the different steps they go through. Here is the Canada spiral again, and then a comparison in images between the two light projections step by step. It’s very clear that they used the same ”energy template”.

Austria 2016

In this video, someone managed to capture a light spiral that is formed over a mountain in Austria on May 23rd, 2016, and it brings to mind the video of the Norway spiral.

Comparison with the Norway spiral 2009

The resemblance with the Norway spiral is striking. They are almost identical in the way the spiral emerges from a helical line behind a mountain, how it spins symmetrically, and how it then ”ends” through a ”hole” in the middle. One difference is that the Austria spiral does not have the ”tail” in the middle, or it’s not visible in the video. On the other hand, a ball of light is pushed out in exactly the same trajectory where the tail would be.

Here is the video of the Norway spiral again, and then a step-by-step comparison.

”Large parts of our population work together to send you these projections”


-What does the process of creating a light projection on Earth look like?


We work as a group to create them. Large groups of our civilization work together, sometimes our whole population, to send these projections to you. We visualize and manifest what we want to create. In other words; we’re using our collective energy reserve and our combined power to focus on this event, this place, and this exhibition. We also use sound when we manifest the projections – in other words it’s not only a performance of colors, but it’s also something that has been created through sound.

Central Azerbaijan 2017

This light projection begins as a light globe with a tail moving straight downward, much like a rocket. But then the light globe breaks loose and expands into a symmetrical spiral that spins for a few seconds before dissolving. There are two videos and two photos of the phenomenon. The phenomenon took place September 26th, 2017, and could also be seen across Russia.

Media’s cover-up stories: ”Satellite traces”, ”Russian missile”

The spiral was shown on Russian TV, and in local news media the phenomenon is given different explanations. On the one hand, ”experts” claim that it is ”satellite traces” in one article, while the Russian Ministry of Defense in another article claims that it is a Russian missile. However, no one comments on the reason for the spectacular and symmetrical spiral pattern, which should be the central question!

Comparison with the spirals from Norway 2009 and Austria 2016

There are some clear similarities with the spirals from Norway 2009 and Austria 2016. Partly the clearly spinning symmetrical spiral pattern, and partly how the spiral ”ends” with a ”hole” in the middle that expands until the spiral is completely dissolved.

Western Russia 2017

This spiral appeared the same day, about 6 hours after the above spiral that appeared over nearby Azerbaijan and Russia, September 26, 2017. It is very similar to the above spiral, with the main difference that the initial ball of light with a tail comes obliquely from the side instead of straight from above. But otherwise it appears to be the same ”energy template”; the ball of light expands into a spiral that spins for a few seconds and then ends with a ”hole” in the middle.


The first video is a compilation of three videos.

Media’s cover-up story: ”Propably a missile”

The phenomenon was noticed in some international media, but above all it received a lot of attention in Russia, not least because many similar spirals appeared in different places in the region this day. Russian news media claims that it is a missile launch that took place on the same day. But as usual they give no explanation for the fantastic spiral pattern. One may ask how spectacular light phenomena a rocket can actually create?

If the spiral is not enough to rule out a missile, another interesting detail is that if you look at the back of the ”tail”, you see some kind of ”hole” and an ”energy tunnel” towards the center of the spiral, which suggests that the light phenomenon is rather about a geometric energy formation from a higher dimension.

”We are still learning how to work and which places on Earth that works best”

”You could see all these performances as tests where we have tried out what’s possible and what’s not based on the energy preconditions. Thus, we have tried different locations to find out which conditions are needed in order to create perfect projections. We are still learning how to work and which places on Earth that works best, we’re still in a learning process.”

More examples from the same ”energy template”?

A good example of the quote above about trial and error, is this spiral formation from Russia 2017. I have found news articles with pictures and videos of almost identical light phenomena from Russia from  2009, 2013, 2015 and 2019. It is clear that it’s the same energy formation we see in all the examples, with the difference that it’s only in the light projection from 2017 that they ”succeed” in creating a clear spiral! In the other cases, it’s more like a blurred ring, even in close-ups (in the one from 2019, however, you can see the hint of a spiral). They have probably used the same ”energy template” and tried it out on different occasions and in different places with different energy conditions. Here is a comparison between four different close-ups of projections with the same basic shapes. Before I found the articles, I thought all these pictures were from the same event, but they are not.

But even the light projections where they fail to produce a spiral are spectacular to see! Here is a picture from 2015, followed by three pictures from 2019. Then a video from 2015, where the final spiral is missing.

A light projection photographed from space?

I also found two amazing and unique images that seem to show a light projection seen from space! The images were taken by an Italian and an American astronaut from NASA’s International Space Station in 2013. The images were brought up in international media, but were as usually dismissed as a ”Russian missile”. When I compared the year and the date, October 10, 2013, with previous light projections, I realized that it was the same date as this light projection filmed from Russia, and also discovered that the news media had made the same connection. In other words, it seems to be the same phenomenon captured both from space and from Earth.

If you compare the images with the other light projections from Russia that I brought up above, there are many clear similarities; the hole with the energy tunnel towards the ”front”, and also the symmetrical ”compass marks” that can be seen in the outer circle. It is also clear that the images from space captured the light projection ”from behind”.

Pacific Ocean 2021

On June 21, 2021, a spiral appeared in the sky over various islands in the Pacific Ocean, such as Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. It is a yellow spiral that moves across the sky while spinning slowly. There are two videos and a number of photos of the phenomenon. In the videos we see how the light globe in the middle of the spiral releases while the rest of the spiral expands.


Both of the available videos of the phenomena are in the video below, make sure you don’t miss the second video.

Media’s cover-up story: ”Fuel from a Chinese rocket”

The phenomenon received a lot of attention and was reported about all over the world. The media claimed that it was a Chinese rocket that released fuel. Some of the articles also refers to science fiction and humor through the reference to ”Dr. Strange”, to ridicule the ”UFO theory”. I mean, who dares to stand out and say that they seriously believe that the ”Dr-Strange spiral” that everyone giggles at, actually comes from a highly developed cosmic civilization? The media’s manipulation apparatus is very aware of this, and therefore humor and ridicule are effective weapons to shut down people’s faith and courage to stand up for their truth.

News broadcast from CBS4: 

”The elite are often well aware that the spirals are about contact with another civilization or another dimension”


-How do you think your spirals have been received by humanity in the last years? In news reports they have most often been explained rationally, but at the same time they have been discussed a lot on the Internet by people who don’t believe the media’s explanations.


Yes, it is very exciting to see the interest and the reactions amongst people on the Internet. In that way the  Internet is an amazing tool, where people who don’t follow the present norm in society can meet and discuss and exchange experiences and knowledge. It has also given you opportunity to realize that you are not alone in your thoughts about life outside of the Earth and foreign civilizations. Many who have had experiences of seeing UFOs of different kinds have realized that they’re not alone, and it’s the power of the gathered evidence that has given you the strength to take in the new evidences that is coming. In other words it has helped humanity to start opening up your consciousness for the possibility of foreign civilizations.


It doesn’t really surprise us that a number of excuses and explanations to the spirals have been made. It’s a part of the psychological denial process. Making up a bunch of excuses is also a part of this fear that the governments’ are carrying. They don’t hesitate to make up explanations and lie to you, since they experience the truth as threatening. They don’t feel quite safe to go out and tell the truth. The elite are often well aware that the spirals are about contact with another civilization or another dimension.


– Is the media aware of this as well?


There is no straight answer to that question since we’re talking about many thousands of people and institutions all over the Earth. The level of consciousness is on very different levels depending who you’re talking about. Naturally the denial is very common in many places; in other words most people are living in denial to some degree. 

Northern Sweden 2021 (first one)

On 9 September, a slightly different phenomenon emerged over northern Sweden. As in many of the Invincible Ones’ previous projections, it starts as something resembling a rocket, but then releases a ball of light that then transforms into something else, but it is not a spiral this time. Instead it’s a formation that’s harder to interpret.

There is a very good video from northern Sweden. I later read that the phenomenon was also seen from northern Finland and Russia, and then found two new videos on Russian websites (which I hand’t found when I first brought up this light projection in ”That which was not supposed to happen”). I also got a tip about a video from a live cam in Swedish Jokkmokk. One Russian video is a fantastic close-up of the light projection unfolding!

The phenomenon first resembles a rocket, but then releases a ball of light that expands into a shape that I intuitively feel should represent a ”torus”, that is, the shape of the self-regulating energy system that constitutes the electromagnetic energy flow in everything from atoms and humans , to planets and galaxies. A form of divine geometry in other words. The Torus formation is clearer in the videos where the phenomenon is seen from Sweden.

Media’s cover-up stories: ”meteor”, ”Russian rocket”, ”American rocket”

The phenomenon was brought up in several major Swedish media (Aftonbladet, Expressen och Svt Nyheter). They refer to an astronomer, and an ”ufologist” who speculate in Russian and American rockets, respectively. The same astronomer who ”confirmed” that it was a rocket first speculated that it was probably a ”bolide”, ie a burning meteorite. In Russian media, the Russian Ministry of Defense ”confirms” that the ”UFO mystery has been solved” because it was a launch of a Russian rocket. But in that case, that theory would only explain the first part of the phenomenon. They do not comment on how a rocket could create the expanding torus shaped giant light globe that the ”rocket” then releases, which is the most spectacular thing about the phenomenon. In addition, what seems to be a ”second rocket” is seen in the Russian video.

"Mysterious light phenomenon in Norrbotten"
"Light phenomenon in the north amazes - could be a rocket"
"Mysterious light phenomenon in northern Sweden - could be a rocket"
”The location and timing were arranged to wake you up”

As I mentioned before, our contact with The Invincible Ones began with the Norway spiral in 2009, which could also be seen from Northern Sweden. It was the spreading of this first channeling of Dibarak that made the Mother Earth Network begin to expand, even outside Sweden.


During the time of the ”torus” phenomenon, I was in a heavy period where I had lost hope for my life task due to the passing of my soulmate Maria. When a member of the Mother Earth Network sent me a link to an article about the phenomenon, I had a very special feeling! As soon as I saw the picture in the article, it was as if someone turned on a lamp! I immediately felt that it was a greeting! It was as if the phenomenon in the picture was an energy portal into the Cosmos, and I knew there and then that it was time to resume my life task and work with the Mother Earth network again.


A few days earlier, I read the first channeling from Dibarak, and then greeted them and thanked them for their presence on Earth. When I looked at the date of the ”torus” phenomenon, I realized that it was from the SAME DAY that I read their text and greeted them! I asked inwardly, and recieved an answer; “Yes,It’s an answer to your greeting to us. It is of course a greeting to all humans who are receptive to it, but the location and the timing were staged to wake you up ”.

”The light projection we created represent a torus formation” 

I had long tried to get an answer to what the light projection represented, and if it was supposed to be a torus, without result. But one evening a few weeks later, I looked out at the starry sky and asked again, and then finally got a message from Dibarak:


”The light projection we created does represent a torus formation, the energy field that surrounds your physical bodies. But you are actually even much bigger than that, your energy fields actually extend over the entire Infinity and have no end, because everything is ultimately ONE. With the light projection, we want to remind you that you are energy beings. You are so infinitely much larger than just the physical bodies that you see with your physical eyes, and that you identify with in your physical reality. You are amazing pulsating energy organisms. This is how we see you from the higher dimensions, through our multidimensional vision. We see right through you, that is, every thought you think gives shifts in your energy fields. Every feeling of love or fear leads to visible changes in your energy flows.

Your energy fields, your auras, never stand still but are in constant motion, and are expressions of your inner states of consciousness. If you only knew how big your opportunities are to transform yourselves, to transform your energy flows and energy bodies, through inner spiritual work. The energy situation on Earth today is unique, and you have an unprecedented opportunity to achieve spiritual transformation in a much shorter time than has ever been possible on Earth before. That was exactly what our civilization had to do when we were in a similar situation as you are on Earth today, when we stood on the threshold of a New Age, and had to put an end to our separation thinking, our conflict thinking and our gigantic egos in a short amount of time, in order not to perish as a civilization in the higher energy reality that were about to arise.


Just like the light projection illustrates, you can expand … and expand … and expand. You can expand your consciousness and your energy fields out into Infinity. Then you will realize that your idea of what the ”human” is and consists of is such an incredibly limited and misleading perception. Now is the time for you as humanity to take The Great Leap, just as we did as civilization. The Leap out into Infinity, in order to become the Limitless Divine Beings that you really are. We want to tell you that we are present with you all the way, and we love you. Thank you”.


I thank Dibarak and the Invincible Ones for their message, and I also feel an incredible gratitude for being able to receive the message. I am humble to the fact that my ability to channel is very limited, but at the same time I feel the truth in what I recieved!

Northern Sweden 2021 (second one)

On September 27, 2021, just over two weeks after the ”torus” phenomenon, another light phenomenon appeared over northern Sweden, also this time a torus formation, albeit a little different from the previous one. Unfortunately, there are no videos that captured the entire course of events, but a member of the Mother Earth network, who saw the phenomenon and took one of the pictures below, described that it did not move upwards as it appears in the pictures, but horizontally. Eyewitnesses in an article also describe it as if the phenomenon went in the ”wrong direction” in relation to its tip.


This time too, the pictures show something that first looks like a rocket, which then creates a torus formation in the sky. In the pictures, it also looks like a ball of light is formed in the middle of the torus that expands into a mini-torus.

Media’s cover-up story: ”American rocket releasing fuel to change its course”

The media reported that the phenomenon was created by an American rocket that was transporting a satellite, and that ”released fuel to change its course”. Uh…


I still use the word ”cover-up story” here rather than ”explanation”, since I am sure that those who own the media can not seriously believe that this phenomenon was created by rocket fuel.

"Mysterious light seen oveer Sweden - the scientist's theory"
"'Light phenomenon' in Norrbotten was heading towards rocket graveyard"
”Our hope is that our civilizations will develop a lasting friendship”

That was the last light projection I have found, but I will update it as soon as a new one appears. I’m ending with some inspiring words from Dibarak about their contact with us on Earth.


”We want to say to you all that we feel so much love and empathy for you, and we are happy to take part in and to help you in the process you are going through. We feel joy that so many of you have opened up yourselves, your hearts, to the messages we bring to you. We are infinitely grateful that you take the time to listen to us and what we have to say”.


”We are hoping to create cooperation between our civilizations, to develop a lasting friendship between us, and to foster an exchange of experiences and wisdom, as a way of gently introducing you into the cosmic communion. We would like to finish up by saying that we are always with you and we are following your development with excitement. We are very eager to help you as much as we can in this last challenging time in the passage to the New Age and the New World. We are sending you our love and understanding, and always know that you have our support.”


”We stand ready to help you, to give you guidance and energy. Just ask and we’ll be there. You can, as we told you before, also contact us personally if you need help with anything in particular. Call on us and we’ll come to you. There are many of us in our civilization who stand ready to assist you as your personal guides, so don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll come to you to give you the spiritual guidance you ask for, and healing if you want to”.

Dibarak’s spiritual guidance

For those of you who are interested in going deeper into Dibarak’s spiritual guidance, I’m adding an overview of Maria’s channelings of him below.


“We have sent you a greeting of light, color and form”

Channeling #1 of Dibarak from the ascended civilization ”The Invincible Ones”, “First World”, December 15th 2009

Background – The Spiral of Light over Norway / The cover-up story: “A failed Russian rocket launch” // Presentation / The untenable situation on Earth / The spiral of light over Norway / Time to wake up / Mother Earth / An interplanetary energy transmission


“We want to thank you”

Channeling #2 of Dibarak of the ascended civilization ”The Invincible Ones”, “First World”, March 1st, 2010

We want to thank you / The Law of Abundance / Mother Earth / The cosmic dance / We have come to help you / The collapse of the economic system / Spiritual transformation and grounding / Make peace with yourselves / Attachments to physical things / True happiness / A continued friendship and cooperation / Spiritual warriors


”A precondition to live in the 5th dimension is that you cleanse your karma”

Channeling #3 of Dibarak from the ascended civilization “The Invincible Ones,” “First World”, October 30th 2010

Our time as a warrior people / From conflict thinking to love / From lack thinking to abundance / From attachments to material things to freedom / Meat eating / Inner change is the only true change / The work with spiritual development before the transition / Let go of your fear of death / Creating your reality in the 5th dimension / The delay of humanity’s spiritual development / The possibilities of spiritual transformation today / Let go of the daily struggle / Free yourselves from the Matrix


“Creating the light projections”

Channeling #3 (part 2) of Dibarak from the ascended civilization “The Invincible Ones,” “First World”, October 30th 2010

Background – More light projections / China 1998 / Elista, Russia 2006 / Northern Norway, December 9th, 2009 / Western Canada, May 21st 2010 / Eastern Australia, 5 June 2010 / Eastern China, July 7 2010 // Creating the light projections / The fear in humanity’s collective consciousness / Authorities and media