Build-on technique 2: Grounding sound healing

This is the second build-on technique for grounding with Mother Earth healing, but it can also be used as an introduction to grounding.


One way to strengthen the grounding is to use sound healing, listening to grounding music or tones while channeling Mother Earth healing to yourself. It is a way of manifesting the frequencies from the higher dimensions (or in this case from the sacred lower dimensions!) into our physical dimension.


If you imagine the sound from a place deep down in the Earth’s interior, you can get a feel for Mother Earth’s female energies, even if it comes in a spectrum of different frequencies and variations.  Music and tones that consist of powerful female energy and that strengthen the ground are characterized by low-frequency, deep, dark, damp and slow sounds and tones. They are tones that make you feel calm, relaxed, grounded and filled with strength. It is tones that put you in touch with the Primordial Power, the Primordial Mother, and the Holy Darkness.


I have compiled ten audio tracks (Youtube videos) with different forms of grounding music and tones to try when you ground yourself. They are mainly taken from three spiritual traditions; throat singing, didgeridoo and shamanic drumming. It is highly individual what sounds and frequencies you need in the spiritual development phase you are in right now, so let your intuition guide you when choosing the form of sound healing that appeals to you.

A didgeridoo (from Australia's aborigines)



Sit down to meditate, take a few deep breaths and prepare to put connect with Mother Earth’s interior. Activate Mother Earth Healing as usual. A quick instruction is that you visualize that you open a channel of red female energy from the Earth’s inner core and let the energy fill you up. Use the prayer below to activate the healing.

Then play the soundtrack and close your eyes. Allow your energy body to absorb the deep healing frequencies from the sacred interior of the Earth. Continue as long as it feels good, but remember that it may take some time for your energy body to let the energies ”sink in”, and to absorb the frequencies deeply. Try to rest in the healing and sink ever deeper into the Eternal Now and the sacred interior of Mother Earth. The sound frequencies can provide very powerful energetic activations, and strong feelings or memories might come to the surface. Welcome whatever comes up and stay in the being.


Of course, you can also use the soundtracks as background sound, for example when you are at home, when you are sleeping, or when you are driving – but it can never replace the healing when you sit and actively take in the energy in a grounding meditation.


Please Note! Use speakers or headphones with bass if possible, as the bass is absolutely crucial for the deep grounding tones to come through. The mobile’s external speaker only provides a  pale imitation of the deep frequencies if the bass is missing.


10 examples of grounding music and tones

1. Didgeridoo with damp background drumming
2. Very slow drumming with nature sounds and singing bowls
3. Tibetan monks’ rumbling deep OM chanting with temple instruments

There is also a similar version with water sounds in the background instead.

4. Siberian Tuvan shamans’ throat singing with slow drumming
5. Relaxing background tones and sounds from Tibetan temple instruments
6. Hypnotic tones from a didgeridoo and singing bowls
7. Transcendental sound healing journey with different grounding tones, instruments and singing techniques
8. Powerful rhythmic drumming with deep humming
9. Gyoto monks’ abysmal and powerful (almost intimidating) throat-singing mantras that activates the sacred black female energy
10. Steady drumming with deep humming and grounding instruments

You can also create tones with your own voice, for example through throat singing, by trying to tune into the Earth’s deep frequencies and create deep tones that are in accordance with them. If you have the opportunity, you can also use instruments such as singing bowls, didgeridoo or drums. Slow drumming on a large shamanic drum gives with its deep sound a more powerful and deeper grounding than, for example, fast drumming on an African ”djembe” drum.


Another way to use sound healing without technology is to ”visualize” the sound within, that is, to ”play” the sound within you during the healing session. Ask to be able to hear exactly the frequency of female energy you need at the moment. An advantage of this technology is that you can access audio frequencies that are not available on recording on Earth, such as extremely deep and dark tones and frequencies.


You can also ask spiritual guides (or Mother Earth herself) to play the very frequency of the grounding female energy that you need during the healing session, in your head. There are guides in the form of nature spirits, darkness masters and enlightened darkness civilizations who are present as you read this and are waiting to answer your prayer if you feel called to ask, and who are more than happy to help you. All the types of sounds found in the videos above have their counterparts in the Cosmos, and deep throat singing and chanting are an example of a form of sound healing practiced by many enlightened dark civilizations.


Good luck on your sound healing journey in harmony with Mother Earth!