Ground yourself with Mother Earth Healing

The most important of all the messages of the Mother Earth Network is the message of profound grounding through Mother Earth Healing.


Mother Earth Healing is a healing technique where you ground yourself in depth by receiving and filling yourself with the red female energy from Mother Earth’s inner core, in meditation. The purpose of the healing is to reconnect with our Holy Primordial Mother, and to restore the balance between the male energy (”light” / yang / expansion / high frequency / intellect / technology) and the female energy (”darkness” / yin / regression / low frequency / intuition / nature) in our interiors.


The information and instructions are channeled through Maria Bertram from Mother Earth herself, nature spirits, the Divine Consciousness and enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos, during several years of time. Through working with ever deeper grounding, Maria was also able to gain access to ever more in-depth teaching about the grounding and build-on techniques, but this is the simple basic technique. 


Click here for a compilation of quotes about the importance of grounding from Maria’s different channelings. It’s very powerful when you see all the quotes together.


Click here for a printable PDF with a mini guide with grounding instructions (same information as below), for those of you who want the instructions at hand without using a screen.


About Mother Earth Healing

Humanity in general suffers from a huge surplus of male energy, and a huge lack of female energy. Put differently; we are extremely ungrounded. For a very long time, the female energy has been weakened, denied and suppressed here on Earth, which has led to an increased distance to, and fear of, the female energy. A few examples are how ”darkness” is associated with ”evil” and how the female red energy in the Earth’s interior is associated with ”Hell”.


Every human being, regardless of gender, needs to strive for a balance between the male and female energy, the “darkness” and the “light”, in their energy body in order to be able to develop in a balanced way. When these two energies are in complete balance, they together form the Highest Divine Light. This is part of an ancient and timeless wisdom that has practically been wiped out from humanity’s collective consciousness, but of which there are fragments preserved in various cultures around the world, such as the yin and yang symbol and the indigenous people’s Mother Earth and Father Heaven.


Our grounding base is necessary in order to reach new heights our spiritual development. The Mother Earth healing is the missing link for the human’s path to a higher state of consciousness today. The grounding is a prerequisite in order to recreate our inner energy balance, and to ascend to the next level in our spiritual transformation process. But also so that we can receive and manage the male light energies that are now flowing in over the Earth from the Cosmos due to the energy raising and the transition to the New Spiritual Age that we are facing.


By giving yourself Mother Earth healing regularly, you gradually restore your energy balance, you gradually heal your energy blockages, and you accelerate your spiritual development and prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age in an optimal way. When you activate the healing, your guides will make sure that you get exactly the energy frequency you need. If you would need a certain amount of male energy (even if it is not likely), you will get precisely that. The purpose is always to restore your energy balance.



Sit down to meditate. Outdoors is of course ideal, but in your everyday life you can sit right where you are. Avoid having technology near you if possible (Human technology and it’s radiation on Earth are concentrated male energy). Make sure you have full contact with the seating area and the floor or ground. Hold your cupped palms together as in prayer and let them rest in your lap. Take a few deep breaths, relax your whole body, and clear your mind of distracting thoughts. Get mentally ready to work as a channel for the red Mother Earth energy and focus your intention on retrieving the energy from the Earth.

Read the prayer for Mother Earth (see below), aloud or in your mind. Visualize how a channel opens up from the center of the Earth, and how the glowing red female energy begins to flow up through your feet, rear and hands. Let the energy fill your whole body and stay there. Once you have opened up the energy flow, just focus on being present in the Now. It’s individual how the energy feels, but it works whether you feel anything or not. 


If you feel that you are getting black energy instead, don’t worry. It is a more concentrated and powerful frequency of the female energy, which is also found in the inner core of the Earth. Often, however, you need to channel the red energy regularly for a while before you are ready for the black energy.


If you want a usa a simple build-on technique in order to send healing to a certain blockage, challenge or aspect of your life, then a simple and effective variant is to repeat mantras or affirmations in your mind, to strengthen and direct the healing to exactly where you want. 


It is easy to become ”addicted” to Mother Earth healing once you have started, because our energy bodies, which are often very ungrounded and bathe in ”light”, long for grounding like the desert longs for rain. A good start is to give yourself Mother Earth healing fifteen minutes a day. But our guides humbly want to encourage those who feel ready to gradually expand the time to an hour or more. That’s how great the imbalance is, that’s how great the need is today. But that’s also how great the potential is for you to accelerate your spiritual transformation in a decisive way. Good luck!

See the seven-part article series The Way to Light Goes through the Darkness for an in-depth description of the cosmology behind grounding and a number of build-on techniques for your spiritual transformation.