Healing Waves of the Goddess Energy and the Power Elites Attempt to Hijack Them


All energy in the Cosmos consists of the masculine light energy and the feminine darkness energy (Yin and Yang). For a long time the Earth and the Cosmos have been in an age when an unbalanced and extreme form of the male energy has dominated the development. Therefore, the feminine energy and all that it symbolizes has been suppressed both on Earth and in the Cosmos. But now the feminine energy is about to have it’s redemption through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the Age of the Goddess. This article brings up three examples of how the Power Elite on Earth, and the forces that control them from higher dimensions, are trying to prevent this development.

Content of the article

Healing Energy Waves of the Goddess Energy / The Power Elite’s Attempt to Hijack the Energy Waves / Three Contemporary Examples / The Hijacked Feminism / The Hijacked Anti-Racism Movement / The Hijacked Environmental Movement / The Energetic Origin is Pure Even if the Expression is Dirty / Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

~ Healing Energy Waves of the Goddess Energy ~

The Earth and the Cosmos are standing before a transition into the New Spiritual Age, and to pave the way for this enormous transformation, there are constantly different types of energy waves pouring in over the Earth from the Cosmos, and also from within the Earth.


The New Spiritual Age that we are facing is also the Age of the Goddess, where the sacred feminine darkness energy will have its redemption on all levels. In order for us to enter the New Age, and for the Goddess energy to manifest on Earth, it is an absolute prerequisite that we heal our destructive history where the suppression of the sacred feminine darkness energy has played a crucial role in preventing and postponing the human’s spiritual awakening.


To accomplish this, different types of energy waves are pouring in over the Earth to heal different aspects of the suppressed feminine energy, in accordance with the Divine Plan. The energy waves aim to evoke insight, forgiveness and reconciliation in humans. The ultimate goal is to achieve the complete unification between the masculine light energy and the female darkness energy, between human and Mother Earth, and between spirit and matter. It is only through this union that the transition to the New Spiritual Age is possible.

~ The Power Elite’s Attempt to Hijack the Energy Waves ~

The forces that are ultimately manipulating the Earth and humanity in the form of destructive extra-cosmic energy consciousnesses see these energy waves coming, but they have neither the energetic mandate nor the ability to completely stop them because they are part of the Divine Flow and the inevitable transformation that the Earth and the entire Cosmos are undergoing.


However, these destructive consciousnesses, through a chain of puppets, such as destructive beings in higher dimensions, destructive extraterrestrial civilizations and secret Power Elites on Earth, have done their best to hijack these energy waves and adapt them to their own agenda so that lightworkers, that is, spiritually awakened people, must block them out. This is to prevent or at least minimize the transforming effect of these energy waves on the collective consciousness of humanity.


The messages that reach us about the energy development on Earth, through social media and alternative media, are anything but uniform, and in many cases they are rather directly contradictory – and this is because, in addition to the divine truths that are being conveyed, these destructive forces are desperately trying to control the narrative to their advantage. These forces want to stop or at least postpone the transition to the Age of the Goddess at any costs.


For some time I have received intuitive messages about how certain phenomena on Earth, which are often dismissed as the agenda of the Power Elite by the spiritual movement, actually have their origin in divine energy waves that are part of the redemption of the repressed feminine energy, that is, the return of the Goddess. These energy waves of Goddess energy have been partially hijacked by the Power Elite who have distorted them through different social movements to cause the spiritual movement to despise them, thus blocking out these healing energies from their energy systems and excluding them from their light work.

~ Three contemporary examples ~

In this article, I bring up three contemporary examples of phenomena the Power Elite is behind and all of which are highly controversial and polarized, namely the Feminist Movement (including LGBTQ), the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Greta Thunberg Environmental Movement. 


I want to emphasize here that the article is not a political post, because politics is part of the illusory duality of the Matrix. So I want to ask you as a reader not to misinterpret it as political. In other words, this is not another post about despising the Feminist/LGBTQ Movement, Black Lives Matter or Greta Thunberg, because that is exactly what the Power Elite want us lightworkers to do.


The article instead aims to describe these phenomena from a higher spiritual energy perspective connected to the return of the female energy and the Goddess. I try, in as nuanced a way as I can, to highlight the higher truths that hide behind these polarized phenomena.

The Power Elite (and the destructive cosmic beings, civilizations and consciousnesses that control them) work both with energetic and physical infiltration and manipulation. The Power Elite works partly with physical infiltration of this type of societal movements through agents, while in other cases it is about energetic infiltration and manipulation from higher dimensions, where the representatives of these movements actually have pure intentions. Therefore, we need to be very careful when we point fingers and appoint scapegoats.


The energy waves behind these phenomena are examples of how the repressed Goddess rises to says “See Me! Acknowledge my suffering! Stand up for me! Reconciled with Me! Become One with Me! Because My time is soon here!”, while the polarization that these phenomena have created is an example of the Power Elite’s attempt to hijack the Goddess’s reconciling message.

A depiction of the Goddess spreading her energy waves, with symbols of femininity (pregnancy), the sacred darkness (the skin color) and Mother Earth (the roots). All these aspects of the Goddess have been oppressed both on the Cosmic and Earthly levels and need to be restored.
~ The Hijacked Feminism ~

The clearest expression of the oppression of the female energy on Earth is the historical oppression of the woman as a sexual being, both socially and sexually. The redemption of the woman, which on a higher level stands for the redemption of the Goddess, is a prerequisite for us to be able to enter the New Age. The huge energy wave (which is actually many energy waves) of Goddess energy that washes over the Earth to accomplish this has been partially hijacked by the Power Elite which has caused a large part of the spiritual movement to reject it and in many cases see it as their enemy.

The Power Elite (and the forces that control them) have channeled the energy of this wave of energy into the partially unbalanced and extreme Feminist movement today. The most unbalanced and extreme expressions of this movement have been given much space in the media only to increase the polarization, and this has caused large parts of the spiritual movement to turn away from this originally pure energy wave of necessary female redemption.


This has led the large parts of the spiritual movement to equate feminism with with everything from man-hating, racism and Islamism to vulgar and destructive sexual expressions, unjust outing of men in the media, the denial of binary genders, and the belittling of the sacred motherhood in favor of the ideal of the career woman.

Although it is a higher truth that everyone of course should have the right to their own sexual identity and to love who they want, the Power Elite have interwoven this higher truth with the denial of binary gender identities in order to prevent the energetic union between the male and the female energy (yin and yang).
An example from today's Sweden is the "feminist" artwork called "Lesbian witch-whore" (No joke! Also note the reptile skin) that adorns the public space in Gårda in Gothenburg. Feel what energies are in the picture. Is it a statement of women's emancipation and sexual liberation, or is it a provocative objectification and sexualization of women, which instead causes people to despise feminism? Empowered, anyone...?

In other words, the Power Elite has succeeded in making many lightworkers turn away from ”feminism” (that is, the Power Elite’s distorted version of it) and thus blocked out the divine energy wave that was originally meant to give the female energy its redemption and thereby restore the balance between the male and female energies, to pave the way for our spiritual transformation and transition into the New Age.


~ The hijacked Anti-Racism Movement ~

Another important aspect of the redemption of the feminine energy and the Goddess energy, is the redemption of ”black” people and indigenous peoples who have been oppressed, enslaved and exterminated throughout human history through phenomena such as colonialism and slavery, and the racism against blacks that followed in its wake. Through the energy that ”black” people and indigenous peoples carry through their energy composition and skin color, they are closer to the sacred feminine darkness energy, and thus are subject to oppression by the Power Elite, as the Power Elite and those who control them are ruled by an extreme form of male light energy that has the sacred feminine darkness energy as their worst enemy.


Also this energy wave has been partially hijacked by the power Elite to get spiritual people to block it out and turn their backs on this healing process. The clearest example from our current time is the ”Black Lives Matter” movement, a natural reaction to discrimination and police brutality directed against blacks. Originally the movement stems from a cosmic energetic reaction to the oppression of the sacred feminine darkness. It is a way for the Goddess to make visible the normalized oppression of her sacred darkness and put her foot down. In other words, it is a divine and pure wave of energy in its original form, which is an important part of the healing process before the transition to the New Age, the Age of the Goddess.

Unfortunately, the Power Elite managed to partially hijack also this wave of energy by sponsoring and infiltrating this Anti-Racism Movement, and through media making it synonymous with destructiveness, violence and terrorism through the global violent riots that took place in its name, with increased polarization between ”blacks” and ”whites” as a result. The movement has also for many lightworkers become synonymous with the Power Elite puppet George Soros, who sponsored it.

Image from the summer 2020 global BLM protests.
~ The hijacked Environmental Movement ~

Another wave of energy that is part of the redemption of the feminine energy and the Goddess energy is the environmental movement. All the environmental destruction that humanity has subjected the Earth to is a terrible assault on Mother Earth. The human is ONE with Mother Earth and we are meant to act as her guardians, but instead we have waged a ruthless war against her throughout history. It’s as if humanity has forgotten that we actually have Mother Earth to thank for our lives, and that she is our spiritual Primordial Mother.

Mother Earth is the earthly Goddess and carrier of the sacred feminine darkness energy, and her inner core is the energy center of the feminine red and black energy on Earth. The human’s reconciliation and reunification with Mother Earth (and the purification of our common karma) is an absolute prerequisite for us to be able to enter the New Spiritual Age. Even in this case, the Power Elite has partially hijacked the wave of energy intended to pave the way for this, and distorted it into something that a large part of the spiritual movement has turned away from and despises.


Today’s best example originates in Sweden, namely the Greta Thunberg movement. It’s yet another example of a pure energy wave of Goddess energy that the power elite hijacked and made their own. I remember when Greta gave her both praised and criticized ”How dare you” speech at the UN in 2019. The speech moved both me and Maria to tears, as we felt that the voice of the Goddess was behind Greta’s message. Maria, who was seriously ill at the time, channeled messages from her guides who said that it was through the hard healing work of Maria and the Mother Earth Network with the release of Mother Earth’s feminine energy and primal power that Greta’s tremendous impact was possible. She was part of the ”The Light shall come from the North” prophecy.

Later we got more and more indications that the Power Elite were behind the Greta movement (once again through sponsoring by George Soros) and understood that they tried to take control of the energy wave that wants to make humanity reconcile and reunite with Mother Earth.

Greta photographed with Power Elite's "One Eye" symbolism

However, it is important to understand that Greta’s message contains a divine truth REGARDLESS if the Power Elite has sponsored the entire movement, and regardless if the focus on greenhouse gases is misdirected. The guides told through Maria that the global warming is not at all created by humanity through our emissions of greenhouse gases, but that it is about the transition to the New Spiritual Age. It is about the ever increasing influx of cosmic male light energy that is pouring in upon the Earth and creating this overheating, because we do not yet have access to sufficient amounts of the balancing and cooling feminine darkness energy.


The Power Elite, through the new Environmental Movement, is trying to shift all responsibility for the environmental destruction to the citizens by focusing on their consumption and travel. This is to hide that they are the ones who orchestrated the abuse of Mother Earth through energy weapons and ruthless capitalism, and that they are doing everything in their power to withhold all alternatives to the fossil fuels they want to punish us for using.


Although many lightworkers have seen through the ”Global Warming Hoax” or the ”Environment Hoax”, unfortunately many of them have also turned their backs on taking responsibility for the humans’s mistreatment of Mother Earth of which we are all a part, and which is truly no hoax. We all have a responsibility to participate in the healing of and reconciliation with Mother Earth, our wounded Primordial Mother who loves us unconditionally.

~ The energetic origin is pure even if the expression is dirty ~

When considering this type of phenomenon it is important that we leave the dualistic mindset in order to be able to see that there is often a great truth in BOTH sides of a phenomenon, that is, the energetic origin can still be pure even though the expression is dirty. Therefore, it is important that we do not reject the higher divine message just because the expression created by the Power Elite is destructive.


  • It is ON THE ONE HAND true that the Power Elite (and the destructive beings who control them) have distorted the Feminist Movement into something partially destructive and polarizing, but ON THE OTHER HAND it is also true that women have been systematically oppressed by men throughout history and need to get their redemption on all levels.

  • It is ON THE ONE hand true that the Power Elite (and the destructive beings who control them) have infiltrated the Environmental Movement with its focus on greenhouse gases and human consumption and travel, but it is ON THE OTHER hand also true that humanity has abused the Earth to a point where there will soon be no turning back, and that we all need to take responsibility for participating in the healing of our Primordial Mother, Mother Earth.

  • It is ON THE ONE hand true that the Power Elite (and the destructive beings that control them) have created violence and division through the Anti-Racism Movement, but it is ON THE OTHER hand also true that black people have been brutally oppressed throughout history and that they need their redemption.
~ Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water ~

By choosing to focus on the higher divine truths behind the curtains rather than ”picking sides” in earthly dramas, we also free ourselves from the manipulation of the Power Elite and their attempts to divide us and play us against each other. Feminism, Anti-racism, and the Environmental movement are on a higher plane part of energy waves of the Goddess energy and the restoration of the feminine energy, although the Power Elite partially hijacked these movements to lead us away from the healing process in which we all need to participate.


Of course we sometimes need to ”pick side” – that is, to stand up for a divine truth over a manipulative lie. But an often more difficult challenge is to be able to see the different nuances to a phenomenon, to be able to see that there is often a higher truth in both sides of an illusory duality. In other words, it is important to be able to hold two seemingly contradictory thoughts in the head at the same time, and not to ”Throw out the baby out with the bathwater”, which is exactly what the Power Elite wants us to do. The ”baby” here represents the pure energy waves, and the bath water is the cloudy and dirty muck that the Power Elite has drowned the energy waves in, so that we don’t want anything to do with the baby.


Don’t forget one thing. It is a divine act to work with an open heart for the redemption of the woman. It is a divine act to work with an open heart for the redemption of blacks. It is a divine act to work with an open heart for the redemption of Mother Earth. We would all need to participate in the healing of the suppressed feminine energy and it’s redemption in preparation for the transition into the New Age, the Age of the Goddess.