Quotes about the importance of sending healing to Mother Earth from Maria’s channelings

Channeling of Divine Consciousness with audience, Stockholm, March 11, 2009 (not yet published)

“Humanity’s task is to take care of Mother Earth, to act as her guardian and to balance her energies. You are the guardians of Mother Earth. This is an ancient wisdom that you have lost along the way on Earth. You have had access to this wisdom earlier in human history, but it has disappeared, especially with the arrival of Christianity. The Vikings here in the Nordic countries, the shamans and the spiritual leaders, had knowledge of this, and this also applies to a multitude of other peoples all over the Earth; in Asia, among the indigenous peoples of North and South America, and so on. There is an ancient knowledge, but which humanity in the West has lost along the way. Now it’s time to find your way back to this ancient knowledge. 


This knowledge has been supressed and silenced, and people who have had part of it have been persecuted. Many churches has been built on these holy places here in Sweden, and it has strengthened the male energy in these places. When humans treat the Earth the way it does, by digging it out in search of raw materials, by excavating, building, drilling and blasting, by spreading toxins and pollutants, technology and radiation, all over the Earth – it affects the entire Earth energy balance. […]


A network has been created around the Earth. Humanity and Earth have for a very long time had a lot of help to balance the energies on Earth. Partly by other civilizations in the Cosmos and spiritual masters, and partly by nature spirits at every intersection points across the Earth; on the seabed, in the forests and in the atmosphere. The nature spirits work with the power places to balance the energies, and the civilizations in the Cosmos ensure that you get a greater energy flow on Earth. You get a lot of help, and without this help you would have already had worse natural disasters than you have. But now it’s time for the human to take a bigger  part in this work and this responsibility. You are responsible for the Earth’s balance and the Earth’s health. That’s your task. The cosmic law of karma says that no one else can come and take over and help you in a way that prevents you from learning to take the consequences of your actions. This means that no one else will come and ’save’ you, because it contradicts the cosmic law of karma, be aware of that. It’s the task of humanity to save itself, and that is also possible.


Together with this network of nature spirits, cosmic civilizations and masters, you can send energy and create secure channels that spread the energies so that they automatically go where they are needed best. The human energy body with its acupuncture points is in many ways similar to the Earth’s energy body and its acupuncture points, its power places. Everything is connected, that is; a blockage on one side of the Earth affects what happens on the other side of the Earth. That’s why this network was created. When you send healing to the Earth, this network helps you to transport the healing over the Earth to where it is needed most. It is predetermined that this will happen.”



Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, Stockholm, October 13th, 2009

”Mother Earth is suffering badly, and she needs your help. Each and every one of you present in this room makes a difference. If you sit down and send healing to the Earth, it makes a difference. There is nothing that is too small or in vain. Every good-hearted loving action that you perform spreads Light. You are important. If you go outside and sit down in the forest on the ground in the soft moss and listen to the whistling trees, if you sit down and listen to the whispers of the nature spirits, to the dripping water, you will finally learn to recognize Mother Earth’s voice. Then you will understand how much she loves you,  and how much she suffers. Then  you will understand what difficulties she is going through, and that she needs your help. She cannot do this alone anymore.


Every human being has a free will; you all choose what you want to do with your lives. But I still want to ask you all: give time to heal Mother Earth. Give a helping hand. She needs it, and you need her. By balancing your inner selves and reaching harmony, through balancing the female and the male energies, you can re-create the close connection to nature that you have always had throughout the history of humans, but that slowly but surely has withered away lately here on Earth.”



Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, Stockholm, November 24th, 2009

”You are all one with every living being on Earth. You belong together with every human being, every animal and every plant. Honor life, honor love, and honor Earth. Earth is your Primordial Mother. It is she who feeds you. It is she who brings life. Without her you cannot live. But the Earth also depends on humanity. She needs your help. The Earth is suffering tremendous pain. I feel the pain of the animals. I feel the suffering of the plants. And I hear Mother Earth calling for you, begging for you to finally open your eyes to her suffering. Mother Earth needs your help. She needs you now more than ever. When the great waves of light are flowing in over the Earth, she needs your help more than ever.


Mother Earth cannot handle the energy pressure that she is exposed to through these great waves of light flowing in – without the help of humanity. This is what causes natural disasters of different kinds all around the Earth, since the pressure is far too great. The only way for her to relieve the pressure is to release it in the form of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and so on. The huge imbalances in the Earth’s energy fields and energy centers create great suffering.


The nature spirits who were put on the Earth to helping balancing Earth’s energies are exhausted and are not able to do their work because humans are not helping with the task as it was intended. Humanity pollutes the Earth with technology of different kinds: electricity, GPS, Internet, mobile masts, satellites… All this is interfering with, and blocking, Earth’s natural grid of energy that embraces the whole of Earth. It creates imbalances. It also creates imbalances in the energy systems of humans. These great imbalances in the energy system within humans are causes of the huge spiritual, physical and mental imbalances that exist here on Earth today. […]


In the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the gates to the Earth’s interior on the enery centers around the Earth will be opened up, and the female red energy will pour up from the inner core of the Earth to the surface in very, very large quantities. This will be a powerful healing process where all the of Earth’s imbalances will be cleansed and healed, and the remaining karma of Earth and all of humanity will be cleansed. This is the culmination of The Great Purification. All light that is pouring in will be met by the darkness and the female red fire from within the Earth. Light and darkness will meet. Spirit and matter will meet and unite and become the Highest Divine energy of Love, or the Highest Divine Light, in the transition to the fifth dimension. That is the transition into the New Spiritual Age and the birth of the Divine Human, the one we are all carrying within. I am one with you, and you are one with Me.

The Earth will need help from humanity to manage the amount of energy that will stream up from the inner Earth, she cannot manage this task alone. The energy centers in many places on the Earth are blocked and she cannot activate or open them alone. This puts the Earth under enormous stress and pressure which then gives rise to natural disasters of various kinds. This is why humanity must help; this is your biggest task and your biggest challenge: to help heal our Earth, to help her in the healing process.”



Channeling #2 of Dibarak of the ascended civilization ”The Invincible Ones”, “First World”, March 1st, 2010

”We also want to say that we think you are doing fantastic work with the Mother Earth Network, and we want to thank you for that work. We also want to thank all your members for participating and sending healing to the Earth, which she needs so badly. When you send healing energies to your Earth, you also help to spread harmonic energies in Cosmos that help the entire Cosmos to create greater balance and harmony. All belong together, all are one. What you do to yourselves, what you do to each other and your Earth – you also do to us. We are all parts of the same whole, the same unit. We are all one. When we help each other, we also help ourselves. There is no difference between you and me. There is no separation of mine and yours. That is an illusion. We are all one and we share everything. […]


My dear beloved friends, you are standing on an enormous treasure. It’s well hidden beneath your feet in your Earth. It’s the Earth itself, Mother Earth, and the energies that flow through her, from her core all the way out to the Earth’s surface. You haven’t learned to use her energies wisely. You haven’t learned to use this fantastic treasure in an ideal way. Instead you have weakened it, blocked it and shut out its potential. If you once again learn to start working with the energies of the Earth and learn how to reactivate all the energy centers around the Earth that are blocked because of Earth’s enormous energy imbalances, you can create a paradise on Earth beyond comparison within a generation or two. A paradise with an abundance of vegetation. An abundance of fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers and animals, where all you literally have to do is reach out your hand for the fruit to fall into your palm. This is not an unrealistic dream that we are presenting to you, it’s actually a possible future for the Earth, if you make the decision, if you decide to make it possible.


You have for a very long time abused your Earth, drained her, weakened her energy levels and worsened living conditions for all life on Earth, to the degree that Earth can’t take the treatment she is being exposed to anymore. It has come to a point where Earth can’t handle the pressure she is exposed to, through all the imbalances around the planet. Earth needs your help to dissolve all the energy blockages around the Earth that create this pressure. Just like you need to make peace with each other and yourselves, you also have to make peace with your beloved Mother Earth. It’s Earth that feeds you. Earth is a part of yourselves, and you need her to survive. You are one with Earth and your energy balance and well-being can’t be separated from Earth’s energy balance and well-being. What you do to Earth, you also do to yourselves. It’s important that you understand that. When you work with your spiritual development and raising your energy levels, when you give yourself grounding healing from Earth’s interior, you also spread energies that affect Earth in a positive direction. In the same way, when you send healing grounding energies to the Earth and help her, you also thereby help yourselves and each other and all the humans living where there are energy imbalances.


Earth has an energy body just like humans have, she has an aura, and she carries a karmic past that she needs to heal. She shares this with you humans, and she has had to carry a lot of your karma and how you have treated her through the centuries and millenia. All this needs to be dissolved, as you are entering the New Spiritual Age and the Great Purification that will take place. Earth needs your help to make it. She needs your help to dissolve all the energy blockages in Earth’s interior and on the energy centers around the Earth. She doesn’t have the ability to dissolve these blockages herself in a peaceful way. She needs help from you humans. Otherwise it will happen through violent processes where the pressure eventually becomes so strong that Mother Earth explodes. This is what causes all the natural disasters that we see all over the Earth – Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, drought and fires, hurricanes… All these are signs of, and consequences of, all the energy imbalances that Earth suffers from today.


Humanity was born on Earth to take care of her, and to function as her guardians. In the same way Earth feeds humanity, humanity is responsible for Earth’s well-being. You are forever interlinked with each other. You are a unit, just like we are all interlinked with each other in the cosmic infinity. For Earth to make the transition, she needs your help to ease the pressure, so that the transition won’t be as violent for Earth and her inhabitants as it otherwise could be. In the same way that humanity needs to release its karma for the transition to the New Spiritual Age and take a step upward in spiritual development, you also need to help Earth go through the same process so that the transition will be as smooth as possible.”



Channeling of Toisheeba from “Arrakas”, Galactic Federation, with audience, channeled by Maria Bertram, Stockholm, May 9th 2011

”Exactly in the same way that you are going through this evolution, so have we, and many, many other countless civilizations in our Cosmos before you. And so will many, many other civilizations to follow. You will, as a civilization and together with Mother Earth, achieve this. It is predestined, it will happen and there is no turning back. There is no other way to go, you can´t stand by the wayside and say “No, I´m not coming!” That won’t be possible. Everybody will be dragged along in the changes, everybody on the entire Earth will be dragged along, and there is nothing that can stop this. The question is rather: Will it happen in a easy way? How tough will the journey be? You can help, you can make it easier. Yes, it will be painful. Yes, it will be challenging [heavy rumbling is heard from the room next door]. It will in some cases be traumatic, incredibly turbulent and painful – yes, that´s true – but out of the challenges, pain and suffering – something amazingly beautiful will grow: the New Era, the New World.


[More rumbling is heard from the room next door] As you can hear, big things are happening… the Earth will open its gates and large amounts of female energy will stream up to the surface of the Earth. Therefore you have to be ready for the energies, because it will be such an enormous shock, that you simply won’t be able to handle if you don´t prepare beforehand. These enormous energy waves will break up all structures, they will break up the entire civilization. The Earth will turn itself inside out. It will be a very violent experience, but you can help through sending healing to the Earth, and through sending healing to yourselves. You can make a difference. Human being, wake up! You have come to Earth to spread light and to love. You have come to Earth to be one with Mother Earth and to heal her. These are your most important life tasks. When you are one with the Earth, you will also be one with each other and you will achieve exactly the unity I am speaking of.


When you connect yourselves downwards to the Earth’s energy system, vast changes will take place on Earth. You will transform the entire Earth. Through the change that is now taking place during the transition to the New Age, you will participate in creating a new climate, and you will be able to affect the weather. You will be able to participate in creating a thriving, lush Earth with a tropical climate. This will take a couple of generations, but it is what will happen. You will be able to create enormous abundance and diversity of vegetation, animals, flowers, fruits, and the most amazing food. You will be able to create a paradise for yourselves on Earth, where you no longer will have to work so hard to survive. The female energy represents the fertility – the abundance. That is the energy you need to create this abundance that is rightfully yours, and that is a part of your natural state.”



Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, channeled by Maria Bertram, Stockholm, April 27th, 2011

”All the Divine Light that you create through opening yourselves to the highest divine, opening up your hearts and creating change in your life – also creates changes in other people’s lives, and it creates change on Earth. The main reason the Earth is feeling so bad today and can’t stand the way humanity treats her is humanity’s low level of spiritual development. Humanity and Earth share karma. When the people are living in separation, conflict, war and hatred, in a world where one person’s death is another person’s livelihood – the energies that are created in such a world cause tremendous suffering for Earth. You are all one. When Earth suffers, you suffer. You cannot distinguish yourselves from her. She is one with you, she is one with your aura. You have come to Earth to be her guardians, to heal her and to heal yourselves. It is your main task on Earth. Humanity knew this thousands of years ago, but they have forgotten it along the road. I know that many people wonder: “What can I do? There’s no point.” There is much you can do. All change starts somewhere. It’s like an avalanche that grows and becomes larger and larger, and rushes down the mountain with ever greater force.

One single person, one single enlightened human soul on Earth can save the rest of Earth. That is how big you are. Humans are carrying that large a potential. It’s like you are asleep, unaware of your true potential and what is happening around you, like you don’t see what’s about to happen. You think that you first have to wait for other people to create change, and that you are powerless and impotent. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have the power within reach.”