”The first official energy transmission between two civilizations in the history of humanity”

Background – The invitation to the energy transmission

This is a follow-up to the channeling of Dibarak from the Invincible Ones (December 19th, 2009), who created the world famous spiral of light over Norway 2009. 

In the channeling, Dibarak invites the readers to participate in an  energy transmission:


”We would like to give you a gift. Our gift is of a very special kind. It is not of a physical nature, you can’t touch it, and you can’t see it with your physical eyes in your three-dimensional reality. We will create a collective healing session where all members of our civilization simultaneously will send healing to humanity and your planet. It will be a gigantic energy transmission where we give you the energies that we have and that we think you will need as a part of your process towards this important leap you are about to take. We are inviting all of you who are reached by this message to participate by making yourselves more receptive to our energies, and to link your consciousness to ours for a moment. Additionally, we will send you inner images and visions to help you visualize the New Spiritual Age that you are entering as an age of love, peace and harmony. We want to encourage you to take part in this visualization of a new world on Earth, since it’s a very powerful way to create a desired future.

The energy transmission and the meditative visualization will happen during one hour, Thursday, the 7th of January, between 8 pm and 9 pm [CET]. You are welcome to participate the full hour or just a part of it. In other words, if you only want to participate for 15 minutes, that’s no problem. This will be the first official joint healing session between two different civilizations in the history of humanity. Please spread this message to as many as possible.


-Even internationally?




-Can you give us any instructions for the healing session?


Prepare yourself like you are preparing for a normal meditation or energy transmission. Visualize that you are making yourself receptive to the healing and opening up your heart chakra. Visualize the New Spiritual Age as a world full of love, peace and harmony. Focus on being completely present in the moment during the whole session.


We are hoping to create cooperation between our civilizations, to develop a lasting friendship between us, and to foster an exchange of experiences and wisdom, as a way of gently introducing you into the cosmic communion. We would like to finish up by saying that we are always with you and we are following your development with excitement. We are very eager to help you as much as we can in this last challenging time in the passage to the New Age and the New World. We are sending you our love and understanding, and always know that you have our support.”

The spreading of the channeling

Since this was our first channeling that we wrote down and spread on the Internet, we had neither a website nor social media. The only thing we had was a list of about a hundred email addresses for the Mother Earth Network newsletter. But we sent out the text, and I also translated the text into English, and then spreading happened by itself! We found translations of the channeling online in German, Turkish, Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian, among others. Dibarak subsequently expressed their gratitude and joy at the commitment created by their message:


”I would like to start off by sending you our appreciation for the fantastic work you have done. We also want to say how happy we are to see the incredible spreading of the first channeling with our message that has occurred across the world via the Internet. We are incredibly grateful and happy for all the attention, the enthusiasm and the love that the channeling has generated in people, and pleased that there is such a large interest in and engagement with our message among the people on Earth, and with working for the future of Earth.”


People’s experiences and visions from the interplanetary energy transmission

People contacted us and told us that they would gather in groups to participate in the energy transmission together. When Maria asked, she was told that over 1000 people on Earth participated actively, by meditating and opening up to the energies and visions. We have been sent lots of stories of people’s experiences, short and long, and I’m posting a selection of them below.


When the meditation started at 8 pm, Maria saw a huge wave of blue-green energy that came rushing towards Earth. This energy, which shifted in blue and green nuances, is an energy that helps us to expand our consciousness and to prepare for the ascension to the 5th dimension.e

This is how Dibarak expressed the experience in the following channeling:


“The energy transmission on January 7th this year was a very loving and joyful experience for our people. We are so incredibly grateful for the enormous interest and engagement that you humans showed by taking part in the energy transmission and by your reception of our messages and our energies. We felt a fantastic feeling of unity and love with you during the whole healing session, and we were so incredibly happy to see all these open hearts on Earth today; all the willpower, all the wishes that you carry – to create change in your life, and to create change on Earth.”


Below follows our compilation of a selection of people’s experiences, short and long, from Sweden and the world:


”Tonight’s meditation or energy transmission was very strong. We were two that shared this meditation and we both experienced a lot of colors, and our healing hands became incredibly warm during the energy transmission. I saw a picture of how my heart glowed and spread a love light, then I saw Mother Earth and how she is glowing for us humans – our hearts are to glow the same way towards other people, animals, nature and towards Mother Earth. I also saw how rainbow bridges united people, countries and continents, yes – even planets and galaxies. Then I received the information that we should have our focus on our hearts in whatever we do, when we shop, meet other people, choose relationships, work, a place to live – practically everything! I could also see big beautiful angels that stood and watched over our Earth. Personally I experienced the energies strongly around my head and I could feel how it pinched and tingled on different parts of my body – an incredibly strong and actually indescribable feeling. Finally I felt that it’s important that we find our ways back to the Goddesses. I’m so incredibly happy and grateful that I took part in this energy transmission!”




”We were 12 (!) participating in the group and it was a long and healing meditation. They who are .seeing’ could see a tall, thin spirit being behind each and every one of us. We felt in different ways how we received healing in our bodies. Mainly around the heart. Many saw pictures of their loved ones. It’s important that we heal our relationships at this time. And we do in the pace that we can transform our own blockings against receiving Love. One had an out-of-body experience where the person saw a space ship with tall, slim beings giving healing to a model of the Earth in the middle. Another saw a picture of seed bearers, like a cookie of sunflower seeds where you see the delicate symmetry that is present in all life on Earth. Someone saw the Flower of Life. One can say that we are all seed bearers for the future. Every step we take and every word we pronounce creates our future world. Check your thoughts! I’m finishing off with a text that came through my pen during the meditation:


’Beloved children of the Earth! You are growing up to become adults. You are now ready to be received by your brothers and sisters in Cosmos. You are part of the Galactic Family. Your Earth is standing before a great shift and your help is needed in this exciting time. Look around you and give love to your loved ones. Give thanks to your teachers and guides that have played an important part in your life. But now it’s time for YOU to take the lead in your life. See yourself as the shining star being you are!! Sing, dance and love!! Put the struggle aside and rest in the trust in yourself. You have traveled a long way, you have taken many steps in big sorrow and powerlessness. Now it’s time for you to open up to your own POWER, your inner STRENGTH and your WILLPOWER to create a reality of love around you. Step out in the dawning day and wear your king’s crown with joy!!’




”I feel that I shortly want to share what I experienced during the meditation. We were a group that gathered in a delightful experience. I am totally new as a healer and not used to these things, but I am so grateful for what I experienced in the group. For my part, I first felt a strong pressure over the heart, almost painful. Then it felt like some kind of gate opened. I saw the incredibly strong light that filled me with an enormous pleasure and I wanted to see more but I understood that we could only receive it partly. It was very compact but sort of ’filtered.’ My guide who was with me said that we got what we needed and could handle. I wanted more of the strong light and felt that I should ’open my heart’, that the light was to be found there. A strong beam of light (stronger than normal healing light) radiated from my heart and I automatically brought my children into the light, then I brought in all the people I could think of. At the same time the light shifted to blue. It shifted to what looked like an enormous blue spinning disc, somewhere in Cosmos (what do I know!?) but I brought in people I’ve been afraid of or angry at into the light, and more and more until all of humanity, all the animals I could think of and all nature were there. Pretty exhausted, I saw the color becoming darker and I saw some twisting movement around me.


Then I see people standing on a beach, with grass behind. First I see them from a distance, and believe that they’re Africans or Asians I should bring into the ’healing disc.’ They have white clothes that stretch down to their thighs and they have strong colored boards on the cloth, at the bottom and at their wrists. I experience them as being dressed up for a special occasion. They stand in silence on the beach, holding each other’s hands, with neutral facial expressions and very focused. I’m thinking, ’Damn, it’s them!’ and become shy and back off. Then I calm myself down and want to see more: I’m coming closer to a woman holding a child in her hand. The children were also there on the beach and stood just like the grownups in deep concentration. I didn’t know what to do with myself, but I wanted to thank them for all their love and wished them love and felt warmth coming towards me. Thereafter a yellow half globe is created with a burning flame in the middle, high above us, between us, and I see this as a sign… but I don’t know of what. After that I am tuned out… filled with joy and warmth just like the others in our meditation group. I hope to take part of others’ experiences! Thanks for letting us share this experience!”




”I knew nothing about this healing session before it was too late. I was with a friend that has her birthday, drinking coffee (during the time of the healing session). But I want to tell you that while we were drinking coffee and talking, I suddenly felt a strong energy wave that almost made me fall! In a positive way. Afterwards I opened my email … read … and understood :D”




”I had some visions of how the world will look. One image I saw was that we will use energies to heal each other, but not only some, but rather all people will be able to. I saw an image of how one person was lifted up and floated by using energies. You will be able to do many different things with energies, healing but also much more. Then I was approaching a group of people. They made contact with me and welcomed me. I felt that we will have a much warmer way towards each other. More contact seeking, not creating distance. Closer contact between people and we will feel more connected to each other. If someone walks alone outside the group, that person will be welcomed to the group, not like today when a stranger is on his own. The last impression I got was that we will be one with nature. We will have a much closer relationship with nature and feel more connected to the all: nature, grass, birds, rocks and so on. You felt that you were one with them – not like now when humans are seen as separated from nature. During the whole meditation I also felt a pressure over my heart chakra, third eye and crown chakra.”




”I meditated tonight together with my group. What I experienced was: A light purple light, a small figure coming towards me until it stands before me. It’s a man in purple clothes, tall, thin and beautiful, wearing a caftan with a white band in a cross over the chest. He has dark, long hair. It’s all so beautiful. A woman approaches next to him, in an orange long dress with patterns over her chest and black wavy long hair. They are all tall, beautiful and have long clothes in strong colors that are like beautiful art. After a while the man slowly walks away and a new man approaches in a blue caftan. One by one, they stand before me, and then fade off to the left. The whole time, the woman stands there. Sometimes I see a light by their hands and their throats. After a while it forms patterns in beautiful colors that move harmonically, creating new patterns all the time. It’s blue, purple, blue, orange, yellow, incredibly beautiful. My hands were warm like if I had a fever. The whole group had amazing experiences and there was a lot of love and warmth in our circle.”




Hmmm, it was an amazing experience. I felt embraced by this beautiful presence, which was clear and bright – very bright. First this rush of energy and also new colors penetrating me as part of Gaia. I felt strong being a part of the planet. And as I became glowing and radiating this light, it was like humans are part of the planet’s aura. And part of the ”enlightenment” of the planet and increase in frequency is that we humans start to glow… Interesting to see this different perspective of what we are. Later I had Sananda coming in, his light merging with the flow of energy in the earth grid and my body. Because my body is also part of the grid. Everything seems to be connected, in a way that was not yet known to me. I also remember that at one point I ”saw” the source of light, the consciousness of a group of beings. Hard to describe. Now I feel calm and peaceful. Looks as if the future is bright!!! … The thing that still remains now after days is the memory of feeling this mass group consciousness at the other ’end’, which was very nice for me personally, because I never felt such a clear unity presence before”.