”The Liberation of Cosmos”


This is the last public channeling of the medium Maria Bertram, who tragically passed away 2020. The channeling is about the origin of humanity, and a higher cosmic perspective on the manipulation of humanity. The channeling is extraordinary in several ways compared to the channelings we previously released through the Mother Earth Network, both in terms of the energy resistance we experienced both before and after we managed to release it, but also in that the content has been taken to a whole new level compared with Maria’s previous channelings.


In addition, the information in the five-year-old channeling brings up a destructive development that has multiplied many times since, mainly through the Plandemic we are in, and the agenda that’s unfolding before our very eyes. The channeling is a download of information from an information database energetically located under the Sphinx in Egypt. This is the reason why it does not have the same ”personal” or ”heartfelt” appeal as previous channelings, even though it is Maria and Manne’s mutual Higher Self that conveys the information.

Maria’s last channeling

This was the last public channeling that Maria Bertram did and that we released through the Mother Earth Network. The channeling was released in 2017, and it was a full three years since her last channeling, 2014. During the three years, Maria worked intensively with her cosmic missions and the energy attacks that were directed at her and our work. After we released ”The Liberation of Cosmos”, the energy attacks again became so powerful that they required all of Maria’s time and energy, and the following year she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, which she tragically lost the battle against two years later (2020).


No matter how dark this may seem, my guides constantly confirm that everything is part of a larger divine plan, and that Maria’s mission connected to the Earth and the Cosmos is far from complete (read more in part 3 of the article ”That which was not supposed to happen”, in the paragraphs called The Phoenix Bird and The Cosmic Pendulum and The Return of the Goddess.

A new level of knowledge

In the years before Maria made this channeling, she raised her energy level ever more along with her intense inner work, and she gained access to ever higher cosmic knowledge. In the channeling, the message touches on new areas of knowledge such as specific aspects of the manipulation of humanity, partly regarding certain events in our history, but also in how the situation on Earth today is connected with a cosmic struggle between destructive and positive forces.


Maria also didn’t feel ready to release such detailed information about the manipulation of humanity before, but now she felt that the time had come. She now felt safe to share this knowledge, since she – through all of her previous channelings – had laid a foundation of knowledge of the human’s inner divinity and the divine purpose behind everything that happens – through which the knowledge about the manipulation of humanity must be understood.


The text presents the two original destructive forces from beyond our Cosmos that have infiltrated the Cosmos and the Earth, and from which all other manipulation of humanity originates, namely the destructive version of the white male energy and the destructive version of the black female energy. This is information that, as far as we know, never has been made available to humanity before.


The Power Elite on Earth (also know by many other names such as the Cabal, the Deep State, the Illuminati), and all the destructive civilizations and beings that have manipulated humanity throughout history, have acted as puppets for either of these two forces. In the text we get several striking examples of how the infiltration of the Earth by these forces has affected our society and our civilization.


The channeling is a very powerful eye opener, while parts of it can be uncomfortable and provocative to read. But the only way for humanity to reach a higher state of consciousness is to first lift its inner darkness to the light to see it, in order to being able to begin the healing process. The Higher Self also tells of a positive and decisive cosmic event that has recently taken place linked to these forces, although there is still a lot of work to be done.

The pure form of the male and female energy

When reading the channeling, it is important that you know the background information about the male and female energies. In previous channelings and publications, we have told about the pure male energy and the pure female energy. They are the two original divine energy polarities – yin and yang – that drive evolution forward in the Cosmos and on Earth, and together form the most perfect energy balance – the Highest Divine Energy of Love.


The male energy (yang) stands for ”light”, birth, expansion, spirit, high frequency, technology, intellect, activity, and heaven. The female energy (yin) stands for ”darkness”, death, regression, matter, low frequency, magnetism, intuition, presence in the now and the Earth. But if one of these forces is not sufficiently balanced by its counterpart, then a destructive version of it is developed, and it is about these unbalanced and destructive versions of the male and female energy that this channeling is about (read a more detailed description here).

The connection to the situation on Earth 2022

There are a number of phenomena described in the text that have become far more relevant today. An example is how horror movies have become increasingly accepted. The horror genre is increasingly directed at children in the form of child-adapted horror series and children’s programs (gateways). I myself have experienced how my own children already in primary school got to read books about zombies and vampires in school, and dress up as grotesque horror characters, as if it were just a popular ”genre” or ”way of having fun”, when in fact it is about destructiveness and terror – an attack on our inner divinity.


But the clearest example that we can all relate to is the development of Artificial Intelligence, which was not at all as well known or developed when the channeling was released. Today it has become clear that Artificial Intelligence is the main weapon in the ongoing attempt to take over our civilization, and to shut down the human divine potential once and for all. One example is an increasingly digitized and registered identity, and another is the virtual worlds that we are being manipulated to spend more and more of our lives in – such as Metaverse or the children’s Roblox (children’s favorite ways of ”playing” today are often sitting next to each other with each screen and socialize in a shared digital reality). 


The text also addresses the vaccine issue and the witch hunt on vaccine opponents as another weapon, long before the extreme proportions that the vaccine phenomenon has taken today, and which have affected us all in a profound way. Everything that is happening today with the Plandemic has made these destructive phenomena and the forces behind them increasingly visible, which has led to the global awakening that we are now in the midst of.


The channeling says that although these original destructive forces have been forced to let go of the Earth and our Cosmos, the energy systems they created still exist and much work is still required before we are completely free from them. This would have been the topic of our next channeling ”The Return of the Goddess”, but even if it was never possible to carry out, I am sure we will have access to that information in another way.


Content of the channeling

Humanity has lost its true history / The giant skeletons / Children with extraterrestrial parents / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / The connection with the Higher Self / Disinformation about humanity’s origin / The manipulation of humanity on Earth / The Power Elite are also manipulated / The two original destructive forces / The destructive male light energy / Artificial intelligence and transhumanism / The destructive female darkness energy / Meat eating / The greater the divine truth, the greater the defence mechanism / Vaccines / The puppets of the two forces / The liberation of Cosmos / Wake up from the manipulation / Use a healthy discernment /



Channeled information from the information database under the Sphinx via the Higher Self, through Maria Bertram, April 4th, 2017


~ Humanity has lost it’s true history ~

The people of Earth have very limited knowledge of their own history. They have totally lost the true history of the Earth and the evolution of humanity, along the way. The history education currently taking place in schools is based on completely incorrect information, misunderstandings and even straight out lies. Humanity will have to start over to re-learn about its own history and the origin and development of the planet.


There has been some alternative information about human history that has begun circulating, information that has not been known before. This information is true to a certain extent. Some fragments are true, mixed with some inaccuracies and misunderstandings, and unfortunately also some planted disinformation. This causes a lot of confusion. The most reliable way of gaining knowledge of the history of humanity and Earth is to connect to one of the countless ethereal information databases found in our Cosmos. There is such an information database here on our Earth, an ethereal chamber beneath the Sphinx of Egypt. One can connect to it from a distance, but it’s only souls who have reached a certain level in their spiritual development who have the ability to connect with it.


After the transition to the New Age, humanity will finally gain access to its true history. Initially, the most developed souls on Earth will connect to the Information Database on Earth and download information that they will pass along to provide humanity with an as detailed and accurate view of their history as possible. But in the long run, as humanity’s energy level is raised, all people on Earth will be able to connect to it.


It’s a very complex story with very many factors that have collaborated to create the situation that has arisen on Earth today. This is not something I can give an overview of here, but all the information will unfold bit by bit, in the New Age. Many individuals with good contact with their intuition already carry some puzzle pieces within them, but in order to complete the whole puzzle, you need to have access to the Information Database where the entire picture is collected. It will take long time for humanity to chart their own history and understand what has happened – how and why – and also to learn about humanity’s origin, which is also a very complex story.

 ~ The giant skeletons ~

An example of a misunderstanding today is about the ”giant skeletons” that have been unearthed on different places on Earth. It’s often stated that all of these are remnants of one single civilization of giants that has wandered on Earth. The truth is far more complex than that, because there’s a huge number of peoples and civilizations that have lived on our Earth throughout the history. A number of them have been civilizations of giants. It has been both highly developed and less developed civilizations. It has been civilizations that have contributed to humanity’s consciousness raising, and civilizations that manipulated humanity for their own purposes. Some of them have had a higher technological development level, while others have had a lower technological development level. That is, there are remains from a variety of giants and of course many other civilizations, peoples and souls who have visited the Earth and lived on Earth during different ages, and that have influenced Earth’s history in different ways.


[Below are examples of photos that are said to show the remains of ”giants”. It’s up to each and every one to decide what they believe. Of course, they are called ”Photoshop creations” and ”art installations” by ”fact checkers”, ”experts” and the mainstream media. In addition, computer-animated images and art installations of remnants of giants have been created in retrospect as misinformation to make the confusion even greater and ridicule the whole phenomenon.]



 [In the beginning of the 20th century (1900-), the discoveries of great skeletons were still being published in the mainstream newspapers (see image below), news that have been erased from the collective consciousness and humanity’s historical writing today. Saint Paul Globe (Jan. 24th, 1904) reports, for example, about a skeleton excavated in Nevada that was 11 feet (3.3 meters) tall. The New York Times (May 4th, 1908) reports about a ”burial place of a race of giants” in Mexico with over 200 skeletons, each above 8 feet (2.5 meters) tall. The largest skeleton mentioned in the articles is from The Coconino Sun (July 11th, 1919) describing a giant skeleton found in Austin, Texas, which is approximately 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and whose body is estimated to have weighed about 2000-2500 pounds (1000 kg). Other articles describe discoveries of giant skulls with non-human physical features, including one single eye socket in the forehead (”cyclops”), two horns on the head, or double rows of teeth. The Power Elite has effectively confiscated and hidden all these exceptional findings and today there is a complete media blackout on the subject. It is as if these discoveries and articles never existed. Therefore, most people never even get to hear about the giant skeletons.]


There is still an incredible amount of buried archaeological remains around the Earth that remains to be discovered by humanity – on Earth’s surface, underground, and even further down towards the center of the Earth. There are lots of cities, buildings, spacecrafts and other energy technologies hidden both on the surface and inside the Earth. There are ancient remains that are millions of years old that are built by highly developed civilizations but that were later abandoned, and later in history were inhabited by civilizations with lower levels of consciousness and technological level than those who originally built them.
But it’s also important to understand that there are not physical traces of all the different civilizations, events and epochs that the Earth has gone through. Many of the most developed groups that have lived on Earth have had the ability and technology to ”clean up” after them, that is, completely erase all the traces of their stay on Earth. Therefore, one cannot rely solely on archaeological finds and remnants found on Earth to create a complete picture of the Earth’s history. But all of this will be discovered as we enter into the New Age and as people begin to access the Information Database under the Sphinx in Egypt. Nothing will be held in darkness anymore.
Even those who provide alternative information about the history of humanity today lack an overall picture of what has actually happened on Earth. All the information that is spread today about the true history of humanity are merely fragments. Nobody really has the whole picture of the history. Sometimes these fragments can be true. Sometimes they are misunderstandings of different sorts, and sometimes they are also pure disinformation. That is, there’s a huge mix of both this and that, and it can be hard to distinguish what’s what. But as I said, there is a large number of archaeological findings that will be brought to the public’s eye and help humanity with puzzle pieces of the planets history. The unveiling of the truth, and the unveiling of the true origin of humanity, is an important part of the transition to the New Spiritual Age.
Some groups within the Power Elite have been deceived by the destructive beings and civilizations they collaborate with, into believing that they derive from one of the giant civilizations that there are relics from and that they are ”chosen” because of their blood relations to this people of giants. But the idea that they as a collective derives from this civilization is a very big simplification of reality. A few of them have actual ties of blood to some of these giants, but there are many other people on Earth who also have it without even knowing it.
~ Children with extraterrestrial parents ~
The truth is that all of humanity consists of a mixture of differenthuman civilizations from the Cosmos. There are also new children that are being born continuously on Earth, who are a blend where one parent is from Earth and the other is from a highly developed human civilization in Cosmos. Today, there are millions of children on Earth who has one earthly parent and one from another cosmic human civilization. They live all over the globe, and the parents usually have a higher level of consciousness than the average of humanity. The vast majority of these earthly parents and their children don’t know about this on a conscious level.
There are different methods to implement the actual fertilization, but the most common method is that the women are put in a dormant state and taken up on a spacecraft where their eggs are fertilized with sperm from another civilization, and then the women’s memories from the event are erased with a certain technology.
It’s important here to remember that all souls involved have chosen to participate in this themselves, at a higher level, in order to contribute to the elevation of humanity’s consciousness level. But unfortunately there are also spiritually undeveloped civilizations that pick up people to their ships and take eggs or sperm and use them for genetic experiments and genetic manipulation, without having asked the Higher Selves of the souls involved.
Most of the earthly children that we talk about here carry unique gifts that they develop through their lives and many of them have very special energies. But it’s also important to understand that not all children on Earth with special gifts and energies have been created this way, but only a small part of them. This is a preparation for the New Age that we stand before, and a way to raise Earth’s energy level. There are groups of more or less enlightened civilizations that have worked to create the New Human who is now emerging on Earth, who has given their helping hands in different ways. One can say that the human on Earth is like a perfect blend, and a unique version of many of the human civilizations found in our Cosmos.
– How can that be, when it comes to all the destructiveness of humanity on Earth, and that we are completely destroying our planet?
Humanity as it looks today have almost completely lost contact with their true nature and their Divine Selves. One could say that humanity are asleep. In this dormant state of mind, the humans have gone astray along the way and have gotten gotten stuck, and have been drawn into huge amounts of destructiveness, thus being susceptible to external manipulation that has brought them even further down the destructive spiral. All the destructiveness that humans express has nothing to do with their natural state. In order for humanity to open up and develop their true potential, they have to wake up. They must have a spiritual awakening and finally reach enlightenment. That is the only way for them to gain access to their true potential and their unique abilities.
~ The transition to the New Spiritual Age ~ 
Within the next few years, extremely powerful and purifying energies will pour over the Earth to activate the final step of the transition to the New Age, and humanity’s spiritual ascension processes will thus be activated and reach a completely new level. We are actually already in the midst of the transition to the New Age, but I’m talking about when the major decisive step of the transition takes place. When that happens, there will be huge waves of energy 
 partly the Divine Light, and partly the Divine Red Goddess Energy  that will sweep over the Earth. These two energies will be unified and create the Love Energy of the New Age, which will transform our entire planet, and which will transform humanity. These energies are very, very powerful, and because the people have been asleep for so long and unfortunately not developed in the way they would have needed, many people will not be able to handle these energies and will not be able to enter the New Age. But for those ready to stay and for Mother Earth, it will be a gigantic leap into a new age where the old dies and the new is born. The civilization will crumble and a new era and a new civilization will be born. A new society will be created here on Earth, completely different from the society we have here today, with completely new possibilities and completely new conditions.
When the ego releases the human from its grip, and the inner destructiveness and internal conflicts dissolve, they turn into their pure Elevated Self, and their behavior and value systems are fundamentally changed.Everything changes. It paves the way for a new civilization, a new way for the humans to live together, and a whole new way of organizing society. A whole new structure and a new spirituality in which the human naturally will be living their lives connected to the divine as a natural part of their existence. The humans will stop fighting with each other and instead cooperate, support and love each other. A world where suffering, deficiencies and conflicts are completely extinct. A world based on love, freedom and communion. A world where the humans has an open channel to their Higher Divine Self.
~ The connection with the Higher Self ~

Each one of you has a Higher Self that is one with the Divine. It’s an all-knowing, immortal soul that dwells in the infinite of Infinity, and that is completely limitless. It has always been and will always be. Your Higher Self has a connection down to your physical soul, your unique consciousness. But the human’s connection between the consciousness and the Higher Self is blocked. The human’s higher connection to the Divine is shut off, and they have difficulty contacting their Higher Self and hearing what it has to say. The human usually does not even have the knowledge that they have a Higher Self, and that this connection exists. Most people don’t have knowledge of their True Divine Self, and they can’t hear what their Higher Self is trying to say to them.

When a person has a spiritual awakening, the wall between the Higher Self and the conscious self begins to dissolve. There will be some cracks in the wall, and you will have access to some contact and some knowledge of the higher reality and your divine origin. One can take part in opening this door through spiritual work; through healing and through specific spiritual guides on Earth and in higher dimensions that have a strong power that can help open this door, to gain knowledge and to establish contact. The channel opens and closes back and forth until the wall is disintegrated once and for all and the channel is completely free between the infinite Higher Self and the individual’s consciousness. That is what is called ”enlightenment”. That is precisely what the enlightenment is about, removing the wall between your conscious self and your Higher Divine Self so that you can meet and become a unity again, just as you once were.
~ Disinformation about Humanity’s origin ~
– You said that humanity on Earth was created by a number of other human civilizations in the Cosmos. Why is it that humanity are so convinced that we evolved from the monkeys?
Humanity has been manipulated to believe that way. There has been a conscious effort to mislead and brainwash humanity for a very long time, on a variety of levels. It’s a conscious strategy to eradicate humanity’s cosmic heritage and divine origin. All alternative images and stories of human history have been silenced, and a false story has been planted in the collective consciousness of humanity instead.
Once a belief has been established in the human consciousness, it takes a lot for it to let go. The human has the ability to create their own worldview and reality. They will see the reality that they want to see. They will take in the ”proof” that supports the fictional reality in which they live, about the ”ape man” in this case, and any other evidence against it will be rejected. In this way, they can maintain their rigid and firm idea about reality. It’s more about interpretations and subjective beliefs than it is about actual ”proof”. But, as said, it is combined with cover-up of evidence, manipulation, and straight out lies. So it has taken place both on a conscious and unconscious level.
The "theory" of the apeman is disinformation that has been planted in the collective consciousness of humanity to eradicate human cosmic and divine heritage. Photo from the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.
The majority of the people on Earth are rigid and afraid, and have very firm beliefs about reality. They have an excessive respect for authority. They are afraid to question and reject, to distinguish themselves from the crowd, and they are unable to resist the peer pressure. Once a belief has been established by the elite on Earth, one feels compelled to believe it, even if one doesn’t really agree deep down. In addition, people who have objected have been punished for it and, and in some cases also lost their lives because they have opposed the prevailing beliefs. A telling example of this is the witch processes. In this way, humanity has been drawn into the false reality that they are living on Earth today, step by step.
~ The manipulation of humanity on Earth ~
There are a variety of destructive civilizations and cosmic beings that work with manipulating and brainwashing humanity, and they have a very advanced and sophisticated technology at their disposal to influence humans’ consciousnesses – their opinions, feelings and behaviors. The Power Elite on Earth also have access to certain mind control technology, but in no way on such an advanced level. When humans are sleeping souls, when they are not enlightened, and do not have access to their pure intuition and to the contact with their Higher Self – they also become easier to control. One could say that they are blind, because they do not see what is going on, and do not understand what is happening behind the scenes. They don’t have the ability to see that the thoughts in their heads are not their own thoughts, but that they have been manipulated from a distance by beings and souls who do not wish them well, and who have a destructive agenda with everything they do.
Humanity has been subjected to manipulation on a variety of levels for a long time. These forces have taken advantage of the fact that the human since long are in a sensitive part of their development, where they are blind and are groping in the dark. When they are about to open up to the higher divine reality, it has been prevented. The humans have not been able to see what is happening, and have not had the ability to stop it. The humans have not been able to see the global context and the greater cosmic perspective, but have only seen their own personal situation. 
It should also be said that there have always been good forces, enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos in collaboration with enlightened souls in higher dimensions, which have helped and protected the Earth and made sure that it has not gone too far. If the destructive energies and undeveloped civilizations would have had it their way, Earth would not have existed today. But it’s only the higher developed civilizations in our Cosmos that have been able to protect themselves against these energies. The less developed civilizations have not been able to protect themselves in the same way, and unfortunately they have not even been aware of the existence of these forces and the infiltration of their civilizations. The higher civilizations have done what they could to protect the Cosmos and the Earth as much as possible, and mitigated their progress. But even though you have received help and protection from other civilizations and higher dimensions, they have only been able to help you to a certain degree, since they are not allowed to stop something that is in accordance with humanity’s karma and the Divine Plan of the human’s spiritual development process.
~ The Power Elite are also manipulated ~
It’s important to understand that even though the Power Elite on Earth has manipulated humanity, they themselves have also been manipulated. There is a belief in many of the groups that operate within the Power Elite, that they are a chosen untouchable elite. The destructive beings and civilizations that they collaborate with have manipulated them to believe that they are some kind of superiors, promising that they will become rulers over the entire Earth, and even expand in the Cosmos and become a cosmic superpower. It is important to understand that even this is manipulation. They themselves have also been manipulated and brainwashed. The destructive forces in and outside of the Cosmos that are behind the manipulation and destruction of the Earth have no interest what so ever in giving the Power Elite any real power. Instead, they use them to achieve their own goals. The Power Elite has been deceived, and are only being used to destroy their own planet, turning their backs to and destroying their own home. It should be added that the Power Elite, and also all civilizations that have manipulated humanity, are greatly weakened today and know deep down that they have already lost – even though they do everything they can to deny this to themselves and maintain the facade.
Most of the leaders in the top of the various Power Elite groupings have been completely taken over by energy beings. The destructive civilizations have, with the help of advanced energy technology, pushed their souls aside and taken over their physical bodies, replacing their souls with destructive energy beings that has taken over their identity. But here it’s also important here to understand that even these civilizations are, in their turn, manipulated and ruled by cosmic energy beings, with an even greater ability to manipulate, far beyond their level of comprehension. It’s like one long chain of oppression, manipulation and exploitation. The prime forces that are ”at the top of the chain” have as their goal to destroy the entire Earth and, in the long run, the whole Cosmos.
A symbolic illustration from 2016 by Niel Hague from one of David Icke's books (www.nielhauge.com)
~ The two original destructive forces ~
Ultimately, there are two destructive energy consciousnesses behind the infiltration and destruction of Earth and the Cosmos. These original destructive forces do not come from our Universe, but they come from another infinity far beyond our Cosmos. They have tried to destroy our Cosmos ever since it came into being. These energy consciousnesses consist partly of a destructive and unbalanced version of the male light energy, and partly of a destructive and unbalanced version of the female darkness energy.
The destructive male energy’s method is primarily to spread highly addictive technology whose ultimate goal is to turn the human into a robot. The destructive female energy’s method is primarily to spread hatred, violence and war. One can simplify by saying that the destructive male energy wants to destroy the human through their mind, and that the destructive female energy wants to destroy the human through their body. All the groups that manipulate humanity – the Power Elite of the Earth and the destructive civilizations and super-dimensional beings – are puppets of either one of these two ultimate forces.
Both forces have worked their way into the Cosmos and into the core of different civilizations, in order to collapse civilizations and solar systems from within. They have already managed to do so with a multitude of civilizations, planetary systems and galaxies in our Universe. Both forces have collaborated with each other and benefited from each other’s energies to achieve their respective goals, even though they have their own separate interests. Each of their goals is to separately take over all of our Cosmos, and to use it as an energy battery and to drain it from all of its life force until it is emptied and destroyed. Both have acted in different ways and use their specific energy to achieve their goals.
~ The destructive white male light energy ~
The destructive male light energy is linked to the throat chakra and to ego, information and technology. It shifts in white and turquoise-green nuances. One of its primary methods is to spread technology that consists of destructive and infiltrating energy. Its energy produces a certain technology development and information technology that has a destructive impact on the human, with the goal of crumbling the civilization from within. That is primarily how this force has worked here on Earth. The energy of the technology that you have developed on Earth [such as electricity, mobile networks, WiFi and HAARP] slowly breaks people down, both their physical and mental health, and blocks their spiritual connection. It prevents people from developing spiritually, closing down their hearts and making them addicted to technology and sick. This makes them experience an increasing distance to other people. They get an ever-increasing ego and become increasingly superficial and self-absorbed, and have a harder time to think independent thoughts. They have a reduced need for deep personal relationships and deeper love relationships, and their sexual energy and lust are weakened or twisted. Their empathy for other humans gradually decreases, and instead they develop an ever increasing obsession with technology and an increasing need to constantly have a screen in front of them. This force has used the human’s inner desire for a spiritual ”connection” to the Divine, and instead replaced it with a digital connection to the Internet.
I would like to add here that enlightened civilizations have access to a much more advanced form of technology that is far beyond human ability. It is important to understand that technology per se is not harmful, but the difference is that the technology of these enlightened civilizations has a completely different energy in it. It consists of a balanced and harmonious energy, and in that way it is not destructive. It does not hurt, nor does it create any unhealthy dependencies. The enlightened civilizations have the ability to use the technology in whatever way they want, without them being taken over or becoming addicted. That is the difference. It is not that we will abandon and stop using technology after the Transition, but we will replace the current destructive technology with technology that consist of balanced energies, which is far more advanced than the technology we have access to today. It will serve us, instead of using us and trying to own us.
~ Artificial intelligence and transhumanism ~
The destructive male energy’s goal is to make the human abandon their humaneness and instead surrender their life to the technology and artificial intelligence [A.I.]. The goal is to make the human prefer virtual worlds to the true physical world, and to feel distanced to and disgusted by spending time in nature and to have physical relationships with other people. This is a pronounced strategy of the civilizations that manipulate humanity, where they work very long-term to get humans to where they want. They have prepared humanity for this energy-wise for a very long time, by continually taking small steps towards their goal [”Totalitarian Tiptoe”].
If you take a look around in the world you’ll see that they’ve managed very well, since people today spend more of their lives staring at their mobiles, staring at their screens, and spending less time with each other and being truly present in their physical lives. Humans turn away from their physical life and their physical relationships to an ever greater extent, in favor of the digital life and the virtual reality. A very large proportion of people in especially the rich part of the world suffer from severe addictions of their screens. This is because the energy that the technology consists of is addictive in itself, and takes over the human so that they let the screen and the technology control their life.
There is a long-term strategy to make the human surrender an ever greater part of their life to technology until the technology finally controls every detail of their life. [The movement on Earth that want to ”elevate” (i.e. robofy) the human using integrated technology is called Transhumanism]. There are very strong forces on Earth today that are pushing for a society in which artificial intelligence governs, and these forces are merely an extension of the agenda of the malicious civilizations and the ultimately the destructive male energy. One of the long-term plans is to ultimately offer the human to completely abandon their physical body and let their consciousness be transferred to a highly advanced human robot body, alluring with physical immortality.

[A few days after we had made the channeling, there was a strong synchronicity that gave us an unpleasant confirmation of how explicit the plan for the robofying of the human actually already is. When Manne was at the library, his eyes were drawn to a certain magazine on a shelf. It was the latest issue ofNational Geographic(4/17), with the cover illustrating how the human develops through monkey and modern day human – into a cyborg (combined human / robot), with the text ”Tomorrow’s Human – Now we control the evolution.” The same image adorns all international issues of the issue, an obvious global brainwashing campaign. The message in the magazine is that ”the human is soon a genetically modified cyborg”. The same message is found in other leading popular science magazines. The cover of a slightly older issue of the popular Swedish magazineIllustrerad vetenskap(“Science illustrated”) is adorned by a human robot with the text ”Eternal Life in a new body – A research team plans to transfer human consciousness to an avatar before 2045”. The Swedish magazineNextasks the reader on one of their covers ”A better human – Do you also want to become a cyborg?” Yet another issue ofIllustrerad vetenskapstates ”Say Welcome to Robo Sapiens”. This development – apparently not in the human’s best interest – being described so positively and uncritically, is a clear sign of media control and brainwashing.]

Examples from Swedish media. In leading science magazines we are brainwashed to believe that the robofying of the human is a positive and natural next step for humanity - entirely in accordance with the destructive male energy's plan for humanity.
An example from international news media, Time Magazine - one of the largest magazines in the world. The cover on the left states that intergrated technology will change our lives "like it or not" which litterally means being forced upon us. The magazine on the right predicts 2045 to be the year when the human becomes a cyborg.
~ The destructive female darkness energy ~
The other energy consciousness that is behind the infiltration and destruction of the Earth is the destructive female darkness energy. It uses another form of destructiveness that causes the human to be drawn to what you call ”evil”. It creates chaos and destruction that spread like a virus in the human and in society at large. It’s the destructive female darkness energy that has caused the murderous ways of the human and the violent warfare throughout the history of humanity. It creates a driving force in humans to seek conflicts and wanting to harm, kill and destroy. It creates hatred, violence, terrorism, war, starvation and suffering. It has created the epidemic of sexual abuse and sexual violence that takes place all over the world. It has created the human’s attraction to horror fiction and fascination for evil and destructive beings. Humanity’s celebration of Halloween for instance, is just one big ritual in the destructive female energy’s glory. It is the destructive female energy that has created the extremely inhumane behaviors that parts of the Power Elite secretly devote themselves to; Satanism and ”black magic”, blood drinking and cannibalism, sexual abuse and pedophilia, and ritual human sacrifices.
All these examples are extensions of this energy that has entered our civilization here on Earth to finally try to destroy it. That’s how these forces work as cosmic colonizers, they make it into the core of a civilization and divide it from within, in order to eventually take over it, destroy it and then move on to the next.
– It’s clear to see the presence of this energy in television shows and movies, with the focus on murder and death, and the wave of series and movies about zombies, vampires and cannibalism today. The widespread violent pornography and S&M [sado masochism] also comes to mind.
All of these examples are extensions of the destructive female darkness energy, being activities that damage and destroy other people, and which grows stronger the more you engage in them. Their purpose is to strengthen the destructive female energy’s grip of the human and gradually make them more destructive, to cause them to be overpowered by destructive forces, and that they will ultimately want to destroy other people and destroy themselves. That is the goal of this energy consciousness, that we will destroy each other and ourselves, and all of our civilization, so that they can gradually take over.
Halloween and the horror culture on Earth are ways of the destructive female darkness energy to make people, even children, connect to destructive beings in order to be influenced by them.
~ Meat eating ~
Another example of how the destructive female darkness energy infiltrated and influenced humanity is the eating of meat on Earth. The majority of humanity on Earth today are convinced that it is part of human nature to eat meat – to kill other animals and eat their meat, eggs and milk. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The human was never ever meant to kill and eat other living beings, and take their milk and eggs and eat them. It completely contradicts the human’s peaceful and loving nature, and is something that has been achieved through extensive energy manipulation, brainwashing and mind control.
It is not only that it contradicts human nature; it is also very unhealthy for the human to eat animal products – not only for their pure physical health, but also for their mental and spiritual health. The destructive energy of the animal products lowers the human’s energy levels and creates major energy imbalances in them. It lowers their spiritual consciousness and their level of mental and physical health. It makes humans more unstable and aggressive, and it accelerates their aging process. In addition, the killing and eating of animals creates negative karma which is a heavy burden on humanity, due to how the humans treat the animals in the concentration camp-like factories in the animal industry. By eating meat, you both take in the trauma of the animal that has been raised and killed for you to eat it, and the heavy destructive energies required to slaughter an animal.
It’s mainly the destructive female darkness energy that has manipulated the human and created the illusion that they need meat to survive, which in no way is true. Humans are best off excluding all forms of animal products and instead eating plant-based. That’s why meat eaters often react so strongly, get angry and attack you when discussing this topic, because those who manipulate humanity have put in energy defense mechanisms that automatically defend the bad choices you make in order for you not to feel if what you do actually feels wrong deep down.
~ The greater the divine truth, the greater the defence mechanism ~
There’s a range of things in your society that you do that are actually not good for you, and when someone challenges these destructive and deeply unbalanced things in society, people often react with very large aggression and anger, solely because there is a divine truth in it. The greater the divine truth, the greater the threat. This is part of the defense mechanisms that the destructive civilizations that manipulate humanity have put in. They use different types of mind control techniques where they can program people to think certain thoughts and react in certain ways. These systems make people feel threatened and attacked if anyone questions their destructive lifestyle. That’s why people react so strongly when questioning, for example, diet and lifestyle, medicine and healthcare, the prevailing norms in society and so on. The mind control technology is activated and put the human in defense mode, or even attack mode.
This technology also manipulates the humans to try and punish people who speak the truth. It is also a form of mind control that is achieved through energy implants in the collective consciousness of humanity, which makes people act as guardians of the Matrix and the prevailing system on Earth. The individuals who question or disturb the current system are perceived as threatening, and are being persecuted and punished in various ways. We can see very clear signs of this in today’s society. As soon as someone expresses deviant views online, for example, they are often exposed to very unbalanced and aggressive criticism. The individuals who have the strength it takes to express their truth are persecuted and attacked in completely unacceptable and disproportionate ways.
~ Vaccines ~
– A telling example of this is the baiting about vaccines in the media today.
Yes, all the anger and aggressiveness towards people who don’t want to vaccinate their children today is completely disproportionate, since the choice of not giving their children vaccines actually is an obvious right that every human being has. No one should ever be forced to give their children vaccines. This is another example of how these forces try to manipulate humans to poison themselves and poison their own children. Humanity are being fed disinformation and scare propaganda about health and disease daily.
Vaccines are an extension of the destructive male light energy. Through the vaccines, you take in a high-pitched destructive male energy that creates harmful imbalances and blockages in the human energy systems. The civilizations that manipulate humanity through destructive male energy use vaccines as a method of shutting down the supply of the pure female energy into our energy systems and our bodies through the substances that vaccines consists of and the energies that work through the vaccines. The human body needs a balance between the male and female energy in order to function normally and to be healthy. When you shut off the supply of red female energy, humans start to feel very bad and get mental and physical diseases. This creates enormous imbalances in the human’s energy systems that the body is unable to rebalance, which creates permanent imbalances in their bodies that lead to serious illnesses. There are a lot of science on Earth that shows the harmful effects of vaccines, which are covered up and ridiculed – or simply denied by humans because of the brainwash they have been exposed to and the energy implants that control their values.
An example of how the media slander and acuse "anti-vaxxers", only because they say no to injecting poison into themselves and their children.
Vaccines is one out of a variety of examples of methods that the malevolent civilizations and the Earth’s Power Elite use to create imbalances and blockages in humans physical bodies and energy systems to make them sick and prevent them from developing spiritually. Another example is the spreading of poisons that are found everywhere in our society – through food, through the air [geo-engineering], through consumer goods and so on. They encourage humans to live destructive lifestyles where they break down and poison themselves through unhealthy foods, alcohol, drugs, medicine, consumption, and so forth – and that are squandering Earth’s resources and breaking down the Earth’s ecosystem and energy system. The goal is simply to prevent humanity’s consciousness raising and to eventually eradicate them.
The destructive male light energy is also present in the science on Earth. Within the science arena, one is very shut off to the female energy and the female values such as spirituality, intuition and empathy. This means that the science you have today is very one-eyed and blind in many ways. The human doesn’t see the huge blind spots that exist within science today on Earth, in terms of the multidimensional energy reality we live in, the human consciousness and the soul, the energy body and the connection to human health and so on. There is also a huge lack of knowledge regarding the higher technology that the human has the potential to develop. The Power Elite and their collaborative partners have worked very hard to prevent humanity from gaining access to the true knowledge of the multi-dimensional human, free energy, space travel and other very advanced technology, and so on. After the transition to the New Age, you will need to reconsider all the ”knowledge” that you have had access to on Earth to date, and start over from the beginning to create a new understanding of what the human being is and what reality actually consists of.
~ The puppets of the two forces ~
These two destructive forces have, through energy manipulation and through the malevolent civilizations they use, fundamentally changed the self image of the human, and deceived them to believe they are something they are not. Human beings arefriendlyand their basic energy isloving and peaceful. Humanity is actually a very peaceful people who would never ever hurt another person or war against someone else in their natural state. The reason they have begun to act as conflicting and warlike as they do today, and that they have begun committing such great abuse to each other and to other living beings today, is due to thetremendousmanipulation they have been exposed through these two destructive forces. That’s what has caused humanity to falsely believe that competition, conflict and war are part of their natural being.
It is important to remember that there are no winners in acting as a puppet for these forces. There is no one in Cosmos who can ”win” in being part of these destructive powers, but we are all losers in taking part in this game. All the souls who have been overpowered and have participated in the destruction of the Earth and the Cosmos will needvery extensivehealing and purification work in the higher dimensions after the Transition. It will be a very laborious and profound effort for them to clean their own karma.
– Are you talking about the Power Elite now?
The Power Elite on Earth is just one ofanumberof groups in the Cosmos that were taken over by these forces and participated in the destruction of the Earth, humanity and Cosmos. Everyone must take responsibility for what they have done. It goes for all souls, no matter what.
When it comes to the manipulation from cosmic civilizations, it’s not like some seem to believe, that there is onlyonepowerful civilization in our Cosmos that is behind all manipulation of humanity. There isavarietyof spiritually undeveloped civilizations – but with an advanced technological development – who have participated and become puppets of these energy consciousnesses. These forces have overpowered them, taken over their consciousness and ruled them and their perception. The destructive civilizations that have participated in the manipulation of the Earth have acted as puppets of one of these two forces – or in some cases both – based on which of the two forces that best matches their own energy composition.
In other words, it is not ultimately alien civilizations that are behind the manipulation of humanity, but it’s these two original forces that are beyond our Cosmos that have infiltrated our Cosmos and our Earth. The information you have access to here on Earth, including the alternative information, is just a fragment of the truth. It can be true and correct, but it’s only a fragment. It’s only when you put all the pieces together and see the whole picture that you can get a complete understanding of the situation.
~The liberation of Cosmos ~
The two destructive forces have collaborated for a very long time trying to take over our Cosmos. But there has been a great deal of cooperation between all highly developed souls in our Universe to prevent this. Through cooperation with highly developed and powerful souls from outside our Cosmos, we have managed to remove these destructive consciousnesses from the world we live in – the great Infinity that our Cosmos is located in. This is a verydramatic and crucial eventthat has taken place during the recent years, but which has taken place under the surface and which humanity is not aware of. There has been a great deal of work on many levels to cleanse this universe and free it from these destructive forces.
[Maria has participated in this work during the last few years, and she says that the decisive step to get rid of these two destructive forces from our Cosmos’ world was taken in 2016. It has been a very tough and demanding work for a long time to reach this goal. The incredible power accumulation that was required to ultimately cut the connection to them and throw them out of our world was extremely intense.]
On the other hand, there are remains of their energies and energy systems that they have built into our world and our Cosmos, and of course they must be torn down and purified. We as souls living in the Cosmos have a great effort in front of us tocleanse and purify and emptythe Cosmos of destructive energies of all kinds – all the destructive energy systems and programming that these forces have created. A comprehensive healing effort will be required to completely free our Cosmos from these energies. Likewise,Earth and humanitywill have to take part in a comprehensive healing effort to completely liberate themselves – because they have infiltrated and taken over much of your civilization, your values and your social structures. 
When humans begin to wake up and question the world you live in – the prevailing values and structures – you will realize that there isvery littleof life on Earth that is actually in accordance with your Divine Selves. Most of what happens in your civilization will need to be demolished and removed and replaced with something completely different. This is something that characterizes the entrance of the New Age, that you demolish and clean out the old and replace it with something completely new. The entrance into the New Age is not just an event here on Earth, but it is acosmicevent that can now be made possible as a direct result of having removed these energy consciousnesses that have infiltrated our world. There are still remains, and it’s a big and thorough work that has to be done to clear all the layers. However, since the original source of these destructive energies has been removed, a deciding obstacle has also been removed which, during the eons of time, has made it impossible for the Earth and the Cosmos to enter into a higher state and a new age. Now there isnothing leftthat prevents us from entering the New Age. That means we are finally FREE. Free to enter the New Age and create a new world in beauty and harmony.
~ Wake up from the manipulation ~
It is high time for humanity to wake up and become aware of these forces that have worked for a long time to move you away from your natural original state. It’s high time you see that you, as humanity, are completely disoriented, and that you are stuck in a state that is incredibly far from your Natural Self. When humans wake up and deeply realize what this infiltration and manipulation have caused humanity, they will understand that most of their value systems and structures in society are significantly different from their natural state. It’s incredibly important that you wake up and become aware of all the manipulation and all the energy implants that remain in you as humans, and your social systems and structures – so that you can begin the great work of peacefully healing, cleansing, purifying and tearing down all these structures.
All of the old must be cleared out in order to be replaced by something new. That is the important step that humanity faces today, to really deep down understand to which enormous extent you’ve gone astray and how incredibly far you really are from your original True Selves. You need to work with thorough meditation and healing work to find your way back to your True Divine Self, and your natural way of living and being together. You need to find your way back to your natural way of organizing your world, and create a new world filled with love, peace, caring and truth.
Through inner spiritual work, we can free ourselves from the manipulation and let our Divine Selves begin to shine through.
~ Use a healthy discernment ~
I would like to finish by inviting you to always use a healthy, critical and grounded discernment – in everything you read in newspapers and in books, everything you learn through education and courses, everything you see in movies and series, all the advertising and the impact you are exposed to, all the people you talk to, all the norms and rules that exist in society. 
Always carry the critical discernment with you, whatever you do and whatever you encounter. Don’t just swallow things that you are being told, but instead make conscious choices in everything you do. Always keep that in mind in all aspects of your life; in which people you meet, what movies you watch, what you say yes or no to take into your body… In every life choice you make – always use a healthy sense of discernment.
Do not accept things as truth automatically just because an authority says they are true, or because someone says ”but that’s how it has always been” or ”but everyone does that”. That is absolutely no argument, quite the contrary. Dare to start living your life according to your True Selves, your True Divine Selves – the part of you that has been asleep for so long and that is now beginning to wake up again. Let your inner voice and your Divine Self into your life again, finally. Begin living your life in Truth and Love.