The message from the cosmic network about re-launching the healing sessions for Mother Earth

Maria Bertram started with the healing sessions for Mother Earth (as part of her life task) in 2008 at the local level in Norrtälje (outside of Stockholm), and from 2009 the Network became global and Maria and I held global healing sessions every (Swedish) full moon. In the autumn of 2017, after almost ten years, the resistance was too great and the attacks on Maria so severe that we no longer had the energy to continue with them.


When, in October 2021, I wrote the long article “That which was not supposed to happen” and mentioned that it felt like the Mother Earth Network had been cancelled with the tragic passing of Maria, I received an uplifting and encouraging message from the cosmic network around the Earth:

“The Mother Earth Network has NOT been cancelled! It never was. That’s an illusion. Don’t forget that the Mother Earth Network also consists of US – the gigantic network around Earth [consisting of enlightened cosmic civilizations, nature spirits and spiritual masters] who participate in the energy raising of humanity and the Earth. We are still working full time to heal the Earth’s energy flows. But we need your help. The Earth needs your help. And you actually also need the Earth’s help!


We see that the time is now ready for the rebirth of the Mother Earth Network, and you will be helped to spread the message through a new energy wave. It is predetermined. We will not allow the message to be lost once again, and therefore it’s of highest importance that the message is spread to all who are receptive to it, through this new energy wave that we’re talking about. 


It’s not just Maria’s, or Manne’s, message – it’s not bound to any particular person. It is all of our message, all of us in the cosmic community in the higher dimensions, to all of you who are open to it. The message of unification with Mother Earth is more important than ever today. The grounding is the missing link for humanity’s continued spiritual transformation, and for you to be able to best prepare for the Transition to the New Age that we’re standing before. 


Yes, we are still standing before it. We know you are in doubt. We understand that you are confused and feel defeated. But please have faith. You have now received a clear sign of what the first step to take is, and you have chosen to take that step. We are so happy and grateful for that. Let the process run its course, and have faith. You will be guided step by step along the way. You will get all the help that you need.


We would humbly suggest that the next step of the network is to resume the healing sessions for Mother Earth. We would like to encourage everyone who feels called, to participate. Mother Earth is your Primordial Mother. It’s high time to reunite with her. She’s waiting for you. She loves you. But she suffers. The resurrection of female energy takes place both in the human, in Mother Earth and in the Cosmos. By participating in the healing sessions, you also strengthen your own channel to the female energies in the Earth’s interior. In other words, you heal both Mother Earth and yourself when you participate.


We’re doing what we can, but we can only contribute to a certain level, due to the Cosmic law of Non-intervention. When you’re participating as representatives of humanity, we have much greater opportunities to help the Earth together.  We want to engourage all of you to also continue to send Mother Earth healing to yourselves regularly. It will transform you. Try it. See how it feels and what results it brings. 


We wish you, Manne, and ALL of you who want to participate, good luck with the rebirth of the Mother Earth Network! It is a great event that we all in the gigantic network around the Earth have been waiting for and are rejoicing in. Mother Earth is waiting for you, and she LOVES you. And all of us in the cosmic network around the Earth love you, and we are always present with you. ”