Maria’s perhaps most important channeling

I’m finished with the illustrated transcription of a channeling that Maria did in Stockholm April 27th 2011. The channeling is also available as a video  (with Engligh subtitles) – the only video of Maria channeling, before her tragic passing in 2020. The content of the channeling is both wide and deep. It works as an introduction to our inner connection with the Divine, while it also addresses the transformation of the human consciousness and the transition to the New Spiritual Age. It is perhaps her most important channeling as it goes deep with the message of our inner divinity – a message that is actually more important than – and a prerequisite for – all ”information” about ”how”, ”where”, and ”when” The Transition will take place.


I speak to all of you / I love you unconditionally / You were born here and now for a reason / The children on Earth / A world of little boxes / You are one with Mother Earth  / You are God / Cleanse your insides / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / Intensification of the law of Cause and Effect / Let go of the economic system / Preparations for the Transition / A meditation / Your cosmic friends have come to show you the way / Climate changes / New world, new possibilities / Collective solutions /The gift of experiencing lack / The New World and the New Human / Ending