UFO-pictures from the Truth Energy ceremony

On December 18th, during the ceremony for releasing the Truth Energy, which we did together with our cosmic friends, several spaceships appeared in the form of dots of light above the forest where I was sitting.


Click here to see the pictures!

UFO pictures from the Truth Energy ceremony

Yesterday I went out to a lake to perform a healing ceremony for the release of the Truth Energy on Earth, together with members of the Mother Earth network (at a distance) and the network of our cosmic friends around the Earth. We were asked to imagine the blocking of the Truth Energy as a dam in the higher dimensions, which together we destroyed so that the red energy of truth (an aspect of the female energy in the inner core of the Earth) could be released!


It was a very powerful ceremony, and I was greeted by no less than 5 ships that showed their presence! I do not usually take pictures of them, because I do not think that pictures of light dots are much to show, but I picked up the phone in the end and snapped some pictures anyway for those of you who want to see.


First one came alone, then two came at the same time, then two more in a row. They all followed this pattern:


1. They ascended slowly from the forest in an irregular movement pattern while blinking in red-white-red-white etc.
2. Then they stopped, still quite ”low” in the sky, and ”lit” a brighter permanent light. Then they hung still with that light for between 5 seconds and 3 minutes.
3. Then they turned on ”airplane lighting” (hologram) AND airplane sound and flew in a straight line across the sky, just like an airplane (they often work with this airplane trick).


I waved and shouted so that it echoed (telepathy was not enough to express my joy) and I was so happy that we did the ceremony together, and to be able to sit there and ”hang out” with my cosmic friends for a while this Saturday night.