VIDEO: Maria channels Divine Consciousness (”God”) with audience


During the years 2009-2011, we made a number of public appearances, where Maria Bertram channeled messages, mainly from the Divine Consciousness. After that, the energy resistance was too overwhelming, and we did not manage to arrange any more public gatherings.


A person with a media background, who had a spiritual awakening, had found us online and contacted us and wanted to film us, which we were very happy about. I am extra happy today, that there is a documented channeling with Maria. It’s the only video available when she is channeling, before her tragic passing in 2020.


The video was recorded in Stockholm, April 27, 2011. Even though it is over 10 years old, it is a timeless message that rather only becomes more relevant with each passing year. The channeling is also available as a text version with illustration.

In the video, Maria first talks about her spiritual awakening, and then performs a long channeling. The video is almost 2 hours long, in Swedish language but with English subtitles.


During the channeling, Maria also performs an energy transmission of the Cosmic White Fire, an aspect of the highest divine energy. It is also the energy that we’re getting connected to in the meditation in the video.


Comments about the video 

”This is the most important video of the century ♥ I am as touched and enchanted now as when I first saw it. Sometimes it feels like it is this very channeling through Maria that is the foundation of everything I believe in and try to achieve today”.

”A divine encounter with God, so beautiful that I cried when I watched this and I will probably watch it again”

”My daughter came and checked what I was looking at, and then she exclaimed: oooooh mom I get shivers all over my body, who is she ?? FANTASIC ♥ ”

”Let me say that this channeling was the purest and most perfect I have ever experienced.”

“The tears flowed when I felt the love and truth of this message. Have not felt God’s love so strongly in a long time. ♥”


Content of the channeling

I speak to all of you / I love you unconditionally / You were born here and now for a reason / The children on Earth / A world of little boxes / You are one with Mother Earth  / You are God / Cleanse your insides / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / Intensification of the law of cause and effect / Let go of the economic system / Preparations for the Transition / A meditation – The Cosmic White Fire / Your cosmic friends have come to show you the way / Climate changes / New world, new possibilities / Collective solutions /The gift of experiencing lack / The New World and the New Human / Ending