”We have come to show ourselves to you”


This channeling is a little different from the channelings we’ve released earlier. It’s an unexpected dialogue we had with a ”UFO” that appeared in the night sky. It was the first time we experienced something like this. The text is more of an exciting personal encounter with short questions and answers, rather than the in-depth spiritual guidance that we are used to from Maria’s channelings. We never published this channeling, we only let our closest friends take part of it, but now I’ve been guided to release it.


The night when the UFO showed up

One evening during the fall of 2009, Maria, myself (Manne) and another friend sat down for dinner in Maria’s cottage outside of Norrtälje after a course that Maria held during the day. We were talking around the table, and I told about a book I had read with channeled messages from souls from Sirius, and how they said that humanity will gradually have more and more visits from other civilizations.


Then our friend looked out the window and pointed to a bright ball of light above the forest in the dark night sky, and said ”What’s that!?”. We put on our jackets and went out. It was hanging just above the treetops, that is, much lower than the stars visible. It reminded me of the lamp of a radio mast, but Maria assured us that there was no radio mast there. It was much brighter than the stars, about five times larger than the brightest shining star, and it was completely still at the time.


Maria then says that they had made telepathic contact with her, and we started a conversation with them. We took turns in asking questions.  Since it was the first time we got to talk with an extraterrestrial race in a spaceship that we could see in the sky, and since our friend was new to the subject, there was a lot of focus on physical and technical aspects of the encounter, rather than the spiritual guidance we are used to from Marias channelings. But it was nevertheless an exciting and fascinating dialogue!




Presentation / The visit on Earth / The Transition to the New Age / The ceremony by the lake / Different forms of pleasure



Channeling of “The Bear Dogs” from ”Kyran”, through Maria Bertram, September 6th, 2009


~ Presentation ~

We have come to show ourselves to you. We can’t get closer than we are now. We don’t have permission to do so. We would like to come down and land and shake hands with you, but we aren’t allowed to do so by the Galactic Federation. Also, we don’t have a human appearance, so there’s a risk that you’d be frightened if you saw us. We have come to show you that we are here with you. We have been preparing for this trip for a long time and have been waiting for this evening when the three of you are gathered.


-Why have you come?


To witness the amazing transformation that is now taking place on the entire planet, and to meet you. We have also come to help all of you due to the transition to the New Age that we are standing before.


-What do you look like? Are you physical?


Yes, we are physical.


Maria sees them for her inner vision and describes them as big and bulky, with bear-dog-like faces. They stand upright. Very thick legs and large feet. Brownish-black leathery skin. Heavy grounding energies.


We are what you could call “darkness beings” or a “darkness civilization”. That means that we embody the Holy Darkness, the grounding female energy. But it is a divine energy and has nothing to do with “evil”. It’s a misconception on Earth that darkness is the same thing as evil. 


-What does life look like on your planet?


We live in caves, where we enjoy the tranquility. In our caves there are long stalactites and stalagmites, where the water drips and creates beautiful sounds. We pound the stalagmites to create beautiful music, since we can’t sing. We use energies to manifest our reality. 

Cave with stalactites (formed from above) and stalagmites (formed from below).

We are a peaceful people, but that has not always been the case. We have been a warlike people before, in the history of our planet.


-How did the process look like when you went from a warlike people to a peaceful one? Was it a slow or fast process, and did you get help from other civilizations?


Oh yes, we got a lot of help, otherwise we would not have made it. It was the Divine Plan and the energy flow that guided our development. It was a protracted process that intensified in the end. But we were a hair’s breadth away from eradicating our own race.


-Are there other peoples on your planet?


No, there have never been any others. There is not much life left at all. Apart from us, there are only amphibians, reptiles and the like.


– Where is your planet located?


It is located on the corner of the other side of your galaxy and is called ”Kyran”, and our area is called ”The Dog Islands”.


-How many are there in the ship?


We’re eight.


-Are you men or women?


We are androgynous. We use energies to fertilize ourselves to reproduce on our planet. We feel the same love for all living beings that we meet.


-Can you see us?


Yes, we see you up close. We can see what you look like, hear your voices and see your facial expressions.


-Are there any more encounters planned apart from us?


There are a few more.


-What eye color do you have?


[Maria describes that they have brownish-black eyes, framed with a leathery ring and a lighter edge inside].


– Do you have five fingers?


We have six fingers. We have a sixth finger at the bottom of the palm.


-Are you much taller than us?


Slightly taller. We are wider than you, more bulky bodies. Larger lower part of the body. Big hands and especially big feet.


-Do you think we look odd?


We do not place any value in your appearance. You are part of diversity, and all parts must be allowed to exist.


-Do you have a verbal language, and if so, does it sound like ours?


*Laughter* For you, it would probably sound more like dark rough grunts, like gargles in the throat. Guttural sounds.



~ The visit on Earth ~


-What would your ship look like if you landed here?


Like a bright light that you would be blinded by.


-Are you far from us now?


We float over the sea [behind the forest], and we can move freely across the sky.


[While we are communicating with them, we can see how the ball of light starts moving. Sometimes it hangs still in the air and sometimes it moves in circles, sometimes what looks like small sporadic jerky movements in different directions. At times, it hangs just above the forest and at times it hangs higher up in the sky. When clouds get in the way, the ship always positions itself in the gaps between the clouds so that we can see it.]


– Could humans travel with your ship?


Yes, humans can do that.


-How does the ship move, is it teleportation or physical?


*Laughter* We travel physically, but since time and space are an illusion, it is the same as teleporting, since it goes very fast. We move directly from one point to another without delay.


-What technology do you use to move your craft?


Light and energy.


-Is it with the power of thought, or technology built into the ship that you use to move the ship?


It’s a combination of both.


-Are there people from your race incarnated with us on Earth?


No, but Manne and Maria have met representatives of our people on other planets in a previous life in another galaxy, so we are well acquainted with each other.


-Will you visit the Earth physically, or is the atmosphere and such things an obstacle?


No, we could visit you. However, you would not be well off on our planet. It consists of beautiful mountain landscapes, but the oxygen composition is different and there are gases that would be too difficult for you to handle. But as I said, we can walk on Earth. The time is soon to come when multitudes of civilizations will land on Earth and you will meet us face to face, and your cosmic quarantine will finally be broken.



~ The transition to the New Age ~


-Is it the Galactic Federation or the Power Elite that prevents sufficient evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrials?


There already is sufficient evidence on Earth, but humanity has not yet been ready to take them in. And since so many people carry so much fear, it’s very likely that you would treat us with fear and hostility. Therefore, we take it slow, until the time is right. There are huge numbers of civilizations that want to land. The Galactic Federation has not given us permission to get closer than we are now, and we respect that. Not all civilizations circulating around the Earth are allowed to pass through the protection like we are. What is happening now on Earth is a huge cosmic event and you are at the center of the whole Galaxy, and actually the whole Cosmos. You will create the highest level of consciousness on Earth ever. Don’t worry, you will succeed, but you face great challenges, that’s the reality. We humbly believe that we too could contribute to the development of the Earth.


-Do you have any advice to give us about the transition to the New Age?


Remember to not let yourself be limited by the illusions of the physical world. Fear prevents people from developing. You carry so much fear. Instead, create your future with love and intention. Paint your future like you paint on a canvas. It’s extremely powerful when you visualize your own and the Earth’s future. It’s great if you do it in a group with people who have common visions. All external change begins on the interior, never forget that.



~ The ceremony by the lake ~


Everything that you do on Earth to manifest the new reality has significance. The ceremony you recently did on Earth was of greatest importance. 


[They’re talking about a ceremony Maria and I did at Hellasgården’s lake outside of Stockholm, where we opened and activated energy gates in the depths of the lake and large amounts of red fertility energy from the Earth’s interior were released. Maria was guided by a water elemental in the form of a giant ”sea monster” that she saw through her third eye. It was the guardian of the lake, sticking up it’s enormous head in front of the bridge where we stood, she told.]-

Maria at the lake of Hellasgården before the ceremony

Now that you have opened the gates to the red fertility energy in the Earth’s interior, it has created an imprint on the entire Cosmos. These energies also affect our development. There were a large number of beings on site to witness the event, and we were there too. It was an important day in the history of the Earth and the Cosmos, which we did not want to miss. It was amazing to see how your fertility energies fertilized the entire Cosmos. You have now taken an important step in entering the New Age and the creation of a paradise on Earth.


Do you have more questions? We can continue this conversation all night if you want, or until you want to go to bed.



~ Different forms of pleasure ~


-Do you want to ask us something?


[A moment of silence] We wonder what it is like to walk on Earth where the female energies from the Earth’s interior meet the male energies from above. We are filled with wonder by the union between the male and the female energy on the surface of the Earth. We are also filled with wonder by the sexual union that you humans enter into with each other, and the pleasure you experience. We have never experienced anything like that on our planet… and we are wondering what your screaming is all about. 


[We all break out in laughter, and forget to comment on what they said]


-What pleasures do you have on your planet?


We enjoy the bliss… the peace. We enjoy going deeper and deeper into the eternal present moment, all the way down to the Zero Point, where there is complete stillness. Humans also have access to this.


[After this, we ask for personal guidance, and they give each of us guidance for our spiritual development. Then we end the conversation]


We’re leaving now. But remember that we are always with you in our minds, and you can always communicate with us telepathically. We love you and we send you light and love.

[We thank them for their visit and for the conversation. Then we see the point of light weaken until it has completely disappeared]