”We’re from an underwater civilization coming to Earth to help humanity”

In this article, Maria Bertram makes an astral journey to a spaceship in a UFO video, and shares her experience and conveys a message to humanity from the people in the ship.


Background – On UFO videos

In 2010, I (Manne) spent a lot of time going through UFO videos on Youtube, and became very fascinated by how many good videos there were, which did not get the attention they deserved. The videos that got the most attention were usually the blurry light dots in the night sky that we are used to seeing. It was as if the videos that were showig actual spaceships in daylight were automatically dismissed as ”too good to be true”. Of course, there are lots of fake computer-generated videos that look real, and in many cases it’s difficult to determine with the naked eye whether they are filmed or computer-generated. But something told me that many amazing videos actually were real. 


How Maria determined if a UFO video was real or fake

When I showed different videos to Maria, she could tune in to them. She felt a huge difference between tuning in to an animated and a filmed spaceship. When it came to a video with a computer-generated spaceship, she described it as her astral body bouncing against an ”electronic wall”, and she began to shake for a few seconds. When she instead tuned in to an authentic video of a spaceship, it was as if a whole world opened up. She immediately felt what energies the ship and the beings consisted of, and in many cases they welcomed her into the ship. In the rare cases of a civilization that did not want to show themselves, she still felt their energies and who they were, but she also noticed the ”energy shield” they had put up around the ship, and that she was not welcome.


We decided to do a number of channelings from the civilizations in the ships of some of the best authentic videos we could find. Maria was at first reluctant, as she was not interested in having to ”defend” the videos against the skeptics, but wanted the focus to be on the message. However, she agreed to start this project, since she also hoped that it would open people’s eyes to how many authentic videos there are of actual spaceships, after all. She also hoped to inspire others to dare to open up their intuition to learn to tune in to UFO videos. But be aware that Youtube’s updated search algorithms does everything to hide all amateur UFO videos from the search results, so they are often almost impossible to find.  


The video of the cylinder-shaped ship in Canada 2010

In the video we see a silver-colored cylindrical spaceship among the clouds, filmed in Toronto, Canada, May 6, 2010. It first moves slowly into a cloud, then shoots off to another cloud in a split second. 


Further down the article, I will present 11 more videos of the same cylinder-shaped ship, some of which are arguable better than this one. But it was this video that Maria used to tune into the ship. 



Maria tuned in to the ship in the video and could determine that it was authentic, and then went on to find out what kind of civilization that inhabited the ship. What she discovered was something we could never have imagined! She discovered that most of the cylindrical ship consisted of a huge aquarium tank filled with a jelly-like water, where representatives of an enlightened civilization of giant fishes swam around! That thought had never crossed our minds, that there could be enlightened extraterrestrial fish civilizations, that also traveled through the Cosmos in water-filled spaceships! That realization alone was consciousness-expanding! They instantly contacted Maria and wanted to leave a message for humanity through her. They left a powerful message with their perspective on the human’s spiritual development, including the importance of working with our inner blockages, our pain and our karma due to the increase in energy that is now taking place on Earth.


Why we never released this channeling

We had planned to do a series of articles where Maria tuned in and visited the spaceships in the ten best authentic UFO videos we had found. But we only released one channeling back then, namely the channeling of the extraterrestrial ”human” Himaalih from the spaceship in a video from Haiti in 2007. Those of you who read the article know that the video is controversial, and that Himaalih later told that the video was used as part of a manipulation campaign by the Power Elite to smear authentic UFO videos. We thought it was an unfair challenge, since some of our readers questioned the authenticity of the video (in the first version we released, we had not yet received Himaalih’s explanation). Due to this challenge, Maria was quite reluctant to continue with the UFO project, but she decided to do a new channeling.


Once Maria had finished the channeling of the fish people, she felt a very strong resistance towards releasing it, for several reasons. Partly because the previous ”UFO channeling” drew so much focus to the authenticity of the video rather than to the message. In addition, she felt that there was a great risk that her description of the inhabitants of the ship would ridiculed and dismissed as pure science fiction (in addition to the fish people, she also describes other beings that are the fish people’s helpers in the ship, outside of the aquarium tank). 


After all, her experience and channeling was deeply personal, and a big gift to those who are receptive to it, and she didn’t want to share her personal gift if it was only to be laughed off. However, she worked intensively with the blockages that stood in the way of being able to release it, but the time was never ready. It was simply not meant to be released until now! For those of you who do not know, Maria tragically passed away in 2020, and this is the last of Marias unreleased channelings.


Before reading the channeling, take a deep breath and open yourself to the infinite diversity of the Cosmos. Remember that all fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction on Earth are inspired by the higher cosmic reality where diversity is infinite.


Content of the channeling

Entering the ship / The aquarium tank / Presentation / Our ship / The presence of spaceships on Earth / How we see Earth / The consequences of suppressing your pain / Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world /  Get off the carousel / The Infinite Now / The road towards enlightenment / “Dream” and “reality” / The ocean on our home planet / Revere your water / Ending



Channeling of “the Manta Ray” from “The Dream People,” the Andromeda galaxy, channeled by Maria Bertram, July 29th, 2011

~ Entering the ship ~

I [Maria] have made an astral journey to visit the ship, and I end up at the outside of the end of the cylinder, where there is some kind of gate, like the cylinders ”lid”. There is a dark and sluggish energy wall that is difficult to get through. Then there are little beings on the inside of the ship that says: ”Let us open the door for you so that it’s easier for you to get in!” They open the gate, or ”lid”, and I enter the cylindrical ship.


I have come to some kind of hall that is not filled with water, with a large number of different short being on the floor. They have different looks and sizes but are all considerably smaller than humans, and they seem to have different origins. They say: “We are the fish people’s helpers and we help them with everything they themselves can’t do. You have a perception that there are only one people from one civilization in the spaceships, but that is not always the case. Often there are representatives from several different civilizations in the ships. ”


It’s hard to describe them all, because they have such different appearances. But for example, there is a bright creature that is very short, about 2,5 feet tall (70 centimeters). It looks like some kind of cartoon character. It has large round feet, a small head with a large oversized nose, and large heavy hands that hang down along the sides. It has very high frequency light energies in it, and it jumps up and down and giggles – ”hihihihihi!” – and burst out into shouts of joy sometimes. ”I help maintain high-pitched light frequencies in the ship!” it says.


Then there are also slightly longer and more human-like beings that are very dark. They have a dark, leathery skin and are about 4 feet tall (120 cm). Their whole appearance are very dark, but they are a little brighter around the facial features and eyes. Their heads are pointy and reminiscent of top hats or cones, but they are not headgear but the actual shape of their head. They say that they possess a high level of energy technology knowledge. Then there is also a short robot, which is made of a bright metal. It has angular arms and legs and a cylindrical head that is flat on top.

~ The aquarium tank ~

They show me the way up a staircase that looks like it’s made of something similar to steel. We come to a ledge that looks almost like a big trampoline. I am now standing on the ledge and in front of me begins the actual ”aquarium” , that is, it is a ”wall” of water. The water goes from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, but there is no glass pane. Instead, it is a light turquoise jelly-like substance that holds the water in place, and which lies like a film around the  water masses, and fills the same function as the glass panes in an aquarium.


When I tune in to the water in the tank, I feel that it is more viscous than the water on Earth. The helpers then say: “The water in the aquarium tank is slightly more viscous than the water on Earth, but the water on the fish people’s home planet has the same consistency as the water on Earth. They only use this more viscous jelly-like water when they are traveling ”. But the membrane around the aquarium tank is even more viscous and jelly-like than the water that they swim in”.


The assistants continues: “The robot’s task is to take care of the maintenance of the inside of the aquarium tank, because it has no lungs. It is from this ledge that it jumps into the water when it is about to do something inside the aquarium tank. The rest of the ship is filled with water, except for a corresponding air-filled space at the other end of the ship. There are narrow air-filled corridors on the sides of the ship that connect the air-filled spaces at both ends to each other. You are welcome to walk around and look around if you want ”. I say that I would rather stay here and focus on the conversation with the fish people in the aquarium tank.


In the pool, I see large underwater animals of various kinds swimming around. There are five of them in total. The first one I came in contact with on my previous visit is a giant manta ray (a large flat fish, also known as ”devils ray”on Earth). It lies flat on the bottom of the pool. The floor is flat at the bottom of the aquarium tank, while the walls and roof are rounded, just like the ship’s outer walls. The manta ray is huge, about 5 meters wide between the ”wings”. It is lighter in color on it’s underside and darker on the top, just like the manta rays on Earth. I am shown an image of how the underside becomes luminescent when it raises its energy frequencies. It’s the manta ray who speaks for the fish people.



There are four more animals swimming around in the pool. One of them is a giant octopus that has a white, transparent and luminous body, and I am also shown how it becomes even more luminous and gets a more light blue glow when it raises its frequencies. The octopus is a total of about 25 feet long (8 meters). The third one is a huge fish, about 10 feet (3 meters long), which has typical silver-colored fish scales all over its body. Its shape is reminiscent of a goldfish, in other words it’s quite ”high”, but with tail fins that are more reminiscent of, for example, a cod. It has large intense eyes that almost feel human, and it feels like it looks straight into my soul when it it looks deeply into my eyes.


The fourth animal is something in between a seahorse and a shrimp, and it’s about 5 feet high (1.5 meters). It has a seahorse-like head, but with lots of long antennules – like the ones of a shrimp. The whole silhouette is reminiscent of a seahorse, that is the lower part of the body turns into a spiral, although the spiral goes backwards instead of forwards as on earthly seahorses. It is gray-pink in color. The fifth is a large fish that is something in between a shark and a starfish. It’s like a coral red shark, which has a shark-like pointed nose with a mouth with sharp teeth, and fins that create the shape of a starfish when viewing it from the side. However, it’s a little longer than it is high. It has a lumpy skin that resembles the surface of a starfish. It is about 10 feet long (3 meters).


The Manta Ray begins to telepathically convey their message.

~ Presentation ~


-We’re coming from an enlightened underwater civilization and we have come to Earth to help humanity. We are from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Milky Way’s sister galaxy, and the journey here takes us only a few minutes [the Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 million light-years away. The galaxy is part of the constellation ”Andromeda”]


The Andromeda Galaxy


We live in a dream-like existence on our home planet in a giant sea that consists of the most amazing shapes and colors, and an infinite number of species and with an amazing diversity, both in terms of animal species and plants.


-What can we call you? Do you have a name?


I don’t have a name in the verbal language that you use, but I have my own frequency, my own sound that is my signature which makes it possible to distinguish me from others. But you can call me ”The Manta Ray” if you want, that’s perfectly fine. The best way to describe us is to call us ”The Dream People”, because it’s under that name that our civilization is known.


~ About our ship ~

We – the underwater animals – control the entire ship only through our thinking ability and visualizing power. There is no control panel, buttons, levers or screens in the ship. We also don’t need any type of window because we don’t need our physical eyes to see, but we can see with our third eye instead. Everything that happens with the ship happens through our will and visualization ability.


On the ship’s surface, there are energy patterns that are like energy codes, like an energy equivalent to what you on Earth call ”mantras”. These are energy codes that help us to move and to create the reality we need to be as mobile as possible, and to become limitless in our journey through time and space. They are energy codes that work as giant energy portals that open doors for us to travel to other places beyond time and space.



I’m the one holding the ship’s main vibration, or base tone. Together with the other four animals in the aquarium tank, we maintain the ship’s energies. We are channels for the energies that make the ship move. You can also hear a deep tone from our ship, and it comes from us. We are channels for the powerful energy frequency that we send out and that makes it possible for the ship to move, and for us to make such large voyages. We enter a trance-like dream state when we are out traveling in the spaceship.


The ship opens through the gates on the short sides, and we also use these gates to regulate the pressure inside the ship, to regulate the energy supply and the oxygen level. Our spaceships are built by our friends, the little dark beings with pointed heads. You can call them ”The Lutzies”, that’s the name they go by. It’s a people with a very great energy technology knowledge. We collaborate between different civilizations in this way to contribute with help to civilizations that have not come as far in their development.


But just like all other ships that visit Earth, we are invisible to you most of the time. However, we show our ship short on well-chosen occasions, to create a reaction.


[I (Manne) saw the cylindrical spaceship with my own eyes in 2009, when I was standing at a crosswalk at Gullmarsplan in Stockholm. I saw a long cylinder flying slowly forward across the sky, with a red glow in the back. And in order to prevent my intellect from explaining it away as an airplane afterwards, the cylinder made a sharp U-turn and then continued in the same direction as it came from. The guides confirm that it was the Dream People who greeted me, two years before Maria’s channeling.


I have been searching through Youtube subsequently and found a large number of videos that could be the same cylindrical ship. Of course there could be videos of ships with the same or similar shape. I have tuned into each of them and asked, and got YES to some and NO to others. Below are images from 12 videos (from the years 2004-2021) that I got the answer YES to, that is they show the Dream People’s spaceship. I’ll post an image gallery here so you can get an overview, and I’ll post all the videos at the bottom of the article, after the channeling.]


~ The presence of spaceships on Earth ~

You are not yet at the level of development on Earth that we can show our ships completely openly. It’s a joint decision taken together with the Galactic Federation of the Milky Way, that we will wait with that until the time is right. It’s for the simple reason that if all the extraterrestrial civilizations that are physically present on Earth in various forms of ships were to begin to appear open, it would lead to a shock to humanity, because you would then discover that the sky is full of spaceships, everywhere! You would then also discover that they land very often and visit you, that they are in your vicinity, that they are around you. We are with you all the time.


There is thus a much greater presence on Earth than humanity has understood. Our plan is to slowly but surely begin to show our presence more openly. This is done gradually, because we don’t think there is any intrinsic value in shocking people, making people scared and making them feel insecure. That’s definitely not our intention, but we want to slowly but surely get people used to our presence, and make you understand that we have your best interest in mind, and that we come with good intentions and love in our hearts.


The human has for a very long time denied our presence and the idea that there can be living life in the Cosmos other than themselves, and has created an incredibly rigid and limited worldview formed around that notion. Getting that perception challenged would be a very big shock to humanity, because it would mean that there are so many other things you would also have to question. You would need to revise your entire perception of reality – your science, your history, your values, your religion, your culture, and so on. There is so much that is connected with this that will be seen in a whole new light when you gain the insight and knowledge of the existence of other civilizations. So it’s a completely revolutionary process of discovery going on on Earth, which will totally change your lives forever.


~ How we look at Earth ~

I would love to tell you what we have on our minds and what we have come to Earth to help you with. It’s a strong driving force within us to help you, and to share our energies with you because we feel so strongly that you need them. We experience the Earth as a large hole of solidified energies, and it has been like that for a very long time. But this is changing, and we want to help in this process of awakening humanity and helping you on your journey into the New Age.


We see that the vast majority of humans on Earth live in a kind of sleepwalking state. It’s like they’re not really living, and a large part of them are like half dead. We want to help wake you up and open up your energy channels and make you more receptive to all the energies flowing in to you from the Cosmos. We have come to share our energies that we really feel you need to cope with the stressful journey you are on.


We see that the vast majority of humans on Earth are not the least bit prepared for what is to come, and that they have totally shut themselves down on a subconscious level. Their lives are filled with a variety of activities, intake of various substances, various actions and thoughts that shut them down. Most of humanity have chosen to turn away from the Divine and to shut down the energy flow. They have chosen to enter into very paralyzing prisons. They have shut themselves down to the point that their oxygen is almost running out. What we see is that you no longer seem to be living for real. This has gone very far. We have observed you for a long time and seen how the Earth has evolved and we see how most of humanity is slowly dismantling itself – in fear, isolation, ignorance and separation.


When we look at the Earth, we see something completely different from what you see. We not only see the three-dimensional reality, but we also see the higher dimensions – the energy reality that you are in. What we see is that you are living your lives in very closed ways, and that you have shut down very large parts of yourselves and your own capacity. You have a capacity that’s infinite, and you do not even use 10% of it, in fact not even 1%. Through the lives most humans live today, they are closing down even the last small percentage that they use, that is, instead of growing and developing, they are closing themselves down more and more.


According to our view, you live your lives completely in resistance and struggle, where you fight what you need and do everything to refuse to open yourself to the Divine Flow, because you are so terrified of it. The human have created very large fears and attachments to an illusory security, to control and to separation. You believe that by keeping unpleasant things from you, you can thereby create good lives. You have created a world that consists of struggle, where you fight each other, and where you fight yourselves. We see the majority of humanity as an ongoing war. In other words; your interiors are filled with conflict, devastation and destructiveness.


~ The consequences of repressing your pain ~

You carry very, very heavy energies, and you have a very hard time receiving the higher energy frequencies that are being sent to you. You are simply not ready to receive them – because your base is not in balance. Your basic security, your connection down to to your Strength – is completely out of balance. Therefore, you can not pick up and take in the high frequencies that are being sent to you. It’s completely impossible for you to reach them and use them. In order to connect to the higher frequencies and the Divine Light, you must first ground yourself. You must become one with inner Strength, and today – the human is not.


Everyone on Earth, except for an extremely small proportion – hardly a handful – carry gigantic amounts of karma, heavy grief, unimaginable fear, destructiveness, betrayal, greed, unbalanced desires, abuse, the most unimaginable traumas, feelings of insecurity,  lack of self-confidence , self-loathing… The list could be made much longer than that but I think you understand the point. During all your countless lives on Earth, and also in other places in this enormous Cosmos, you have accumulated gigantic amounts of karma, that you have not let go of, that you have not processed.


Due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age and the Great Purification that is now taking place before the Transition, all this karma is rising to the surface and being activated. Life after life, trauma after trauma – is being activated. What is happening is that it is exploding right in your faces, and that is because humanity is shutting down instead of opening up to the Flow and opening up to that which hurts.



The human tries to alleviate the pain with consumption, flight, lies and denial. You would really need to open up to this and heal it, in order to become whole humans again. This is about to lead most of humanity into a humanitarian catastrophe. But this humanitarian catastrophe will not be remedied by aid packages, a blanket and a sack of rice. This is not the kind of help you need. We are talking about catastrophes that cannot be remedied unless people choose to help themselves.


What will happen when humanity enters the new energy reality, which they are slowly but surely doing through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, is that they will no longer be able to stay away from all the pain, the karma, the blockages and all the trauma they carry – but they will be activated one by one by one. They will make themselves known until you deal with them. As long as you don’t deal with them, events, emotions and dramas will be activated and drawn to you, which are directly linked to the traumas and blockages you carry. That is, humans everyday lives will become more and more painful and more and more traumatic. There is a risk that the ones who can’t cope with this and who is not prepared for this simply lie down to die, because they just can’t cope with the pain it entails.


The human has learned to push away pain. You have learned to repress, to deny, and to live in a life-lie, and in fear. Instead of addressing the root causes of the imbalances in your life and in your world, you have instead learned to use temporary deceptive solutions that will create the illusion that you are fine but which is really just a temporary deceptive veil to cover up reality to make it feel a little bit better for a while. But then the pain comes back. Time and time again, the pain falls back on the human, and it will never let go – until humanity deal with their karma and inner pain. There is no other way to go. This is becoming more and more apparent in your world today. People have already begun to die because they can no longer cope, and a lot of things are happening in your world that are direct consequences of you not processing your karma. You should know that all the destructive actions that take place in your world are consequences of your karma. You are not innocent victims. You always create your own reality.



~ Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world ~

Everything that happens in your outer reality is a direct reflection of what is going on in your inner reality. If the Norwegians want to know why they are subjected to a terrorist attack [the massacre at the youth camp on Utøya and the bomb in central Oslo the same day, July 22, 2011], the answer is that it comes from their own karma, from the trauma in their and the collective consciousness of all humanity. It comes from collective and individual karma that the Norwegians, in this case, have not dissolved. The attack is a direct reflection of things going on in their inner reality [regardless if it was a ”false flag” operation]. The same applies to the natural disaster and nuclear accidents in Japan [the earthquake and tsunami that caused nuclear accidents at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, March 11-16, 2011]. That is also a direct consequence of the karma that the Japanese and humanity have, and the blockages that exist in the collective consciousness of humanity. Everything is connected, everything is one, and everything that happens on Earth is a reflection of what’s going on inside yourselves.


You can only get a peaceful, secure and loving world when you create a peaceful, secure and loving interior. Peace, harmony, abundance and love in the outer world can only be created through peace, harmony, abundance and love in the inner reality first, because it is the inner reality that creates the outer. This is an ancient, timeless truth. It is a cosmic wisdom that humanity on Earth has forgotten.


The Power Elite on Earth, and the manipulative civilizations and over-dimensional beings that they are puppets of, do everything they can to make humanity forget that truth, over and over and over again. And so far they have succeeded quite well. You ignore your inner selves, you abuse your inner selves – and you ridicule people who take the time to take care of their inner selves. But there is nothing you can do through denial that will change the fact that you will have to take the consequences of what is going on in your inner world. As long as you continue to fight against yourself within yourself, and to fight against each other, it will also be the external reality that you create and that will continue to recreate itself – in all of infinity. If you want to create a paradise on Earth, if you want to create a world of peace and abundance, then the only is way to first create peace in your inner world.


~ Get off the carousel ~

We come and visit you on Earth to help you, by sending you energy transmissions and to help you open up your energy flows, both in Earth and in humanity. We want to help you wake up from the sleepwalking state you are in, and to make you come to an understanding of what it is you are doing. This has proved to be a much more difficult task than we initially understood, as the humans have still not opened up as much as we had hoped, and have not been affected as much by the energies of the Transition as they could have. Humanity has simply not been ready to let go of the illusion in which they live. That is what you need to do; let go of the illusory reality – the illusion of a life of struggle, fear and separation – because that is the only way.


We are telling you that life does not have to be this way. It’s important to understand that you are energy beings. You are created by energy frequencies. By raising and lowering your energy frequency, you can transform and expand your states of consciousness in a way that has not been possible before in the entire history of humanity. You can expand and transform yourself in a very short time to become multidimensional beings with heightened consciousness. You can create changes that previously were not possible in such as short a time as they are now. You can create change on Earth that would previously take many generations, within your lifetime, in just a few years. We tell you: Learn to tune in to these consciousness-raising energy frequencies to elevate your states of consciousness. In fact, you already have everything you need. What we’re telling you is to get off the carousel, because it’s one big illusion, it’s one big lie. You don’t have to do anything that you think you have to do. Let go.




Sit down and tune in to the consciousness-raising frequencies that you so badly need, and don’t stop until you have gotten off of the carousel. Ground yourself with the energies from the Earth’s interior (link with instructions at the end of the article). Recreate your energy connection with Mother Earth, because once you have done that, you will be able to connect to the higher consciousness-raising frequencies that come from the Cosmos, and that come from us – your cosmic friends. But remember that the condition is that you are grounded, otherwise you will not be able to receive these high energy frequencies – it is an impossibility. 


Grounding yourselves in depth is a full-time job. It will not be possible to maintain the illusion in the prevailing system that you are in. It will not work anymore to keep going around and doing all these pointless chores that you do all day – all these papers that you shovel, all these notes you make on all these papers, all the pointless Matrix ceremonies and lies that you cling to every day, all the purchases and all the facades that you work so hard to maintain, all the rules that you dedicate to maintain and follow, and all the norms, expectations, ordinances and feelings of fear that you carry that make you run all the time. All of them are meaningless illusions. They are there to distract you and turn you away from what is important.


You can’t let yourselves be deceived anymore. Don’t turn away from the Source, and once you have come in contact with the Source, never let go. Whatever happens: Keep going. Channel Mother Earth’s energies and become one with the energies. Never mind everything else, because nothing else is really important. Consider that within a number of years, your world will look completely different. None of the systems you have today will remain. Only those of you who have gotten off the carousel, and who have prepared for the transforming process that the Earth is going through, will be able to cope with the Transition and the powerful energies that are coming. It is a big decision to make, but we tell you that it is necessary. But do not be afraid. We come to you with love in our hearts. We come to you to urge and inspire you to let go. Feel the love, and feel the truth in our messages.



~ The Infinite Now ~

We have come to you to talk to you about the Now. The Now is infinite. It is in the Infinite Now that everything exists, and that everything happens. Beyond the Infinite Now there is nothing. Whatever you want to do, you will find it in the Infinite Now. There you will find all the answers and all the solutions. You carry all the knowledge within yourselves. You do not really need to ask anyone else what is right. You do not need to ask anyone else for that information, but you can retrieve it from within yourselves. You carry all the answers within you. What I am telling you here and now you already know.


When you open up the contact to the Source, when you enter the Infinite Now, you become infinite. The Infinite Now exists beyond time and space, that is, there are no limits. When you are in the Infinite Now, you are omniscient, that is, you have knowledge of everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen. When you enter the Infinite Now, you are omnipotent. That means that you can do exactly what you want. There are no physical limits to what you can do, but you can go exactly where you want and you can perform exactly the actions you want. When you have attained a strong enough ability to be present in the Infinite Now at a deep enough level, then you reach the point where you can enter and live your entire life in the Infinite Now. That is, you will no longer have to go in and out of the Infinite Now like some kind of traveler beyond time and space, but you will be able to stay in this limitless, timeless state.


~ The road towards Enlightenment ~

It is this condition that is referred to as ”enlightenment” on Earth. When you enter this state, it means that you will no longer be dependent on physical reality. You will still be able to live in the physical reality and be able to enjoy the fruits that exist in the physical reality, but you will no longer be dependent on it. You will be able to leave it whenever you want, that is, you decide for yourself over your physical existence. Death ceases to be a reality, that is, you decide for yourselves when and how you want to live, and you decide for yourself when and how you want to die. You will be able to decide whether you want to eat or not, whether you want to sleep or not, and so on. You achieve a limitless state, where you can also travel wherever you want to in Infinity, without limitations.


This condition is possible for all humans on Earth to achieve, but it requires hard work. The Infinite Now is not a single plane, but it consists of a variety of levels, where you slowly but surely sink into a deeper and deeper and deeper Now – until you reach such a great depth and such a strong frequency that you reach like an energy wall which allows you to get past the physical and energy limitations that your current reality entails. This is a gradual process, a work that must be done step by step, to reach this higher state of consciousness. The transition to the New Age has meant that in recent years a door has been opened for humanity, for those who are ready, where they can enter to reach this higher state of consciousness, to become one with the deepest of the deepest Now, and achieve what we call ”enlightenment”.


The enlightenment means entering a new state of complete and total bliss. You feel an all-encompassing love and harmony before all living life, you live in complete, total truth, and you are one with the fantastic cosmic abundance. You no longer experience any feelings of separation, lack or conflict, but you live a life based on love and unity thinking. Love becomes a natural state, not something you have to force or work hard for. This possibility is open to humanity.


Many of you are, on an unconscious level, waiting to take the first step toward spiritual transformation and enlightenment. The surest sign of this is that you live your lives in constant misfortune and anxiety, and that you feel that something is wrong and that you seek and seek and seek but never find, that you constantly long for harmony and a higher sense of bliss, to become one with the Divine Light, but you have never been able to put a name on it. It often becomes like an limitless eureka-moment when you first come in contact with the Divine Light, because it makes you begin to remember what you have always longed for and what you have been looking for for so long.


Illustration by Cameron Gray, ParableVisions.com
~ ”Dream” and ”reality” ~

We know that there are those of you who will read this channeling who will be ready for this journey in your present lifetime. This is a dream that you carry in your Higher Self, and we want to help you bring that dream to life and tell you that we are always here for you if you want to contact us. You can call us the ”Dream People”. We often come to you in your dreams, and we live our existence in a kind of dream-like state where we do not distinguish between ”dream” and ”reality” in the way that humans do. We have what you would call a more ”fluid” view of the difference between dream and reality, because we believe that it’s really the same thing.


– Can you please elaborate on that ?


What you call ”reality” is something you have created, and in the same way the dream is also something that you create. Therefore, they are really only two different ways to describe the same thing. For us, these two aspects go together and form a unity, a kind of dream reality. We live our lives in an elevated energy presence. We enter a trance-like dream state in order to have as high an energy level as possible and to be able to raise our level of consciousness to as high a level as possible. There we are also in complete contact with the Divine Source within us. In that state, there is no division between dream and reality, but you comes to the realization that it’s the same thing, and that this division is really an illusion. Everything that is around us we have created, and is a part of ourselves and a reflection of ourselves. When you understands this, you also realize that the division between dream and reality is only illusory.



Illustration by Josephine Wall, https://josephinewall.co.uk/


We want to encourage and inspire you to take responsibility for the dreams you dream every day, your ”daydreams”, and to understand that it is you who create your own reality. But you do not create only through the superficial thoughts and ideas that you have, as many believe, but it goes much, much deeper than that. It’s also what you carry in your very, very deepest darkness that creates, shapes and influences your reality. As long as you don’t work with all your own darkness, it will affect your life and create a lot of pain for you. When you dive deep into the world of dreams, it is always yourself you meet, and reflections of yourself, nothing else. It’s just like in reality. Everything that happens in your reality is reflections of yourself, it’s only different versions of yourself that you meet. It’s important that you understand that and take responsibility for it, and stop trying to run away from it and dodge it, because it will not work in the long run. We want to inspire you to instead become one with your own truth.


~The sea on our home planet ~


– Could you please tell more about your world? Considering the ship you are traveling in, I wonder if you have house constructions and technological vehicles in your sea, or is it a completely biological world, so to speak? Could you help us get a clearer picture of your world?


We live in a self-nourishing world, that is, we no longer need to eat to receive nourishment, but we generate nourishment through energy. That applies to all living life in our world. There are no animals that hunt or eat other animals in our world, but we live in unity and harmony with each other. However, some in our civilization eat plankton, but it is only for pleasure. There is no one who needs to protect themselves against anything, but it’s a world in complete harmony and love.


[They show me an image of their world, their huge sea, and it’s amazingly beautiful. What strikes me first is that there are lots of luminous giant jelly-like formations on the ocean floor, which generate energy. They seem to be something between plants and animals, reminding of jellyfish, and they have their own consciousnesses. They are some form of energy chargers that generates energy. Their world is full of undulating, swaying, wavy, bumpy shapes – like huge coral reefs. The formations have a variety of luminous colors; light blue, pink, cerise, light yellow, mint green, coral red, purple, orange and so on. It’s a very bright and transparent world, but also very colorful, of bright luminous colors. The water is crystal clear and has a faint light turquoise color.


It’s a world full of underwater animals, but there are no creatures living in underwater houses or the like. There are animals that live in cavities and caves in the water, but there are no house constructions or vehicles. There is a huge variety of creatures. It is impossible for me to describe them all because it would take an eternity to tune in to all the different creatures and describe them, but in general it can be said that they partly look like the underwater animals that exist on Earth, while others do not resemble species found on Earth at all. The five animals that I have already described are a few examples. There are giant animals and there are tiny animals, and everything in between



The water is extremely clean and clear, and has an incredibly high energy level. It vibrates and is filled with vibrations and sounds. There are many beings that use their ability to emit vibrations and sing different sounds. They communicate with each other with their different frequencies, and also through telepathy, and by singing. Just as whales and dolphins do on Earth, they sing and raise the energy frequencies in the ocean, and purify the ocean, through their song. It is also the same with the huge coral reefs, they also have an energy-generating and purifying function. All life in their ocean is based on raising energy frequencies and purifying the energies to restore balance, so that all living life is always in balance – because everything is one and everything is connected. Now I’ll let The Manta Ray continue.]



~ Revere your water ~

We want to finish by saying: Revere your water. Water has a divine ability to transform you, both your physical bodies and to help you in your spiritual transformation. By healing and revering the water on your planet, you can help transform the entire planet. The healing of the water has a very, very powerful effect on your whole planet and the world around you, and also on your personal, spiritual transformation. You should know that when you bathe in places with very high energy levels, it helps you in your spiritual development.



You can also help raise the energy level at your favorite bathing sites by sending grounding healing to those places, and thereby also activate the energy flows at the place, which means that you also get higher forms of healing when you go there to swim. Bathing has a cleansing and healing effect on your souls. Bathing is a sacred act. It not only cleanses your bodies, it also cleanses your souls. When you bathe, you also unite with the nature sprits in the seas and lakes you bathe in, and you help them to purify themselves in the same way that they help you to purify yourselves. It’s an interaction, an exchange of energies, which is very important for the development of both yourself and your planet. We also want to encourage you to sing when you bathe because you then bring the higher energy frequencies [male light energies], and the lower energy frequencies [female grounding energies] to life through your songs. Sing beautiful songs with love in your hearts and will have a healing effect on the water you bathe in.


~ Closing ~

I want to finish of by thanking you. I would like to thank you for letting me speak and making my voice heard, and for spreading our message to humanity. It means very much to us. Feel free to contact us again if you want to talk to us, if you have questions to ask or if there is something special you would like to talk to us about. This also goes for all of you reading this, please feel free to contact us personally, if you want help with something, ask something or get a personal energy transmission. We are there for you, and you are present in our dreams.

We are regularly present on Earth, helping you by sending transforming energy frequencies to you. We travel around the Earth to a variety of places, and we work with special energy places that need our energies – both at sea, on land, in cities and in a variety of places where we know our energies are needed. We work with both the low-frequency, grounding, female energies, the high-frequency male light energies, and the highest divine light energies.


If you see our ship, please feel free to connect with us and ask for individual energy transmissions, we are very happy to contribute. You just need to say a prayer for us and we will be happy to come and help you. We are always there for you. We will continue to visit you as long as we feel our help is needed on Earth. You should know that you are not alone, and that there are many others with us – both from our galaxy and from other places in the Cosmos, who have come to help you. Live in love, live infinitely. Thank you.


We end by thanking The Manta Ray and The Dream People for their message.




More videos of The Dream People’s cylindrical ship 

I [Manne] have found a large number of UFO videos that could show The Dream People’s ship, and by tuning in to each of them, I have gotten indications of which ones of them that show the same ship, and which ones that do not. These are the 12 best videos showing The Dream People’s ship, from different countries between the years 2004 and 2021. But as always, it’s up to you to decide what you believe.


I would also like to add here that I have had to work hard to find these videos. Youtube, with its censorship machinery,  has made it almost impossible to find all the fantastic UFO videos available. Even if you search for the exact title of a video, you get completely different videos as search results. This manipulation of the algorithms when it comes to UFO videos is far much worse than it was 10 years ago, and luckily I had saved many of the videos I found back then.


Video 1: Toronto, Canada, May 6, 2010 (same video as above)
Video 2: Russia, April 2013
Video 3. Manchester, England, July 2011 (with light show)
Video 4. Brazil, uploaded February 8, 2013
Video 5: Ohmenhausen, Germany, uploaded March 26, 2012


Video 6. Cameroon, uploadd on May 7, 2016
Video 7: Brean, England, uploaded February 2009


Video 8: Indien, uploaded 2020
Video 9: Unknown location, uploaded December 21, 2017
Video 10. London, England, 12 juni 2004
Video 11: Banbury, England, uploaded July 12, 2018 (with light show)
Video 12: Atlantic Ocean, July 30, 2021 (filmed from airplane)


Instructions to ground yourself with Mother Earth-healing


The next article will be an in depth article about grounding, and build on-techniques to use when working with healing your blockages and your karma.