”You are Mother Earth’s guardians”


This channeling took place at a spiritual bookstore in Stockholm. There were about 30 people in the small room, and there was free admission. This was Maria’s first public channeling in Stockholm. Before that she had only had a few gatherings at a local spiritual center in Norrtälje where she lived, and it was before she met me (Manne).


This channeling is very special for me personally because this is the very occasion where I met Maria for the very first time! I visited the bookstore a few weeks before and saw a note on their door with a picture of Maria, about an upcoming channeling about the transition to the New Spiritual Age. I felt a huge pull to go there! I arrived early and sat down next to Maria, and naturally became like an assistant to her, helped her with pen and paper, kept track of her time and so on. I was also very taken by the channeling, it was a fantastic confirmation to listen to someone who, just like me, really took the New Spiritual Age seriously. 


The channeling contains the foundation of the Mother Earth Network’s message, about the balance between male and female energy, and working with healing ourselves and Mother Earth with the female energy. I recorded the channeling and haven’t released it until now, I’ve always felt a resistance towards releasing it. As I’m writing this, the guides says that it has been ”saved” to be released at this moment, 12 years later. It feels somewhat solemn to release it now, after Maria’s passing, with the the rebirth of the Mother Earth Network and the day before the re-launching of the healing sessions for Mother Earth (October 20th). Like the circle is closing somehow.


Content of the channeling

Time to wake up / Mother Earth / The balance between male and female energy / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / The intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect / Preparations for the Transition / The collapse of the old system / Spiritual development and grounding / The cosmic network around the Earth



Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, through Maria Bertram, Stockholm, March 11th, 2009 (not released until October 19th, 2021)



~ Time to wake up ~

My beloved child. I’m present wherever you are. I’m present in the baby’s crying, and I’m present at the bottom of the ocean. I am everything that you are. I am One with you, and I am One with the Cosmos. I feel your love and your happiness, and I feel your sorrow and your despair. And I see how you’re sleeping. You are in a deep sleep, and now it is time to wake up and see reality as it is, and to see what kind of world you have created for yourselves.


I see a world full of war and starvation. I see a world full of walls, a world where greed is the greatest driving force. I see a world where you abuse Mother Earth, where you erode her to get a hold of her resources, where you poison her, and where you poison yourselves. I see a world where materialistic desire rules. All of this is the complete opposite of who you really are. You are divine beings. You have a divine potential to expand, and to become One with the Whole. You have the potential and the ability to create a brand new world.


We are taking giant steps towards the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and the light energies are flowing in over the Earth from the Cosmos with ever increasing force. The energies have the potential to act as consciousness-expanding, but do not do so in an optimal way because humans are not sufficiently grounded and balanced, and because the Earth is out of balance. There is a way too big surplus of male energy on Earth today, and there is a big shortage of grounding female energy.


The human has created a distance to nature, a distance to that which is natural. You go and buy what you want in the store, but you don’t know how it has been produced. You don’t see the sweat, you don’t see the tears, and you don’t see all the hard work and suffering behind it. A distance has been created between you and the fantastic abundance of nature. A society of scarcity has been created where some have everything, while many have nothing at all.


You have forgotten why you were born here on Earth and what it was you came here to do. Now it’s time to wake up and start remembering why you came here. There is a reason why each and every one of you has incarnated on Earth at this very time. It is a very special time you are living in. You all have a life task, an important task to complete in the transition to the New Spiritual Age that we are facing. One thing you can be sure of; The New Spiritual Age will come, no matter what happens and at what price, it will come.

~ Mother Earth ~

You are Mother Earth’s keepers. Humanity’s task is to take care of Mother Earth, to act as her guardians and to balance her energies. This is an ancient wisdom that you lost along the way on Earth. You have had access to this wisdom earlier in human history, but it has disappeared, especially with the advent of Christianity. The Vikings here in the Nordic countries, the shamans and the spiritual leaders, had knowledge of this, and this also applies to a multitude of other peoples all over the Earth; in Asia, for example among the indigenous peoples of North and South America. There is an ancient knowledge, but which the human in the West has lost along the way, and now it’s time to find your way back to it. The Earth needs the human’s help to balance its energies and create inner and outer harmony, just as the human needs the Earth to create life in harmony. One gives the other. Humanity is one with Mother Earth, she is your Primordial Mother.

 Mother Earth has an energy body that consists of male and female energy, a huge network that extends across the Earth, a network of energy flows and energy centers at its crossing points. This network must be balanced in order for humans to live in harmony with each other on Earth. Humanity’s health their spiritual, physical and mental health is closely linked to and dependent on the Earth’s energy balance and health.


This knowledge has been repressed and silenced, and people who have had it have been persecuted. Many churches are built on these holy energy centres here in Sweden, and it has strengthened the male energy in these places. When humans treat the Earth the way they do, by digging it out in search of raw materials, by excavating, building, drilling and blasting, by spreading toxins and pollutants across the Earth it affects the entire Earth’s energy balance.


The Earth’s energy body consists of nature spirits nature elementals which regulate the entire Earth’s energy system. They are present underground, on the ground and above the ground. They are present in the oceans, in the forests and in the atmosphere, and are one with Mother Earth’s energy system. They are not able to do their job by themselves anymore, but they need humanity’s help.

Painting by Josephine Wall. https://josephinewall.co.uk/
~ The balance between male and female energy ~

Since the female energy on Earth has been denied, oppressed and cut off there is a huge imbalance. All human technology on Earth; the cell phones, the masts, the electricity and so on are concentrated male energy. For a person to be healthy and be in balance, they must have half male energy and half female energy in their energy body. When you get an imbalance, you get sick. This has nothing to do with gender, but these are the cornerstones of life. The balanced life force on Earth and in the Cosmos consists of half male and half female energy.


The male energy is expansive; it takes initiative, it pushes for new projects, it challenges. The female energy is regressive, it is linked to intuition and contemplation, and the balance inwards. The male energy is more intellect and the female energy is more intuition. Our entire Cosmos consists of male and female energy. When one gains the upper hand, it causes destructiveness in the Cosmos. When there is too much male energy, everything is pulled out too much and galaxies and planets are destroyed. When the female energy becomes too strong, planets and galaxies implode into themselves, and there is a form of destructiveness in that way. What is needed to create life is balance. It’s high time for humanity to rediscover this timeless wisdom which is well buried deep down your collective consciousness.

The people on Earth have learned that there is something that is ”good” and something that is ”evil”, that is; light is the ”good”, and darkness is the ”evil”. It is based on a misconception of what evil is, and it is based on an illusion of Hell. Hell does not exist, except for the hell that humans created for themselves on Earth. ”Darkness” is the female energy, and ”light” is the male energy. The ”good” is the balance and harmony between these two energies, and the ”evil”, if one is to use such an expression, is imbalance. These energies in perfect balance create the Highest Divine Power of Love, the Divine Light.

"Evil" is often depicted with the colors of the female energy, red and black. This is manipulation is based on Christianity's propaganda about the Devil and Hell, which is said to exist in the Earth's interior – the source of the female energy on Earth.
~ The transition to the New Spiritual Age ~

The celestial bodies now moving in the Cosmos, the cosmic changes that take place before the transition to the New Spiritual Age, affect man in a very profound way. We are right now very, very close to the black hole in the center of our galaxy. We are moving in a circle that takes about 225 million years to complete. We are now in the place that is the closest to the black hole, and this has a huge impact on our entire solar system.

During the Transition, the gates to the Earth’s interior will open up, and the female energy contained in the Earth’s core will flow up in enormous quantities. This is a kind of security measure to restore balance. We are now in a period with an increasing influx of light, male energy, over the Earth. It is this influx of light that is described in the Mayan calendar. At the same time, the gates to the Earth’s interior during the transition will open up and a huge flow of female energy will flow up to restore balance. But because the pressure is so enormous and the imbalances are still so great, it means that there is a risk that Mother Earth will not be able to cope with the Transition without it resulting in natural disasters. But it is important to remember that you have an enormous potential to turn the tide, to restore her balance through the power of healing, by activating her energy centers, by working with the energies inside of the Earth.


Nature is sacred, it is part of creation. When you want to partake of her amazing abundance, you should know that the more you give gratitude, love and healing, the more you increase the abundance on Earth. But what humanity has done is that you have taken and taken, and you have never thanked. Humans have not taken into account the balance of nature, the balance of the planet. You are the guardian of this planet. You are meant to heal Mother Earth, you are meant to dance for her, you are meant to sing for her. Mother Earth is your Primordial Mother, the sacred source of all life on Earth.


~The intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect ~

The strong energies that are now pouring in over the Earth will affect humans in a profound way, and the change has already begun. The energies come in gradually over the Earth, and those who are most receptive and sensitive to the energies feel them first, but gradually all people on Earth will feel this energy change. Everyone will be affected. The whole society will be affected.


As the energies are rising, it strengthens the presence of the cosmic laws, that is, their effects become stronger. This means that your ability to use telepathy, and your ability to use the power of thought becomes stronger. It also means that the cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, which stands above all other cosmic laws, becomes stronger. The cosmic law of Cause and Effect says that everything you send out, you’ll get back. If you send out love, you’ll get love back. If you send out destructiveness, greed and hatred, that’s what you get back. Every human being on Earth has your own individual karma that you have accumulated during all the incarnations you have lived on Earth. The Earth as a whole and humanity as a whole also have a common karma. You create it through the way you live on Earth and the way you treat Mother Earth. When you carry out nuclear explosions, when you build nuclear power plants and produce plutonium, it has enormous effects, not only for our planet, but for the entire Cosmos. Everything belongs together in a one single large network that extends over the entire Cosmos and further across the entire Infinity. What you send out you get back, and this affects the karma of humanity.


~Preparations for the Transition ~

It’s time for humanity to start remembering who you are and what you have come to do. This increasing flow of energy has a fantastic potential to expand your consciousness and reach new heights in your spiritual development. But in order to reach a higher state of consciousness, you must first ground yourself, it is the grounding that you lack. This applies to practically everyone who lives on Earth today, especially in the rich part of the world. When these powerful energies flow in, they ”burn” the humans. When you are ungrounded and get too much light, when you do not have enough female energy in you and these huge light waves flow in, you eventually lose your grip and the energy body begins to float above the ground. In the long run, when these light waves become stronger, it causes spiritual, mental and physical illness, and in the worst case serious illnesses and that people simply leave their physical bodies. That is why it is so extremely important that you start preparing for the Transition in order to cope with it in the best possible way. There is no money, no weapons and no walls that can protect you from this. It does not matter if you live in the rich or the poor part of the world, the change will affect everyone equally.


The first part of this is each person’s individual spiritual development. To start working with grounding and channeling healing from the Earth’s interior. As you work on your spiritual development; when you ground yourself, when you give yourself healing and balance yourself, you become more loving, more harmonious and you have less need for material things. People in balance no longer have to satisfy as many desires, and the desires decrease. The only thing left is the basic needs, such as food for the day. When you are in balance, when you are one with the Power of Love, when you are one with everything, the only thing that you need is your just being. You have each other, you have nature, you have the birds in the forest. You need nothing more. It’s enough. You don’t need cell phones, you don’t need designer clothes, you don’t need new kitchens. You just feel good the way things are .


The other part is to start working to help the Earth, and sending healing to her to restore her balance, to help her ease the pressure. There is a risk of increasing natural disasters, which we are already seeing around us. No one can say exactly how serious it will be, no one can answer that question, because it depends on you. It depends on humanity what you make of this. Humanity has an enormous potential to heal the Earth. You are all potential channels to heal the Earth, to heal yourselves and to heal each other. You just have to start opening up to it, to start working with healing. You have a huge opportunity to turn this around, through learning earth healing, through meeting in groups all over the Earth.


Humanity’s potential is infinite. There is really nothing you can’t do, if you just realize it and stop seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances. You need to realize who you really are, and begin to open up to your own divinity. When you work with your own personal spiritual development, it strengthens you as a channel to give healing to Mother Earth, and when you give Mother Earth healing, it raises the grounding balancing energy on Earth so that people have greater energy flow and develop faster. Everything is connected. One cannot be distinguished from the other. Your own personal spiritual development cannot be distinguished from the spiritual development of Mother Earth, since you are all One and you all belong together, and that is important to remember.


~The collapse of the old system ~

It is time for humanity to tear down all the walls, to tear down all the towers. This is what will happen in society as the divine Law of Cause and Effect is strengthened. The ”towers” will begin to fall; the stock market, the social security system, the postal service and so on. This gives humanity the opportunity to create a new world. A new world based on care, love and cooperation. A world where you work together, instead of against each other, where you help each other instead of competing with each other. There are enough resources, if you just manage them and distribute them properly. Humanity needs to create a new society, a society of exchange, where it is not every individual’s ability to produce that determines what they are entitled to, but their needs. A society that is more self-sufficient, at the individual, local, regional and national level.


As the Law of Cause and Effect is strengthened, all institutions and companies based on greed, control and lack thinking which are not harmonious and balanced will crumble. They will no longer be able to exist. In order to be able to build a new world, the old one must first fall, in order to give space and air in order to be able to build something new. It’s up to you humans to create the new world and the new alternatives, but you would need to start now.


I would also like to ask you to reflect on your consumption habits. Do you really need everything you consume? All these new products? When you are happy and in balance, you need almost nothing at all. The vast majority of the things that people buy on Earth today, you buy to replace something that you’re missing. You don’t really know what it is, most of you. You feel an emptiness, a longing, a sorrow. But you don’t really know what it stands for. You carry anxiety and fear, and perhaps a feeling of meaninglessness. You buy things to comfort yourself, you buy things to numb yourself. You buy things as a ”treat” for yourself, because life doesn’t always feel that great. But don’t forget that you have the potential to create the life that you want, and the society that you want, you have fantastic opportunities to create something new. The more you have let go of your ties to consumption, the more ready you will be for the Transition, and the more ready you will be to create a whole new world.


~ Spiritual transformation and grounding ~

Through beginning channeling the female energy from the Earth’s interior to yourself, you can expand your consciousness and create enormous changes, beyond what you believes is possible. The people today on Earth live in a lot of fear and lack thinking, and it has to do with the fact that humans are so ungrounded. You stress around, there are new projects and new goals. You never have time to sit down and feel and think about the consequences of your actions and what you are about to cause on Earth. You keep rushing, the carousel spins faster and faster. It’s the career, the money for all the expenses and so on. You rush on, and rush on, and there are so many “have to’s”, and the anxiety eats you up inside. This is typical for the ungrounded human, the focus on material things, and on expanding. You have blocked your intuition and lost touch with the inner voice that can say; ”Stop. Hold it. Feel. Think about it. Is this really what you want? Are you happy?” Humanity has turned its back on the Divine Source.


Inside every human being, a flame is burning. You are all connected to the Divine Source, you all have a direct channel to Me. If you start working with yourself, you can recreate that connection and become one with the cosmic Power of Love. Every single person carries that potential. Every human being can learn to ”fly”. But to be able to fly, you must first stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground. In order to reach new heights in your spiritual development, you must first ground yourself downwards, inwards towards the center of the Earth. Spiritual development does not happen only by rising upwards. It’s about expansion in all directions, you expand both downwards towards the female energies and towards the center of the Earth, and you grow upwards in the Cosmos and thereby gain greater access to greater wisdom, greater power, stronger healing, and greater opportunities to influence with the power of thought. You can create miracles, or what is today considered a miracle. Everyone carries this ability latently within themselves. You are Divine Beings.


The human has access to all the dimensions that exist in our Galaxy, you can get out and travel in the Cosmos. But to be able to do all these things, you must work on your spiritual development, channel healing and balance your energies. Namely; work with your karma, remove all blockages, and work with fear, because it’s that which is blocking your inner divinity. It all starts with the fear that derives from the base chakra. If all the people on Earth were to channel Mother Earth healing to themselves for an hour a day, the wars on Earth would end in a matter of months. That’s how powerful the healing is.


People today use a lot of light energy, and strive only for the light in healing. But it is important to know that you need both darkness and light, both the female and the male energy. The transition to the New Age is a union between spirit and matter. Spirit is the male energy, and matter is the female energy, and they will unite and become one in perfect harmony in a cosmic orgasm, in which you can all participate. But to be able to do that, to be able to receive these strong energies, you must prepare yourself, by working with your spiritual development. Grounding you is the most important thing. The grounding is the Alpha and the Omega, in order to create the protection you need. Because such large amounts of light flow in over the Earth, it is not the light you will lack, but the grounding, the female energy. When the energies are in balance, you live in a state of love, and it is love that is the greatest protection. When you balance your energies, you open your heart and your intuition and let the love flow. Just as the cosmic Law of Cause and Effect says what you send out, you’ll get back, and love then becomes like a protective shield around you. It is with love that we must create this new world. A world characterized by communion, where we help each other, where everyone has a place. A world in diversity, where each person’s unique knowledge and experiences become important, where we all have something to contribute.


~The cosmic network around Earth ~

A network has been created around the Earth. Humanityand Earth have for a very long time been helped with balancing the energies on Earth. Partly by other civilizations and Masters in the Cosmos and partly by nature spirits at all the crossing points across the Earth; on the bottom of the sea, in the forests and in the atmosphere. The nature spirits work with the energy centres to balance the energies, and the civilizations and Masters in Cosmos ensure that you get a greater energy flow on Earth. You get a lot of help, and without this help you would have already had larger natural disasters than you have. But now it’s time for humanity to take greater responsibility for this work and this responsibility. You are responsible for the Earth’s balance and the Earth’s health. It’s your task. The cosmic Law of Karma says that no one else may go in and take over and help you in a way that prevents you from learning to take the consequences of your actions. This means that no one else will come and ”save” you, because it goes against the cosmic Law of Karma, you should be aware of that. It is the task of humanity to save themselves, and it is also possible.

Together with this network, you can send energy and create secure channels that spread the energies so that they automatically go where they are needed most. The human energy body with its acupuncture points is largely reminiscent of the Earth’s energy body with its acupuncture points, its energy centers. Everything is connected, that is; a blockage on one side of the Earth affects what happens on the other side of the Earth. That’s why this network was created. When you send healing to Earth, this network helps you to transport the healing across the Earth where it is needed most. It is predestined that this will happen, and the Mother Earth Network’s healing sessions are a part of this.


You have enormous opportunities to heal the Earth, and you have enormous opportunities to heal yourself and each other. You are Divine Beings. Never forget that. And now it’s time to wake up. There is nothing that’s more important. I am always there for you, and I love you. Everything is just as it’s supposed to be, and everything will be exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you for listening.


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