About Mother Earth Network

The Mother Earth network is a global spiritual network that is run from Sweden, that spreads profound channeled messages from, among others, the Divine Consciousness (”God”) and enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos. The messages are about the healing of Mother Earth, the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the lifting of the Earth’s cosmic quarantine, and the importance of inner work and grounding before the Transition. We also spread a healing technique for profound grounding and spiritual transformation Mother Earth healing. Every month we have global healing sessions for Mother Earth together with our members and a large cosmic network of helpers around the globe, according to channeled instructions. We have about 5,000 members globally. The network was run by Maria Bertram (who channeled the messages) and Manne Lindberg, until Maria tragically passed away 2018. Today Manne runs the network himself. We have around 5000 members globally.


2009-2017 – Maria and Manne running the Network

The Mother Earth Network was started by Maria Bertram in 2008. She had moved to Brussels to pursue a carrier but got burned out and had her spiritual awakening, and the spirit world urged her to start with healing work, and later to also start the Network. Later that year, she was brought together with me, Manne, who was also on a spiritual journey, and we started running the network together from Norrtälje, outside of Stockholm. 


Maria and I are soulmates, and the running of the network is part of our common life task here on Earth, as part of the transition to the New Spiritual Age. We lived to a large degree outside of the Matrix, in our cottage during ten years of time, to put all our focus on our spiritual development and the running of the network. Besides from running the Network via Internet, we also had gatherings where Maria channeled messages with an audience, always with free admission. 


About Maria’s dedicated work

From her spiritual awakening, Maria sacrificed everything in her life to be able to dedicate herself with heart and soul to her overwhelming life task, which was working with the profound healing of herself, the Earth, humanity, and our entire Cosmos – before the transition to the New Spiritual Age. She worked with a gigantic network of nature spirits, guides, ascended masters and enlightened cosmic civilizations – ”The Cosmic Mother Earth Network”.


Through learning about profound grounding from her guides, and through working devotedly with it over the years, she constantly purified her spiritual channel at ever higher levels, enabling her to receive clear and specific channeled messages at a uniquely high level. Her channelings has inspired, helped, awakened and touched countless people both in Sweden and in the world.

2018-2020 – Maria’s disease 

We always worked under an enormous energy resistance from forces that wanted to prevent our message from reaching out, which made it increasingly difficult to run the network throughout the years. In 2018, Maria was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. After a difficult and long battle with the disease, she tragically left her earthly life in March 2020, to my great shock and despair. 


2021 – Manne running the Network 

After a long period of despair and confusion, I received signs from my guides, in the autumn of 2021, that I should start running the Mother Earth Network again, to my great surprise. I started by writing and publishing the extensive article That which weren’t supposed to happen about the unlikely, shattering and traumatic journey before, during and after Maria’s tragic passing, and about the situations and signs that lead up to the rebirth of the Mother Earth Network.


Today I run the Network by myself with support from Maria and my guides in the higher dimensions. We continued with the global healing sessions for Mother Earth again, and my guides have said that they will guide me step by step in how to run the Network. Everything that I publish is available both in Swedish and in English.

I feel deep meaning and gratitude that I can continue running the Network and spreading the life changing message after all, since it’s my life’s task, and nothing in my life feels more important! I hope to reach out with the Network’s message to as many awakened souls as possible in this challenging and transformative time. 


Together we can heal and transform Mother Earth. Together we can heal and transform ourselves and each other. Together we can create miracles!