“Humanity is about to take a leap in its development of consciousness”


This is a public channeling that Maria did in Stockholm 2009. There was free admission and about 100 people in the audience. During the channeling, Maria carried out an energy transmission of “The Cosmic White Fire” to all participants. It is that energy we are connected to in the meditation below. After the channeling we performed a healing session for Mother Earth together with the audience. 


Content of the channeling

Time to wake up / The society you have created on Earth / Desires and addictions / Open the gate in your hearts / Intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect / The inner voice / A meditation / Mother Earth / The Great Purification / The opening of the gates to Earth’s interior / The lifting of Earth’s cosmic quarantine / Let go of your preconceptions about spiritual transformation


Channeling of the Divine Consciousness with audience, through Maria Bertram, Stockholm, November 24th 2009


~ Time to wake up ~

My beloved child. I want to thank you for your attention and your presence here tonight. The time has come to wake up and finally discover your true nature. I am here with you. I watch over you. I am a part of you. I am the flame that is burning in your hearts. I have never left you. I am always here with you.


Humanity is about to take a leap in its development of consciousness, just as the Earth is. You’ve all chosen to incarnate here and now to participate in the cosmic dance, to participate in the leap. You are all a part of it, and it is up to you how this development will happen, since you are creating your own future. I created you, but it is you who re-create yourselves, your own reality and your future. I am waiting here patiently. I am waiting for my beloved children and I know that you one day will return to Me – the long journey home to the Cosmic Light, the Cosmic White Fire. The road is long and filled with challenges. The road is fantastic. The way to the Light goes through the Darkness, and by once again finding the balance between the regressive and expansive powers of the Cosmos. It is the union of spirit and matter, the union of male and female in a cosmic orgasm that embraces the whole Cosmos.

Since humans have free will, it means you have to make your own decision to take the decisive step forward. No one will force you, and no one can do it for you. If you choose to remain in your old ways, the old ways of thinking, if you refuse to change your way of life and values, if you don’t want to raise your head to see what is happening – then you don’t have to, but it might be painful. Change and transformation are painful, but it’s part of the development.


Consider your own potential. Remember you are all creators, you are divine creators. I am not the creator of your future, you are. You have a fantastic gift that very few souls in your Cosmos have. You can unite spirit and matter within your energy bodies. You can become one with the Highest Energy of Love and become powerful channels for the Love Energy. You can heal, you can create miracles. Through visualization, through expanding your consciousness, through raising your frequencies, you can create miracles. Through grounding yourselves, through uniting spirit and matter and thereby expanding your love energies – you can manifest the reality you want to create. You are your own gods and goddesses.

The Earth is about to enter a higher dimension with a higher energy frequency, and humanity is coming along. To be able to do that, you must leave the old behind. You have to go through the great purification process, you have to throw your karma off your shoulders; this is predicted. You have your own free will, no one can force you and no one will. You choose for yourselves what your journey will look like and you choose if you want to make it easy or hard for yourself. You can take a detour, that’s perfectly fine, because I will wait for you here for all of eternity. I have all the time in the world since time does not exist. I am the Eternity and one day you will return to Me and we will reunite in the Cosmic White Fire.

~ The society you created on Earth ~

Why do you think there is so much suffering on Earth today? Why are there so many people starving? Why are so many poeple being abused? Why is there so much war, oppression and painful death? Why are you destroying your Earth, torturing the animals, and destroying the most precious thing that you have – your beautiful nature? Why are you polluting your waters? It’s due to the inner conflicts that humanity carries, and that shackle you. It’s due to the dualistic way of thinking with the categorization of ”good” and ”evil.” It’s due to the conflict thinking that is built on the illusion that reality is a struggle that needs to be fought everyday, where ”one man’s loss is another man’s gain,” where “my fortune is based on others’ misfortune.” It’s due to the illusion that you are lacking whatever you need and that a human must take and hoard as much as they can to survive, and that egoism is necessary for survival.


This way of thinking has created a world of conflict and scarcity. It has created a world with abundance for a few. An overproduction of material goods, food and clothes that are being thrown away, creating mountains of trash while the rest of the world is suffering and starving. There is enough for everyone on Earth. There is no insufficiency. Insufficiency is an illusion. By hoarding, storing, by saving and creating loans with interest, you’ve created a society where some are living in abundance at the expense of the great mass, with huge differences between rich and poor. You have created a world where you have to fight to survive, and those who don’t fight fall through the cracks. You’ve created a world where there is no room for fellowship, cooperation, generosity and empathy. A world filled with regulations, directions, and orders that are built on control and domination.


You have created your own prisons, and in the same way you’ve created your prisons, you can tear them down. Tear down the walls of illusion, of musts, and fighting, because you don’t need all of that. It’s thought constructions that you can get rid of through healing. Tear down all the walls of fear and insufficiency thinking. Tear down the walls of fear of each other. Fear of being excluded, of being put aside. Tear down the walls of your own feelings of not being enough and your inner lack of love. You are enough. I am telling you: You are fantastic. I love you unconditionally for everything you are. You are seeking unconditional love. It is there within you. It is me, the flame in your hearts. I am always here with you.


Conflict and lack thinking have created an agonizing world. Humanity has been afraid of Hell for ages, but do know that there is no Hell except the one you’ve created for yourselves on Earth. Life doesn’t have to be like that. You can create a different world, a new world, a paradise. You can create a paradise that is built on cooperation, solidarity, empathy, love, trust, creativity, freedom and generosity.

~ Desires and addictions ~

There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone’s needs on Earth, but not for everyone’s desires, as Gandhi once said. I see how you’re piling up your material belongings, how you shop and shop and shop, how you’re filling the black hole inside yourselves with material things. You desire food, material things, alcohol, drugs, relationships, sex, gambling, TV, Internet. There are a lot of things to be addicted to in the world today. There are many survival strategies to use to ease your inner sorrow and inner pain. I see your pain and suffer with you. But do know that no matter how many things you buy, how much security you try to create through your outer material reality – through renovated kitchens, through food, through clothes, through drugs, through new sweaters, new shoes, a new car – there is nothing in the material world that in truth can take the edge off your hunger. There is nothing there that in truth can make your pain disappear. They are illusions. Desires work that way; the more you desire, the greater the desires become. They grow and grow and grow. You renovate your kitchen, then the living room, then the bedrooms, then you buy a bigger house, and then a bigger car, a bigger summer house, and on it goes. It’s a never ending process. It’s the mechanism of desire. There is no stopping, since the pain you’re trying to ease by shopping, renovating or eating doesn’t go away.


I would like to advise you to acknowledge your inner pain. Take a close look in the mirror and ask yourself: “What am I looking for? What am I missing? What is it that I really want? Why am I never satisfied?” I would, in the most humble way, like to contribute an answer to that question: You long for Home. You want to come home to Me. That is your inner pain. Somewhere deep inside, you know what it’s like to be one with All-That-Is, to be one with the Cosmic Fire, to be complete. You feel discarded, isolated, shut out, and I am telling you: You don’t have to be. I’ve never ever turned my back on you. I’ve always been here, and I’m waiting for you. I can wait just as long as it takes until you choose to open up to me again.

~ Open the gate in your hearts ~

Here in my hand, I have a key that I am giving all of you here today. I give each of you a key. Take it. It’s the key to the gate to your hearts where your inner flame is burning. It’s the channel, the contact with Me. Take the key and unlock the gate and activate your inner flame, and make it expand. Tear down all the walls you’re carrying, liberate yourselves from your inner limitations, liberate yourselves from your fears, from the negative thoughts. Liberate yourselves from all of the “It’s not possible, I can’t.” Expand your souls. Grow, and become the divine beings you really are. Activate your potentials, your divine potentials. It’s time for you humans to finally learn how to fly again.

This doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the material reality. It doesn’t mean you have to go and sit in a cave somewhere. It’s not like that at all. It’s about living your life with your full potential exactly where you are right here and right now in your physical reality. But to add all the extra dimensions, to be one with the creation, to be one with  infinity – and to activate multidimensional thinking and seeing. To be able to see beyond the physical reality and to know that there is so much more out there, beyond what you can see and touch in the third dimension. There is so much more, and you can use the divine knowledge that you all carry deep down inside to expand and become magnificent divine souls, co-creators of the Divine Creation on Earth. You can all create a paradise on Earth where there is enough of everything. You can create abundance for all.

People who expand their heart chakras, people who are in contact with their highest divinity and inner truth will let go of their desires naturally because they then have ceased to fulfill their function. It will not be interesting anymore to compete with others, but it will be natural to love and help each other instead. The divine human being with the expanded consciousness chooses cooperation, abundance and love instead of conflict, scarcity and war. This is what this quantum leap is about. This is what humanity’s leap up into the fifth dimension, together with Earth, is all about.



~ The Intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect ~

There will no longer be room for people on Earth who are living according to the old way of thinking. Gradually the old way of thinking will be replaced and there will be space for the New Human. The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the supporting pillars for all life and death in the Cosmos. The processes of life and death taking turns in the Cosmos, is based on this law. It means that what you send out is what you will receive. If you send out love you will receive love, and if you send out conflict- and lack thinking, that is what you will receive. Through the frequency raising and Earth’s transition into the 5th dimension, the Law of Cause and Effect will become even more powerful, and it will manifest itself with even greater power and speed on Earth. In other words: Everything you do to each other, all the energy you send out in words, thoughts and choices will return to yourselves. It will not be possible for a human to survive on Earth unless they chooses love. Love will be the only possible choice for survival.


The entire societal structure present on Earth today will be demolished and be replaced with new structures. This is due to the transition into the 5th dimension, and the strengthening of the Law of Cause and Effect, since they who send out greed and conflict thinking will get greed and conflict thinking back. All destructive energies will be met with destructivity. That implies that the whole system will collapse from the inside. In order for something new to be built, the old must first be demolished to make way for the new.

~ The inner voice ~

I understand that this might seem worrying and difficult, and it is a challenge for humanity, but it is not an impossible challenge. It gives you fantastic opportunities to create something new, to create the beginning of a new world. You have the potential and possibilities to create the new world. All you people living on the Earth today have chosen to incarnate right here and right now, in the transition to the new age because of a certain specific reason. You have chosen to be a part of building this new world. You all carry special gifts. You all have a certain purpose to fulfill in this process, and it is up to all of you to find out what it is. Listen inward, to your own inner voice. Let it guide you. Everything that I am telling you right now, you already know, you carry the divine knowledge within you. You don’t need anybody else to tell you what is right and what is wrong. You carry all the wisdom within yourselves. You carry all the answers within. Seek inside. It’s your inner voice that will tell you why you are here and what is right for you to do, and which way is right for you specifically.


Human beings have free will. She chooses exactly what she wants to do, and which road to take. It is a part of your divinity. You all possess the power and ability to create your reality and your future. You’re actors, you’re not victims. You are actors with divine potential. Open up to the divine potential and become active actors in the cosmic play that is being played out on the Earth and in the Cosmos today. Seek within, seek your own truth. Seek your inner voice.

~ A meditation – The Cosmic White Fire ~ 

Open up the door for the love flame, and feel how the Cosmic Fire embraces you and surrounds you with its quiet blessing… its stillness… peace… and love. You are now one with the Cosmic White Fire… the Highest Cosmic White Fire… which is a union of all the darkness and all light in the world. You are all-embracing you are immortal… you are eternal… you are one with the All you have no limitations. Feel how you are being rocked… peacefully… back… and forth. Feel how you are sinking down… in the deepest Now… the ultimate Now, the essence of being. You ARE. Here you are completely safe. You are embraced by love, unlimited unconditional love. Everything is just as it’s supposed to be…and everything will be just exactly the way it is supposed to be. You are now one with Me. Let go…of all pain. Heal your inner children… You are fantastic divine beings… I love you unconditionally. Let go… release the weights from your shoulders. Let the walls fall around you, and experience your own completeness. You are one with the Cosmic Fire… you are one with the Divine… you are Me… There is no separation between you and Me all separation is an illusion. Always remember that. Your innermost being is pure love… You are Me, and I am you.

~ Mother Earth ~

You are all one with every living being on Earth. You belong together with every human being, every animal and every plant. Honor life, honor love, and honor Earth. Earth is your Primordial Mother. It is she who feeds you. It is she who brings life. Without her you cannot live. But the Earth also depends on humanity. She needs your help. The Earth is suffering tremendous pain. I feel the pain of the animals. I feel the suffering of the flowers. And I hear Mother Earth calling for you, begging for you to finally open your eyes to her suffering. Mother Earth needs your help. She needs you now more than ever. Now as the great waves of light are flowing in over the Earth, she needs your help more than ever. Mother Earth cannot handle the energy pressure that she is exposed to through these great waves of light flowing in – without the help of humanity. This is what causes natural disasters of different kind all around the Earth since the pressure is far too great. The only way for her to relieve the pressure is to release it in the form of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and so on and so on. The huge imbalances in the Earth’s energy fields and power places create great suffering.

The nature spirits who were put on the Earth to help balancing Earth’s energies are not able to do their work because humans are not helping with the task as was intended. Humanity pollutes the Earth with technology of different kinds: electricity, GPS, Internet, mobile masts, satellites…All this is interfering with and blocking Earth’s natural network of energy that embraces the whole of Earth. It creates imbalances. It also creates imbalances in the energy systems of humans. These great imbalances in the energy system within humans are causes of the huge spiritual, physical and mental imbalances that exist here on Earth today.

~ The Great Purification ~

The human has forgotten how to heal themselves. You have forgotten how to balance your inner energies through receiving equal amounts of female and male energy, and thereby heal your energy blockages, inner conflicts and traumas that are activated. This is exactly what is happening during the transition into the New Spiritual Age.

The waves of male light are rolling in over the Earth and activating humans’ energy blockages, conflicts and traumas that they are carrying, everything that humanity has stored. Every single person has stored memories inside from previous incarnations. Everything is still there, and you carry it around in your rucksacks. This affects you, through energy blocks being activated in the form of fear and limitations. All this is now about to be activated due to the great frequency raising that is occurring on Earth. This means that they will have to face all the fears and inner conflicts that they are carrying around, over and over and over again until they have resolved them. The incoming energies will seek out and bring forth all hidden fears and inner conflicts. In other words: You attract to yourself exactly what you’re trying to avoid. The traumas you carry within you from past lives, and haven’t resolved and reconciled with will be reactivated in the physical world, and you will face the same dilemma over and over again until you have healed the conflict and healed the trauma.

This is growing stronger and stronger in the humans of the Earth. The more sensitive and open you are to spiritual development and energies, the more powerfully you will experience this. The more the energies and the frequency raising are coming through, the more people will feel this until every person on the Earth will feel it. This also is the cause of disease on the Earth today, that so many people feel sick and carry diseases and symptoms you can’t even name. The primary cause is the same. This process is what is often referred to as ”The Great Purification,” in other words, all of humanity’s inner imbalances and traumas are activated so they may finally be addressed, healed and released.


No money, walls or weapons in the world can protect humanity from this process of change. Everyone will have to face this transformation of human consciousness, the rich, the poor, the “high” and the “low”; nothing can be done to stop this process. For some it will be fast, for others it will go a bit more slowly. Either way, we will all be swept along by the Divine Flow of energies that are flowing in over the Earth.



~ The opening of the gates to Earth’s interior ~

In the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the gates to Earth’s interior on the energy centers around the Earth will be opened up, and the female red energy will pour up from the inner core of the Earth to the surface in very, very large quantities. This will be a powerful healing process where all the of Earth’s imbalances will be cleansed and healed, and the remaining karma of Earth and all of humanity will be cleansed.


This is the culmination of The Great Purification. All light that is pouring in will be met by the ”darkness” and the ”Female Red Fire” from within the Earth. Light and darkness will meet. Spirit and matter will meet and unite and become the Highest Divine energy of Love in the transition to the 5th dimension. That is the transition into the New Spiritual Age and the birth of the Divine Human, the one we are all carrying within. I am one with you, and you are one with Me.

The Earth will need help from humanity to manage the amount of energy that will stream up from the inner Earth; she cannot manage this task alone. The energy centers in many places on the Earth are blocked and she cannot open and activate them alone. This puts the Earth under enormous stress and pressure which then gives rise to natural disasters of various kinds. This is where humanity must help; this is your biggest task and your biggest challenge: to help Mother Earth in the healing process.



~ The lifting of Earth’s cosmic quarantene ~

The whole galaxy is watching what is happening on Earth today with excitement. Your cosmic friends are participating and are trying to help you the best way they can. You should know that they are doing a lot for you, and they have saved you many times from difficult situations when humanity has not been able to make use of the energies of the Earth, when imbalances have occurred. You have sent great amounts of very destructive and imbalanced energies straight out into Cosmos, through your nuclear power and the testing of your nuclear weapons. This is truly life-threatening for the whole of humanity and the Earth; it’s important that you know this. The quarantine that humanity has been under from the rest of Cosmos during a very long period of time is finally to be lifted. This means that you haven’t been in contact with the other civilizations that are present in your galaxy and other parts of your Cosmos. You have in many respects been kept away from them. The reason for that is simply that you haven’t been ready for that contact. This quarantine will, in the transition to the fifth dimension, be lifted. You will become acquainted with other civilizations. You will have visits, exchanges will happen, and cooperation will be developed.


Do know one thing. There is a cosmic wisdom that you will one day take part in. There are unlimited resources of energy. There is knowledge about how to transport yourselves to the other side of Cosmos, how to travel beyond time and space. There are infinite amounts of knowledge that you one day will take part in here on Earth. But it will not happen until you are ready for it. Not until you have stopped fighting each other. Not until you’ve created peace and equality on Earth. Not until you’ve stopped polluting yourselves and putting yourselves and the rest of the Cosmos at risk through nuclear power and the testing of atomic weapons and similar experiments. You will not take part in the cosmic knowledge and wisdom until you are ready for it.

By saying this, I want to encourage you to see the infinite possibilities that lay ahead for you, and the amazing future that the Earth is facing. You are now ready to take the final step into the New Spiritual Age, but you have to make that decision yourselves. You have to consciously start the process and the spiritual transition that comes with it yourselves. Heal yourselves through channeling energy from Earth’s interior, by channeling the Female Red Fire in order to balance your male and female energies. In this way you will burn your karma with the male and the female energies. This is the way through the Darkness towards the Light. This is the way to expand your consciousness, the way to enlightenment. You are now ready to begin this journey in earnest.


~ Let go of your preconceptions about spiritual transformation ~

Some of you can take big steps in this lifetime. Spiritual transformation is available for everybody sitting here today, and all humans on Earth. But for some that are living here on Earth today, there are possibilities to reach spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime, because the energies are so strong and potent that those of you that are ready can reach it here and now. That goes for some of you, some of your souls living on the Earth today.


Don’t be afraid of spiritual growth and spiritual transformation. I would like you to deal with all the preconceptions you have about spiritual development. Spiritual development is not about sitting in a cave somewhere for the rest of your life, to give up your normal life. It’s absolutely not about that. You don’t have to give up your family or all that comes with the human everyday life. When the human expands their soul and becomes one with All-That-Is, becomes all-embracing, becomes one with the Highest Divine Love Energy, everything will be done in the name of Love. It is about expanding your potential, becoming co-creators of the reality, to be able to visualize and manifest your own reality and create the paradise we’re talking about, in your everyday life. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a family, children or a sex life. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a life like everyone else. You can have the life you want. There are no such rules or regulations; they are illusions. The enlightened one lives among the people. The enlightened one lives a normal life and is standing with both feet on the ground.


I am still standing here, waiting for you. Patiently and loving. I’ve always waited for you and I always will. I love you. You are my children. If you want anything, I’m here for you; always, every day, every second, in every moment I am there behind your eyelids, in your hearts. If you need my help, you just have to call for me, just ask for whatever you need. I’m always present with you. When you feel the love in your hearts you know it is a greeting from Me. Then I am expressing myself through you. I love you. My beloved child. Thank you.