Carnac – ”Stonehenge of France”

When I was cleaning the basement, I found a notebook from Maria, and this is an interesting story about her energy work at a sacred site, from that notebook.


Read the full story about Maria’s visit to the sacred site in Carnac here

Carnac – ”Stonehenge of France”

When I was cleaning the basement, a notebook appeared from Maria (who left the earthly plane in 2020). It was a notebook that I’d never seen before, despite going through the same boxes several times, containing texts she wrote in the months before we met (back then she was running the Mother Earth Network on a small scale on her own). Very exciting read, and I have received signs from Maria that free to share the texts. It’s channeled guidance directed to humanity, cosmic poetry, and stories of her energy work.


These are the notes from her trip to the power site of Carnac in Brittany, France, where she was called for healing work in 2009. An exciting read for those of us interested in energy work with Mother Earth’s power sites. This amazing 1.3 km long set of about 3000 megaliths is called ”Stonehenge of France” and is the largest megalithic set in the world. According to Wikipedia, the stones have been cut out and ”dragged” there from a quarry several kilometers away – even though many weigh over 50 tons! Perhaps there is a slightly less ”down to earth” explanation?

“On 1/25/2009 I opened up the Heart Chakra in Carnac with the help of the cosmic Mother Earth Network, my friends and helpers from the higher dimensions. Carnac is a sacred site with a several kilometer long array of megaliths in long rows that act as an energy battery. At one end (closest to Carnac Beach) are the lowest notes and the darkest energy (yin = female). At the other end are the highest notes and the brightest energy (yang = male).

The megalithic system is like a giant piano of tones = energy frequencies. It is a kilometer-long energy band that is charged and intensified by the megaliths. The energy band is connected with energy threads all over the Earth. The Heart Chakra is a giant energy battery that recharges and generates the entire Earth’s energy system. In the center of the ”piano” is the perfectly balanced energy of love (The Highest Divine Energy of Love) and the entrance to communication with the Pleiadians, their menhir (”standing stone”) which is their entrance to our world.

On 1/26 I walked around the entire rock setting – the entire band from the lowest frequency up to the highest, which in modern times has unfortunately been cut through by roads, houses and farmland. This whole place is over 10,000 years old and was built with the help of friends from the Pleiades, Sirius and Orion. I also found a menhir which is now Sirius’ entrance to our planet and a place for initiations and light transmissions. Orion’s entrance is the large round stone at the beginning of the band, next to the large round lying stone. During the day I cleansed the entire band from beginning to end so that the flow of the Heart Chakra could flow completely unrestricted”.