”Glitch in the Matrix”

Content of the article: When 5D reality manifests itself in the 3D matrix / Three examples from my life / The question from the Universe / 5 selected videos from Youtube



~ When 5D reality manifests in the 3D matrix ~

We live in the 3rd dimension, right? And we are about to ascend in the 5th. The 3rd dimension is really a kind of virtual reality, a programmed data matrix, designed for us to experience separation and limitation. In the 5th dimension, concepts such as time, space and matter are not as fixed. What is possible, and quite natural, in the 5th dimension, most people would call ”physically impossible” in the 3rd. But there are more and more ”glitches” in our 3D matrix, which defy all natural laws, to make us humans realize that we live in a programmed virtual reality and that there is a higher reality beyond the limited reality we now live in.

Humanity, along with Mother Earth, is slowly ascending into the 5th dimension. It happens both on an individual and collective level. In order for you as a soul to have full access to the 5th dimension, you need to raise your frequencies to such a high level that they match the frequencies of the 5th dimension. Only then can you become a part of it and make it your reality. To be able to get there here and now requires years of hard work to heal and cleanse your energy body of karma, blockages, ego, negative emotions and limited perceptions of reality.


On the collective level, more and more signs of the manifestation of the 5th dimensional reality are beginning to appear. It’s like more and more ”leaks” are starting to happen from 5D to 3D, putting the physical laws out of play for a moment. It can be anything from an object teleporting when you turn your back (which my daughter experienced with a cell phone), to leaps between different timelines. These types of phenomena are often called ”Glitch in the Matrix” and have become a big phenomenon on social media. The most common videos of the phenomenon are airplanes and birds standing still in the air, defying all natural laws.


~ Three examples from my life ~

* A number of years ago I worked in home care on the island of Blidö here in Roslagen. I would drive from the north to the south of the island, along the main road, which is the only way to get across the oblong island by car. When I had gone from the northern part to about the middle of the island, while sitting daydreaming, I get a shock when I discover that I am suddenly going north! In other words, I’m on my way ”back” to where I came from! I can’t have turned the car unconsciously because it’s a single long straight without roundabouts, plus I had worked on the island for a long time, and knew the road very well.


* Another example from my time in home care. A colleague called and said she had put a bunch of keys under the doormat outside our office, and asked me to go get it. When I got to the office I lifted the doormat but there were no keys, just some sand and gravel. I even lifted the entire doormat off the ground to be absolutely sure. I then called the colleague who went to meet me. I was waiting outside the office the whole time. But when she lifted the mat, the bunch of keys was suddenly there! It was a large bunch of keys, so I couldn’t possibly have missed it being there. I understood NOTHING and tried to convince the colleague that ”This is something supernatural!!!” but she just smiled and shook her head.


* When I lived just outside Norrtälje, I would go in and shop early one morning. I saw the sunrise far to the left of the driveway on the way into the store. I remember it so well as it was so stunningly beautiful and I had to turn my head to the left to admire it. When I drove for a while, I discovered that the sun is instead coming up far to the RIGHT of the same road – opposite where I last saw it! So I had to turn my head to the left the first time I saw the sun, and then had to turn it to the right the second time I saw the sun – in the same straight line! I’ve checked the map just to be sure, which confirmed that it was a long straight stretch that I was driving on, so it couldn’t have been that the road had turned without me noticing, and that it was the same sunrise I was looking at .



~ The question from the Universe ~

As I write this, a clarifying message comes to me intuitively. Every time we have an experience like this, it is a challenge to our perception of reality, and an opportunity to expand it. It is a question from the Universe: “Are you ready to embrace this experience? Are you ready to raise your frequencies a level so that this ’physically impossible’ experience is included in your reality?” Therefore, it is important to take these types of experiences seriously. Many people, such as my colleague with the bunch of keys, instinctively answer NO to this question by dismissing it as impossible.


But when we answer YES by trusting what we experienced, an actual increase in our frequencies takes place, from a perception of reality where we didn’t think what happened was possible, to a perception of reality where we know it is actually possible. As a small entrance exam to the next frequency level of our gradual ascent towards the 5th dimension. Even if we initially answer no to the question from the Universe, in the future, when we are ready for it, we can reinterpret the memory of the experience and only then undergo the frequency raise.


Do you have any “Glitch in the Matrix” experiences of your own? Something that did not follow the ”physical laws” of time and space? Think carefully, because I think we’ve all experienced these types of events, but usually brushed them off instead of trusting what we actually experienced. We have probably all answered no to the question from the Universe many times, but we always get new chances.


~ Five selected videos from Youtube ~

1. Airplane with banner standing still in the air:
2. Box bounces back into moving truck twice:
3. An off lamp is on when it is reflected in a mirror
4. Metal bar on subway station goes straight through man’s leg:
5. Bird of prey ”gets stuck” in the air, flies two seconds, and gets ”stuck” again: