History revision in the progresss

I think everyone who reads my posts is aware that not only is the official narrative of the present a big lie, but so is the official narrative of our history. In a way, it is even an even bigger lie, since it’s about a systematic cover-up of our cosmic origin, and the complex history of the human in which a large number of extraterrestrial civilizations, both higher and lower standing, have been involved in shaping our development here on the Earth.

Nobody has the whole picture. But the more you look into it, the more startling pieces of evidence you will find. A phenomenon where there is a lot of evidence to be found, are historical buildings that testify to a bygone era with people who had a higher spiritual consciousness and with a high technology that we don’t even have today. The History Channel’s ”Ancient Aliens” has been a good preparation, but now this topic has suddenly gone mainstream in recent weeks through the documentary series ”Ancient Apocalypse” which was released on Netflix two weeks ago, and where today it is in the global top 10 list! It’s a mainstream series that only scratches the surface, but still!

An example of a laughable smearing attempt is The Guardian article ”Ancient Apocalypse is the most dangerous show on Netflix” (absolutely true!) where it is said outright that ”The series whispers to the conspiracy theorist in all of us” (also true! ), and warns that “Believing that ultra-intelligent creatures helped to build the pyramids is one thing, but where does it end? Believing that election fraud is real? Believing 9/11 was an inside job? Worse?” (also this true!). There you have the establishment’s fear on paper. When these kinds of theories become mainstream, it also opens people’s minds to how other areas of the official narrative can be based on cover-ups and lies.

But of course Netflix is ​​also controlled by the Power Elite, and the majority of its content is deeply destructive and manipulative. But the Power Elite have complex occult belief systems and modus operandi, and part of that is hinting and revealing parts of their manipulation, because then they believe that the karma of their actions falls on us because we allow it to happen despite them giving us clues to what they do. However, what is now happening with the energy raising and the rise of the Truth Energy on Earth is that these clues are blowing up portals to deeply hidden truths that soon will no longer be able to be kept hidden!

I’m concluding with a hopeful excerpt from one of Maria Bertram’s channelings on the subject, which we published in 2017:

“An example of a misunderstanding today is about the ”giant skeletons” that have been unearthed on different places on Earth. It’s often stated that all of these are remnants of one single civilization of giants that has wandered on Earth. The truth is far more complex than that, because there’s a huge number of peoples and civilizations that have lived on our Earth throughout the history. A number of them have been civilizations of giants. It has been both highly developed and less developed civilizations. It has been civilizations that have contributed to humanity’s consciousness raising, and civilizations that manipulated humanity for their own purposes. Some of them have had a higher technological development level, while others have had a lower technological development level. That is, there are remains from a variety of giants and of course many other civilizations, peoples and souls who have visited the Earth and lived on Earth during different ages, and that have influenced Earth’s history in different ways.

There is still an incredible amount of buried archaeological remains around the Earth that remains to be discovered by humanity – on Earth’s surface, underground, and even further down towards the center of the Earth. There are lots of cities, buildings, spacecrafts and other energy technologies hidden both on the surface and inside the Earth. There are ancient remains that are millions of years old that are built by highly developed civilizations but that were later abandoned, and later in history were inhabited by civilizations with lower levels of consciousness and technological level than those who originally built them.

But it’s also important to understand that there are not physical traces of all the different civilizations, events and epochs that the Earth has gone through. Many of the most developed groups that have lived on Earth have had the ability and technology to ”clean up” after them, that is, completely erase all the traces of their stay on Earth. Therefore, one cannot rely solely on archaeological finds and remnants found on Earth to create a complete picture of the Earth’s history. But all of this will be discovered as we enter into the New Age and as people begin to access the Information Database under the Sphinx in Egypt. Nothing will be held in darkness anymore.

Even those who provide alternative information about the history of humanity today lack an overall picture of what has actually happened on Earth. All the information that is spread today about the true history of humanity are merely fragments. Nobody really has the whole picture of the history. Sometimes these fragments can be true. Sometimes they are misunderstandings of different sorts, and sometimes they are also pure disinformation. That is, there’s a huge mix of both this and that, and it can be hard to distinguish what’s what. But as I said, there is a large number of archaeological findings that will be brought to the public’s eye and help humanity with puzzle pieces of the planets history. The unveiling of the truth, and the unveiling of the true origin of humanity, is an important part of the transition to the New Spiritual Age.

Some groups within the Power Elite have been deceived by the destructive beings and civilizations they collaborate with, into believing that they derive from one of the giant civilizations that there are relics from and that they are ”chosen” because of their blood relations to this people of giants. But the idea that they as a collective derives from this civilization is a very big simplification of reality. A few of them have actual ties of blood to some of these giants, but there are many other people on Earth who also have it without even knowing it”.


Quote from The Liberation of Cosmos Channeled information from the information database under the Sphinx via the Higher Self, April 4th, 2017