New spiral over Hawaii

Another spiral in the sky! This time over Hawaii (January 18), filmed by a Japanese telescope. The blue spiral is almost identical to the spiral seen over New Zealand on June 19, 2022.
Video of the spiral:
In the mainstream media, the phenomenon is once again explained away as a SpaceX rocket leaking fuel. Right. But as always, use your intuition and know what you believe. One thing is for sure, the mass media has lied about these spirals before.
Different spirals have been seen in the skies for at least 40 years, and the most famous one over Norway in 2009 was dismissed as a ”confirmed Russian missile”, even though the spectacular video shows that this is a completely impossible explanation.
During the years of 2009-2010, my partner at the time Maria Bertram (1972-2020) received channeled messages from an ascended human civilization who called themselves ”The Invincible Ones”, and their leader Dibarak told us that their civilization were involved in all spiral light projections over the Earth:
“All development happens in the form of spirals, and you have to go full circle to move to the next level. But when the leap does happen, it goes very fast. You are now about to take one of these deciding leaps in the development of your consciousness where you have to learn to leave your fighting and dualism behind you, to reach oneness thinking. This critical leap must happen quickly. The cosmic clock is ticking and you are right now in a transition stage to the New Age, where powerful energies gradually are flowing with increasing strength over your planet, changing the conditions of life on Earth.
We are reaching out our hand to you from the higher dimensions, and we have sent you a greeting in your physical three-dimensional world, a greeting of light, color and form. This is to welcome you into the cosmic communion. […] The light projection we created for you symbolizes your spiritual development as a spiral, and that you are now in a deciding moment where you take a leap towards the next level of consciousness“.
“We work as a group to create them. Large groups of our civilization work together, sometimes our whole population, to send these projections to you. We visualize and manifest what we want to create. In other words; we’re using our collective energy reserve and our combined power to focus on this event, this place, and this display. We also use sound when we manifest the projections – in other words it’s not only a performance of colors, but it’s also something that has been created through sound”.
The Hawaii spiral in the news:
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