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Now it has been a year since I published the Mother Earth Network’s new website, together with the article ”That which was not supposed to happen” about the turbulent time before, during and after the tragic passing of my partner Maria Bertram. Prior to that, the work of the Mother Earth Network had petered out after many years of attacks on several levels, and finally Maria’s serious illness and passing.


When Maria, who founded the Mother Earth Network and channeled the messages that formed the basis of the Network, left her earthly life in March 2020, I found myself in a crisis on several levels. Partly I mourned the loss of my soulmate and the children’s mother, and partly I mourned the loss of my life’s task, because it felt like it was lost through the loss of Maria.

It felt out of the question to run the Mother Earth Network , but at the same time I felt a huge responsibility to carry on spreading the important message of the Mother Earth Network, because no one else could shoulder that role but me. In this article I share how I was asked by the guides to restart the Mother Earth Network and run it on my own, however impossible it felt, and how I took on the task and managed to keep the Mother Earth Network flame burning during the first year.


~ The Division of Labor in the Mother Earth Network ~

I was brought together with Maria in 2009 through the Mother Earth Network which she then ran by herself on a small scale, and we started running the Network together. The division of labor was clear. Maria was responsible for receiving the long channelings – which required hard work of grounding and internal purification, and I was responsible for packaging and administration (the texts, the website, the newsletter). Maria’s profound channelings from the Divine Consciousness (God) and enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos touched people deeply, and soon they also found their way outside of Sweden’s borders, and the Mother Earth Network became a global Network. In addition to spreading the channeled messages and the ”Mother Earth healing” grounding technique, we also had global distance healing sessions for Mother Earth every full moon.


~ The Role of the Mother Earth Network ~

The guides always spoke in very big and solemn words when talking about the role of the Mother Earth Network on Earth, which only added to the confusion after Maria’s passing. They told us that the Mother Earth Network on Earth is also part of the ”Cosmic Mother Earth Network” consisting of nature spirits, masters and enlightened civilizations around Earth who cooperate with us and participate in the healing sessions for Mother Earth. It was our life task to spread the message, through the Network, of the importance of profound grounding and the impending resurrection of the sacred feminine darkness energy, which was crucial to the transition to the New Age – a message that most other mediums were too ungrounded to receive and convey.N

~ The Total Confusion ~

When Maria left her earthly life after two years of malignant cancer, I was filled both with despair but also with confusion – HOW could this be the will of the Divine!? I felt completely paralyzed at the thought of writing and telling about Maria’s passing to the followers of the Mother Earth Network. How could I give someone else answers and hope when I couldn’t even produce answers and hope for myself? I decided to hide under a rock for the rest of my life and let the Mother Earth Network disappear permanently. Good bye life task.


~ A New Awakening ~

Somewhere deep inside me, however, I knew that my work with the Mother Earth Network was not finished… And a year and a half later, I discovered an article about a mysterious light phenomenon over Sweden. When I saw the image, I felt how a portal to the Cosmos opens through the image of the phenomenon – and how I receive an energy transmission and a message from the extraterrestrial human civilization ”The Invincible Ones” who created the spiral of light over Norway in 2009 and who, through Maria, conveyed their message to humanity which made the Mother Earth Network internationally known. Civilization leader Dibarak conveyed to me that it was time to resume my life’s task in which the Mother Earth Network was an important part, and that the time had come to write and share the story about Maria’s passing.

~ The New Website ~

I started writing a draft of a short Facebook post, which then grew bigger and bigger… until it became the three-part article; ”That which was not Supposed to Happen – A Personal Story from a Lightworker in the Middle of a Cosmic Drama”. In addition to my personal story, I received several shorter channeled messages, which was extremely rare for me, that the guides wanted to include in the article. I was also asked to resume the healing sessions for Mother Earth each full moon. In parallel with the article, I also worked on a brand new website, as the old one was repeatedly hacked and was down since many years. Although websites unfortunately to a large degree have become old-fashioned and have been replaced by social media, a website was the best way to collect all information in one place.

After a year of working on the website and all its texts, it is now ”finished”, that is, all of Maria’s fantastic channelings are posted, including the three unpublished channelings I had left from Maria. I have also finished writing all the unfinished articles that are based on the messages that Maria channeled down, and I have also been guided to write a number of other articles and posts over the past year, plus being allowed to photograph and film greetings from UFO dots in the night sky that showed their participation.

The common thread in most of the articles is how the balance between the feminine darkness energy and the masculine light energy (yin and yang) needs to be restored, through the return of the “Sacred Feminine Red Fire” that has a key role in the Ascension of the human and Mother Earth. Another important part is the role of our cosmic friends in our spiritual transformation, and the successive lifting of the Cosmic Quarantine.

~ The inner conflict ~

However, I can still not say that my intuition has opened up as much as I hoped it would, yet! I still can’t channel by demand. But I actually see the opening of my intuition as a necessity for the Mother Earth Network to continue reaching out with its important message in the long run, now that all the ”old” (actually timeless) channelings and articles from Maria are published. I work on opening my third eye regularly, and have faith that I will get the help I need when the time is ready.


A lot of people think I should make videos – and I know most people can’t bear to read long texts anymore (ironically because of the ungrounded state that social media addiction creates – which is a result of the surplus of male energy), but I don’t feel ready to make videos until I open up myself my ability to channel messages, as I myself still have questions about certain aspects of the Mother Earth Network’s messages, questions that I myself need to have answered before I feel ready to become a representative of the message in video format.


~ The Future of the Mother Earth Network ~

Despite all my inner obstacles, I am today proud to present the finished website that I started working on one year ago, an archive for the Mother Earth Network’s unique messages of grounding as the path to spiritual transformation – a message that no one else is spreading, and for which Maria gave her life to channel down and spread to humanity. I continue to run the Network to the best of my ability, with the distance healing sessions for Mother Earth every month, and hope that as soon as possible I will receive the help I need from my guides to open up my intuition to be able to receive new messages about the transformation of the human and Mother Earth and the path to the New Spiritual Age, the Age of the Goddess.


I honestly still feel both confused and inadequate as to how to continue to reach out with the Mother Earth Network’s message without any new channelings, while I intuitively feel that the Network still has an important role to play in the coming years, which also other psychic friends have confirmed to me. But I’m doing my very best, I am attentive to my intuitive guidance, and have faith that I’ll get the inspiration and help I need, every step of the way. I want to send a big THANK YOU to all of you who follow the Network, grounding yourselves and participating in the monthly healing sessions for Mother Earth, because she needs help spreading her feminine red energy more than ever.


Life goes on, and the Divine Plan continues to unfold in ways I could never have predicted. A big thank you to all of you who follow the Network, work on your grounding and participate in the monthly healing sessions for Mother Earth, because she needs help spreading her feminine red energy more than ever.


”Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be, and everything will be exactly the way it’s supposed to be”. /The Divine consciousness (God) through Maria Bertram




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