The UFO week

Last week I sat and meditated by a lake, and there was a lot of activity of ”planes” and mysterious dots of light. I started filming some of them, and continued to do so for several evenings in a row. I present the result in ”The UFO week” where I have selected the seven best videos and post one every day! Enjoy!


The UFO Week


The UFO Week

This week I have started the project ”The UFO week”, after sitting outside by a lake here in Sweden several evenings meditating and filming UFOs. I’ve selected the seven best videos and will be posting one every day for the next week on this page! But just so that no one gets too unrealistic expectations, it is ”only” light dots, filmed with a mobile camera from a long distance in the dark, but where it is still clear from their behavior that they can’t be airplanes.



A week ago I went out to one of my favorite lakes to meditate and talk to my guides about my life situation. On such occasions there is often a lot of activity such as ”airplanes” and other mysterious dots of light that fly low over the treetops, and that was the case this time as well. I felt immense joy at their presence and took out my mobile phone and enthusiastically filmed some of them. It was a wonderful feeling to sit and watch and film all the ”airplanes” and see which of them revealed themselves through mysterious and ”impossible” maneuvers.


The next day I felt a strong calling to go back to continue contact. Because that is exactly what it is – direct, or at least indirect, contact with civilizations that have traveled here from other parts of our infinite Cosmos to visit us on Earth. The thought is staggering. But I know it’s true.


I dressed warm (it’s winter and snowy in Sweden at the moment), took a folding chair, a thermos of tea and went back to the lake. As soon as I got out of the car, the activity started, and the dots of light flew over the forest in a torrent. It took me at least ten minutes before I could let go of the mobile phone I was filming with and give my little welcome speech that I always give to everyone I know participating in my meditations and ceremonies out in nature, such as nature spirits, guides and other civilizations from the Cosmos. Of course they participate in everyone’s meditations and ceremonies – including yours – it’s just that not everyone knows about it or can take it in….yet.


I continued the same procedure for several more days, longing each day until darkness began to fall and I got to settle down by the lake with my camera to document their presence. I also managed to meditate, talk with the guides, throat sing, and do ceremonies to heal the site and activate the feminine energies of Mother Earth.

My Life Task

Am I getting any telepathic messages? Do I know who it is hiding behind the dots of light? Unfortunately not! It is of course my goal to develop that ability, especially since I lived with Maria Bertram (1972-2020) who was a medium with a crystal clear channel, through which various enlightened civilizations gave us telepathic guidance for almost ten years, even sometimes while we stood watching their ship (dot of light) in the night sky. But one thing I can say with certainty, it is not ”Greys”, but rather primarily different types of enlightened human civilizations, but of course also civilizations with completely different types of appearances.


We spread some of the profound channelings through the Mother Earth Network, as some of you know. Since Maria was no longer able to channel due to her severe illness in 2018-2020, I have had the goal of taking over the torch myself – it feels like the only natural continuation of our joint life task, where an important part is being an ambassador for high-standing civilizations from the Cosmos and their spiritual guidance for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. I’m not there yet, but that’s exactly why this project feels so deeply meaningful, that is, to film the presence of our cosmic friends and spread them to you!


I know how appreciated my UFO videos were in the past. This way I can still spread the energies of our cosmic friends, and raise awareness of their presence on Earth. Remember that everything is energy, which means that the videos are also energy portals to the ships of the various civilizations, and through them they can transmit energies to all of you who watch the videos! I always hear loud ringings in my ears when I’m watching these flying dots of light!

The dots of light

During the four evenings I sat by the lake, I have seen a total of over a hundred dots of light flying low over the forest, although most fly in straight lines with flashing lights just like airplanes. But as I said, sometimes the dots of light suddenly do strange things like standing still and just floating in the air, changing direction and going back where they came from, or playing ”peekaboo” behind the treetops – adapted so that it is visible exactly from the place where I am filming. At one point they even responded to a wish I expressed to them, through a maneuver in the air. Another example is that when I get to the lake sky above the treetops are very busy, and there can be around 30 ”airplanes” of various types flying low over the forest for half an hour. Then it can be completely quiet for half an hour, as if it is first ”showtime” and then a break with time for meditation and contemplation.


Why these constant ”airplane tricks”? Well, because that’s what they’ve been allowed to do for the Galactic Federation. They don’t have the right to force themselves upon us if we are not ready for them, therefore they have the right to appear as airplanes and helicopters (even as daylight holograms) to a very high degree. In this way, those who sleep can safely continue to sleep, while those who know what to look for and see through the illusion discover that the ”airplanes” sometimes behave very strangely and that they intuitively feel that it is about something else.


I hope you will enjoy the videos and feel the presence, love and energies of our cosmic friends! I also hope the pictures and videos inspire you to go out yourself and sit down and look towards the sky… towards our cosmic origin. Sooner or later you will discover signs that they are there and communicating with us.




An example of Maria’s channeling from a spaceship in the sky in 2009:

“We have come to show ourselves to you” – Channeling of ”The Bear Dogs” from ”Kyran”, Galactic Federation, September 6th, 2009



The UFO videos


Video 1: Flashing dot of light turns into a bright ball of light + a surprise 

In this video, we initially see two flashing dots of light, but I intuitively choose to focus on the bottom one. After a while, the faintly blinking dot suddenly flares up and becomes a brightly shining ball of light with a persistent light, continuing on its path. After a while comes another surprise! As I film the ball of light, I’m seeing, in the corner of my eye, how another ball of light flares up behind the trees on the other side of the lake, then hides again as soon as I start filming it!


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga, Sweden 02/02/23

Video 2: Floating ball of light behind treetops turns into poor airplane simulation 

The second night I was out, I was greeted as soon as I got out of the car by a ball of light that flared up right at the treetops, but it turned to “airplane mode” (hologram) before I had the chance to start filming. Almost as if they were teasing me. On the third day, I was more on edge when exactly the same thing happened. I threw myself out of the car without even closing the car door and picked up the phone and managed to catch a few seconds of how the ball of light floats by the treetops, before it ”switches” to a faintly blinking ”airplane” flying in a straight path to the right. But right before it’s coming in behind the trees, it’s like they’re instead flying diagonally upwards so that it’s just visible above the treetops. Here it becomes very clear that they adjust their flight to the location I am filming from. That’s what I meant by a poor airplane simulation, since airplanes don’t do that.


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga, Sweden 02/02/23

Video 3: Flashing dot of light hovers for 30 seconds, then slowly flies away 

In this video, we’re seeing a dot of light, flashing intensively and irregularly while floating in mid-air for about 30 seconds, and then it slowly flies away in a straight course.


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga, Sweden 02/04/22

Video 4: Hovering ball of light slowly transforms into airplane hologram

This video requires a bit more from you as a viewer, since it’s more low-key mysterious, but it’s worth it for those of you who want to be a UFO detective and watch the full 6 minutes. Otherwise, you can watch the first few seconds and then skip to 5:30 and you’ll see that the airplane seen at the end is definitely not the same as the floating ball of light seen at the beginning of the video. In other words, it is not a ”real” airplane, but a hologram.


The video initially shows a bright ball of light hovering above the treetops for nearly 2 minutes before it shrinks and begins its very slow transformation into an ”airplane” (starts at about 1:40). Then it flies across the entire lake towards me, and also passes another suspicious dot of light hanging high in the sky. The closer the flying dot of light gets to me, the clearer it becomes that it has transformed into an airplane. As it flew over me, I clearly saw the aircraft, that is, an aircraft body with a light on each wing, a green steady light and a red flashing light. Of course, these airplane holograms imitate reality. The dot of light flies without sound until it gets close to me, only then does the airplane sound is heard. Normally, airplanes can be heard even from the other side of the lake.


I have seen this transformation countless times, and in the beginning the mind often managed to explain it away immediately after the event, as ”it must have been an airplane all along, I must be misremembering when I thought it was a hovering ball of light at first”. The logical mind is programmed to maintain the three-dimensional perception of reality at all costs. However, through this video it becomes very clear that the ball of light that’s hanging in the air for almost 2 minutes is NOT the same as the ”airplane” it has transformed into at the end of the video.


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga, Sweden 02/05/23

Video 5: ”Airplane” turns in mid-air after my wish + Surprise

I’ve seen many different ”airplane tricks” over the years. One of the more unusual tricks that I saw when watching UFO:s last week was how an ”airplane”, flying silently above the treetops, suddenly slowed down and turned 180 degrees and flew back from where it came from!


A few days later it happened again, but since there are so many ”planes” flying over the lake while I’m sitting there, I don’t start filming until I notice an anomaly. When the aircraft turned, it was too late. Then I expressed a wish to our cosmic friends to do it one more time, so that I will be ready to film it, and then THEY ACTUALLY DO! This time the plane comes back at an even higher speed, like they were really going for it, and I immediately started filming! When it had flown over half the lake, it slows down and turns back to fly back again like nothing happened. It also changes the flashing pattern and color (from fast flashing white to slow flashing red-white) after the turn.


I felt an absolutely incredible feeling of direct contact, gratitude and wonder! No aircraft can do such maneuvers, and if it had been a helicopter it would have been heard clearly. As far as drones are concerned, it is too fast and with too strong light. When the ”airplane” disappears behind the trees, another dot of light also starts to flash strongly above the treetops out of nowhere!


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga, Sweden 02/04/23


Video 6: Floating ball of light become faint flashing dot of light flying away


Before I started filming, the beautiful pink sky was empty. Then a ball of light flared up right in front of my eyes, and I immediately started filming. The brightly shining ball of light floats over the forest for a while, and after about a minute the light weakens and the ball turns into a faintly flashing dot of light that flies away along a straight path, like an airplane in the distance.


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga, Sweden 02/05/23


Video 7: Descending ”star” plays peekaboo by the treetops + High sky activity

This is the last day of my “UFO Week” project, and I want to thank both my cosmic friends in the skies, and all of you who have followed my videos this week and shared your fascination. I’m very happy to hear how all of you who have wondered why some airplanes behave so strangely, will now see them with new eyes! The more of us who open our eyes to their presence, the bigger their possibilities are to show themselves to us! Link to the collection of all videos at the bottom of the post. Now to my last video!


When I came to the lake on this day (my birthday!) this mysterious ”star” was already hanging in the sky. I’ve never seen it before, so of course it wasn’t a star. But it didn’t move either. So I thought. But when I had sat there for a while, I discovered that it was actually descending slowly. I have put together some snippets of the ball of light from about 30 minutes time so that it is clearly visible that it is moving downwards and to the right (use the lights from the house below as a reference). During the short clips, other dots of light can also be seen flashing in the night sky, a lot of activity this evening!


When the ”star” disappeared behind the treetops, of course I thought the show was over, but no – then it was time for an encore! The ball of light then begins to look up again behind the trees, then disappears completely, only to look up again – in a cosmic game of peekaboo – a total of five times in two minutes, while I try to catch a number of other twinkling dots of light in the sky. I’m saying in the video that I see six dots of light at the same time, but unfortunately only four are clearly visible on the video.


Filmed at Drängsjön (Domarudden), Åkersberga 02/02/23



Thankfulness Prayer to our Cosmic Friends 

Beloved friends from our infinite Cosmos,

Thank you for showing us your presence.

Thank you for being here and visiting us on Earth.

Thank you for your unconditional love, your patience and your guidance

Thank you for sending us healing and energy transmissions,

and thank you for participating in the healing of our Mother Earth.


We see you. And we know you see us.

We welcome the expansion of your visible presence with great enthusiasm.

And we long for the day when we will finally meet you face to face.


From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.



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