”We are present always and everywhere” – A message from our cosmic friends

Today I was lying on my back on a snow-covered mountain in the forest, looking at the sky, enjoying the birds singing. A breaking point between winter and spring. I felt a message begin to take shape within me, a message from our cosmic friends. I got fragment after fragment. When I got home, I immediately sat down and wrote a text from the fragments I had received.


Although my ability to channel is still in the ”opening phase”, I feel that what I received is true. I can still only receive information that I already know intuitively, based on everything my ex-partner Maria (1972-2020) has channeled in the past, but the more my ability opens, the more new information and the more detail I hope to be able to take in.


Although I see this text more as a ”practice channeling”, I am satisfied with the message I wrote down, which is about the presence and participation of our cosmic friends on Earth. I share it with you in hopes of inspiring those of you who are open to it.


”We are present all the time and everywhere. We are getting closer, one step at a time. Actually, it is an illusion that we are “getting closer”. It is rather that we get closer to your perception of reality, the dimension of reality that you perceive. Another way to describe it is that you expand your multidimensional field of vision to begin to include the higher dimensions and thereby experience us as increasingly present.


But we have always been present with you. Your skies are filled with our camouflaged ships, but you’re not supposed to see us in just yet. We have participated in the entire development of humanity – from the creation of the human, through the long and winding road up to the situation you are in today. During long periods of human history, we have walked the Earth in physical form, and lived side by side with humans. In a sense, we still do that today, although it does not happen in the same way.


A certain percentage of humans on Earth are descended from other planets, not only spiritually but also biologically, although not everyone are aware of it. Many of you lightworkers are actually what you would call ”extraterrestrials”, that is, you were not actually created through the DNA of your earthly parents. Many of you have one extraterrestrial parent, while others have two. This has happened in accordance with your soul contracts that you yourself have been involved in and designed. You have chosen to do it that way in order to be able to bring down the different unique energies and DNA you carry with you from your previous existences in the Cosmos to the Earth, and thus contribute to the Earth’s energy raising.


Many of you have been created on spaceships or even on other planets through the unification of egg and sperm, and then your birth was staged before your Earth parents, in accordance with your and their soul contracts. There is also a huge amount of other things in your reality that are staged for the sake of your development, since you can only see a very limited part of the multidimensional reality that you live in. But the veil is thinning, and the truth is to be revealed. Step by step, day by day.


We have not only been present in the creation of your various historical civilizations on Earth, but we are also very much involved in your lives here and now. We are sending you regular energy transmissions and inspiring thoughts, and we sit beside you when you meditate. We are visiting you in your visions and dreams. We are with you during your ups and downs. We have been with each of you ever since you were born.


All of you have your cosmic families present in one way or another. It’s important that you do not get stuck in your earthly prejudices about ”aliens” as some foreign and unpleasant beings with hidden intentions. Instead, think of us as friends or guides, and know that very many of us actually look like you humans. The human is not unique to Earth, but the human race is spread throughout our entire Cosmos, with countless variations.


It’s true that there have also been ”malevolent” extraterrestrial races that have participated throughout human development, and they do still have a certain negative influence on you even today. But don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. With each passing day, the energy level on Earth is raised, this means that it becomes increasingly difficult for these destructive civilizations, and increasingly easier for us enlightened civilizations, to operate in your dimension. The lower developed civilizations that have been ”let through” the energy protection that Earth has always had, have done so in accordance with the decisions of the Galactic Federation which is based on your karma. You are not victims, but have received the experiences you needed – and requested – in order to develop as souls.


But the time of manipulation and blocking the life energy is now beginning to play out its part, it’s being phased out to pave the way for something entirely new. Even if it doesn’t always look that way in your outer reality today – you, and all of us together – are marching towards the New Spiritual Age. This means that we get ever greater opportunities to help you and contribute to your development. As you know, we must not influence you, either as individuals or as a civilization, by force or intrusion. Every step we take to approach you is based on how ready you are and what is in accordance with your soul contracts and the Divine Plan.


We have longed for the time that we are now facing where we will finally be able to start creating open contact with you. If you only knew how we’ve been longing. We rejoice that we are finally facing the Great Purification where all impurities are pushed to the surface to be cleansed and to pave the way for the New Man and the New Civilization. When you as a collective are ready for it, we will be able to step up our presence in the sky even further, and gradually also initiate personal contact in the physical world. But we’re not there yet.


But you should know that we are always present with you. We always hear you when you call on us, without exception, and we always answer you even if you aren’t able to pick it up. We feel enormous love when you reach out a hand to us. We are also extremely happy for the times we have had the opportunity to make contact with you through celestial phenomena, and when you have seen and received our greeting. Each such occasion is a great event for us, since it means a moment of merging the different dimensions we operate in. Through each such occasion, the possibilities for merging the dimensions increase yet another step.


But even though it is a fantastic experience to receive a sign in the sky, we want to point out that the most important thing is always to keep your focus inward. Your salvation lies in your heart, not in the sikes. We live in a time where each of you has unprecedented opportunities to purify and heal yourselves, but it is only your own responsibility to take advantage of that opportunity. Nothing is more important. Also, your opportunities to receive greetings from us have a direct connection with your inner purification process. Continue, continue, continue cleansing your insides. Through your personal cleansing process, you participate in the energy increase and pave the way for the final transition to the New Spiritual Age, where we will finally be able to land openly on Earth and contribute to your consciousness development in a more direct way, and also the building of the New Civilization.


We love you. We are one with you, and you are one with us. And we are all part of the Great Cosmic Infinity”.