”I reach out my hand to you from another world”


This channeling is a message from Maria’s Higher Self, the aspect of her soul that connects her with the Divine Source, just like all of our Higher Selves do. Actually, it’s Maria’s and Manne’s mutual Higher Self. Because we are soul mates who are now in a process of unification, it also means that our Higher Selves are becoming more and more united. More information about the unification of soulmates follows in the channeled text below.



Content of the channeling

I come to remind you of who you really are / What is “human worth”? / Your entire reality is a lie / We have come to help you take your first steps / Seek the answers within yourselves / You are one with the All / It’s time now / You have been divided into two parts / Soulmates / The human has free will / Ground yourselves to become receptive to the Divine Light / A meditation – A way to the Divine Source



Channeling of the Higher Self, through Maria Bertram, August 29th, 2014

~ I come to remind you of who you really are ~

My dear friends. I reach out my hand to you from another world. I reach out to you to remind you of who you really are. I am Maria’s and Manne’s Higher Self. But I’m also a messenger from your Higher Selves, from the Divine Source. It’s the place where you live an eternal life in your all-embracing, limitless states of consciousness. Here we all live together in complete unity, love, harmony and truth. I have come to you to speak about the Truth, and about the world you live in. Your world is an illusion, full of illusory perceptions of what reality is and how it manifests itself. I am a messenger from yourselves to yourselves, to make you wake up, to make you open your eyes and finally begin to remember who you are. It’s time now. It’s time to wake up.


A long time ago in the Eternal Now you made a choice. You chose to descend into a physical reality, and to limit your consciousness in order to experience separation, anxiety, hatred and conflict. 

Painting by Mario Duguay / www.marioduguay.com

It was something that you needed to experience in order to feel whole. You took a deliberate step into this limited reality, and you were put in a prison, a prison that you call ego – full of limitations, barriers, fear, pain and suffering. This world gives an illusionary, completely distorted picture of what reality is. But all of this is about to change, since you’re about to take the first step into the New World. Humanity, Earth and the entire Cosmos are moving into a higher state of consciousness. A condition that is made up of the perfect balance between regression and expansion, female and male energy, in order to create the Highest Divine Love Energy. Each one of you is a part of this process.



~ What is “human worth”? ~

I’ve come to talk with you about what humanity is, and what “human worth” is based upon. Your hearts are beating and the blood is pulsing through your veins. You breathe, you live, you eat, you sleep, you play, you learn, you work. Everything that your physical body does is producing a physical result. Numbers on a paper, or actual physical creations in the form of chairs, tables and meals, caretaking of other people, cleaning, singing and dancing. ”But is that all?” you say. “Where does the human come from? Where is the human heading?” That is the most important question to ask. Where is the human heading? Will humans continue to only do and be what they already are? Or will they actually reach a higher state of consciousness and evolve into something else? Something bigger than what they are in your current reality on Earth.


A carpenter, an official, a caretaker, a soldier. Is that what the human is? Is that what you think humans are finally composed of – all of their physical actions? All of the accomplishments they perform? The value of everything the human does is defined by quantitative terms. You imagine that performance is what gives the human value. Is that really true? Is that all that the human is made ​​up of? If humans stop doing carpentry, if they stop singing, if they stop counting and reading – then what happens? Do they lose their value? Do they become worthless?


The performance-oriented reality that you live in has guided you away from – and in many cases closed down – your connection with your inner reality, that which you dismiss and patronizingly call ”fantasies”. I have come to you today to tell you that you live in an upside-down reality. You have been taught that all that matters is performance and physical actions, while your inner reality, your internal processes and your spiritual development are being totally ignored. You’re impatiently waiting for humanity to take the decisive step out into the Cosmos, to be able to let go of your physical limitations and travel wherever you want and do whatever you want. You wait and you wait, and you continue to count your numbers, you continue to do your carpentry, you continue to produce new products, new services, and new ideas – that will lead to even more things, even more performance, even more quantity – until you finally have so much quantity that it completely drowns you. Your entire world is a world full of piles of quantity. You are being drowned in gadgets and performance. You have entangled yourselves in a prison. You are so busy doing that you have completely forgotten about being, and you have completely missed the point of what human greatness is. The gate to human greatness can be found through being, not through doing.

~ Your entire reality is a lie ~

It’s not surprising that it has become like this, because you live in a society which raises you to be constantly doing, and where all forms of being are diminished, ridiculed, condemned and punished. A human who doesn’t do anything is ”lazy”, and becomes a target who is mocked and ostracized. In the worst case, you starve to death. Nothing of what’s going on inside of you is given any value. You live in the upside-down world. You have been lied to, and you’re lying to yourself, and you are lying to each other. Your entire reality is made up of one big lie, since your inner reality is the only thing that has any significance. It is through your inner reality that you create your outer reality. The external reality is merely a reflection of the inner.


The external physical reality is like an illusionary playground. You pull a thing here, and something else happens there. If I do one thing, it leads to another thing. ”If I eat too much, I will become fat,” you have been taught. ”If I behave in a risky way, I risk being involved in something dangerous,” so you think. Cause and effect. Laws of nature. ”If I drop an apple it falls down, not up,” so you think. All of these are illusions, because there is no such physical reality. It doesn’t exist. If you eat too much food and then gain weight, you draw the conclusion that the eating was the cause of the weight gain. In reality, both the over-eating and the weight gain are two different expressions of the same basic blockage that you are connected to. If the blockage was differently designed, you could just as well be able to eat too much without gaining weight, or the opposite – gain weight without eating too much. It’s always energy-blockages in your inner reality that are the root cause of the imbalances in your lives.


“Reality” is changeable, it can be manipulated. Time and space are changeable and can be manipulated. You live in a bubble, an illusionary bubble. A gigantic decor, where people live as puppets and let themselves be pulled by their arms and legs and heads. You run when you are supposed to run, you jump when you are supposed to jump. You do as you are told. You are connected to energy-systems that take your energy and hold you down. You are prevented from discovering the gate within you that leads to higher consciousness. You are being limited and held down. You are prevented from developing. You are prevented from expanding and reaching higher states of consciousness. You are living in a prison. You live in a Matrix, with a software that has programmed your reality and the conceptions of it. In that software, all the ideas that you think are true about reality can be found. The perceptions of science, of objectivity, of reason and rationality. That you can find answers through calculating, that you can ”prove” things. That it’s possible to prove that one thing is true, while another thing is not. That you can do clinical trials, without influence from external factors and subjective perceptions, and thus calculate and prove that things relate to each other in a certain way. These are all illusions.


All of Earth’s science is based on these misunderstandings. All of humanity’s conceptions of reality are based on these misunderstandings. Every fact book, every school education, and every expert’s opinion on Earth are based on these illusory perceptions. But these beliefs are now about to implode into themselves, since the entire Matrix is about to collapse. Cracks are starting to appear here and there, because humanity is entering a new phase in its development. All of us – your Higher Selves – will no longer accept that you keep living in this untruthful reality. It’s a phase you have had to go through in your development, but that’s now coming to its end. You are on your way into something completely new.


~ We have come to help you take your first steps ~

Beyond the Matrix, in the higher reality, there is a different approach to time and space. Time and space are illusions that do not exist. The only thing that exists is the Eternal Now. Since time and space actually don’t exist, but are an illusion created in your Matrix-reality, it also means that cause and effect do not exist. Not in the way you imagine. First one thing happens, and then another thing happens. Then you immediately come to the conclusion that the first thing that happened was the cause of the other thing. That it would somehow prove that it has a connection. That is simply not true, but you don’t see that since you are unable to see the higher dimensions of reality. Your inner reality is the gateway out to the higher dimensions. But since you have not learned to open up that ability, you miss the causalities. You’re missing that which is the cause of what is happening in your reality, in the small part of reality that you can see. That is also the reason why humans only use a few percent of their capacity.


Dear friends, you are just in the beginning of your development. We have come to help you learn to take your first steps on the long way towards enlightenment. Of course we speak of those of you who are ready for it and feel open to it. We are not forcing anyone. We speak to you who feel that ”I’m ready for this. I want to open up the gate to my inside. I want to open up the contact with my Higher Self. I want to connect with the higher reality. I want to see reality as it really is, beyond all illusions”. Those of you who feel that you are ready for it, it is you we are talking to. We love you all, and we long to finally reconnect with you. But in order for us to be able to do that, it’s important that you open your eyes and wake up from your slumber.


If what is written in your books is not true, if about 95-99 percent of your research on Earth is wrong, if the knowledge you learn in school is wrong, if all your beliefs about reality are wrong – then what does that mean? Does it mean that the ground beneath your feet is splitting? Does it mean there is nothing to hold on to? It’s a scary thought and a scary feeling. You are now standing on the gap between the old age and the new age. You are on your way to step into the New World, and to become the New Human. What I would like to encourage you to do is dare taking the leap.


~ Seek the answers within yourselves ~

It’s not in the physical reality that you will find your base and your basic security. It’s not in the ideas of your physical reality that you will find a grounded conception of what reality is and consists of. It’s through your inner grounding, your contact inward, your relationship with your Higher Self that you will find your safety and your truth. I would like to encourage you to begin looking inward for the answers and the truth that you seek. That is where you will find them. Do not let other people tell you how to live your life and what is true for you. Find the answers within yourself. It’s only yourself who can provide the answers because your individual path is unique. The energy and the higher consciousness that you carry with you is unique. Do not let yourself be pushed around. Do not let yourself be guided by the Guardians of the Matrix – the “well-meaning experts” who want to control and manage your life. It’s only you who have the answers. But to take this crucial step and open up the door to your Higher Self, it requires hard and focused work – every day. This is something that takes both energy and time from your lives. I would like to encourage you to start working and take time to expand your interior, and to develop the contact with your Higher Self.


You have been taught that physical performance is all that counts, and that development is to learn new things, to perform better, to earn more money, to develop in your relationships, having children, and so on. But what you must not forget is that everything that happens in your outer reality is dependent on your inner reality. You have been able to live in these illusions, that are saying that you have to struggle in the outer reality in order to achieve something, and that that which determines the preconditions for you to succeed is to be found in physical reality. But that’s not true. The energy reality determines every single step you take on the physical Earth. Everything that happens in your life, in your physical reality, is dependent on the internal energy reality. Every person you meet, every thought you think, every action you perform, every failure that you are experiencing, every accident that occurs, every death that occurs, every conflict that arises, every success you are experiencing, every love, every orgasm, every birth… everything that happens in your life is determined by the energy reality, since everything is energy.


~ You are one with the All ~

Once, a very, very long time ago – according to your perception of time – your Higher Selves decided to separate themselves into two parts and enter into a separate state of consciousness. We decided to enter into a lower state of consciousness in your Cosmos, to experience the opposite of the higher states of consciousness and the limitless unity-consciousness that we all have. We chose to go down and experience limitation, separation, hatred, pain, suffering, conflict, fear, and ego. It was a joint decision we took to develop ourselves. One cannot experience unity and love to the fullest until you’ve experienced the opposite. This decision we took led us to where we are today, where we have lent our energies and gone down in physical bodies to live on Earth. But that does not mean we only consist of our physical bodies and nothing else. We are infinite. Our souls are infinite. They are much, much bigger than our physical bodies, and our physical bodies’ auras. They consist of so much more. We extend ourselves across the Universe, and the whole Infinity. We sense and are affected by everything that happens on Earth, throughout the Universe and throughout Infinity, because we are one with the All. We have energy channels that lead all the way to the highest dimensions. We have tentacles that extend into infinity, to the highest forms of divine consciousness. That is who you really are. You are infinite, you are divine, you are one with the Universe. You are all-embracing. There is nothing that you are not, and that is what you need to begin realizing now. We want to make you wake up and see your own inner greatness.


When you are in an accident, a war, a fight – anything – there is an explanation for it. When you fall in love, there is also an explanation for it. There is nothing that ever happens by chance. Chance does not exist. Chance is an illusion. Everything depends on what energies you are connected to out in the Infinity. The more destructive energy system you are connected to – the more sorrow, pain, conflict and ego difficulties will sooner or later be activated in your lives. The more you heal your tentacles out into Infinity, the more you heal all the impurities and imbalances you are connected to – the more harmony, love, and free flow opens up for you in your lives. And the greater the capacity you will get to create and shape your lives, and to shape the evolution of Earth and the Universe, since you are divine creators.


~ It’s time now ~

God speaks through you. It is you who are God. It’s all of us together that is God. God speaks through us. It’s just that you have not learned to listen to what God says. In order to open up the door to the divine you must open the gate to your inner reality and reconnect with your Higher Self. Your inner realities are no fantasies. They are another reality, another truth than the reality you live in now. A higher truth. Only when you reconnect with your inner realities will you be able to become all-seeing and see reality for what it is. Only then will you learn to distinguish between illusion and reality. You will be able to learn to judge what is true and what is not true.

The stronger the connection and channel you have to your Higher Self and the higher reality, the more divine energy you will be able to take down on Earth and take into your physical bodies and your energy bodies. The more you will be able to heal and purify yourselves and begin expanding. The more harmonious and loving you will be able to become. The more open you will be for the greater truths and higher perspectives. The greater the capacity you will get to see beyond the Matrix-reality that you live in, and learn to find your way out of it. It’s a prison that you are in. A prison that prevents you from developing. It’s no coincidence that you have wage slavery on Earth. It is designed that way, in order to prevent you from developing and to prevent you from finding your way to your Higher Self. Now it’s time for you to remove these obstacles. You can do it yourself. Now it’s time for you to begin expanding, to blast all the boundaries, to tear down all the walls, and to remove all lids from the “shoe boxes” in which you are sitting and hiding. It’s time now.


We, all of your Higher Selves, have been waiting for this for so long. We have always followed you and watched you walk around in your limited prison lives here on Earth. We have watched how you suffered, how you struggled, how you cried, how you starved, and how you died. We have watched how you have hurt each other. We have watched how you have betrayed yourself, and we’ve watched how you’ve turned your backs on us. We do not judge you for that. We know it has been almost impossible for you to take this step. It’s difficult to reach your inner divinity when you are in such a prison reality. But what we are saying to you is that the time is ready now, the energies are ready now, for you to be able to break free and take the leap – in order to become the Divine Humans that you in truth are. It’s time now. Beloved, beloved friends, it is time. We have waited so long. We have seen your suffering. And you must know that we have always been with you all the way.



~ You have been divided into two parts ~

You should know that all your suffering that you have experienced on Earth is because you are separated. Have you never felt the feeling that there is something that you’re missing? You don’t really know what it is. You just know that there’s something missing. What we are saying to you is that you are right. There is something missing. Once a long time ago, in another time – according to your perception of time and space – you were separated. You were divided into two parts. Your soul was split into a male and a female entity, and you began to incarnate separately in different places in our Universe. This was a very, very painful experience for you. This is the biggest, heaviest trauma that you carry, from when you were separated from yourselves and were divided into two units. This is the basic trauma that forms the foundation for all the other traumas that you carry. If you search long enough and carefully enough, you will find it at the very core.


We know that you are searching. You’re searching for your second half. You have never ever stopped searching. That’s what all the beautiful love songs on Earth are about. It’s about unifying with your other half and finally becoming whole again, to finally achieve unity again. You long to feel whole. We would like to tell you that it will not help to mitigate your pain through the abuse of relations, sex, alcohol, drugs, power, money, shopping, games, or any other form of abuse in which you engage on Earth. There is nothing that can heal this basic trauma that you carry, except the union with your second half.


Humanity and the Earth are moving into a higher state of consciousness. Your entire Universe is moving into a higher state of consciousness. It’s a unification of the female and the male energy – in the Universe, on Earth and in the human – that is about to happen. It means that we are entering a time where the human is getting ready to finally unite with your other half, since that is a prerequisite in order to reach enlightenment. Enlightenment is the higher state which means that you are completely connected to the Divine Source, and that the connection is never broken again. It’s a condition in which you live your life in limitless, unconditional love, truth and harmony.



~ Soulmates ~

Your other half is not your twin, as many believe. Your other half is the part of yourself that you are missing. Your soulmate is literally the other part of your soul. Your soulmate does not have to be of the opposite sex. When I speak of female and male I do not speak about the physical gender, but I’m talking about two different types of energy. One part is dominated by the female energy, and the other part is dominated by the male energy. You have all experienced lifetimes in which you have lived as women, and where you have lived as men, so it has nothing to do with physical gender. It has to do with the main energy that you carry within you [The male energy (yang) represents “light”, expansion, spirit, high frequency, intellect, activity and “sky”. The female energy (yin) represents “darkness”, regression, matter, low frequency, mediumship, presence in the moment, and Earth].


Soulmates need not be like each other. They do not need to match each other in terms of appearance, and they do not need to match each other in terms of age. They can live on different parts of the globe. They can be very different from each other. What distinguishes a soulmate couple is that they belong together. They fit together like the hand in the glove. But many soulmate couples can experience very big challenges with each other. It does not necessarily have to work from the first moment. Many couples can experience a lot of pain, suffering and challenges in their relationships with each other. It’s because there is so much karma and blockages between soulmate couples, which means that it can be difficult to reach one another in the beginning. This is nothing unusual.


But a soulmate couple feels a constant pull towards each other, which they eventually won’t be able to resist, no matter the obstacles. When you are ready to meet and begin the unification process, it will happen, whenever it may be, in this lifetime or in the next. The unification with your soulmate is a prerequisite to reach an enlightened state. It’s a very long journey and a lot of hard work is required in order to achieve it. Everything that happens in your life, in the small and in the large, are different steps on the way for you to finally become ready to meet your soulmate, to complete your journey towards a higher state of consciousness, and to become one with your Higher Self. But for you to become ready to meet your soulmate and begin the unification process, you need to work in a focused way with your interior, so that you reach such a high energy level that you will be ready to enter this crucial and final phase in the development of your consciousness.

~ The human has free will ~

The meaning of life for humans on Earth is to reach a higher state of consciousness. That is what you have come to Earth to learn. To learn to move from separation to unity. To take the long, long journey from separation to unification of your two parts, and to reconnect with and become one with your Higher Self. There’s really nothing else that is of importance. Everything else in your life that you give your energy to are detours, and makes your journey longer. The human has free will, and that means you are free to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Therefore, you’re allowed to embark on as many adventures as you want, and to take as many detours as you want. It’s part of your journey to get these experiences. Your Higher Selves are patiently waiting for you all along the way, for you to finally take the leap, to complete your long, long journey and to come full circle in your development and begin the unification in order to finally become whole again.


You can take as many detours as you want. You can dedicate your whole life to running for other people’s recognition, for success, for money. You can get stuck in the pain and suffering, you can get stuck in the victim role, you can get stuck in addictions, you can reduce yourself out of fear and live your life in oblivion and denial. You can run in the same direction as everyone else. It’s entirely possible to make that choice. It is up to you. If you want to live the rest of your present life living up to society’s expectations, and to do what you ”should”, devote yourself to ego, struggle, stress and suffering, and to more or less stand still in your spiritual development, then that is your own free choice.


But if you feel that you are almost dying of helplessness and frustration, and that you can’t stand it anymore inside your narrow walls. If you feel there is something holding you back, that there is something wrong, that there is something missing. If you’re searching and searching but never figure out what it is, if you’ve felt that there is something missing throughout your entire life. ”I do not fit here. I want nothing of the things that society expects of me. I can’t find my role, I can’t find my place”, and you carry enormous motivation and a huge desire for something else. A longing for Truth. A longing for a higher liberation. You long to finally be united with your Higher Self. To finally unite with your other half. To finally get to experience the Love and the Truth, the unconditional Love and the pure Truth. If this is true for you… then you’ve come to the right place. We have come to show you the way.



~ Ground yourselves to become receptive to the Divine Light ~

There is a gate that all of you can open. It’s not difficult. Just open the gate and enter. That is one of the illusions in your world, that things always have to be difficult and complicated. That you have to read a lot of books, take a lot of courses, and pay a lot of money in order for things to become reality. But the thing is that when you are ready and when the time is right, things become easier and you can then achieve them with very great ease. When you are ready for it and nothing stands in your way any longer, then it will be easy.


In order to cleanse your tentacles out into infinity, to cleanse the blockages that you carry and are connected to in the whole of infinity, and thus purify your consciousness and your energy bodies – you need to work on yourselves, every day. A person who feels ready to reach enlightenment in this life, and who is truly ready for it, needs to begin to work on themselves full time – meditating and channeling the grounding energies and the higher, divine energies.


If you feel you want to open yourselves up, but that you are not ready to start working with this full time, but that you want to take conscious steps to develop in this life, only in a slightly lower speed – then I would like to advise you to start working with yourselves for a while every day. It would be best if you could work on yourself for at least an hour every day.


What you need to do in order to work with cleansing your blockages, your karma and your ego is to begin channeling Mother Earth-healing, the grounding healing from the center of the Earth – at least an hour a day. Let it become an as natural a part of your life as eating and sleeping, brushing your teeth and going to the toilet. It is, and will increasingly be, a crucial task for you. You will feel that you need it in order to feel good, and once you have started you will never want to stop. Work with becoming present in the moment. Work with finding balance. Celebrate the slowness. You are rushing too much in your lives. You need to become slower and more present in what is. The grounding will help you with that, to become more present in the moment. It is in Infinity’s deepest Now that the truth is to be found. That is where you will find your strength, your inner truth, and all the energy you need to accomplish what you want to achieve, to create a new fantastic world. The answers to all of your questions are to be found in Infinity’s deepest Now.


It is through attaining more powerful grounding, that you then will be able to receive the Divine Light, the divine energy from the Divine Source. Humans today have not the capacity to receive the divine energy of the Divine Source to the extent that they would need, because they are so closed and ungrounded. The lack of grounding means that they fly away when they are exposed to too much divine light. That is what your main task is – to ground yourselves, so that you will be receptive to the Divine Light as it sweeps across the Earth. But also to become receptive to meeting the Divine Light when you go to the Divine Source yourselves to channel energy.

Each one of you has a gateway to the Divine Source within you. You need no Bibles or spiritual books of any kind. You need no religion. You have a direct gateway to God within you, each one of you. It is you who are God. You are an extension of the Divine. Go there and open the gate, and you will remember who you are. ”Oh, but here I’ve been before. I recognize this. This is what I am.” Exactly. This is what you are.



~ A meditation – A way to the Divine Source ~

I have come to remind you of who you really are, and to get you to open your eyes to your true self. I now want to conduct a ceremony with you, a meditation to show you a way to the Divine Source.


Make yourselves comfortable, with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Try to have some kind of contact with the ground or floor. Put your hands together in your lap. Close your eyes, and let yourselves be carried along. Visualize a tunnel, a canal that goes from the inside of your head, from your pineal gland, into the Infinity. Follow the tunnel. It is filled with a dim light. At the end of the tunnel, you see a door. Go to the door. Grab the handle and open the door. Now. If there is anything standing in the way, imagine that you paint a cross [Ç] of divine energy over it and let it dissolve and disappear. Continue to do so until it disappears and dissolves completely. In front of you, you see a world of luminous white energies that shimmer in bright yellow and bright pink. An ocean of energies. Count to three and step right into the ocean. One… two… three. Now. Let yourself be embraced by the Divine Light. Let yourself be filled with the pure light of the divine source. The pure energy of love. The pure energy of truth. See how all of you turns into white light. See how your hands and your feet and your whole body glows with luminous white energy. See your whole aura become filled with white light. Feel how you are filled with the light, with growing intensity. Feel how it fills your whole body, your aura, and the entire room you are sitting in. Feel the limitlessness. Feel the amazing harmony and tranquility. You are completely, completely limitless and one with the Divine Light of all of Infinity. Feel how you float. Feel the unity with the All. Here there is nothing that can disturb you. Here you can stay as long as you feel you need to … Then follow the tunnel back to your physical body.


Thank you for participating in this meditation with me. I hope it made ​​you feel good, that it made ​​you open your eyes and remember your true home. You can do this yourself anytime. Just remember that you need to be grounded in order to carry out this exercise. When you are not sufficiently grounded, it can sometimes be difficult to reach the Divine Source, and sometimes there will be a total stop. It then means that there is something you need to work with to get out of the way first. Then I advise you to work on your grounding, until you feel that you are ready.


I would also advise you to work to remove that which stands in your way by cutting a cross of divine energy through it. You do that by simply visualizing it in front of you. Your visualization ability is the key to creating reality. What you visualize also becomes reality when you enter into these higher states. In order for you to be able to go up and let yourselves be healed and purified by this divine energy, you need to start grounding regularly. You need to ground yourselves every day, to be able to receive the divine energy. The grounding is a prerequisite for you to be able to continue to develop, for you to be able to keep your balance. So that you always keep the balance between the grounding energy – the red and black energy coming from below – and the divine light energy that comes from above. It’s this balance that is the way to a higher state of consciousness.


We want to thank you for listening and for being with us here. We want to say we love you all unconditionally and limitlessly. We long to finally one day unite with you. Thank you. Thank you for your existence.