The last of Maria’s unreleased channelings, ”The Manta Ray” of the ”Dream people”

A cylindrical UFO has been seen and filmed all over the world (I’ve seen it with my own eyes), and in this article we get to take port of Maria’s amazing and unique story of when she made an astral journey to the cylindrical ship in one of the videos, and conveys a message to humanity from the people in the ship.

Even though I, Manne, theoretically knew that there is an infinite variety of peoples visiting us, I was still shocked when Maria through her astral journey to the cylinder ship discovered that most of the ship was a large aquarium tank with a jelly-like water. In the aquarium tank, a number of giant fish from an illuminated underwater civilization swam around! It was something we could never have imagined!

In addition to the giant fishes in the aquarium tank, there were also a number of other creatures in the ship, who were helpers to the fish people. Neither I nor Maria had ever heard anything like it, and then we had still heard a lot. A giant manta ray who was the spokesperson for their people wanted to leave a telepathic message with spiritual guidance to humanity through Maria. It became a powerful message about their perspective on human spiritual development, including the importance of working with our karma due to the energy raising that is now taking place on Earth.

Maria did not feel safe to release her ”spaced out” story when she had done the channeling, but now I feel that the time is ready. In the article, I also share a total of 12 videos of the cylindrical ship, from around the world during the years 2004-2021, and tell about when I got to see the ship myself in 2009.


“We’re from an enlightened underwater civilization coming to Earth to help humanity” 

Channeling of “The Manta Ray” from “The Dream People,” the Andromeda galaxy, July 29th 2011 (Published February 20th, 2022)

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