”The Liberation of Cosmos” – Maria’s last channeling

This is the very last channeling Maria Bertram made before she tragically passed away in 2020, and it took three years of hard inner work before she could carry it out. For those of you who really are interested in and open to a higher cosmic perspective on the development of humanity, the text is an epic read.


The channeling is about the origin of the human and the manipulation of humanity, through two destructive forces of originating beyond our Cosmos (which as far as I know are not described in such detail elsewhere). Although the channeling is from 2017, it is striking how far the development described has gone since then, for example through the spread of the horror culture on Earth but above all through the AI agenda and the vaccines that these destructive forces use through the Plandemic, as methods in order to take over our civilization once and for all.


The text also addresses a major positive cosmic event that has created the conditions for us to break free from manipulation once and for all, and enter the New Spiritual Age where man and life on Earth will fundamentally change.




Channeled information from the information database under the Sphinx via the Higher Self, through Maria Bertram, April 4th, 2017

Humanity has lost its true history / The giant skeletons / Children with extraterrestrial parents / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / The connection with the Higher Self / Disinformation about humanity’s origin / The manipulation of humanity on Earth / The Power Elite are also manipulated / The two original destructive forces / The destructive male light energy / Artificial intelligence and transhumanism / The destructive female darkness energy / Meat eating / The greater the divine truth, the greater the defence mechanism / Vaccines / The puppets of the two forces / The liberation of Cosmos / Wake up from the manipulation / Use a healthy discernment /