”Wake up from the TV haze”


After making a number of public channeling of the Divine Consciousness, it was now time for Maria to make her first public channeling of an other civilization in the Cosmos, in front of an audience. The evening was announced as ”A channeled message to humanity from the Galactic Federation”. The Galactic Federation is a gigantic cosmic collaboration between representatives of spiritually developed extraterrestrial civilizations throughout the Milky Way that are working to spread the love, consciousness raising, and the Divine Light.


The channeling took place at the spiritual center in Stockholm, May 9, 2011. There was free admission and about 150 people in the audience. The interest was so great that they had to move the gathering from the regular venue to a larger one, which was also filled to the brim.

Me and Maria outside the venue with our daughter
Preparations for the channeling

Even though Maria had been in contact with various representatives from the Galactic Federation before, this was the first time she was in contact with Toisheeba who would speak for the Federation this evening. During the evening, Toisheeba brings a very powerful, passionate and consciousness-expanding message. The whole evening became like a revival meeting, where Toisheeba raised us up in the higher dimensions of the Cosmos in order for us to see the larger perspective on our limited reality on Earth. After the channeling, we conducted a healing session for Mother Earth together with the audience.


As many of you know, Maria and I were worked against on a large scale during these years, and even though it was Maria’s largest public channeling to date, it was sadly also her very last public channeling. After that, the constant energy attacks became so overwhelming that we did not manage to organize any more public meetings, and in other words, this also became her only channeling of another civilization in front of a live audience.



Presentation / The first official landings / The meaning of all life / You need to ground yourselves / Wake up from the TV haze / We are your ancestors / The fear of malevolent civilizations / Unity and communion is humanity’s natural state / There is no way back / You will create a paradise / Humanity has been manipulated / Perspective on “reality” / Intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect / Let go and live / Ending // Toisheeba’s answers to the audience’s questions: There are solutions for everything / You decide for yourselves / Cosmic energy thieves / Free yourselves through the grounding / Our planet / Free energy




Channeling of Toisheeba from “Arrakas”, Galactic Federation, through Maria Bertram, Stockholm, Sweden, May 9th 2011

~ Presentation ~


Maria starts with describing Toisheeba to the audience:


I have now created contact, and will describe the soul I have in front of me. It’s a female being. She greets and says that her name is Toisheeba, and that she comes from the solar system “Arrakas” which is located in the western part of the Galaxy as seen from Earth. She is human-like and very tall, about two and a half meters [approximately 8 feet]. She is stately and elegant. She looks like a mixture between an Amazonian and a female forest elemental. She has a beautiful, careless hair arrangement, with hair hanging down, framing the face, and a knot in the back – it’s careless in a beautiful way. She has big, intense, cat-like eyes. She has something jaguar-like in her appearance; in her aura, in the way she moves and in her eyes. Her eyes are blue-green with brownish-yellow spots in them, and they are the most intense eyes I have ever seen.


She emits an enormous power and strength. She is wearing something tight that reminds me of a swimsuit, in a material that looks like a cross between leather and spandex. She says that the material doesn’t exist on Earth. The suit shimmers like copper – in nuances of brown, orange, gold and copper. She has some sort of boots on and something knitted underneath that reaches to her knees. She has olive-colored skin that also shimmers with the color of copper, as do her clothes and her whole aura. She is incredibly stately.


Maria drew a picture of Toisheeba later. She felt that she entered a heightened state of consciousness when she channeled through the image of Toisheeba on paper. That made it feel easy to draw the picture, even though she hadn’t drawn human bodies since she was a teenager. But Maria thought it was hard to convey Toisheeba’s cat-like animal energies that she has in her aura and in the way she moves, on the paper. I (Manne) have colored the drawing digitally, guided by an artist friend, before the re-publishing 2021, to make the drawing of Toisheeba more alive.

~ The first official landings ~

She begins speaking:


My dear friends. My beloved friends. I have come to welcome you into the galactic communion, since it’s getting close now. The moment is approaching. You’re becoming ready for an entry into the Galactic Federation, into our communion. We are just waiting for the right moment. It could actually have happened long ago, but we are still waiting for some blockages in your collective consciousness to open up and for the Earth and humanity to reach the energy frequency needed for you to collectively become ready to receive us. The reason we still have not made official visits on Earth is that you haven’t been ready for it yet. Sure, visits are being made, but I’m talking about visits that no longer can be explained away, that no longer can be manipulated and hidden. I’m talking about official visits where we come with our large spaceships and land on Earth, and where no one ever again will be able to claim that we are a hoax and that we don’t exist. Humanity will have quite an awakening, to say the least. I can’t tell you exactly when it will happen. It may take a couple of months, half a year, or it might happen in two or three years. We can not tell you today. But what I can tell you is that it will happen soon. It depends on humanity’s consciousness raising, and when you are ready to receive us, when you are ready to receive the insight that we exist, and that you are not alone.

Scene from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977)

Those of you sitting here tonight are ready for that knowledge, but there are billions of people on Earth who still aren’t ready. I speak to you tonight not only as a representative of my civilization, but also as a representative of the Galactic Federation, and we have messages for you: Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for what is about to come, because it will be needed. It’s a very turbulent time that awaits Earth, on many different levels, with enormous energy waves pouring in over Earth, that will create very, very large changes. You will all be part of the changes that are underway. Those of you who have opened your eyes; your wisdom and your understanding will be needed to lead the way into the New Age. But you must prepare yourself in order to be able to help others. You must start with yourself.



~ The meaning of all of life ~

All people who have been born on Earth were born with a particular life task, and in essence, every living soul on the Cosmos has the same life task. That life task is to act as light workers and to spread the light, the Divine Light. Everyone is born with that task, and so were we. It’s our task to spread the light, to help civilizations in a lower state of consciousness to raise themselves, to evolve, to expand their souls, to expand their consciousnesses, to expand their light and become one with us. That is the Galactic Federation’s purpose; to spread the Divine Light, to help civilizations in our galaxy to raise their states of consciousness.


I am a warrior, a spiritual warrior, and my weapon is love. My task is to spread love, light and energy raising wherever I go, just like me and my civilization were helped to raise ourselves when we were in a lower state of consciousness. In the same way we’re traveling around the galaxy helping other civilizations, and in the same way you will one day do the exact same thing. You will travel around helping to raise the consciousness levels of civilizations with lower states of consciousness. You will guide them in the same way as we have guided you. And when you have raised the consciousness level of the entire Galaxy along with us, then we will continue in other galaxies until our entire Cosmos raises its state of consciousness. When we have done that we will continue to create new cosmoses with new galaxies and new civilizations, which in turn will raise their consciousness levels, in all of Eternity.

We are all part of the same oneness. We all have the same origin. We are all lights, sprung from the endless ocean of light, the ocean of Divine Light that you humans call “God”. You are all aspects of God, we all are. It’s an infinite development that’s going on, that never ever ends. The development happens in cycles of regression and expansion, step by step. Each time it pulls together and becomes smaller, it expands to become one step bigger, to then pull together and become even smaller, and then take a step to become even bigger. This is the rhythm of life. This goes for your personal spiritual development, as well as the entire Galaxy’s and the Cosmos’ spiritual development; regression followed by expansion, followed by greater regression, followed by an even greater expansion, into Infinity. This is the purpose of all life, and it never ends. You never die, we never die. We continue to live forever, and everything that we experience along the way, we take with us.


There are innumerable worlds beyond this world. Our Cosmos consists of nine Worlds. Earth and the Galaxy is in the Second World, the second oldest [according to private channelings, every World consists of millions of galaxies]. Our Cosmos is one of countless cosmoses, and beyond that, there are even more countless cosmoses and dimensions of Infinity. There is no end. 

There is no end. The Existence is infinite and it’s constantly moving, it never stands still. It’s in constant development in the same way as you are in constant development. You change, you grow, and in every life you live, you evolve in different ways, trying out new paths, expanding, taking on new forms. In this very life, in these very physical bodies that you are in here and now, you have the opportunity to expand and evolve in a completely unique way that was not previously possible on Earth in such a large scale. You have the opportunity to expand your consciousness and evolve spiritually in a way that would previously have required several hundreds of lifetimes. That’s how strong the energies on Earth are right now.

~ You need to ground yourselves ~

There is a window that has been opened beyond time and space from the divine ocean of white fire, a beam of white divine light, the highest Divine Light, which beams straight down on Earth, and that is now filling the whole Earth. It’s the perfect balance of male and female energy in perfect harmony, the Highest Divine Energy of Love. But humanity is not ready to meet these divine energies, since you today have such a huge energy imbalance on Earth. You are not grounded. You are not in balance, because you are suffering from such a large lack of female energy, since the gates to the Earth’s interior – the energy centre of the female energy – has been closed down and blocked.


In order to receive the extremely powerful consciousness-raising energy that’s coming in due to the Transition, you need to ground yourselves. It’s a precondition in order to enter the New Spiritual Age. If you are not grounded, you will ”fly away”. You will not be able to remain with both feet on the ground, because the energy that’s coming in to Earth is so powerful, and because the imbalance on Earth is so big. Both the Earth and humanity needs the grounding energies and need to heal their energy systems, their energy bodies and their auras to be able to receive this divine energy. The whole thing is very simple. You don’t need to take any particular courses, learn any advanced techniques, or any particular rituals, it is very simple. You simply need to channel the energy from Earth’s interior. It will transform you. We in the Galactic Federation have taught Maria and Manne about these techniques, “Mother Earth-healing”, which in essence are very simple. Anyone can perform them, and it’s a part of their task to spread them across the Earth, to anyone who wants [Link to instructions at the bottom of the page]. You need to work with your spiritual development to prepare yourself for the energies that are coming. It is incredibly important.

~ Wake up from the TV haze ~

We see your longing. We see your desire for change, for energy-raising. But we also see that you are shattered and unfocused, because your world is so shattered and chaotic. We see that there is so much happening around you that makes you lose your focus and lose the sense of what is important. You’re being duped into believing that what is least important is most important of all. You have since a very long time been manipulated to believe that the illusions are what’s important. You have been led to believe that it’s the money, the power, the dominance, the control, the survival, conforming to a structure, conforming to a system – that those things are what’s important. You have been duped into turning away from the source of the divine. This has been a very, very deliberate action from those who have manipulated you. There are civilizations with a lower state of consciousness that possess very high technological and energetic knowledge that they have used to manipulate humanity. But this will not be possible for much longer, this is about to end. The time is over for manipulation, because the energies will not allow it anymore and we will not allow it anymore.


But what we ask you to do is: Wake up from the TV haze. Our dear, beloved friends: Wake up. It’s not the bills, the tax declaration, other people’s opinions, the fourth talk in school, the homework, the overtime work – it’s   not all that which is important. Let go, because in a number of years, none of this will remain. There won’t be any tax authorities anymore. There won’t be any enforcement service. There will be nothing remaining of all of these systems, because all structures will collapse. It may sound scary, but it’s not. It’s something absolutely fantastic! Imagine the great opportunities you have to create something new! But you must prepare yourselves. You have to work every day with the healing, to put yourself in touch with Earth’s interior. That’s what we have come to urge you to do: Prepare yourself. Channel Mother Earth-healing at least one hour every day. It’s more important than anything, even more important than your sleep. You can replace a part of your sleep with this healing. It will give you as much or more strength. It will give you the strength you need in order to awake to your abilities and see your own greatness. It will allow you to start remembering who you really are and what you have come here to do.



~ We are your ancestors ~

We love you, but we can’t do the job for you. You have to do it yourselves. Humanity has free will, you choose for yourselves. No one will force you to do anything, you choose for yourselves. Turn inwards. You already have all the knowledge within you, you have all the answers within you. You will find the Divine Source inside of yourself. Do not look for treasures outside of yourself, some “Holy Grail” or a holy place. Yes, holy places are good, use them to heal the Earth and to cooperate with the Earth. But remember: The most sacred, you will find within yourself. You all have potentials, all of you living on Earth. You are divine creative beings… and you are our children. We are your ancestors. We once took part in creating you. You don’t come from the monkeys Of course not. How could the human be developed from another life form? Of course you didn’t. You come from us. It is we who have created you. It is we who are your parents. There are numerous human civilizations with a higher state of consciousness that have taken part in creating life on Earth, that which you refer to as “humanity”. You come from us. You descend from us. You all come from the stars. Some of you can remember this, some of you have a vague feeling of it, but many have shut it out completely.


There are very large numbers of human-like civilizations all over the Cosmos, especially in this galaxy, especially in the First- and in the Second World – which are the two most developed worlds in our Cosmos. Your ancestors come from a number of different civilizations, both in the First- and the Second World. There are many people on Earth today that have been created in this way, through the union of egg and sperm, where one is human and comes from Earth, and the other is human and from another civilization, where your Higher Self has agreed with us to contribute to this blending. It may well be that there is someone in this room who either has a mother or a father from another civilization. This is much more common than people know on a conscious level, but your Higher Self, your immortal, infinite Higher Self knows this. It may even be that there are people here tonight who are familiar with this on a conscious level, or have begun to get a feeling of how it is. Saying this, I want to stress that this is not happening against anyone’s will. This is always done in agreement with the involved souls on a higher level, and it is always done in the name of love, because we love you unconditionally and we think you are fantastic.

~ The fear of malevolent civilizations ~

We know that it might be difficult for you to understand how it all fits together, because there are also civilizations that have come and visited Earth that have not had good intentions. What we want to say about that, is that it’s not as many as you might think, because the Earth has had a protection. That is, the most destructive civilizations have not been able to come close to Earth. We have protected you, and that protection is still there, so you don’t need to worry that some other civilization will come down and attack you on Earth, and take over your civilization. It will not happen. We will never ever allow that.


However, there are some civilizations with a lower state of consciousness that have come down to Earth and brought people with them and performed various experiments or exchanges of different kinds, where it has not been in accordance with the humans will. This is something that we definitely don’t accept, but since humanity has the karma that they have, we have not always been able to stop it. We simply don’t always have the right to stop certain acts that take place, because it can be in accordance with humanity’s karma to experience certain things. When humanity heals their karma, when they heal the destructiveness, the blockages and the fears that you carry, then it will not be possible for this to continue. So this is going to end. These civilizations with a lower state of consciousness won’t be able to visit Earth anymore. It will no longer be possible.


We are always with you. There are always a certain number of ships that circulate in an orbit around the Earth, to ensure that Earth is not disturbed. We monitor everyone who comes to Earth. We do this because we love you and we want all the best for you. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, because you are divine beings and everything that happens, happens in accordance with the highest divine. Never ever forget that. As the Divine Consciousness always says: ”Everything is as it’s supposed to be, and everything will be exactly the way it’s supposed to be.” When you see a spaceship, do not be afraid. Once we come to visit you, it will be with love in our hearts. Once we will land, it will be a big festivity, because we’re coming with heart expanding energies. We will ensure that you will be ready for us and to receive us with open hearts, because that is what we need. We will not officially land on Earth until humanity is ready to open their hearts for us, and to welcome us with trust and joy.

We understand that this can be very difficult and worrying, because we know that you are filled with so much fear and insecurity, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re saying to you: Work with your fear. Work with your insecurity. You do that through the Mother Earth-healing. That’s what it’s for: healing all your pain, healing all your fears, reconciling with yourself and everything that has been, reconciling with all deceit and all the trauma you have experienced in your present and your past lives, healing all the fear and horror, healing your sense of inadequacy, healing all the stress, the struggle and the separation that you carry. When you do so you will expand your consciousness and be able to reach unbelievable heights. No longer will the boundaries exist. But you need the grounding energies to get there. The grounding female energies are the key to your enlightenment.



~ Union and community is humanity’s natural state ~

We come as your friends, and we have so much we want to contribute with. We come as your parents, but also as your equals. We love you and we want to share with you everything that we have to give, when you are ready to receive us with open arms – to receive our guidance, our energies, our wisdom and our knowledge. You will need our help, and we are incredibly eager to give it to you, to show you the way to how you can create a better world. We are so eager to inspire you to create a world of unity and love. Then you may think: “What does ‘unity and love’ really mean? That´s just words”. To understand what it means you must feel the unity yourself and you must feel the love in your heart. To be able to open up to the unity thinking and love thinking, to put yourself in a loving state and expand your heart, you have to work with yourself. And when you do that you will understand what I´m talking about. I think that many of you here today already know exactly what I´m talking about. You already know what it means because you have already experienced it: The feeling of being one with the All. The feeling of perfect, incurable, complete, limitless happiness. The happiness because of a bird singing up in a tree, the leaves whirling, the sun shining, a beautiful flower, a child’s hand in yours, a warm hand on your shoulder, sun-drenched cliffs, a singing laughter, a beautiful song, people clapping their hands and smiling, and communion instead of separation. A state where no one says “You’re not one of us. You’re on your own”. I am speaking of unity and communion, because unity and communion is humanity’s natural state. 


For a very long time you have lived in complete separation from your natural state. You have consciously been prevented from reaching your natural state on Earth, through energy blockages and energy manipulation. This will no longer be possible. When Earth and humanity enter the New Spiritual Age this will cease. Everything will be washed away and you will experience a fantastic freedom, a freedom to be the individuals you are and to do exactly that which feels right for you. You will all be equal. There will be no obstacles, limitations and differences any longer. Nobody will be better than anybody else, and this will open up tremendous, limitless opportunities for creativity, and this will sow the seed for the New Age, the New Era, the New Civilization. Exactly in the same way that you are going through this evolution, so have we, and many, many other countless civilizations in our Cosmos before you. And so will also many, many other civilizations to follow.



~ There is no turning back ~

You will, as a civilization and together with Mother Earth, achieve this. It is predestined, it will happen and there is no turning back. There is no other way to go, you can´t stand by the wayside and say “No, I´m not coming!” That won’t be possible. Everybody will be dragged along in the changes, everybody on the entire Earth will be dragged along. There is nothing that can stop this. The question is rather: Will it happen in an easy way? How tough will the journey be? You can contribute, you can make the way easier. Yes, it will be painful. Yes, it will be challenging [heavy rumbling is heard from the room next door]. It will in some cases be traumatic, incredibly turbulent and painful – yes, that´s true – but out of the challenges, pain and suffering – something amazingly beautiful will grow: the New Era, the New World.


[More rumbling is heard from the room next door] As you can hear, there are large and turbulent changes coming. The Earth will open its inner gates and large amounts of female energy will rush up to the surface of the Earth. Therefore you have to be ready for the energies, because it will be such an enormous shock, that you simply won’t be able to handle if you don´t prepare beforehand. These enormous energy waves will break up all structures, they will break up the entire civilization. The Earth will turn itself inside out. It will be a very violent experience, but you can help through sending healing to the Earth, and through sending healing to yourselves. You can make a difference. Human being, wake up!

~ You will create a paradise ~

 You have come to Earth to spread light and to love. You have come to Earth to be one with Mother Earth and to heal her. These are your most important life tasks. When you are one with the Earth, you will also be one with each other and you will achieve the exact unity I am speaking of. When you connect yourselves downwards to the Earth’s energy system, vast changes will take place on Earth. You will transform the entire Earth. Through the change that is now taking place during the transition to the New Age, you will participate in creating a new climate, and you will be able to affect the weather. You will be able to participate in creating a thriving, lush Earth with a tropical climate. This will take a couple of generations, but it is what will happen. You will be able to create enormous abundance and diversity of vegetation, animals, flowers, fruits, and the most amazing food. You will be able to create a paradise for yourselves on Earth, where you no longer will have to work so hard to survive.


The female energy represents the fertility – The Abundance. That is the energy you need to create this abundance that is rightfully yours, and that is a part of your natural state. Your natural state is abundance, not to struggle day after day, to work 8 hours a day, according to your perception of time. It´s completely absurd! You don´t need that. You don´t need to work every day, not even every week. It´s an illusion! You have been duped into believing that you nearly have to work yourselves to death to be well off and have a good life, and that there´s not enough for everyone. That is not true, but since the conditions on Earth have declined, due to our energy system having been put out of balance – that´s the reality that has emerged.


You live in a reality that has been created for you, where you believe that lack and separation is the only truth. That is not the case! Your natural state is abundance: of food, of beautiful weather, of beautiful nature, of exactly everything you need. You will be able to create everything you need – conveniences, food, technology – in a much, much simpler way, with a much, much smaller effort than before. The new technology will be differently designed. It will be in harmony with the new energy reality that will emerge on Earth. Your present technology and your present electricity, which you use to heat your homes and keep your appliances going, is not compatible with the new energy reality that’s is emerging, in other words you will need to create new energy systems and new technology.


This is something that will happen gradually. We will help you with this, we will give you guidance. We will show you the way and all the possibilities available for you, because your possibilities are unlimited. When I say “we” I speak of all of us, all the innumerable civilizations working with helping you and raising your energy, your level of consciousness, and helping you adapt to the new energy reality. We will contact you. When time has come and when you are ready for us, we will start landing on Earth. We will start making contact with you and start the exchange of experiences. We have things to learn from you too, just as you have things to learn from us. We will tie friendship bonds. We will take initiatives to cultural exchanges and we will help you and show you new possibilities, new solutions, both concerning spiritual development but also the evolving of new energy – free energy.

~ Humanity has been manipulated ~

You can create free energy on Earth in a blink of an eye. That technology already exists on Earth, but it has been kept from you, since you can’t make money from free energy. The free energy can’t be controlled. When the energy becomes free; those who make money and have power, will lose their money and power. I would like to urge you to, in all contexts – whatever you see on the TV, or read in newspapers and books, to ask yourselves: “Who wants to make me believe this, and for what reason? What do they gain from making me believe that this is the way reality looks like? Is this really true?” The truth has been kept from you for a very, very long time. The reason for this is that people who wake up spiritually and free themselves from their chains, can´t be controlled or ruled any longer. There is an elite of humans on Earth that have benefitted from holding you down, that consciously has held humanity down, that consciously has created lack, starvation and war, and that has prevented the spiritual growth on Earth, to be able to keep their power and control.


There are energy entities from other civilizations that have stolen your energy, that have fed on you being kept down. But now it’s time for you to free yourselves from this and stop letting yourselves be manipulated. You are daily being fed with lies about your planet, about your solar system, about your Galaxy and about the Cosmos. You are fed with lies about reality. “There’s shortage, there’s not enough for everyone.” There sure is enough for everyone! You have a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny part of the humans at the top of the Earth’s population pyramid that owns the vast part of Earth’s resources, that rules and controls the Earth and its population. The vast part of the Earth´s population lives in poverty and starvation, even though there is enough for everyone – how can that be? It’s because it’s part of a system. It’s by design.


You have been made to believe that you have to struggle for your existence, that every day is a struggle to survive, where you have to work: work-work-work-work, pay the bills, fill in your tax forms, take the car to the vehicle inspection, buy new stuff, drive the kids to tennis classes, and go to work and shovel papers, shovel papers, shovel papers. We see how you’re performing all of these actions, and we say to you: You really don’t need any of this. You can let go of all this, because it’s not real, it’s an illusion. It has nothing to do with the divine beings you really are. Throw off your suits and your uniforms! Throw away the cell-phones! Take off your socks and run into the grass! Make somersaults and sing! Be happy! Never mind the rest! Liberate yourselves from your chains! None of this really matters. In a number of years they won’t exist anymore, all of these offices. They won’t exist anymore!

~ Perspective on ”reality” ~

Take time for each other, take time for yourselves, and look up into the sky every once in a while. You stare down at the street. We are up there, we’re there all the time. We’re with you, we’re always present with you, but you don’t see us, and most of the time we hide ourselves. We have technology to disguise ourselves but we can hover just 20 meters above you. We can stand in the grove next to your house without you seeing us, but occasionally we chose to show ourselves, so be attentive. If you begin to look up at the sky you will suddenly realize that we are there. Be attentive, stop staring down at the street and hurrying all the time! We’re around you all the time. There are constant energy transmissions taking place for the Earth, in cooperation with some people on Earth, in order to raise the collective consciousness of humanity by working with these Earth energies. We work together with Manne and Maria to raise the frequencies and the energies. We also know that there are other groups on Earth who do the same, and we encourage you: Come along! Join us! Work with yourselves! Work with the Earth! It’s possible to elevate a whole group of people simultaneously. You can connect a whole group of people through their consciousnesses to raise them simultaneously.


We will, together with Maria and Manne, carry out an energy transmission for you tonight in order to help you on this journey. Those who are not ready will not be affected, it will be adjusted automatically, it’s nothing you need to worry about. Those who are ready will come along. Be alert to what is happening in the near future, if you notice any changes. Be attentive when you walk out through the door tonight, and ponder: “What is reality? What does it really look like? What am I and what are you?”


Everyone in this Cosmos are all part of one and the same throbbing, cosmic organism. We are all one, and we are all parts of this gigantic being – the Great Giant. It’s a great energy formation of energy flows, with chakras that are connected to each other, and with an aura that is expanding, merging and expanding, full of vibrant life, just like every single soul in this room. Our Cosmos is as big as one DNA-strand in the right hand of the Great Giant, and it’s a malevolent giant who lives in a cottage with his wife. [Maria had also received this information from several different sources in private channelings, and in addition to ”The Great Giant”, he was also referred to as ”The Primordial Father”. Maria has also channeled private guidance from The Primordial Father, so she knows he really does exist. In spite of how difficult this may be to take in, it might be easier if you meditate on what the term ”Infinity” really means].

Do you see then what I mean when I talk about ”reality”? Your perception of reality is three-dimensional and limited, with limiting conception of time and space. As if there are just things that are “this large”, but larger than that doesn’t exist, and that there are things that are “this small”, but smaller than that doesn’t exist. Then that’s it, then you reach a limit! What is this limit you’re talking about? The reason you think like this is because you’re sitting in a box! Outside of it there’s a whole Infinity! There are no such limitations. There is no time, there is no space! The only thing that exists is the NOW!


The Now is infinite! Then you say: “That can’t be.” Yes, that’s exactly how it is. Let go of your preconceived notions of reality. Let go. Liberate yourselves and live completely limitless. Let go of the limiting beliefs of what life is, what time is, what space is, what is possible. Let go of your conceptions of  “when you drop an apple, it has to fall to the ground, because it’s the Law of Gravity.” Yes, but the Law of Gravity can change and it will change in the transition to the New Spiritual Age. It will change when Earth and humanity reaches higher states of consciousness. It will of course change gradually during a very long time span, and not all within in your lifetime, but perhaps you will find yourself in other bodies on Earth at that time, who knows? The Law of Gravity will change and one day it will disappear. Then there won’t be any Law of Gravity anymore.


You have a perception that if you plant an apple seed into the soil and water it, it will start growing into a tree and take about 10 years or so – or what do I know, 2-3 years in your human time – before it starts bearing fruit. There is no law that says it has to be that way. There are places where you place the seed into the soil and the tree grows up instantly, full of fruit. That is no illusion. That is a reality and something completely natural for those who live in that dimension and on that planet. You have to let go of your fixed ideas about what reality is and what matter is made up of and controlled by. It can change, and it is changing. The sluggishness of matter is in the process of being released. That is what entering the New Spiritual Age means, the union of spirit and matter, that is to say, the liberation of matter. What you call “laws of nature” on Earth is about to change. The same types of natural laws won’t apply anymore. It will happen slowly, not from one day to the next. But it is happening. You will be able to affect reality to a much greater extent than what you can today. You will be able to shape your lives and decide how you want to live. You will be able to influence the conditions of the living life on Earth in a completely different way than what you can today.


This is no airy-fairy future utopia. This is about something that will begin to happen within your lifetime, within the coming years. It will not occur with any giant leaps in one go, but it will begin to be felt immediately after the Transition. You will notice the difference. You will notice that you no longer have the same need to eat, to drink, to sleep, to go to the toilet. You will be able to sit and meditate for 10 hours and feel like only 10 minutes have passed. You will be able to influence the weather. You will be able to affect all of your reality. You will be able to begin creating your reality in the way that you draw exactly what you need to you. This means that if you visualize strong enough that you have a bag of avocados you will be able to create that. That does not mean that you already are ready to conjure forth an avocado like a wizard. There are worlds where it’s possible, but you are not yet ready for that on Earth, it will take time until then. But what you are ready for is to draw things to you energetically, that is the famous ”synkroniciteten” – that things are drawn to you. An excellent example, as you probably already know from your life today, is that when you sit and think of a person, going: ”Oh, I feel so depressed. I wish my friend would friend call me, it would be nice to meet up” – and then she calls and asks if you want to meet up with her. This is the first step to what I’m talking about, that you draw what you need to you.

~ Intensification of the Law of Cause and Effect ~

This is only the beginning. It will happen faster, faster and faster and with ever greater force, that you draw things to you. But you do not only draw to you the positive in your life, but you also attract exactly what you don’t want, unless you work with it. That is, what you are most afraid of, will occur. That’s why you have to work with grounding yourself in order to prepare for this new energy reality. What is happening is that the law of cause and effect is strengthening on Earth. This means that everything you send out comes back again. All the love you send out comes back, but also and all the fear and negativity you send out comes back. That means that what you are the most afraid of will be drawn to you. Therefore, you must work to ground yourself with the female energy, you have to channel the energy from Earth’s interior to balance yourself and all your inner fears. That way you will remain strong in yourself and you will get an incredibly powerful energy of protection, which means that even when the situation is challenging and difficult, you will always find a solution.


With this energy protection, you will always have food, even if there is a food crisis. You will always have what you need when you are no longer afraid of being without something. If you’re not afraid of it anymore, you won’t get that challenge. It’s only the challenges that you are afraid of that are coming to you, what you have not yet worked with on your insides. It’s exactly the same way as with people who attract others who betray them all the time. Constantly, over and over again, they meet a new partner and are left alone and let down every time, and it never ends. This is due to exactly the same thing: the Law of Cause and Effect. This vicious circle does not end until you deal with what it is inside of you that attracts these traitors. You have to heal your heart and reconcile with the internal traumas and blockages that stand in the way. When you dissolve our issues within, you no longer attract the same trauma, over and over and over again. The Law of Cause and Effect will be felt with ever increasing force as time passes and the closer we move towards the Transition, and when we enter the New Age.


We know that this has been said many times before but we’ll say it again and again and again, because it is so incredibly important. It’s so incredibly important that you understand the consequences of what happens before the Transition. That’s why we keep repeating this for you, we who send messages to you, so that you really understand what is happening. It is the internal change process that is important, not the outer. It is through working with your inner spiritual development that you can create change. That’s the key to raising the consciousness and the key to true power, and to true freedom. I am not talking about the destructive power, having power over other people or manipulating other people. I’m talking about power in the form of Strength, having power over your own lives, creating your own reality and to generate what you want instead of attracting negative things and being a victim. We’re saying to you: Stop being victims and become the powerful, amazing, Divine Beings that you are! The energy protection is the only protection that really has any significance, that actually protects you. There is no other protection that can truly protect any soul in our Cosmos against anything, except the energy protection – living in the Light with an open heart in complete unity and balance.

~ Let go and live ~

Heal all your fears, all your negative thoughts, all your beliefs and all the brainwashing that you have been exposed to. It starts when you are little and continues throughout your lives: “Beware of that, it’s dangerous!”, “No, that’s not possible!”, “You can’t do that!”, “No, no, no, no, no – not like that, not like that, not like that!” You become are being cropped and cropped and cropped, and you become smaller and smaller and smaller, and your auras are diminished and diminished and diminished, throughout your entire life. You are born as stunning luminous white balls of Divine Light, and then you’re being cropped by your loving, well-meaning parents, and you do the same with your children. We understand that you are doing that, because you’ve been made to believe that this is how it’s supposed to be. You think it has to be that way, that it’s natural to live in fear, that it is natural to grow up with the conception that life is dangerous and that you can die. But we’re saying to you: Live instead! Stop worrying about death, because it will still come one day! Let it come when it will! Let go and live!


Don’t let yourself be limited by guilt and shame. There is no guilt or shame! Those are human inventions! You don’t need to be ashamed of anything. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Live, enjoy and love instead! When you live, enjoy and love; when you unite in the loving embrace that your sexual orgasm means, you reach your highest divine state. When you are unified in a fantastic orgasm, the black hole at the center of the Galaxy vibrates. You expand your state of consciousness every time you love and reach orgasm together. That is the most divine act that you can perform, to be united in love. There is nothing more divine, except possibly to give birth, which is part of the same divine act. When you make love, you light up the entire Cosmos with your love light, your love energy. It is that powerful.

Tear down all the prison walls, and stop thinking that ”I can’t do that, I can’t do that, and I can’t do that.” You can do exactly what you want! When you are living in love, when you are living in complete love with an expanded heart, you can’t do anything wrong anymore. Then you are in your natural state, and then the scarcity, conflict and hatred doesn’t affect you anymore. Then you cannot harm yourselves or each other anymore. Start living from the heart! Stop living from your head! Stop limiting yourself!



~ Ending ~

We love you, and we’ll soon come to visit you. We are just waiting for you to get ready to open your hearts for us. It may take a while but it can also happen faster than you think.  One thing you should know, is that when we do land on Earth, it will not be in front of the White House. It will be in front of the real representatives of Earth’s future and they are certainly not there. The first landing will take place in Sweden, because Sweden is the country on Earth which has people who are most spiritually developed and who have the highest energy levels. You carry the seed for the New Spiritual Age in Sweden.


I want to close by thanking you for listening. I am so incredibly happy, and I want you to know how happy we are about the souls on Earth who have begun to wake up and have started to acknowledge our presence and have started to understand that we are here, because you are needed. Through spreading your light, you’re part of creating opportunities for other people to open up, only through your very being. Not by persuading anyone. You can’t persuade people. If people aren’t ready, it’s impossibility. Only through shining your light and working with opening your hearts, you create the possibilities for other people to open their hearts. It’s not about standing on the barricades trying to affect others, it’s not about that at all. It’s about living in Light and Love. That is what creates change.


I would also like to draw your attention to all these great light workers you have around you, with very high states of consciousness. I am talking about your children – these fantastic teachers. There is a very large amount of children that are born to the Earth in these times to take part in lifting humanity into the New Age, and to prepare Earth for the New Age, and a very big part of these children are born in Sweden. Don’t you see how amazing the children are, and how they shine? Look around you and see the children, see their eyes. There you have all the wisdom, there you have all the answers. The children already know. They carry everything inside of them. Let them have the chance to open themselves up. Listen to what they have to say. It’s they who have come to teach the humans.


I love you, and we love you. We are proud of you and the long journey you have taken all the way to here, because we have followed you all the way, and we will never leave you. Thank you for listening.

[Here we took a break, and thereafter we had a Q&A session where Toisheeba answered the audience’s questions. 





Toisheeba answers the audience’s questions


~ There are solutions for everything ~


– What will happen with the overpopulation on Earth?


You will find a solution to all of your problems, or what you consider to be problems. But it’s true that major changes will take place on Earth, and you won’t have as large a population on Earth after the Transition, as you do have now. But no matter how big that change will be, and whatever will happen there will be solutions, solutions that you can’t see today, solutions that will unfold and show themselves along the road.


A large change is that your soil will be much more fruitful and fertile. You will be able to grow much more efficiently than you can do today. Another change is that you will no longer have the need for your large cemented cities and roads, the infrastructure and the societal systems you have today. It simply will not work anymore to use the existing structure, logistics and transport systems that exist on Earth today. They will break down and you will have to replace them with other things. But such solutions will also unfold, and then you will be able to free much larger areas for food and cultivation of various kinds.


But I want to encourage you not to fixate too much on your problems, and don’t become hypnotized by the practical things, because this is not something that you will be able to predict from where you stand today. Instead, have faith that everything will be all right! There is no decided, set path. The future is not fixed. There is a flow and there is an ultimate goal, but the road to there can appear in different ways. Humanity has a free will, that is, they decide which road to take. They decide for themselves if they want to continue to live on Earth in the New Age or not. There are many people that at a higher level already have taken the decision not to stay because they don’t feel that they are ready for the New Era.


This is not such a great disaster as it could be seen as. If you see death as the only ultimate goal, and that it ends there – well, then it may look like a disaster, but it is not. You continue living. You are infinite. You never end, you simply change form. You can go in and out of different physical bodies and live in different types of existences, different types of lives, in different types of places. You choose that completely for yourselves. Everyone decides on a higher plane where and when you are to be born and when you are to die. There will be solutions, but it can be difficult for people today to see and understand these solutions. But they will unfold along the road. The important thing is that you keep your focus on your own spiritual development, and keeping your hearts open.


You will not be able to control what will happen. You will not make the Transition through control. It’s not that just because you build up enormous food reserves, you have a guarantee. It’s the expanding heart and that you raise your consciousness level that is your protection and guarantee. There are no physical preparations for that which will come that will be able to protect or help people, that is an illusion. Let go of the control, let go and let yourself be carried along with the Divine Flow and have faith. Everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be, and everything will be just the way it’s supposed to be. We have no idea exactly what will happen, but we know that everything will be all right no matter what will happen – of that we are sure.


This is part of the lesson and the insight that you need to reach. It’s part of the spiritual journey you are on; learning to let go. It’s about putting your life in the hands of the Divine Flow and let yourself be carried along with it. It’s about learning to keep your hearts open no matter what happens, no matter how difficult it feels and how dark it may seem, that you always keep having faith in that everything will work out. Exactly that which is supposed to happen, will happen. Sooner or later you will become one with the Light again, no matter if it happens through enlightenment in this lifetime or when you enter “death”. You will be united with your True Selves, you will be one with the Divine Love and Eternity one way or the other. You will never die. You just continue your journey, no matter what happens in your lives on Earth, no matter if you stay on Earth or not. Your lives are a part of a journey.


~ You decide for yourselves ~

We would like to urge you to expand your field of vision and see things in a larger perspective. The vast majority of you here have lived an endless amount of lives on Earth, and on other planets. You most certainly have also given a part of your consciousness and light to plants or animals, and other types of consciousnesses. You can lend your energy to a rock, you can lend your energy to a meteorite. All of this has consciousness. Everything in the Cosmos has some form of consciousness. The only question is if it’s at lower or higher level, and you have experienced all these levels at some point during your journey.


This is another of these experiences; that you are in the physical body that you are today, and that you are on the consciousness level you are on today. This is yet another part of that journey, and what you choose to learn from the experiences you have in the physical bodies you have today – is up to yourselves, it’s your free choice. You can choose to take the chance in this lifetime to expand your consciousness and prepare for the Transition so that it will be as good as it possibly can, following the Flow into the New Era and become a part of creating the New World and the New Reality. You can also decide that; ”No, I’m not ready for this, that’s not what I want” and choose to simply pass over to the other side and to prepare for another life in another body, in another place, in another time. It’s your free will on a higher plane, it is your Higher Self who makes this decision, but you are of course also part of influencing this on a conscious level. It’s you who decide for yourselves. Death is not an accident, it’s no coincidence. You die because you are meant to die and you live because you are meant to live. There is nothing that happens by chance, there is nothing that happens just because you ”slip” somewhere, so to speak.

~ Cosmic energy thieves ~


– Who are the beings that are feeding off our energy?


In our Cosmos and in our Galaxy, there are an infinite number of civilizations that are on different levels of consciousness. There are civilizations that are on a much lower consciousness levels than humanity, and there are civilizations who are at a much higher consciousness levels than humanity. There are civilizations that have got stuck on the path, so to speak. They have not continued developing the way it was meant, and have chosen chaos, separation and destructivity. They have chosen to organize their communities according to that energy, and have chosen to spread chaos and destruction, and blockages of the love flow. When these civilizations block their hearts, they are blocking their life energy and thus become dependent on stealing energy from others.


You’ve heard of the expression “energy thieves” on Earth. That’s exactly what these civilizations are. They are energy thieves, because they cannot get access to the energy they need to survive, since their heart chakras are blocked. Since their whole energy system and all their chakras are blocked, they must steal energy from others to survive. They become sort of like “cosmic vampires.” They feed off other civilizations that are still unaware of the energy reality we are living in. That is, they have taken advantage of humanity’s lack of awareness and knowledge about the multidimensional reality that we’re living in. They have used it to get to you, since your mediumship has been blocked for so long. They have been able to use it and shut you down in the sense that they have been able to hinder you from developing. We’re mainly talking about one civilization that has used you more than others. It’s a civilization that is called ”Anunnaki”, and from a planet that is called ”Nibiru”, even though there are many more.

But this will no longer be possible. The very development that they have devoted so much energy and effort to prevent – is now happening on Earth; humanity’s awakening and the transition to the New Spiritual Age. They have used their energy-blocking energy systems to prevent and postpone the transition to the New Spiritual Age as long as possible, and to prevent humanity’s spiritual awakening, but it will no longer be possible. The Earth is about to enter the new energy frequency, the Earth is about to enter the 5th dimension, and humanity is waking up. The question is how many will be waking up, and how fast? There are not enough people that are ready yet, so they have managed to delay you, but they cannot hinder you forever. They have no hold on you anymore. However, their programming remains in your collective consciousness. Your collective consciousness is full of their programming, their implants, which still affect humanity to a large degree. They have created thought structures that humanity has had implanted into their collective consciousness. It’s separating thought constructions that appeal to your egos, and that block your spiritual development.


All of the abuse, the violence, the cruelty and the savagery that takes place on Earth today; the child abuse, the starvation, the warfare, the humiliation and torture – the list goes on – are all connected to these implants. That does not mean that humanity is without responsibility, but it means this civilizations have used some of the weak spots and imbalances in humanity of, in stage of humanity’s spiritual development that they needed to go through, and then they have put in implants and blockages to consolidate and reinforce those sides. Humanity can never abdicate their responsibility because of this. Humans always have a choice. What they have done is that they have made it very difficult for humans to overcome these blockages and implants. They have reinforced the negative that was already there and then multiplied it many times, and made it very difficult for humanity to raise their consciousness, to rise above the critical, separating mind.


~ Free yourselves through the grounding ~


– How can we recognize these beings, are they among us?


My advice to you is not to look for them in the physical world, since you will not find them there. They are not among us in that way. But their energy imprints are in all humans. Observe your own thoughts. If you have negative, destructive, dark thoughts that keep coming back and that won’t release their hold of you, if you have thoughts that you can’t get rid of no matter how much you work with healing and liberating yourselves from them – then you can be sure that it’s a question of some form of energy implants. But what I’m saying to you is that you don’t have to be afraid, this is not frightening. You can free yourself of this – through the healing. You can free yourselves, you can become free as birds! You don’t have to watch who’s following you, you don’t have to be afraid. It’s not that they will take over. They can not take over, more than they already have. What has happened has already happened. Now the only way is upward, to liberate yourself from your fear of these beings. They have no power over you, as long as you don’t give them that power. If you walk around with the idea that these beings control you, that you are victims and you have no choice – it’s also the reality that you will create. But it is not true. You can free yourself from this through the grounding. You liberate yourselves from these beings and the implants through grounding yourselves. It is the grounding that is your energy protection, and that way you free yourselves from all your destructive thoughts, the destructive approach, and your ego.


What they have done through these implants is that they have strengthened your egos, they have enlarged them and strengthen their hold of you. Free yourselves through the healing, free yourselves through grounding yourselves, channeling the female energy from Earth’s inside, and thereby being able to receive the Divine Light that comes down to Earth and heals your planet and humanity. But you have to work; you have to work every day. Observe your thoughts and be aware of other people’s reactions to you. How do you interact with each other? You mirror each other all the time. You mirror each other’s blockages all the time. When other people harm you, they are only messengers to you about what you need to work with. You mirror each other in everything that you do. You activate each other’s blockages, you activate each other’s egos, you activate each other’s implants – all the time. This is what you need to heal. That is why this period prior to the transition to The New Spiritual Age is called “The Great Purification” – because that’s exactly what it is. You must turn yourselves inside out and meet your own darkness, because you all are carrying it. You are all connected to the collective consciousness and you are all part of this darkness – humanity’s heritage, all the karma, everything you did to each other and yourselves during all those countless lives you have lived on Earth. Heal, cleanse, let the light in, let go of your attachments and let go of your illusions, free yourselves.

~ Our planet ~

– Can you tell us about your civilization?


The solar system we’re living in is called “Arrakas”, and the main planet we’re living on reminds quite a lot of Earth. It is a thriving planet, it’s amazingly beautiful! It’s what you humans would describe as a ”paradise” if you saw it. We have the most amazing mountains and the most gorgeous, lush valleys with waterfalls and tropical forests with trees that have trunks that are so big that they would cover half of this hall, and which are hundreds of meters high. There are fabulous forests where all kinds of creatures live, some more animal-like than others. We have tropical vegetation that partly resembles yours, but that also partly completely different.


In our forests the music sings. The singing and the music is a very important part of our culture and our heritage. We use music and sound as a way to communicate with each other, and communicate with our planet. We’re using music to maintain the high vibrations of the planet and all life, like dolphins and whales are doing in your seas. They’re holding the energy through singing; they raise the vibration of the ocean to purify it. We do exactly the same thing, all living beings in our world. We sing and make sounds to raise the vibrations. Our world is filled with singing and sound – sound healing.


Many of the beings that live in our world are similar to those in your fairy tales. You should know that many of your fairy tales and movies on Earth are channeled from other worlds, from all of us. In other words, they exist for real! We also have fairy tale-like castles in our world, but it’s a world of peace, harmony and unity thinking – where every human and every being is living in harmony with each other, in the way they choose. There is no lack, there is no competition, there is no hierarchy, and there are no wars. We have outgrown all of that.


I live in the top of tree. I very much like to climb trees, and I can also change shape. I’m what you call a ”shapeshifter”, that is, I change shape. I can change shape to various animals depending on what I want to do. I can also change color like a chameleon. I mirror whoever I meet. That is, now I’m more bluish. I shimmer in various bluish tones, as Maria shines out her blue energy towards me, and I reflect her and become blue [Maria’s basic energy is blue because it’s the main energy on the planet that she and I  originally came from before we started to reincarnate on Earth, where mediumship is central and our energy therefore has the forehead chakra’s blue color.

~ Free energy ~


[We finished with one last question, which got a very short answer since we were running out of time.]


–  Can you tell us more about where, when and how we can start using the free energy?


You will receive guidance and help with that, right after the Transition. The free energy is something as simple as the female and the male energy combined, forming the highest Divine Light which is a free source of energy. There are already drawings on Earth for how it can be used. You can charge crystals and activate the energies. But as it is today, humanity is not really ready to take that knowledge and put it into practice. But the conditions will be created during the Transition. Then the energy reality will be such that you will be ready to start using it. But there are already many examples all over the Earth. There are many who have channeled down this information about the free energy in many different ways, and you will gradually get more and more as time passes.


[Here we had to end the Q&A session to move on with the healing session for Mother Earth. During the healing session. everyone in the audience also received the energy transmission she mentioned earlier. We thanked Toisheeba for her message, and she once again thanked us for listening].


Instructions to ground yourself with Mother Earth-healing