Third identical spiral in a year – this time in Alaska during aurora borealis

A new heavenly spiral! Last weekend, a new spiral showed up. It was the third spiral with the same ”design” in less than a year. First New Zealand June 20, 2022, then Hawaii January 18, 2023 – and now Alaska April 15, 2023, during a spectacular aurora borealis! The spiral has received a lot of attention in the mainstream media worldwide, but like the two previous spirals of almost identical appearance, the phenomenon is explained away as a ”likely” spinning SpaceX rocket releasing water vapor or fuel that freezes into ice and reflects sunlight. Of course, it’s totally fine if you believe that, but this post is for those of you who don’t.

What does your intuition tell you when you see the pictures and videos? Would a spinning rocket really create this phenomenon in the sky? If the spiral is created by a spinning rocket, why does it not look like a continuous spiral but rather a design of composite ”crescents”? And can a relatively small rocket really create such a gigantic phenomenon in the sky?

Enough of the media’s explanation. To me, who has followed the spiral phenomenon for over 10 years, these spirals have a much LESS down-to-earth explanation. The spirals are a way for cosmic civilizations from higher dimensions to remind us of the cosmic reality of which we are a part, and from which we all originate. The spirals are part of the escalation of their presence on Earth before the transition into the New Age we are facing, and these celestial spirals have been manifesting here on Earth for over 40 years!

I became aware of the phenomenon in 2009 when a spectacular spinning spiral appeared over northern Norway. My then partner Maria Bertram (1972-2020) who was a medium was then contacted telepathically by an ascended civilization that called themselves ”The Invincible Ones”. Their leader Dibarak gave a profound spiritual message to humanity that we published, where he told us that it was their civilization that was behind the ”light projections” that he called them. When I asked him ”What does the process look like when you create a light projection on Earth?” he answered through Maria:


”We work as a group to create them. Large groups of our civilization work together, sometimes our whole population, to send these projections to you. We visualize and manifest what we want to create. In other words; we’re using our collective energy reserve and our combined power to focus on this event, this place, and this exhibition. We also use sound when we manifest the projections – in other words it’s not only a performance of colors, but it’s also something that has been created through sound”.


Regarding why they often choose spiral patterns for their light projections, he said that it has to do with humanity’s spiral of development:


”All development happens in the form of spirals, and you have to go full circle to move to the next level. But when the leap does happen, it goes very fast. You are now about to take one of these deciding leaps in the development of your consciousness where you have to learn to leave your fighting and dualism behind you, to reach oneness thinking. This critical leap must happen” quickly. The cosmic clock is ticking and you are right now in a transition stage to the New Age, where powerful energies gradually are flowing with increasing strength over your planet, changing the conditions of life on Earth.


We are reaching out our hand to you from the higher dimensions, and we have sent you a greeting in your physical three-dimensional world, a greeting of light, color and form. This is to welcome you into the cosmic communion.

The cosmic quarantine that Earth has been under for a very long time is finally to be lifted. You will notice this through an increasing presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on and around the Earth. This process has already begun, and during the year to come you will see a further escalation. The light projection we created for you symbolizes your spiritual development as a spiral, and that you are now in a deciding moment where you take a leap towards the next level of consciousness”.


Everyone is of course free to decide for themselves what they believe, but through my post I want to provide a counter-image to the media’s one-sided explanation, and remind you all of the magnificent cosmic reality of which we are all a part, which is calling to our attention more and more, if we only open our minds and our intuition.

I will finish with another quote from one of the channelings of Dibarak:


”We are hoping to create cooperation between our civilizations, to develop a lasting friendship between us, and to foster an exchange of experiences and wisdom, as a way of gently introducing you into the cosmic communion. We would like to finish up by saying that we are always with you and we are following your development with excitement. We are very eager to help you as much as we can in this last challenging time in the passage to the New Age and the New World. We are sending you our love and understanding, and always know that you have our support. […] We want to say to you all that we feel so much love and empathy for you, and we are happy to take part in and to help you in the process you are going through. We feel joy that so many of you have opened up yourselves, your hearts, to the messages we bring to you. We are infinitely grateful that you take the time to listen to us and what we have to say”

More videos and pictures of the spiral (2 min):

”Expert” on BBC explains the spiral as SpaceX (1 min):

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