Build-on technique 4: Inner symbolic actions

When you decide to dissolve a blockage, you can combine the grounding healing with the use of an inner symbolic action to dissolve the blockage, for example untying a knot, fixing a leaking pipe (energy leakage) or watering a plant. In the next build-on technique (the fifth and final) you will learn a technique of how to astral travel in order to dissolve blockages in the higher dimensions. But first, through this fourth build-on technique, you will be offered a a ”soft start” or sorts. What you are actually doing when you perform these symbolic actions is actually that you are going to higher dimensions with your consciousness because through the symbolic action you are connecting yourself energetically to a blockage in a higher dimension, but here you do it through a simpler and more easier method.


Start the healing session as usual, by visualizing that you open a channel from the Earth’s inner core that fills you with red energy. Then focus on the blockage or problem you want to resolve and heal. Try to find a visualization that represents how the blockage or problem is resolved. Use your ”imagination” (that is, the ability to see into higher dimensions) and think limitlessly – and trust the symbolic actions you get to see and make use of them.


It can partly be general symbolic actions such as tearing down a wall or smashing a stone that symbolizes the blockage, but it can also be symbolic actions that have to do with your energy body. It could be, for example, that you collect broken pieces of your energy body and bring them back, that you open up your heart like a blooming rose, or how you pull up a roller blind in front of your third eye. Just like when you work with mantras, the healing is enhanced if you let the symbolic action be repeated over and over while giving yourself grounding healing. However, just like with mantras, it may require hard work, that is, repeating the symbolic action over a long period of time, if it is a powerful blockage.


Although I call it ”symbolic actions” it’s not really a fair description, because you are actually connecting to and releasing real blockages in the higher dimensions through these symbolic actions. In the higher dimensions, the line between ”reality” and ”symbol” is not as definitive as in our limited world of imagination.

Examples of symbolic actions


1. Cutting a rope

For example, if you feel that you have an unhealthy attachment to candy (sugar), which you want to free yourself from, you can use a symbolic action where you cut a rope. Imagine a rope running between you and a large bag of candy, and how you use a powerful pair of scissors to cut the rope and take back all your energy from the candy bag. Through the act of symbol programming you also reprogram your consciousness that was previously programmed to actually have attachments to candy. You can also combine the symbolic action with a mantra, for example ”I have completely cut my attachments to candy”.

2. Release a bird from a cage

If you feel like a prisoner in a certain situation, whether it concerns a job, a relationship or the entire societal system, you can use a symbolic action where you get out of a cage or prison. For example, you can visualize yourself as a caged bird, and how you open the door and let the bird spread its wings and fly freely! You can also combine it with a mantra such as ”I am completely free from my captivity in my relationship”. In that way, you send out this message to the Universe, which will then help you experience that freedom if you are ready for it. If, for example, it is about a relationship, it can result both in you freeing yourself within the relationship, or in you freeing yourself from the relationship altogether, it depends on what you are ready for on a higher level.

3. Demolish a dam
If you feel that you have a blocked energy flow, for example your flow of sexual energy, then you can use a symbolic action where you demolish a dam. Visualize how a large dam holds back enormous amounts of water (or red sexual energy) and how you create a crack in the dam that grow larger until te dam is completely destroyed and the water (or energy) rushes out with full force! At the same time, you can use a mantra such as ”I have completely released my sexual flow”.

4. Let go of an iron bar

If you feel that you have perception that you want to let go of, for example the perception that ”life is a struggle”, then you can use a symbolic action where you let go of an iron bar or something else suitable. Visualize your tight grip on the iron bar, symbolizing the notion that life is a struggle, and slowly loosen your grip until you let go completely and let the iron bar disappear into space. You can combine the symbolic action with the mantra ”I have let go of the perception that life is a struggle”.

5. Empty yourself of scraps
If you feel that you want to free yourself from, for example, all the negative conditioning from your parents; that you are worthless and hopeless, you can use a symbolic action where you empty yourself of scraps and trash. Visualize a box that symbolizes your energy body. Decide that you will now empty all negative conditioning from your parents out of your system, symbolized by scrap and garbage. Hold the box upside down and let everything fall. Turn the box over and see if there’s anything left, look closely at the corners, and keep shaking the box until it’s completely empty. You can combine the symbolic action with the mantra ”I have emptied myself of all negative conditioning from my parents”.

Let your intuition guide you in choosing your symbolic actions. There is a suitable symbolic action for each blockage, and there are entire symbol libraries in the Cosmos that you can connect to, in order to come up with suitable symbolic actions easier. You can also play longer scenes on your inside self like you’re watching a movie, scenes that symbolize the healing of a blockage or the vision of what you want to achieve.


Good luck working with inner symbolic actions!


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