The way to the Light goes through the Darkness

Part 6: Instructions to ground yourself with Mother Earth healing


About Mother Earth Healing / How Mother Earth Healing works / How long is enough? / Positive effects of Mother Earth Healing / Instructions


If you want to read the previous parts of the article series, there is an overview with an introduction and links to the seven parts.


~ About Mother Earth Healing~

Grounding with Mother Earth Healing is a simple healing technique where you fill yourself with the red female energy from Mother Earth’s inner core, in a meditation. It’s the most effective way to ground yourself, since you’re actively channeling the grounding female energy directly from the Source.


The purpose of the healing is to reconnect with our Holy Primordial Mother, and to restore the inner balance between the male light energy and the sacred female darkness energy – which the human has a huge shortage of today. This applies regardless of gender, and both men and women need to strive for a balance between these two energy polarities in order to develop in a balanced way.


Our grounding base is necessary in order to reach new heights our spiritual development (just like the roots of a tree). The grounding is a prerequisite in order to recreate our inner energy balance, and to reach the next level in our spiritual transformation process. But also so that we can receive and manage the male light energies that are now flowing in over the Earth from the Cosmos due to the energy raising and the transition to the New Spiritual Age that we are standing before. Grounding with Mother Earth healing is the missing link for the human’s path to a higher state of consciousness today.


The information and instructions are channeled through Swedish medium Maria Bertram (1972-2020) from Mother Earth herself, nature spirits, the Divine Consciousness and enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos, during several years of time. Through working with ever deeper grounding, Maria was also able to gain access to ever more in-depth teaching about the grounding and build-on techniques, which are compiled in part 7.


Channeling down and spreading this knowledge was the core of Marias life task, and it’s part of my (Manne’s) life task to spread it to anyone who are open to it. Even though the human today has been manipulated to deny the knowledge of Mother Earth’s healing energies, it is really an ancient wisdom that belongs to all of humanity, and the simple technique is available free of charge to anyone who wants to use it. There’s a goldmine right under your feet – make us of it!


~ How Mother Earth Healing works ~

The purpose of Mother Earth healing is to recreate your energy balance between the male light energy and the female darkness energy, yin and yang. When you activate the healing, your guides will make sure that you get exactly the energy frequency you need. Mother Earth’s energy network consists of both male and female energy, and if you need a certain amount of male energy (although it is not likely when you start with grounding), you will get exactly that from Earth’s energy network.


By giving yourself Mother Earth healing regularly, you gradually restore your energy balance, you gradually heal your energy blockages, accelerate your spiritual development and prepare yourself for the transition to the New Spiritual Age in an optimal way.


You can also send Mother Earth healing to Mother Earth’s power places, other people, children and animals. Just use the same instructions and customize the prayer, and visualize how the energy continues through your body to where you want to send it. But the most important thing is to focus on your own grounding first. That is what determines how powerful a channel you can be when it comes to sending the energy to others.

~ How long is enough? ~

Profound grounding is a gradual process that requires dedication and regularity for the best effect, but even if you only use the grounding sporadically, you will notice its beneficial effects.


It is of course up to each person how long you want to give yourself Mother Earth healing. But if you want to get in regularly, a good start could be to give yourself Mother Earth healing fifteen minutes a day. If it feels overwhelming or if you just ”can’t get around to it” then only one minute a day could actually be enough to get into the routine. Once you start grounding yourself with the female energy, it is easy to become ”dependent” on it, because our energy bodies, which are often very ungrounded and bathe in ”light”, long for grounding like the desert longs for rain.


Once you have gotten into the routine, our guides humbly want to urge those who feel ready to extend the time gradually, preferably to an hour a day or more. That’s how great the imbalance is, that’s how great the need is today. But that’s also how great the potential is for you to accelerate your spiritual transformation in a decisive way.


~ Positive effects of Mother Earth healing ~

The grounding has positive effects on things like the ability to be present, focused and relaxaed, the contact with nature, the intuition and mediality, the ability to have deep relationships, your basic security and feeling of self-worth, your sexuality and fertility, your integrity and contact with the Primordial Strength.


The grounding also helps you to let go of the need for control, over-analysis, lack thinking, conflict thinking, inferiority complexes, destructive desires and addictions.


These are just a few examples, and it is of course different for each person how the grounding affects you, based on your unique energy composition. But gradually it will have positive effects on all aspects of your life as it makes you a more balanced and whole person.

~ Instructions ~

Sit down to meditate. Outdoors is of course ideal, but in your everyday life you can sit right where you are. Avoid having technology near you if possible (human technology and it’s radiation on Earth are concentrated male energy). Make sure you have full contact with the seating area and the floor or ground. Hold your cupped palms together as in prayer and let them rest in your lap.


Take a few deep breaths, relax your whole body, and clear your mind of distracting thoughts. Get mentally ready to work as a channel for the red Mother Earth energy and focus your intention on retrieving the energy from the Earth.


Read the prayer for Mother Earth (see below), aloud or in your mind. Visualize how a channel opens up from the center of the Earth, and how the glowing red female energy begins to flow up through your feet, rear and hands. Let the energy fill your whole body and stay there. 


Once you have opened up the energy flow, just focus on being present in the Now and let the energies flow. It’s individual how the energy feels, but it works whether you feel anything or not.


If you feel that you are getting black energy, don’t worry. It’s a more concentrated and powerful frequency of the female energy, which is also found in the inner core of the Earth. In most cases though, you need to channel the red energy regularly for a while before you are ready for the black energy.


Now it’s time. Your Primordial Mother is waiting for you, and looks forward to starting the reunion with you by sharing her healing energies. Good luck!

Click here for a printable PDF with a mini guide with grounding instructions (same information as below), for those of you who want the instructions at hand without using a screen.