That which wasn’t supposed to happen

-A personal story from a lightworker in the middle of a cosmic drama

Dear friends, members of the Mother Earth Network, and new readers,


This is a brand new website that I am launching along with this article (October 17th, 2021) . I have been guided to write about the improbable, bewildering and traumatic journey that me (Manne Lindberg) and my soulmate Maria Bertram have been on as light workers since we started running the Mother Earth Network together here in Sweden in 2009. Very, very much has happened since. The article begins with an unbelievable tragedy, and then develops into a heart-opening and consciousness-expanding roller coaster.


Since it’s a long text, I’ve divided it into three parts. The first part is heavy and painful to read. That is because what we have been through is unbelievably difficult and painful, and my own pain inevitably reflects in the text. But then I’m focusing on finding meaning in what has happened, creating hope and finding a way forward. There is a divine purpose in everything, and this text is my first step on the long path to finding that divine purpose. I was guided through the whole writing process and received spectacular signs and mind-blowing channeled messages along the way. The text is written for those of you who are open to higher dimensions of reality. 


”Every experience, every trial, and every challenge happens in order for you to develop and reach higher insights about yourselves, and move on. Nothing happens by chance, since chance doesn’t exist. Even the most difficult and the most painful have a meaning. And you have chosen it yourselves,  on an unconscious level, in order for you to grow from it and evolve as souls. That’s why you have come to Earth. Everyone sitting in this room today has chosen to incarnate on Earth right now to participate in the transition to the New Spiritual Age. You have chosen to participate in this time and this Transition for a particular reason, and you all have a special life task to fill in the Transition.”


/From Marias channeling of the Divine Consciousness (”God”) with audience, Stockholm, October 13th, 2009

Part 1: Before it happened

Background: About the Mother Earth Network / A resistance that was not of this world / That which wasn’t supposed to happen


Part 2: When it happened

How can this be the will of the Divine!? / The cosmic dance of soulmates / The crucial message of grounding / How do you replace someone irreplaceable?


Part 3: After it happened

With one foot on each ice floe / A flying visit into the System for the final settlement / Our cosmic origin / A new greeting from above / The rebirth of the Mother Earth Network / Emil’s imprint on Earth / The Phoenix bird / The Cosmic Pendulum and the Return of the Goddess / A Meditation – The Cosmic White Fire / Ending