The way to the light goes through the darkness

Part 3: The suppression of the female energy and the fear of the ”darkness”


The greatest threat / The suppression of the female energy through history / The suppression of the female energy today / How the sacred Feminine Red Fire became ”Hell” / A turning point


If you want to read the previous parts of the article series, there is an overview with an introduction and links to the seven parts.

~ The greatest threat ~

Just like the male light energy has been worshiped in disproportionate ways and has taken up too much space on Earth, the female darkness energy has also for a very long time been denied, weakened and suppressed by forces that want to maintain the dominance of male energy.


The Cosmic Pendulum that moves back and forth between male light and female darkness now points straight towards the male light energy, while at the same time it is just about to turn and again move towards the female darkness energy. This will mean the resurrection of female energy in the Cosmos and on Earth, and it will bring a rebalancing of all the destructiveness that the unbalanced male energy has brought about.


As always, just before the pendulum is about to turn, an unbalanced and destructive version of the force that the pendulum is pointing at arises, which makes the need for rebalancing a necessity to prevent complete destruction. That’s exactly where we stand right now. The male energy has not been able to be sufficiently balanced by the female energy and an extreme and destructive version of the male energy has emerged (but it is important to remember that the male energy in its pure and balanced form is as sacred as the female energy) .


An expected part of the development phase we are now in is that the extreme version of the male light wants to take over completely. There is an extra-cosmic consciousness of destructive male energy – also called ”The AI ​​God” – whose agenda is to make the male energy take over our Cosmos and Earth to drain them of energy and ultimately destroy them completely. This consciousness drives its agenda through a chain of puppets such as extra-dimensional consciousnesses and beings, destructive civilizations, the secret power elite on Earth and even our official leaders – all of whom are driven by the destructive male light energy.


The greatest threat to the advancement of the male light energy is the female darkness energy. Since they are opposites of each other, they are also complementary to each other in the creation of the perfect divine balance. In other words, every aspect of the extreme traits of destructive male energy (unrestrained ego-expansion, unrestrained economic exploitation, unrestrained AI development…) can only be maintained in the absence of female energy. The restoration of female energy means the end of the domination of destructive male energy. Therefore, the female energy is the greatest threat to all the forces driven by the destructive male energy in its attempt to take over the Earth and prevent our spiritual awakening. However, it is important to point out here that the human is not a victim. We are undergoing a difficult development process that we have chosen at a higher level and which is in accordance with our karma.

However, the suppression of female energy by male energy has made it very difficult for man to come into contact with the sacred feminine, to experience their connection to Mother Earth, and to realize the importance of grounding – and have thus limited the human’s ability to develop spiritually in a balanced way. This has meant that the human has in many ways got ”stuck” in their spiritual development. Humanity has reached a level where they can not absorb more male energy and light without becoming even more ungrounded. Only through the restoration of female energy can the human take the step towards their continued spiritual development and path towards enlightenment.


~ The Suppression of the female energy throughout history ~

The destructive forces that drive this development forward are very well aware that female energy is the key to human spiritual transformation, our contact with our inner voice and our contact with our strength(the Primordial Strength originates from the Earth’s core). They also know deep down that the female energy will ultimately be their downfall. Therefore, they have put enormous amounts of time and energy into creating energy blockages in the Earth’s energy system to restrict the flow of female energy from the Earth’s inner core, and to create a culture on Earth that keeps the human away from Mother Earth and the female energy within her. This of course includes the suppression of the woman as a sexual being, but also everything else that is associated with the female energy such as intuition, presence in the now, nature, sexuality, and ”darkness”.


A clear example from history is the medieval witch trials where huge numbers of women were tortured and burned at the stake after being accused of ”witchcraft” and associating with the Devil. Some of them were punished purely because they were women, while others (including men) because they engaged in, for example, healing and healing plants – that is, their contact with the female energy and Mother Earth.

Another example is the widespread extinction of indigenous peoples, who are also representatives of the female energy. Through their contact with their intuition, their wisdom, the Primordial Strength, nature and Mother Earth, they are a great threat to the artificial and high-tech ”civilization” that those in power want to dominate the entire Earth. In the same way, all the devastation of nature and the extinction of animal species in favor of the expansion of civilization or economic gain is a result of the spreading of male energy at the expense of female energy.

The widespread slave trade and subsequent racism against blacks is also an expression of the suppression of the female energy, as people with darker complexion are seen as a threat as they, on a higher level, representatives of the ”darkness” (the sacred darkness) and generally have greater access to grounding in their energy systems compared to people with lighter complexion.

~ The suppression of the female energy today ~

Even today, it is clear to see how the female energy is suppressed by the male energy in our world in a variety of ways. One example is how technology and Artificial Intelligence are increasingly replacing the natural and biological in our lives and our world.


A completely different example is how the intellect and logic are given the highest value in our society, while the value of intuition and emotions is instead diminished and ridiculed. Since the introduction of the Corona plandemic, degratory nicknames such as ”conspiracy theorists”, ”tin foil hatter”, and ”anti-vaxxers” have become commonplace through being used on a large scale to ridicule and silence people who are in contact with inner spiritual truths. The female energy stands for intuition – to get in touch with their inner truth, in the same way that it also stands for the contact with the Primordial Strength and the ability to speak up.


The destructive male energy’s repression of the female energy also takes place through so-called high technology and radiation, such as the 5G network, which is given a free pass of limitless distribution across the Earth while denying its negative effects. All radiation is concentrated destructive male energy, and it disrupts the entire of Mother Earth’s energy network of female energy and poisons our nature, our animals, our nature spirits and all of humanity with its destructive and invasive frequencies.


The entire Corona plandemic is a gigantic project created by the destructive male light energy to advance one step further at the expense of female energy. There are many clear links between the Plandemic and the destructive male energy. A clear example is the corona vaccines which are a way to block the flows of female energy in our bodies and also make our bodies receivers for AI signals. Another example is the attempt to rationalize away the interpersonal warmth and the healing physical contact through digital meetings, social distancing and face masks. Face masks is a symbol of blocking the neck chakra and the human ability to stand up for the truth. The hand sanitizer used on a global scale during the Plandemic is concentrated destructive male energy. Another example is the digitization of our identities through vaccine passports, as a major step towards the AI ​​society.

However, the clearest example of the male energy’s oppression of female energy today is still the man’s suppression of the woman. A contemporary example of the suppression of female energy is how women are reduced to sex objects in the media, which we can see in everything from the entertainment industry to the beauty industry, and in its most extreme forms in the misogynistic porn, prostitution and sex trafficking. These phenomena are not only about the suppression and objectification of the woman as a sexual being, but it is also an expression of the suppression of the sacred sexuality that is an aspect of the female energy.


There are many examples of phenomena in our society linked to the appearance of women – and which most people see as a natural part of femininity – which are really about the suppression of female energy. An example is the weight hysteria, which can be seen as a symbol of the reducing of the woman. Another example is the contempt for female body hair and the ideal of the hairless female body which is a symbol of the natural (”wild”) woman being disgusting and unfeminine and must constantly be shaved and waxed. The worship of female youth and the contempt for female aging is another example.


Another example is make-up, a symbol of the woman feeling the need to ”put on a mask” every day and make herself an object to be sufficient as a woman. A more extreme example with the same meaning is cosmetic procedures where the woman has her body pruned, or filled with artificial substances (substances that actually block the energy flows of female energy) to live up to an ideal image of the beautiful woman. Another example is high-heeled shoes, which are a symbol of the woman cutting herself off from her grounding, her strength and her mobility.

Of course it’s not ”wrong” to use these attributes – we are all influenced by the programming of the Matrix and should not blame ourselves nor others for it – but at the same time it is important to know what these ideals stand for at a higher level .


In the same way, the man is also limited through society educating him to suppress the female energy within himself. Therefore, even the archetypes of the rational, able and expansive man in the collective consciousness are part of the oppression of the female energy – everything from the ”brave” and ruthless warrior to the emotionally cold and calculating business leader.

~ How the Sacred Feminine Red Fire became ”Hell” ~


One method that the forces that manipulate humanity have used to run these silent campaigns against the female energy is to place blockages, energy implants and manipulated images in the collective consciousness, aiming to smear the female energy. One example is how the cosmic and timeless truth about the balance between the holy light and the holy darkness has been replaced by notions of light and darkness as ”good and evil” in the collective consciousness, which has had an enormous impact on humanity’s perception of light and darkness. 


In Mother Earth’s sacred interior is the female grounding red energy, also called the ”Feminine Red Fire”. It is the energy that man needs to balance themselves and get to the next level in their spiritual development. It is also the energy that will ultimately bring the Earth and humanity into the New Spiritual Age, the Age of the Goddess. Therefore, the forces driven by the destructive male light energy in their manipulation of humanity have replaced the image of Mother Earth’s sacred interior with images of the underworld as a torture chamber – Hell. They have done this in order for humanity to stay as far away from the female energy in the Earth’s interior – ”The Feminine Red Fire” – as possible. In that way, they have created a fear in the human for what they really need most of all.

In the same way, these forces have created the polarities God / Devil and Heaven / Hell, where we can see most clearly how the male energy is glorified and the female energy is smeared. God who is associated with light lives in ”Heaven” while the Devil who is associated with darkness, the red color and the woman lives in ”Hell”. God is seen as the ultimate goodness and Heaven as the ultimate reward. The Devil is seen as the ultimate evil and Hell as the ultimate punishment. These notions have also spread far beyond the world of religion and become part of the culture on Earth. An example is that in fairy tales and films, inspiration for the ”evil” characters is often taken from notions of darkness, fire, the Devil and Hell.

~ A turning point ~

We are now facing a historic turning point, where the Cosmic Pendulum is turning over from the male light energy to the female darkness energy. This is a very transformative and protracted process that takes place both in our Cosmos and on Earth. The pendulum will sooner or later turn over, and we will enter the Age of the Goddess where all the destructiveness created by the male energy will be rebalanced, and the female energy will have its restoration on all levels.


But this process requires our participation since the transition can take place in a variety of ways, some more dramatic than others. One of the reasons why the Transition has been postponed so many times is that the human has not woken up to the realization of the greatness of female energy, the healing of Mother Earth and the importance of grounding. Profound grounding down with the female energy is a prerequisite for us to be able to receive the enormously powerful waves of consciousness-expanding male light energies that flow over the Earth from the Cosmos as part of our spiritual transformation and ascension to the 5th dimension.

In order for us to know all the enormous collective traumas that the oppression of female energy stands for, we must also open our eyes to our own history and how female energy has been denied, weakened and oppressed by the male energy. It is the only way to start the healing process in earnest.

It is high time for humanity to start worshiping their Sacred Primordial Mother and the Sacred Feminine again, and to restore the deficit of female energy within us and on Earth. The time has come for the resurrection of female energy. The most important thing each one of us can do to participate in this process is to work to ground ourselves by channeling the female energy from the Earth’s inner core. In addition to grounding, you can also work on the healing of Mother Earth by helping her spreading the female energy in her energy system.