The way to the Light goes through the Darkness

Part 5: The key role of female energy and grounding in the transition to the New Age

The Great Purification and Transition to the New Spiritual Age / The union of spirit and matter / The Cosmic Pendulum and the entering of the Age of the Goddess / The final opening of Mother Earth’s inner gates / The importance of grounding before the Transition


If you want to read the previous parts of the article series, there is an overview with an introduction and links to the seven parts.

~ The Great Purification and transition to the New Spiritual Age ~

The Cosmos, the Earth and humanity are about to enter into a higher energy reality, the 5th dimension, or the New Spiritual Age, which is described in prophecies all over the Earth. It is also called the ”Age of the Goddess”, since the sacred female energy has a key role in the Transition and the New Age. The new energy reality that’s emerging will radically change the conditions for life on Earth forever.


With the energy raising that is gradually taking place before the Transition, waves of male light energy are pouring in over the Earth from the Cosmos with increasing force. These cosmic light waves are part of the necessary purification of the blockages and karma of the Earth and humanity, ”The Great Purification”. The energy flows are forcing the blockages and karma of the Earth and humanity to the surface so that they can be healed and purified. But the male light waves from Cosmos are only one half of the purification process. The other half is the sacred ”female darkness” from Mother Earth’s interior that it is the human’s task to activate, to be able to meet and heal all the imbalances that are activated by light.


In the energy reality of the 5th dimension, the cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is strengthened. This means that all destructive karma in the form of energy blockages that we carry in the depths of our souls, from all our previous incarnations, will increasingly come to the surface and be manifested in our reality. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we work to meet and heal our karma and our blockages, and we can only do that through focused, regular inner work.


To be able to live in true love in the higher energy reality that will gradually arise, we first need to cleanse and heal our energy bodies in depth. To be able to do that we need partly the male light energy, but also the female darkness energy. A large part of our blockages – especially our deepest destructive darkness – can only be healed with the help of the sacred feminine darkness.


Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and manipulated and ungrounded notions that all of humanity will automatically reach an higher state of consciousness along with the Earth only by waiting for a specific point in time, that a collective ascension to ”5D” will take place from outside. This is in direct contrast to the Law of Free Will , the Law of Karma and the Law of Non-Intervention, which all says that only ourselves can be responsible for our own development process. Although there are certain aspects of truth in these messages, in many cases they point straight away from the truth, which is also the purpose as they are part of the manipulation from the destructive male light energy to passivate us and make us “miss the train ”.


In many ways it is exactly the opposite, that is, even if the Transition and Ascension is a cosmic event, only the individuals who have prepared by working with their inner purification process will be able to cope with the Transition’s extremely powerful energy increase and be able to use it to achieve a higher state of consciousness. The ”ascension symptoms” that spiritual people experience should instead be called ”cleansing symptoms” because they are in no way part of an automatic ascension. Regardless, it is important to remember that each soul makes a choice about whether they are ready to stay, and that the souls who choose to leave Earth before the New Age will continue their journey to another place in our fantastic Cosmos.


One of Maria’s channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (”God”) describes what the strengthening of the Law of Cause and Effect will have consequences, both on an individual and collective level:

”Through the frequency raising and Earth’s transition into the 5th dimension, the Law of Cause and Effect will become even more powerful, and it will manifest itself with even greater power and speed on Earth. In other words: Everything you do to each other, all the energy you send out in words, thoughts and choices will return to yourselves. It will not be possible for a human to survive on Earth unless they chooses love. Love will be the only possible choice for survival.


The entire societal structure present on Earth today will be demolished and be replaced with new structures. This is due to the transition into the 5th dimension, and the strengthening of the Law of Cause and Effect, since they who send out greed and conflict thinking will get greed and conflict thinking back. All destructive energies will be met with destructivity. That implies that the whole system will collapse from the inside. In order for something new to be built, the old must first be demolished to make way for the new.”

In another channeled message, from Dibarak – leader of the ascended civilization ”The Invincibles”, he talks about the importance of working with our inner pain, trauma and karma before the Transition:


”Different types of escape strategies have during a very long period of time worked for many people. But they will not work for much longer because the energy reality that we are in with the transition to the New Spiritual Age won’t allow it anymore. All things that have been hidden will now come up to the surface. It will not be possible for humans to suppress and deny all the things they carries inside. Sooner or later all things will come up to the surface and one will be obliged to deal with the root of the problem. It will not be possible to keep one’s head above the surface through survival strategies, life lies and addictions. People will be forced to work with their karma and all the things they carry inside. The people that won’t do that will eventually become sick and simply won’t manage to stay. They will have to let go and move on to the other side. In other words; a precondition to live in the 5:th dimension is that you work with your karma and inner conflicts, and open your heart.


It is very important that you see this. You have the choice in your hands. No one will force you to work with all the things you carry inside. No one will force you to deal with your inner dramas, conflicts and traumas from previous lifetimes. It is a choice that each individual must make, choosing which way to walk. If you choose to close the gate and continue living in denial, that is your choice, you can always do that. But you also have to understand what the consequences of that choice will be – it won’t be possible then to continue living on Earth in the New Spiritual Age. The energies simply won’t allow it. The pain and imbalances will become so big that the humans who choose to continue to live in denial won’t be able to stay on Earth, for psychological, physical and spiritual reasons.”

~ The union of spirit and matter ~

In order for the purification process and the energy raising to be possible, both the male and the female energy – the spirit and the matter – are needed. It is only through the union between these two ultimate cosmic energy polarities that the highest divine energy can arise, the Divine Light or the Highest Divine Power of Love.


This means that the human in the New Spiritual Age will ”bring down the spirit to the matter” – that is, manifest the Divine Light in their physical bodies. In other words, we will not reach an ”ascension” in the sense that we leave our physical bodies and become our ”light bodies” – at least not in hundreds, or thousands, of years. These types of claims are further examples of manipulated and ungrounded notions that exclude the key role of female energy and physical matter, and instead only assume that we would strive to rise ever higher towards the light and leave matter as soon as possible.


Below are two quotes from the Divine Consciousness about the union between spirit and matter in the Transition to the New Spiritual Age:


”The transition to the New Spiritual Age means the birth of the New Human, who lives in love and unity. Celebrate that, celebrate yourself – this is a major event in the history of humanity, and in the history of the Cosmos. You should know that you have all eyes on you, all the souls from all the countless conscious planets and galaxies around you are watching you and what’s happening right now – both those who visit you and those who stay on their planets, which have the ability to see what happens on Earth. They all are with you and support you in the process. What is happening on Earth is something big.


The transition to the New Age means the union of spirit and matter – in a great cosmic orgasm. Spirit and matter are the male and the female energies that unite, merge, and become something even bigger and more fantastic. The red energy from Earth’s interior comes up through Earth’s inner gates to the surface and unites with the male, cosmic energy that comes from Cosmos. They unify and together they create a bright pink energy – the bright pink love energy. It’s that energy that will elevate Earth and humanity into the New Spiritual Age” /Quote from channeling of the Divine Consciousness

”You can learn to live in the Light. You can learn to live in love, by expanding your hearts. That’s what spiritual enlightenment is about, to live in love. [Applause is heard from the room next door!] To think, to speak, to do everything in love.


Love is  the unifying force of the Cosmos. It’s the perfect balance between the female and the male energy, the perfect divine harmony. That’s what is happening now on Earth when spirit and matter meet and unite in divine harmony. The female and the male energies will meet like in a cosmic orgasm that will reproduce all over the Cosmos and create new conditions for life. This will cause repercussions in the whole Galaxy and the whole Cosmos. What is happening now on Earth is unique. You are not alone. You have many friends around you, around the galaxy and the Cosmos who help and contribute in their way. You are not alone. You are all loved.


The New Age you’re entering is the Age of the Goddess, the return of the feminine energy, that has been time suppressed, and has been subordinate to the male energy. It’s now time for humanity on Earth to recreate the balance between these two energies, both inside of Mother Earth and inside themselves. It’s time to recreate the balance between the expanding male energy and the regressive female energy, in complete balance”. /Quote from channeling of the Divine Consciousness

~ The Cosmic Pendulum and the entry into the Age of the Goddess ~

The Cosmos has for a very long time been in the ”Age of the Male God” where the male energy has dominated. But in recent times, the dominance has increased to extreme levels, since the supply of female energy has gradually decreased. This is part of the natural process as the Cosmic Pendulum is just about to turn. The Cosmic Pendulum moves back and forth between light and darkness, male and female energy, exhalation and inhalation, over eons of time. It is the evolutionary rhythm of the Cosmos, a pendulum movement between light and darkness (not the ”evil darkness” but the pure and sacred darkness – the female energy).

Earth, and our entire Cosmos, you are facing the transition to the New Age, which is also the Age of the Goddess, where the female energy will have its rebirth and restoration. The pendulum is about to turn. The balance will be restored, and the Goddess will once again be at the center and revered and worshiped as the holy Primordial Mother she is. All people who are ready to enter the New Age will be awakened to this realization within themselves, and the female energy will have its rebirth on all levels – both in the Cosmos, in Mother Earth and in the human.

~ The final opening of Mother Earth’s inner gates ~

Once the Cosmic Pendulum turns, once the time is right for the final Transition, the gates to the female energy of the Earth’s interior will be opened wide once and for all. It is a necessity for us to be able to enter the New Spiritual Age, because the energy reality that will arise on Earth presupposes that we have free flow both from the male energy from the Cosmos and from the female energy from the inner core of the Earth. As it stands today, Mother Earth and humanity are not ready for this powerful energy change because the surplus of male light energy is still so overwhelming, and that is one of the reasons why the Transition is constantly being postponed.


What happens when the gates open is partly that we get large amounts of concentrated female energy, which our energy bodies are not used to. But also that it activates a cleansing process where all our remaining karma is activated. When we receive a supply of the Transition’s enormous volumes of male and female energy at the same time, the combined energies strive to raise our energy level towards the Divine Light, the Highest Divine Power of Love. Therefore, all blockages up to the surface are pushed to the surface be cleaned, to make the energy raising possible.


Below is a quote from a channeling of the Divine Consciousness about the opening of Mother Earth’s inner gates:

”In the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the gates to Earth’s interior on the energy centers around the Earth will be opened up, and the female red energy will pour up from the inner core of the Earth to the surface in very, very large quantities. This will be a powerful healing process where all the of Earth’s imbalances will be cleansed and healed, and the remaining karma of Earth and all of humanity will be cleansed.


This is the culmination of The Great Purification. All light that is pouring in will be met by the ”darkness” and the ”Female Red Fire” from within the Earth. Light and darkness will meet. Spirit and matter will meet and unite and become the Highest Divine energy of Love in the transition to the 5th dimension. That is the transition into the New Spiritual Age and the birth of the Divine Human, the one we are all carrying within. I am one with you, and you are one with Me.


The Earth will need help from humanity to manage the amount of energy that will stream up from the inner Earth; she cannot manage this task alone. The energy centers in many places on the Earth are blocked and she cannot open and activate them on her own. This puts the Earth under enormous stress and pressure which then gives rise to natural disasters of various kinds. This is where humanity must help; this is your biggest task and your biggest challenge: to help Mother Earth in the healing process.” /Quote from channeling of the Divine Consciousness

In order for us to have as harmonious a transition as possible, both for Mother Earth and for the human, in other words, we need to begin the process of supplying female energy and purifying karma and blockages right now. Partly by helping Mother Earth activate her gates and facilitate the flow of female energy in her energy body, and partly by filling our own energy bodies with female energy. In this way, there will be a gradual change of energy and purification and a certain preparation for the great transition to the new energy reality, instead of the ”energy shock” that it otherwise risks being. We still have the potential to achieve this, but ”it’s five minutes to midnight” and it is high time that we wake up to this cosmic wisdom and begin our great work that is part of everyone’s life task.

~ The importance of grounding before the Transition ~

This whole article can be summarized with that the resurrection and grounding of female energy is a prerequisite for the transition to the New Spiritual Age – The Age of the Goddess – and that it is humanity’s task to participate in this work.


The work of restoring the female energy can be divided into two parts, partly to help Mother Earth to spread the female energy in her energy system, and partly to work with regular grounding to gradually restore her own energy balance.


”You have the power within reach. All you have to do is – instead of connecting upwards – connect downwards, to Earth’s interior. Heal the power channel that all of humanity once had intact, but that was disturbed, which put the whole Earth and humanity out of balance. All the answers to humanity’s problems are to be found in Earth’s interior. All consciousness-raising must happen through connecting to Earth’s interior, through grounding. […] You don’t need to take any expensive courses – you don’t have to spend a single penny on your spiritual development if you don’t want to. All you need to do is to listen to your inner voice, to work with being present in the now, and to channel energy from Earth’s interior. It doesn’t cost anything.” /Quote from channeling of the Divine Consciousness






“It’s time for humanity to begin to remember who you are and what you have come here to do. This increasing flow of energy [of the Transition] has an amazing potential to expand your consciousness in order to reach higher heights in your spiritual development. But in order to reach a higher state of consciousness, you must first ground yourself, it is the ground that you’re missing. This goes for practically everyone living on Earth today, especially in the rich part of the world. When these powerful energies flow in, they ”burn” the humans. When you are ungrounded and get too much light, when you do not have enough female energy in you and these huge light waves flow in, you eventually lose your grip and the energy body begins to float above the physical body. […]


Within every human being, a flame is burning. You are all connected to the Divine Source, you all have a direct channel to Me. If you start working with yourself, you can recreate that contact and become one with the cosmic Power of Love. Every single person carries that potential. Every human being can learn to ”fly”. But to be able to fly, you must first stand firmly with your feet on the ground. In order to reach higher heights in your spiritual development, you must first ground yourselves downwards, inwards towards the center of the Earth. Spiritual development does not happen only by ascending. It is about expansion in all directions, you expand both downwards towards the female energies and the center of the Earth, and you rise upwards in the Cosmos towards the male light energies and the Highest Divine Light”. /Quote from channeling of the Divine Consciousness






”One thing we have noticed with very great clarity is that in almost all of the channelings that are now being spread across the Earth, except for some isolated exceptions, nothing is even mentioned about the importance of humans working on their spiritual development, and that the human needs to channel the Mother Earth energies from Earth’s interior. This knowledge is close to non-existent, except in your channelings. This is very worrying since this is by far the most important message of all that we have to convey to you.


It’s the grounding, the connecting and tuning into Earth’s interior which is the connection that will protect you, that will save you and that will help you in your spiritual development. That’s what you need in order to be able to receive the strong light-waves that are now being spread on Earth, and to develop in the way that is meant”. /Quote from channeling of Kaleidos from Pleiadian Council 




“I would like to finish off by giving you some good advice. Gain strength from within yourselves. There you carry exactly everything that you need. Gain strength from inside your Mother Earth. Do not seek answers outside yourself and outside your Earth. Everything you need is here and now. It’s in the moment that the answer lies, in your presence in the now. Go deep into yourselves. Lower yourselves deep into your Earth’s inner core. That is where you will find the strength and the answers. Through becoming one with Mother Earth, through becoming one with the sacred feminine divine, you will reconnect with your inner strength and be able to raise yourselves to a higher state of consciousness. That is the way. Forget everything you’ve heard, all the methods this and that. They are only misleading and make you lose focus. There are no secret techniques that you must use. You don’t need to go to any expensive courses or pronounce any particular words. 


It’s all very simple. The strength will be found in the presence in the now. It is within yourself, through your connection with Mother Earth’s sacred interior. That is where you need to search and that is where you will find it. Do not be fooled by the illusion that the greatest truth must be complex and impossible to grasp. That is not the case. The greatest truths are the simplest. In these words that I have just pronounced, you will find everything that you need. You need not look elsewhere in the Cosmos, because everything you need is within yourself and in Mother Earth’s inner core. Start there. ” /Quote from channeling of Himaalih from ”The Myradees”




“Recreate your energy connection with Mother Earth, because when you have done that you will be able to connect yourself to the higher consciousness expanding frequencies coming from the Cosmos, and that comes from us – your cosmic friends. But remember that the precondition is that you are grounded, otherwise you will not be able to receive these high energy frequencies – it’s an impossibility. […]


We want to tell you that it’s the grounding healing – the Mother Earth-healing with which you connect yourself to the female energies of Earth’s interior – that is the key to your path to enlightenment. The road to the highest Divine Light goes through the darkness, that is, through the female energy. […]


This is a gradual process that is done through grounding yourself with the female regressive energy, and then fill yourself with the male expansive light energy, step by step in turns, and you will reach higher and higher levels in order to be able to reach the highest divine energy frequencies and the most strongest energy from the highest Divine Source” /Quote from the Manta Ray of the Andromeda Galaxy



”There is a window that has been opened beyond time and space from the divine ocean of white fire, a beam of white divine light, the highest Divine Light, which beams straight down on Earth, and that is now filling the whole Earth. It’s the perfect balance of male and female energy in perfect harmony, the Highest Divine Energy of Love. But humanity is not ready to meet these divine energies, since you today have such a huge energy imbalance on Earth. You are not grounded. You are not in balance, because you are suffering from such a large lack of female energy, since the gates to the Earth’s interior – the energy centre of the female energy – has been closed down and blocked.


In order to receive the extremely powerful consciousness-raising energy that’s coming in due to the Transition, you need to ground yourselves. It’s a precondition in order to enter the New Spiritual Age. If you are not grounded, you will ”fly away”. You will not be able to remain with both feet on the ground, because the energy that’s coming in to Earth is so powerful, and because the imbalance on Earth is so big. Both the Earth and humanity needs the grounding energies and need to heal their energy systems, their energy bodies and their auras to be able to receive this divine energy.


The whole thing is very simple. You don’t need to take any particular courses, learn any advanced techniques, or any particular rituals, it is very simple. You simply need to channel the energy from Earth’s interior. It will transform you. We in the Galactic Federation have taught Maria and Manne about these techniques, “Mother Earth-healing”, which in essence are very simple. Anyone can perform them, and it’s a part of their task to spread them across the Earth, to anyone who wants. You need to work with your spiritual development to prepare yourself for the energies that are coming. It is incredibly important.” /Quote from channeling of Toisheeba from ”Arrakas”




“What you need to do in order to work with cleansing your blockages, your karma and your ego is to begin channeling Mother Earth-healing, the grounding healing from the center of the Earth – at least an hour a day. Let it become an as natural a part of your life as eating and sleeping, brushing your teeth and going to the toilet. It is, and will increasingly be, a crucial task for you. You will feel that you need it in order to feel good, and once you have started you will never want to stop. Work with becoming present in the moment. Work with finding balance. Celebrate the slowness. You are rushing too much in your lives. You need to become slower and more present in what is. The grounding will help you with that, to become more present in the moment. […]


It is through attaining more powerful grounding, that you then will be able to receive the Divine Light, the divine energy from the Divine Source. Humans today have not the capacity to receive the divine energy of the Divine Source to the extent that they would need, because they are so closed and ungrounded. The lack of grounding means that they fly away when they are exposed to too much divine light. That is what your main task is – to ground yourselves, so that you will be receptive to the Divine Light as it sweeps across the Earth. But also to become receptive to meeting the Divine Light when you go to the Divine Source yourselves to channel energy”. /Quote from channeling of the Higher Self